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Isuzu Trooper (25 Reviews)
I bought mine new in 1992. Its still my favorite, most dependable car after 215,000 miles in Alaska. I did have to rebuild the transmission at 163k but I run 4 wheel drive all winter.

It is important to do the regularly scheduled maintenance and all fluid changes. Heavy 4 wheel useage will require packing (greasing) the front hubs at least annually.

I really wish I could buy a new one.
very good vehicle. i don't regret buying it(used for 1800 bucks. I would do it again). great 4wd, beast in snow(with all-season tires); but... gas mileage stinks(avg 15mpg); expect to have to replace a lot of wear parts(mine were mostly the originals) starting at about 170,000. if you get one, be sure to get the thing completely lubed(inc front bearings packed), and probably timing belt replaced as well ASAP. easy DIY's: brakes, shocks, radiator, fan clutch, oil changes(inc rear diff and x-fer case). not so easy: front diff gear oil change, exhaust flex pipe, muffler, valve cover gaskets, alternator. difficult to impossible for most DIY'rs: timing belt, pulleys, and water pump; trans filter(x-member bolts will snap). now at 190,000, i'm thinking it's closing in on engine overhaul time(not smoking at all, but valve chatter and piston slap getting worse, and I don't want to change the valve cover gaskets)
tengo una isuzo trooper 95 no harranca me moja las bujias de gasolina
ya cambie modulo tampoco sigue igual
the brake light comes on and it is losing brake fluid somewhere been checking for it but cant seem to find a leak anywhere. it pulls to the left.
It's a great vehicle!! Enjoying my 1990 Trooper since 1992. Highways, off road, daily driver, anything mover, etc... Over 250,000 miles on it. No problems ever with the auto transmission. The 2.6 liters, four cylinder engine is an excellent engine.
Transmission: after having the car stuck at the machine shop (doing some valve head repairs) which extended for over three months, I've noticed my transmission hesitating when starting (seems like clutch slippage). Wonder (hope) this is due to machine being down for so long. Next steps, check oil level, if ok, run car for over 1-2 hours to see if after warming up problem gets eliminated. Open to hear any expert advice. Best to all!
All i can say is awesome built vehicle!! Im 2nd owner. At 245000 miles and this thing wont die and still looks great!!
I have a 2001 isuzu trooper.YeI was out of town and filled it up with 100% gasoline.I normally just put regular gas in it.I thought it might be good for the engine.After filling up I went to have my oil changed.Ever since my car is running bad.loss of power,vibration and hesitation.could this be from the gas or somthing to do with the oil change. car acted like this several years ago and i had the plugs changed and it ran great.
2002 Trooper LTD owner here. Torque Converter went out, upgraded to a Carbon-Fiber mesh converter (standard upgrade) had the tranny rebuilt just to be on the safe side. Do not put Monroe Sensitrac shocks on this girl, it's too lite. I recommend a a good KYB gas shock. The 3.5 liter engine is really too large for this vehicle. Don't take this year in the water..oh, it'll drive through rivers & streams just fine, but water will enter into the gas tank through breather on top of the tank, so without a snorkle system upgrade for the fuel tank as well you're in for some trouble.
i recently bought my trooper about 2 months ago i found it sitting in a junk yard collecting dirt and dabre well since 1999aug several people have claimed they own it but knowone ever did anything with it but maybe start it 3 or 4 times at most then one day both my wife,s mercedes benz went on the blink and my most loyal car it never left us stranded for 253000.0 miles with out any problems besides the norm well that day i blew out my top end cracked block the works so i take my wifes car to the shop and the owner at kelleys auto points out the trooper and says it might run who knows so itake it home and i replace the starter all the flouids ,brakes o2 snnser catallaitic converter replaceed the screw in it other hole behind the dash so no more o2 light,then smog it updated the liciense on it with insurrance ofcourse it is the most aussume 4 wheel drive suv ive ever driven i live i northern california up in some pretty rough torraine here in mendocino,humbolt aera andi have yet to have gotten stuck to the point of no return it just crawls for me its a litte engine with extreme powerful abilities thank you for making my little bsty we will be friends for a long time as of right now im into her with liciesing ,repairs ,ect right at2100.00 dallors what a deal signed matt rucker
trans light come on when shifting from 1st to 2nd has no power , had mech. and trans guy dianosie it couldn't find prob with tansmission , someone said change altanator did that still have problem any ideas
Two problems in 15 years. Love it !! Only 1 dealer in North America that I know of. I got my muffler from them well in advance of needing it. Will put it on this fall and hope that's it for the next 15 years.
my 4x4 trooper is the bomb best off road vehical ever i have 6 in lift and 35 s water snow mud rocks the best u can get!
Best and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. 1996 model purchased new in 1997, 130k miles, still has original brakes and clutch. All I have had to replace are the shocks, starter, battery, and timing belt. After lots of rough-road driving in the desert, especially Death Valley, it still has no rattles and everything still works.
this car gave me nothing but problems i put 2000 in repairs in this car and took perfect care of it DO NOT GET THIS CAR BIG MISTAKE!!!!
Best vehicle I've ever owned or driven.
Perfect for work, family or play!!
Turns on a dime and hits off road perfectly
Great off the paved road, and awesome in the snow. I think the design is classy and defy's its age. The tranny did have to be replaced at 56000 under warranty. The lack of a solid dealer network is becoming a little trouble some. Runs and drives very well. I am keeping it for ever. Did I mention I love this truck. The off road abilities are as good if not better than my 2000 Jeep Cherokee, this truck replaced, because of numerous problems.
Well, although this is a good truck in the snow, never took it off-roading, the tranny has been a problem here lately. I've had the tranny rebuilt by a Transmission service, & it still seems as if it wants to act up. Also, the problem with the engine light coming on & going off, even after o2 censors have been changed & the censor under the hood has been replaced! It's very annoying!
I wish they kept the same engine and drive train in the 98 and newer troopers. All the
problems don't occur in the 1997 and earlier.
When this trooper rusts out I will be forced to go back to the newer Rodeo (same motor) just not as roomy and less quality. Isuzu
makes trucks here as well as SUV's in Asia.
I wonder if I should move to Thailand?
I love my 1994 Trooper. 180,000 miles with a replaced transmission.

Pros: Very generous interior without being a pig like a mega-SUV
Incredible 4WD capability. I drove it 1,000 miles in the desert in Baja and it loved every minute.
Cons: Steers like a steamboat. Heating is really awful.
I bought my '91 Trooper for $2000 cash three years ago. Some body damage due to rust as I bought it in south Texas near the Gulf. I have not been happier in a vehicle. It can transport my kids, German Shephard, a snow-blower, and allow us to enjoy the back of the truck at the drive-in. I love my Isuzu...
This truck sucks!!! I have had to put 2 engines and I am looking for another tranny. The originals broke and I bought used. They both broke within a year. I am not hard on a vehicle. I have never replaced these before. These trucks just suck. No wonder Isuzu isnt selling in the USA anymore. THEY SUCK. All this is just my opinion.
Rugged 4x4 vehicle with excellent handling in snow and off road. Because Isuzu calls for routine differential service every 15,000 miles, routine service of the 4x4 Trooper is very expensive.
We put this car through hell. It was very reliable, but the engine finally gave out at about 150K. Otherwise, brakes, transmission, the body and the interior--pretty reliable.