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GMC Yukon (18 Reviews)
i have a 1993 yukon 2dr 4wd . its lifted and has 35 inch tires on it and runs great. 189k and counting , not a fan of the ifs system so much as it tends to wear out parts due to big tires way faster than a solid axle setup , but i upgraded all my cv axles and steering components to beef it up when the stock stuff wore out so shoud be good. plenty of room easy to work on and cheap parts , cant ask for much more
2003 Yukon SLT. About 3 months ago my "low coolant warning" signal came on. So I took the truck in, they topped it over and said to just monitor it till I brang the truck back in a few weeks to do my routine oil change. A month later, sensor went off again. So I took it in to do a pressure test. They said the test came back okay, but that most of the liquid in my reservoir was water. So I had them do a complete flush and refill. Its been about two months since I've done that and my sensor has gone off again. I checked the reservoir in the morning, coolant was up to line on reservoir. Checked for any leaks from hoses, etc. no visual leaks from hoses, etc. No visual drips on ground. I went to check it again in the afternoon and the coolant went down about 1/2 inch. I don't know if just opening the reservoir will do that? But, I can't figure out what's wrong. It can't be a bad sensor because when I top it off, the sensor doesn't come back on! Any suggestions on what could be wrong?
2006 GMC SLT love this truck no problems rides very nice, wish i could buy a new one. best truck for 10k, can't get enough of driving this truck
I've just been told that I need a new transmission. My yukon only has 101,000 miles on it and has been well maintained. Any suggestions of what could be causing hesitation when going 50+ MPH instead of a new transmission? What should the cost be for a transmission?
I love my Yukon, its rides smooth and is very confortable seating, overall i love it.
I love this Truck! I have not had a single problem with it for 6 years. It is a quiet, stable ride with plenty of room for 8. In my opinion it drives better than our Audi!
short wheelbase 4x4. comfortable, holds 8 people, although no legroom for third seat due to short wheelbase.Only real problem has been related to 4x4. Transfer case seals going out and problems engage or disingagement. Milage around 15mpg average. Had this car since 2004.
I really like my Yukon, it has a lot of power, great body and makes me feel secure.

I just got my 1998 Yukon SLT (5.7L) last month, I had the dealership replace items prior to my purcahse. However I have had to take it back up there twice now to have those same items fixed again (not the Yukons fault). I have also had to replace/fix other things on it (injectors, oxygen sensors, pitman arm, idle arm and a couple small parts) in the few days I have been able to drive it. Ran great for a week, then multiple problems... Lol! Seems to be running good now.

I hope I will be able to bring it up to snuff quickley and enjoy my new ride. Got some custom seats covers that look great too.

well, i have had my 2001 for about a year and a half now. i bought it off of my father inlaw. i love my yukon. the only problems i have had in the time i have had t is that my a/c - heat setting has stopped working on the 1 and 2. 3 4 and 5 are still great. the major thing i have had was that my power steering went out at 100k miles, it worked just fine up untill the nite it quit. now i have 20" wheels so that may have caused it. the other thing is that i had to have my transmission replaced at about 110k. that was a shocker but again it has had some ware and tare, it has towed a 17 foot bass boat to Canada every year for the last 8 years straight. other than those little mishaps. it has been an awesome truck. (since the new tranny was installed it has been a beast)
I like my 1996 yukon it's a sold ride.
I've had my 1999 4WD SLT Yukon since it was new from the dealer. I've had some issues over the 12 years. Replaced the air conditioning, fuel pump, water pump, power steering fluid hose, water intake manifold hose, breaks twice, serpentine belt twice. It's got 152,000 miles on it. I consider these fixes fairly normal. I would buy the same truck again.
This vehicle rocks.
GMC Yukon 2002. Started with 3 miles directly from the dealer. Now the mileage is over 334488. Have picture to prove it. Amazing truck! Towed a lot and very strong and reliable. Definitely love it!
I've had my 2002 GMC Yukon SLT (2WD) for about six years. Bought it at auction w 40,000 miles on it. Not too long after, the transmission failed: wouldn't shift into third or reverse. I paid $900 to have it fixed but later found out it would have been covered by warranty. Too bad for me. Now at 130,000 miles I have not had one single problem with this vehicle. Not one. Nothing.

I do regular maintenance on it: oil, fluid & filter changes. I went to do the brakes on it at 70,000 but the pads were in such excellent shape, I just put it back together without changing them. At 110,000 miles I changed the plugs, spark plug wires, hoses, belts, water pump, fuel filter, air filter, PVC valve, brakes and all fluids (nothing was failing, just maintenance). Even at 130,000 the massive brakes were in great shape, meat still left on the pads but what the heck? The rotors were great, I've never turned them and I returned the ones I bought to replace the originals as they were in such good shape. I'm surprised how reliable this vehicle has been for me.

Actually I did have a problem I forgot about: I blew out the front speakers on the stock radio and replaced them. I have the towing package and can tow like there's nothing back there (5.3 liter engine). Average 16.5 mpg with my lead foot (80 mph), tank after tank. Eventually I'll get a new truck but everytime I think about spending $40k to replace my Yukon, I say: "one more year."
This is the truck of champions. After owning this I never want to get another vehicle. Gas mileage could be better but other than that its an excellent truck.
90+ little trouble hope to keep it that way
A 100,000 miles and little trouble. A true work horse.
We been using my buddies Yukon for duck and deer hunting and you can't beat it, Rain, Snow, Its smooth riding and holds dogs guns and all the gear and gets 20 mpg to boot.