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Worst car i ever had, very fun to drive, very nice and fancy... but you have to assume that a big repair of about $1000 a year will be needed. That is the average i had during last 4 years. Now 70M miles and will try to sell asap.
The rear window unglued because the fabric top stretch due to sun and water, so Mini said that has to change entire roof at $4000!!!!! Also, oil leakage, engine light on, interior defects, and issues with fuel pump.
Hope to get some money from it and will buy a real car.
We have a 2009 cooper S. 46k for miles. So far we have a thermostat issue and the tranny keeps popping out of 6th gear. The car uses oil but it seems as though this is what they do as I read more about these on the web. No leaks or smoke, just uses oil. Oh, and the oil light, well there isn't one. No gage or any indicator to let you know other then the click clack if the engine to let you know that you're about to blow your engine. The car is truly a piece of crap. Totally over engineered junk. If you are thinking of getting one... DON'T. Run away from the MINI dealer as fast as you can and never, NEVER look back.
Basically, the BMW Mini is a rubbish build. Timing chain and clutch both disintegrated at 50,000 kms (30,000 miles) and 60,000 ams (36,000 miles) respectively. Passenger window replacement electric motor required. Battery replaced. Disk brake pads replaced on EVERY service. Plus, much, much more. Dealers are unresponsive and disinterested. They see it as a 'toy' brand not to be taken seriously.
I have had catastrophic failures before 45,000miles. I have brought it to the MINI service center for these failures, including:
replacing spark plugs, faulty coil pack, catalytic converter failure, on-board computer replacement, total replacement of the transmission and currently, the solenoid valve replacement which is not yet fixed. Researching:
WMWMF33518...Engine/Exhaust System Problem/Engine and Engine Cooling Problem
WMWMF33548...Engine/Exhaust Systme Problem
WMWMF33528...Manifold/Header/Muffler/Tailpipe Problem
WMWMF33508...Manifold/Header/Muffler/Tailpinpe Problem

I purchased a 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman for my wife I was thinking we were buying a tin can that would be a commuter car. I was apprehensive about this tiny thing and refused to drive or ride in it for the first six months. We were going to dinner one night and decided to drive "Frances Melanoma". What a nice, peppy, well appointed, sport-ish car!! I couldn't help but smile. My wife says she gets compliments all the time and people are curious about how it drives and how economical it is. This car gets 42 MPG (that's right), takes about 20.00 to fill the tank and hauls two sets of golf clubs without a problem. It handles like it's on rails, has a "sport" mode and suicide doors on one side to my kids can get in without a problem. You rarely see two minis that are identical and that's why my wife loves it. Now, the engine although peppy, isn't what I would consider being the performance type. It gets you on the highway but you better have a clear path when going on. But, it gets 42 MPG that makes up for it. We love this car, it never fails us and "Frances" is a part of the family.
I have a Sept. 2004 model Mini Cooper S and have now driven (as at April 16 2013) 278,000 kilometres throughout Australia. I spend a lot a time on the road, western highways and up the Pacific Coast Sydney, Canberra, Byron Bay, Gold Coast to Cairns, even Cooktown. A fun car and only a few relatively minor annoyances (and only one flat tyre with no run-flats as I got rid of them after first 33,000kms.). But in recent months there is a definite supercharge lag,, engine tends to errrr, even a faint burn smell when I accelerate particularly gears three to six at speeds 80km/h 110/kmh. Any suggestions on problem? email Ross at
How do you fix the rear seat releases? Should be a recall on these. Please help
LOVE THIS CAR! Awesome in the snows of New England, very reliable and so fun to drive. Made it my only car and haven't had any issues.
The most fun I've had owning/driving a vehicle...ever. Yes, it is expensive to purchase and repair, but the experience and joy it provided makes one forget everything else. When people see it up close, they want one...even the ones that didn't have a care in the world for them at first thought!
Serious reliability issues. Knowing what we now know after owning two mini's I would never recommend this car to anyone. Latest issue is an overheat warning light that went on then off but apparently was not really off and caused the engine to melt down. Mini's answer to any warning lights is to pull over immediately no matter where you are. I would never let my wife or any young people drive this car given Mini's stance that if you do not stop immediately you have no warranty because it is now your fault. New car with 32K on it, failed water pump, clutch issue and an overheat resulting in a new engine not covered under warranty. First mini was brand new, replaced transmission and clutch with less than 5K miles on it, thought that was just because of a new model. Mini service is all dependent on your dealer.
Best car ever. expensive to repair but its a bmw. love everything about it
this is a very fun car to drive, when step on gas, the car will just take off, without delay.
Very costly in service's by dealer a little better if you can find a reputable shop. Replacement parts also costly. But what the hey it is a BMW
Fun Car at 40K miles the oil pan & valve gasket were leaking like mad $12000 to be repaired at dealer. All dealer services are way too high. wanted $650 to replace front brake pads
This is a really reliable car. It's not quite as reliable as the 2007, which was a major model upgrade and has much more BMW parts in it, but it's still a great car that doesn't spent much time in the repair shop. Compared to my Mazda MX6, it was more reliable.
Great car. Mine is a Cooper S with the JCW air intake/exhaust add-on. Fun to drive. Plenty of front seat legroom (and I'm 6'2"). Rear seat is usable in a pinch, even by me, if the person in front moves the seat up a bit.

The supercharged engine has plenty of pep. In fact, I used to have an early '80s Porsche 911 and this car is almost just as fun to drive as the Porsche! Just be careful of the terrific torque steer to the right when starting aggressively from a standing stop. This thing will squeal the tires in the first 3 gears without really trying.

So far, it's been reliable and low-cost on the maintenance. There are some interior rattles, but nothing obnoxious yet.

If you are thinking of buying a MINI, you need to know they do NOT come with a spare tire, so they are equipped with run-flat tires that are expensive to replace. That wasn't a deal breaker for me, though.
Overall, this has been a great car for me. I've put a little over 60k miles on it in 5 years and had a few issues in the first couple of years that were fixed free of charge by the MINI dealer. If I recall, there was an issue with the suspension, the rattle under the dash that almost all the MINI's seemed to have at one point or another, and the problem with chips/cracks in the windshield due to the angle of it.

Everything else has performed almost flawlessly and it's still a lot of fun to drive.
Handles and brakes really well. Super fun to drive, however I did have the automatic transmission failure that is mentioned here, fortunately it was still under warranty. Gotta love the great mileage too!
One of the best handling cars on the planet sub super car.
I'm very happy with the car's overall performance and love the interior and body design.