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Pearl white's a sleek sporty rocket machine..elegant looking from all angles..performs excellent w/over 200,000 miles, 80 on the fwy is smooth, always put in 89 gas..oil changes every 5K miles, do it myself w/new oil this's so gorgeous!
Bought this car new in Sept 1999. Just love it.
It has great power and a nice quiet and smooth ride.
Love the auto adjusting seats and steering wheel with two separate settings.
The Bose Audio system is amazing.
The paint has held up so nice it looks like new.

The only issue I ever have had was an intermittent misfire when idling. Replaced the Spark plug coils and it is now perfect again. Car now has over 134K miles looks new!

BTW, I like another reviewer was not happy putting Hi test Gas in it which I did for years. But then I tried mid grade. No noticeable difference in Performance. And now I use regular and still no issue. NO Ping no knock and that is because this cars computer adjusts the timing for whatever gas is in it. Not like an old Carburetor that will cause knocking if the timing is off with low test gas. So save money and use regular.

Now if I want the car to look totally new I will replace the Driver seat with a brand new leather cover to factory spec. yep. I am keeping this car until it dies.... and why not its probably worth about $3K now.
My biggest worry is that I get hit and the damage is above the book value and they refuse to fix it. Now THAT will be sad. Cause this car is fantastic. I have checked out Mercedes and BMW's and nothing compares. And I hate all that digital stuff on cars these days. I love the ease of analog controls.

And Infiniti has nothing that compares in Size to this Q. Everything is based on the G chassis which is like a sports car compared to this Luxury car.

This car has cost me out the *** !! The IACV and ECM for starters...didnt know they both needed to be placed at the same time so I had to replace twice...myself...then you have to do the reprogramming the cats...which have 3...very expensive ...cant seem to get anywhere with this Sh**box..I hate driving it !!
I have had my car since 1997, I bought it used, the previous owner/mechanic did not take care of the cooling system, thus I had to replace the engine, however, since then, it's new owner, my son has been enjoying it for the past three years with a few minor problems. I am replacing the clutch cable, for the first time, and am having trouble connecting it to the clutch pedal...
I have a G37 2010 convertible with 20000 miles and the dash is crack in different dash area.
Engine: Bought the 2004 FX35 used with 80,000 miles for $8000. 2 monthes later, the engine cut out while driving. Car started up after about 10 minutes, drove another 5 minutes, and the engine cut out once again. The repair shop diagnosed a faulty crankshaft sensor using the ECM even though the check engine light never came on.

Electrical: Sunroof does not stop in the closed position (have to manually release button at exactly the right time to ensure seal). All the power door lock, window, and side mirror switches failed and replaced for $2000.

Brakes: The front brakes make a terrible high-pitch squeal while backing up. Apparently this is "normal" adjuster noise. The brakes work very well otherwise, and do not squeal going forward.

Comfort and Ride: The vehicle has many annoying blind spots and limited rear visibility compared to my Acura MDX. The stylish, triangular-shaped side mirrors do not help much because they taper right where it would have filled in the blind spots. The FX35 rides a lot stiffer feeling every little bit of road roughness as a jolt so the previously smooth roads (in my MDX) ride like a harsh kidney shaker in the FX35 even with the Yokohama Prada Spec-X tires. Steering is much heavier than my MDX and the steering radius is larger.

If you like an ultra-stiff sportscar-like suspension feel and rumbling exhaust noise, then this is the sporty SUV for you. My MDX rides like a luxury sedan by comparison.
I want to keep it for ever!
211,000 and still going a few issues but compared to out last 5 cars, came out way ahead.
do not buy this car
I absolutely love my car! That being said I have had several problems. Transmission went at 70,000 miles, the brakes are terrible, pulsating at high speeds. The rotors have been calibrated twice. Currently my car will shut off without warning when speed ls less than 20mph. The black paint on the steering wheel and the door arm rests is peeling. I have maintained my car well, but now is costing too much. I have enjoyed this car immensely but I think its time for a change.
Love my 11 year old G35 Sedan AWD! I hate to be finally trading it in after 115K miles. I've had so few issues with the vehicle but the years start to accumulate small items you can't avoid.
After 11 years it is still brutally quick and agile. The AWD has always been awesome. It used to be my snow skiing car since it handled snowy mountain passes so well as long as the snow wasn't too deep for its low profile.
The dash control while simple were not cutting edge at the time and look and act outdated now. The driver's seat has worn poorly over the years as well. Those are my only regrets.
I started having trouble with my car a couple months ago. Before that well pleased. I was driving in town and all of sudden this loud noise. I thought my car was quitting. I took it in, they said the muffler has come apart from the inside and is causing a rattling noise. The dash vibrates going down the road. I didn't buy the idea. I took it back, had the pad and rotors changed and put new tires on. Its been 3 weeks, same noise is back. Sounds like the car is going to quit. What could it be? I have 125,000 miles. It's been well taken care of. Always serviced on time etc. Have loved the way it drives on the road. Don't know what to do!
I bought my 2003 Infiniti QX4 used, but it was well maintained, and I kept it that way with regular service. It was almost at 221,000 miles (it drove beautifully, with no problems at all). I was hoping to keep it forever (even as a weekend car), but I was hit by another car in an accident and totalled it out. I actually cried, because I drove this vehicle 50 plus miles every day to work, and enjoyed the performance of it so much. There is a gem that comes about once in a great while, and the QX4 is it! If you have one, make sure you keep it maintained, and if you have any problems, take it to the dealership and not just any mechanic, because this baby is worth the pampering.
this is a good car very nice
Great car, Infiniti dealerships are horrible especially West Houston. Bunch of crooks!
G20 02 - Very good car overall. Minimal Problems. 33 mpg - comfortable. Corners well, ride is good. Radio is good. Sunroof nice. With base car which is loaded usually. Cheap to buy tires, 15 size.
Cup-holders stink - one weakness area to many power steering lines, that are numerous. must be 6-7 hoses. Have changed 3 so far. Other wise no major trouble with car. Like all new cars not as easy to work on and replace things. I miss my dodge dart where everything was accessible.
2004 infiniti g35 sedan rear wheel drive. Purchased car used with 103k miles. Enjoyable car to drive, performance,handling,styling,used model pricing all A plus. Should always run synthetic blend oil and premium fuel assuring optimum performance. Only defect i have found, was third brake light assembly went bad, common problem on this model $200. to replace. Fuel economy is much better on rear wheel drive model verse all wheel drive model.
2000 Infiniti i30
i bought brand new in 2000 with 2 miles on it. its been a really good car
to me with no major problems with it. it now has 125k on it . just tune ups
every 30k, oil change every 5k with full synthetic oil. did both axles at 90k ,trans speed sensor went out. 1 front O2 sensor,radiator at 94k, its been everywhere drove to canada twice from sacramentostill get around 25+ mpg high way . i have added hid lights big diff at nights .as long as u mant by the book and drive normal it will last long time i have handed down to my wife she love nowdon't wanna let me drive
Good car overall. Cheap on fuel. No power house. But you can run 60-70 all day long. Nice interior. Nice sunroof. Decent radio Not to many cup holders.
I own the M45 Sport. I love it. No major problems. Still runs well. The interior is showing to show little signs of wear and tear. I plan on keeping it at least 4 more years.
Having a problem with radio it has all function but no sound .
I bought my I 30 in 2010 believe me when I say it had 21,000 miles on it. I now have 69 k and nothing is wrong --so far. The only 2 reasons someone would sell a car is (1) they are tired of the cars looks or (2) it is costing to much in repairs. I am now single and don't need a 4 door sedan. in southern California ( Mazda Miata time ) If the Miata runs as good as the I 30 I will be happy-happy- happy. It is a fine car I just want something else.
I am very disappointed in my Infiniti. I have bought 3 sets of tires in 2014 and its August. Not even a year of work on them and always between 5000-8000 miles no matter what tires I buy. They end up almost eaten away with zero tred to be found. I will not buy an expensive car to have to keep replacing tires every 4 months.
I've driven this car for 4 yrs, now with 82K. This car has been well serviced at the dealership. I used this car to go work mostly. I'm a nurse and never abused this vehicle. Cabin is immaculate, kept it clean. Electronics work fine, but my dash on the driver's side warped, like every single one of them out there. My steering wheel is chipping, pretty common. Paint is also a problem, common for nissan. I had to replaced the brakes at 40K. Battery went bad at around 45K, it was replaced under warranty, and so was one of the caliper. Steering feels fake, feels weird not as agile as BMW. Heating/AC works fine, never had problems. At 82K my transmission now needs replaced. A transmission mechanic told me it's pretty common for nissan/infiniti to have faulty radiators, fluid leaks to the transmission and your are screwed. Infiniti customer care said there's nothing they can do the car just failed. WOW! they seem proud of their product lol!
Can you please tell me what i need to do. My carwont start it seems as though its not getting any gas. The sensors are good the fuel pump is good. Its getting spark it still wont start. Please help
check engine light come on every now and then but as I Drive it to frist to second shift it jerks
Mine required new struts. I believe the biggest noise maker and general slop inducer was worn out sleeves that go onto the top of the strut rod. Before replacing the struts and these small, round sleeves/bearings that the tops of the struts go through, I had a lot of noise and generally goofy action in the front end when going through potholes and uneven/rippled pavement. $900 fix, but it did fix it. My truck had 95k miles on it at the time of repair.
There was condensation in the front headlight casing, which started forming shortly after I purchased the used car. Over time the condensation built up and caused headlight failure. I brought to a local auto body shop and they could not find any cracks in the casing. When they called an Infiniti parts dealer, the dealer let it be known that it was a design defect and that they keep the headlight casings in stock. $1,500 later I was told by Infiniti that they have no responsibility and could not do anything for me. I will never buy another Infiniti. My only recourse now is to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety association and hope that they issue a recall.
Could you please help me fix my brake lights. All other lights work except when I press the brakes nothing, I don't like to drive during the day because its very dangerous not having brake lights, could it be the switch or something else?