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Mitsubishi Eclipse (19 Reviews)
purchased a used 01 Spyder (14 years old), appears to have been adult owned. Purchased my first one new with the 4 cylinder as I did not want a turbo. The V6 is a super strong, quick and reliable engine. The 5 speed manual transmission is excellent. It is imperative to use top quality fluids in this vehicle to prevent expensive transsexual and or transmission repairs. The 01 sat for over a year (part of an estate), that created issues with several components. Tires were practically new (dealer installed China junk tires) and they failed to stop on a snow covered road. Replaced immediately after that. Plastic radiator cracked on top, replaced with premium NAPA radiator, AC compressor went out as did power steering pump and alternator. AC big fuse in engine compartment failed. Timing belt replaced at 85K to avoid engine repair. Original top lasted 16 years in the Arizona sun, I will replace that myself. Dash cover has multiple cracks from sun, there is an aftermarket mfg.. that sells a molded piece that can restore the look for $125. Major issue with factory em wire harness headlight plugs. So much heat from headlights caused both plugs to melt while driving cross country, hard to drive at night without headlights. Purchased heavy duty plugs from NAPA and no problems now. All of the above items are age related so that being said, the car is better than new now. Fun to drive, very quick. I always like to know how fast my vehicles will go, under safe conditions. While on a trip thru south western Nevada, I found a straight level section of highway with minimal traffic. I was able to open "her" up and achieved a top speed of 125 mph in a 2 mile run! Gas mileage seems to be improving the longer I own this car. My most recent calculations showed that I got 33 mpg by driving mostly 65 mph. I highly recommend this vehicle for anyone that really enjoys driving a "sports car". Currently looking to add an electrical oil pressure gauge in addition to the factory "idiot light", as a change in oil pressure can be fatal to an engine if not addressed immediately.
I love this car. It handles even better than the new versions. I have had basically no problems for years. The gas mileage, tear and wear, upholds great. I drive it like a new one and it has gone to many states with me. Body and interior a little cheap from the company but you can take care of that easy enough. Brakes are well enough, but make sure you change them right away when you are suppose cause when they go they go fast. drive train has been very smooth but I always keep the maintenance and lube it yearly whether it needs it or not. Engine has performed very well to date. Changing the spark plugs in the back end is a real pain tho. Get a special tool for this. No problems with the emissions. Heating and cooling OK so far. Suspension and steering have been above and beyond for I have taken it there several times to date one of the best features. The only real bad thing to say is the dash. IT cracks and cracks and cracks and so on cracking. If you have a convertible like me I strongly recommend taking out or moving the amplifier from the underneath the passenger seat to the trunk.
Just about 170,000 miles on my GTS with 5 speed. Replaced the clutch once. Air conditioning once, body mount, brake pads and timing belt, spark plugs/wires. I've owned the car since 2003 so I consider this very low maintenance.

Overall excellent car. Drives well, good low end power with decent top end runout.

KYB AGX struts/shocks make a large improvement in handling for not too much money.

Paint is peeling now. Debating on getting it painted.
Great car for the most part. Handling and acceleration good for a 4 cyl. Fun and comfortable on a long freeway trip from Florida to Michigan.
The driver's seat could adjust a little lower. (i keep brushing the top of the doorway when i get in.
The fabric is coming loose from the headliner in a number of places. (above the doors on either side and at the top of the windshield on both sides just where the defroster would strike) I think the glue just dried up. Also, last year, insulation (or something) started blowing through the ac/heater vents.
There is a rattle coming from the engine compartment at times. I think it is the shielding on the motor making contact with some parts of the engine/frame.

I had an issue with the antilock brakes not resetting last year, but found (through research) that if i made the wheels slide by braking hard and then pumping the pedal a bunch of times. (i did this procedure 3-4 times that the problem went away.

The headlight enclosures are sunburned on the inside. I can't think of any fix except to replace them.

The only other thing that is amiss is of course the pistons holding up the hatch. I keep a miniature hockey stick in the rear for a prop.

I have had my eclipse since 3300 miles and have had it serviced (oil, lube etc) every 3000 miles using Mobile 1.

I enjoy driving this car and other than the multiple minor issues mentioned above, would certainly buy another one IF they kept making them.
Great car, except mitusubishi went cheap on the interior, especially the plastics.
the brake rotors are all four bent. the shifter cable for manual transmission was broke at only 88k miles. too bad.
I cannot believe this car. It is one of those hidden jems people must keep to themselves. I purchased a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS (NERO) after my 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 CPE died on me after 245,000 miles. I loved that car and thought I would never fine another used car with that kind of reliablity. With little money available I came across this. Boy was I wrong. With 98000 miles on it and well maintained inside and out I could not believe how well it drove and good power. I am 6'7" tall, slim 262 lbs and I fit it fine. Only I drive it as my daily commuter so I do not care about the back seat issues. The turning radius is not the same as the Honda but not a big deal. I am a true driver. I do not care about the electronic goodies but I have to have music. The INJEN intake and the Ractive Muffler the previous owner put on it are a great add-on get it. I use 89 octane get 410 miles to a full tank you can do the math. My Honda got 415-420. I will improve the interior lighting and get a nice dash guage face other then that I am not changing anything except brakes and tires. I prefer quality tires & brakes just my personal taste. Hope this was helpful for used buyers looking for a good driver car.
Can't believe there are NO! reviews for the new body style Eclipse (introduced 2006 model year). I bought the car new in early 2006 and it has been one of the most reliable and enjoyable small and sporty looking cars I've owned. Oh, there are some preference items I would want different if money were no object; but for the money I spent (around $22K brand new), the car is a terrific value & loaded with stuff that is optional on most other cars of its status. There have been no issues except for a water pump that was covered by the warranty just before the 5 years expired. It still has the rest of the 10 year power train warranty left. Consumer Reports didn't like it - too bad. It is a better car than probably a lot of people may think.
Just purchased a used Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 with get this 245 Thousand mlies on it original Everything. This car must have been Garaged because of its super clean body and Interior. So far alls I had to replace is the Clutch. FUN FUN FAST car I also have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 and I drive the eclipse most the time. UNBELIEVABLE I definetly will be checking out the new Eclipse
had this car for 7 yrs. never had a problem. Daughter drives it now. good car, great gas mileage. make sure you buy good tires. it does have a lot of weight on the front
bought this car with 120,XXX it was fun driving.. so smooth and fast as 4cylinder types.
all around made me a better mechanic
This is a great car when maintained properly. Fast, sleek and fun to drive. Definitely worth it. Pay no mind to useless reviews complaining about having to drop the transmission to replace the clutch. Do not let this deter you, most vehicles you need do this.
This is a great car to have. The only big thing is it's a bitch to change the clutch because you have to drop the transmission and take a lotof parts out. Overall though this car will last a long time.
Pros: Overall a great investment oppertunity. Easy and considerably 'cheap' to maintain. Fun to drive, easy on the eyes.
Cons: Poor interior quality, Issues with the head gasket regarding leakage, steering can be a little touchy, lots of road noise.
Great car. I agree w/ other reviews. Cheap interior poor turning radius. However, the car drives great and is powerful. Sporty and great-looking. I get tons of compliments.
Love this convertible.
Sporty, and smooth shifting, Don't like having no real rear seats nor the poor turning radius. Miledge is 20 miles per gallon around town and 24 Hwy. is fair considering the power 200 Hp. The car has that pushing you back deep into the seats when you punch the pedal!
Excellent Car