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had since 1999....wife's cars..... best auto I ever purchased .....engine purrs like new....only 110, major problem until recently though body
hasnt held up as well as rest of car......recent problem with battery.........something seems to drain it when not in use for couple of hrs wont start without quick boost from power pack.......have all accessories before jump but not enough power to start....replaced battery same thing...maybe cables ?......
AAA tech says charging system checks out ok needs about $4000 of rust repair and paint still awesome... may keep
Purchased the Platinum it's stylish, comfortable, convenience and nice looking car ever. This little sports car is best ever bought on 6/10/15 at 3,541 miles no issues loving my Maxima has it all with affordable savings for a family of five or someone who wants a high performance car.
I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with this car. I bought it in March of 2013 - it had just come off a lease with 28K miles and it was absolutely pristine!

This was my first NON-Ford or GM product, and, after reading stellar reviews about the 7th Gen Maximas, I had high hopes for my first ever Japanese label! Unfortunately, in very short order, I found myself experiencing more quality control issues than in my last 6 vehicles COMBINED!

The first thing I noticed was that the heated seats did not work AT ALL. After two trips to the dealer (which involved tearing out the seats and installing new heating elements,) it was discovered that there was a bad wiring harness that was not getting power to the seats. No need to tear out the seats AND scuff up the interior in the process, after all!

The car now has 42K miles on it - subsequent repairs included an erratic passenger side window (it stuck wide open, partially open and totally closed, and I never knew when I hit the switch if it would work or not. Dealer replaced the drivers side window switch (that didn't fix the erratic problem) took it back and they replaced both the passenger's side switch, and again the driver's side switch. Who knows what the problem is but the window has been working fine ever since.

Other service included acceleration issues for which I discovered there were two Nissan transmission service bulletins that applied only to the 2010 Maximas. I printed them and gave them to the dealer, who subsequently performed the major work (they had the car for 5 days but gave me a loaner.)

More issues: The LEDs in the mirror mounted turn signals have shorted out and just plain burned out - the dealer replaced one side while the car was under warranty, I am now ignoring the fact that the one on the driver's side has 2 leds that aren't lighting, as this happened after the 36 month warranty expired - I am told the entire mirror assembly has to be replaced at considerable cost. NICE DESIGN, NISSAN!

The day I was taking the car to the dealer for the transmission work, I decided to remove all of the CDs from the 6-disc changer since I knew they would have the car for at least a few days. Bingo - the disc changer suddenly lost its mind, and every time I tried to eject a disc, the changer decided to PLAY them instead! After much frustration and about 20 minutes, I managed to convince the changer that I was the boss, and I ultimately got all of the discs out, only to have the display flash randomly and incessantly. The dealer told me they had replaced the "entire unit" while it was in for the transmission work. Now that the car is out warranty by
a few months, three buttons on the "new" radio have quit working entirely, #3, #6 and "AUX" - meaning that I can't listen to the XM radio I am paying for. Vision Nissan does not seem inclined to show any compassion, but I am still working on that issue.

I also experienced problems with the front door actuators - any time below 30 degrees, I never knew if the doors would open (Or close) One night after getting into the car just fine, I couldn't get the driver door to close, so I drove 7 miles holding the drivers door closed with one hand and steering with the other! Another time when I was leaving a restaurant, I got into the car just fine when it was about zero degrees, drove 7 miles and then couldn't get either front door to open from the inside. I (at 65 years of age) had to climb into the back seat and exit the right rear door - in the dark, mind you. After I became highly "assertive", Nissan finally agreed to replace both front door actuators. It got warm shortly thereafter, so I have no idea what to expect this coming winter.

If the overall design and roadworthiness of this vehicle wasn't so exceptional, I would have parted with it long ago. I can tell you I will never buy another Nissan product as long as I live!

I have a 2004 nissan maxima that I am selling for parts. It was hit from behind and the rear bumper and trunk were damaged,but the tail light are still good. The engine and transmission are great,interior is in great condition!! All leather ,heated seats and heated steering wheel. The doors,windows,are all great! No cracked or chipped glass a/c works great!if you are interested in buying this car contact me @ or 405-837-1120. I'd like to sell the whole car.
I got the car used in 2004 it had 35,000 miles. The car engine is rock bottom a beast. Did get 02 sensors catalytic converter and alternator. The maintenance is a little expensive but its a fast car love the car overall runs like new it gets good fuel economy. Love handling, nice Bose sound system in-6disc CD changer, leather seats etc. Driving my Maxima at 240,000 already would definitely buy another in a heartbeat its a good car just don't like the expensive repairs got put into this car.
My Transmission is going out, I have talked to several people that have had the same problem, I love my car but I think a weakness is in the transmission of these cars.
Love the car. I did put money in few repairs replacing pre cats,brakes and transmission problem. At this time the car is running fine still worried about other things breaking at least it's reliable after got it back in 2012 love car performance and exterior looks. So far rides smooth while it's loaded to the max with available options ever in this car.
We have the '11 SV Premium loved this car after purchased new in 2011. I got 83,778 miles no problems it's fully loaded with all options available. The Maxima rides like a BMW very comfortable with lots of power gets 26 mpg. Looks sporty got performance even paddle shifters are great with D-Sport mode and CVT trans this car is the best ever. Overall my wife love the car so much she wanted purchased another Maxima as same version like this one except a used model but she is waiting on the new 2016 model arrive next month at dealership. It's our first Nissan product after trading a Volvo S60 on a Maxima it was worth everything buying a nice equipped car liked this one though top of the line still worth best bang for the buck ever purchasing this car.
I had nothing but good cars from Nissan. Purchased a used 2003 Maxima SE in 2013 with over 70,000 miles. Just done nothing but regular oil changes, plugs and rotations etc. I would love to own another Maxima as my next vehicle. All I can say that is the experienced has been impressive with this model only thing had trouble was AC compressor & brakes so far this car is great at 100,000 miles just changed timing chain recently absolutely love my Max planning get many more miles out of her even though thinking of buying new Maxima next month will keep this car as my second car.
I love this car its the best ever. Don't take car well it won't take care of you. Purchased my 02 Maxima SE back in mid 2011 with 87k miles driven at least another 30,000 miles this car runs well. Paid off so I'm happy with this vehicle so beautiful in and out its more than in excellent condition planning drive for 200,000 miles has every available option on SE version got with Maxima loving it.
I have been very pleased with my Maxima. Bought this car over 21 years ago as a pre owned certified never had one mechanical problem with nothing. I've replaced couple things but minor only the car has original tranny/engine at now 250,000 never once I did have it in the shop for nothing. I am looking for a 2016 Maxima as new replacement hope it be like my 1990 Maxima as well loving this car.
bought this car for my son. He had it since January 2011 with 83,000 miles now driven it through the ground in the last 4 years purchase. The maintenance wasn't bad plus oil changes were very cheap though car was showing some wear and tear bought it in Pennsylvania off craigslist from a lady who got second handed from the previous owner who had since new. Overall it's a very reliable car now my son sold it got an 2010 model he loves even more with all of the upgrades compared to his 1995 version. I believe could trust Nissan vehicles within last couple of years my son have had his Maxima never gave him a problem he has driven that car from Michigan to Arizona put over 234,000 miles didn't leave him stranded driving long trips. The mechanic who I used to let serviced it said that car had lots of life wouldn't breakdown at anytime sense these are great cars last told by mechanic. Which I saw that when buying my son a 1995 Maxima with low miles it was the best car I have ever bought he drove it to death but never one time stopped on him. I'd recommend a Maxima any day.
I like the car a lot but believe has issues with battery replacements and engine knocks every time at 35 mph. Overall love my Maxima it is an dependable car only problem have out the car be ignition coil went out but still was under warranty Nissan address the problem. CVT needs replacing took in last week to Glenn Nissan in Lexington told tranny needs replacing the car does take off slow. It is comfortable, great stereo sound like looks of vehicle available paddle shifters and A-Pillars are great. Purchased this car new only things be a minor problem are electronics never buy a early model vehicle but it is great at 109K miles.
Still one of the best cars looks sporty have 19'' wheels and tires when driving the car it is so quiet while has smooth power under a 290 horsepower moves quicker at 2,000 rpms. Bose is incredible came with paddle shifters the Maxima got excellent handling while steers easily. Very luxury but mostly sporty with the Sport pkg., available with driver seat memory only doesn't heavy although car looks wider around hips and shaped L hood interior materials are nice with charcoal metallic trim plus navigation and bluetooth are pluses all electronics works great. I traded a 2011 SV Sport on a 2014 being more upgraded because love performance these cars give when pressing the throttle while have responsive handling and best drives while putting in sport mode. I hope next new model be better with AWD and manual 6 speed trans while has lots of new features more for the money.
Bought new in 1996 has 240k miles done regular maintenance and set of tires replaced. It handles like new only things got work done were minor all original the stereo works well with a factory Bose sound. The leather is showing bit tear otherwise a good car rides smooth has lots of power love my Maxima no paint rust to say its a southern car looks absolutely good. I change oil with Synthetic 5w30 and spark plugs serviced every 3,000 miles this is the most dependable car I have ever owned so comfortable. Will be driving this car until the wheels comes off very peppy it is a well maintained car absolutely loving my Maxima.
Bought a 2008 Honda Accord nothing but problems have a 2006 Maxima SE no problems a dependable car be looking at another after while. I have read about transmission problems thought went from bad to worse but t the car is performing well I use Nissan L matic fluid and oil changes at 6,000 plus rotations a very dependable car with lots if speed. My Max has 187k miles just replaced struts and spark plugs nothing but major ever gone wrong in last 3 years. Next vehicle will be a Nissan waiting on the new Maxima to come out.
I will never buy another Nissan again and have told other people not purchase one either. Bought the car in 2008 until 78,000 miles transmission is jerking mechanic said I need a new tranny contacted Nissan Corp who wouldn't help me since the car is out of warranty and bought used so nice I have to pay getting a new transmission. Took to another mechanic who quoting me $324 on a new replacement don't have that kind of money just pray this car doesn't kill me still making payments. Nissan should be responsible in their actions but this is the last time will ever buy a Nissan I am done Toyota and Honda here I come.
I have a 99 the I just got 2 months age- and without complaining to much IT is nothing like my 94 was- did i mention i havent drove it in the last 7 weeks? Has an electrical issue that I haven't been able to trace- sitting at a red light It lost all power- and after replacing the battery- alternator and the ignition switch- still have a sun roof stuck open, no power windows, locks, dash lights, ac, alarm, or door chime! I think its the littlest MAXIMA they ever made- have had all coils replaced and it has horrible gas mileage- but whatever
2nd owner. Overall car is great. The engine light has been on since I have owned it. All issues are with emissions (Sensors and Catalytic Converter). Everything else works fine. Slight issue with tranny going from 1st to 2nd. I think I need to replace tranny fluid. I would recommend. Gas mileage not to good (19 to 22 mpg).
I just finished my arbitration meeting with BBB auto line and Nissan arbitration specialists. If anyone is having their so called premium leathers seats ripping as you enter either seat please email me I lost the case because at this time my car is only 10 months old with a total of 3 repairs to the front driver's seat and passenger's seat, according to the lemon law, one has to have a total of 4 repairs with the same problem within a year and warranty is guaranteed. HOWEVER Nissan Corp. will not repair my front leather seats anymore. Nissan Corp. is telling me, I am ripping the seats as I enter the seat and because of my buttons on my rear pockets (jeans, shorts, etc). I have a white Nissan Maxima (2013), and tan leather seats ,listed price $38k with only 25 miles at time of delivery. With the first 1,596 miles, the seats started ripping (both front seats) then about 2207 miles, and now 3153 miles. I currently have 4050 miles and its only 10 months old. I do not drive this car daily and only 2 occasions someone used rear seats. (reason for low miles) If anyone out there, in any state having the same issues please e-mail - thanks for reading my story
Purchased new 2001 Nissan Maxima GLE. Now has 143,000 miles. Normal maintenance only. Replaced battery, rebuilt alternator, had transmission and radiator flushed twice Excellent runner, great handling car. No rust, no dings and good mileage. Very responsive and fast off the green light. Has plenty of power.

Thanks for these helpful reviews. I don't own one, but was looking at buying one since my older Nissan was so reliable. Now I understand that Nissan is owned by Renault and uses Renault parts and supply chain solutions. Knowing how unreliable Renaults have been, makes me not want to come near a Nissan. Everywhere I read, people complain about how these "post-Renault" nissans become "money-pits". That's something I can live without. Thanks everyone for the heads up.
My 2006 Nissan Maxima is on it's third transmission at 80,000 miles and has had strut work on right side and need more. On top of that it has a bad power steering leak.

Do not buy a MAXIMA unless you want some problems!
SV model with panoramic roof. Awesome Car every expectation has been met and more. Little high on window sticker at first but every penny worth it for a luxury sports sedan.
I am leasing a 2013 Maxima SV - I absolutely love the car. I typically buy coupes and avoid pony/muscle cars because their size, bulk and higher insurance premiums. What impressed me with this car was it's handling, build quality and style. I do wish I got the NAV package and the SPORT package.

Many people will say lower priced cars are available with more standard options - and this is absolutely true. I can't believe I'd have to upgrade to the NAV package just for a better media interface, including touch-screen and blue tooth media streaming. $40k car and the memory seat settings were available, however, not included. My V6 EX-L Honda Accord, which cost $10k less included a telescoping steering wheel and memory seats.


Nissan was anything but cheap with his vehicle and that is evident as soon as you push the button (turn the key - there is no key!) and drive the car. The quality is top class and on-par with high end REAL luxury autos like BMW, M-benz, Infinity, etc. The car's engineering, design and quality is out of this world - and that's something that many people fail to consider or appreciate now that there are many cars that cost half the price that look just as nice and come standard with amenities that make people's head spin because they've never had them before.

Two quirks - and only two - about this car. The driver's left foot-rest is cheap vinyl - why not a solid block of hard rubber like Honda? The emergency/parking brake is foot activated - why not on the console or electric activated?

I'd buy another one - without even thinking - and I probably will. Next time it'll be FULLY loaded.
we have had to jump start our 2011 Maxima eleven times since we bought it brand new from Headquarters Nissan in Columbus, GA. They replaced the battery in Jan. of 2012. after more, jump starting they replaced the battery again in August 2013. They insist it is the battery. I don't think so.
I have owned toyota and honda predominately throughout my life and last year bought an 06 maxima. This past year has been the least amount of trouble I have ever had with a car. It is much more durable and gets better gas mileage, I know because I check. IF you treat a nissan right, it will run forever. If you abuse it, it will break down. I won't ever buy a honda or toyota again.
This is a very expensive hot automobile ever built car company called Nissan. I have owned my Maxima less than one year have to say that im enjoying right in 2013 with great performance and best quality of a very luxurious sporty vehicle. This was the car for me i love this car and it's my 3rd Nissan owned ever sense 1998 when bought a used 1997 Altima than 11 years later got my brand new 2007 Altima off showroom floor smack brand new. Now im driving the Maxima from last year Nissan really done a great job on upgraded this car that was remodeled back in 2009 now three years later it has improved more very great job Nissan. Im not trading this baby til she can't take anymore of serving me on the highway and hauling family and friends to where ever they need to go. Best car ever owned this is my favorite most luxury vehicle no need to stress myself out buying a BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Acura and Lexus where this cheaper manufacturer brand that made a flagship sedan that carries all my needs priced is right for me with lots of luxurious in its class. From Bose to most comfortable interior and smooth ride is fine with me. The styling and durability on this car absolutely wonderful I just love this luxurious car on wheels been a excellent blessing buying this car.
This car was purchased in october, '12 with 178k miles on it. I had never owned a nissan(car or truck) in all my 32 years of driving but, I'd heard so much about this maxima's V6 engine(voted best engine 8 years in a row)that I thought I make the change from Toyota---most reliable cars and trucks I've owned to date.
It being used with so many miles on it, i figured a few maintenance issues might need attention, but I didn't expect so much at one time. In these three months, I've replaced the spark plugs, brakes and rotors, interior/exterior lightbulbs, oil and air filters, and made some cosmetic improvements.
However, the car still needs new shocks, theirs an oil leak, and makes a rub sound each time I turn left for the 1st time after starting the car. I have to stop and restart the car again for it to make that sound again after turning left and it won't make it again while being drivin.
The '03 Toyota Tundra, V6/5-speed, also has 168k miles on it but all I've done to it is regular maintenance since buying it at 32k miles. It's been the best vehicle I've owned to date in terms of reliability and low upkeep. But the Maxima is the most fun to drive I've owned.
I hope that after I've 'bought it up to speed on maintanence, it will provide me with another 200k miles of trouble-free driving, but as of now the jury is still out. My only regret is not buying a maxima with less miles on it or that was upkept better. Other than that it is a the best looking car and has an engine that purrs and I can't wait to take a trip to California in it.