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Owner of a '02 Millenia S purchased new here in MA. Loved it from the get go and still do. Daily driver for 5 yrs, then as a 2nd car. Taken to FL several trips but mostly local mileage. Now has 45000 +/- mi on it. Hasn't been to a dealer since first 5K checkup. Self serviced carefully and frequently. Runs and looks new. Going to premium shop Alpha Cars for a complete brake job this wk. Looking forward to at least a few more yrs of trouble free driving from this fine vehicle.
We picked up our ES when it was 3 years old with 46,000 on it. I said I'd drive it into the ground and then replace it. 8 years later, it is currently at 208,000 with only minor repairs (one injector coil at 60k, water pump at 110k and again at 190k, idle control unit at 180k). At a local shop, the repairs have been ridiculously cheap as well. The size is perfect. In Asia, they sell the version that came after this, known as the Mazda8 over there. Same medium size but nicer interior with more modern styling. Oh, how I wish they would bring the next version over here. Unlikely.
1992 Miata with 114,000 miles on her- love this car- a pure delight to drive !
If you truly love driving curvy roads and want the experience of an old English or Italian open-top sportster without the cost to buy or maintain, look no further. He is my love story:

After renting a 1970's Alfa-Romeo Spider for a weekend, I HAD to have a little roadster for the awesome backroads where we live! My then 12 year-old son fell in love with cars that warm Autumn weekend as I drove him all over the twisty backroads in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. The man who rented the Alfa said he'd sell it (or his TR6) for around $4,000-$5,000 each. I am old enough to remember the service nightmares of Italian and British sports cars, so I told this gentleman who had rented and worked on the old roadsters for a decade or so of his retirement from a "day job" that I was not handy and had no interest in spending time repairing a car; I just wanted the pleasure of driving a 2-seater open-air sports car. His advice was straightforward, simple, and 100% confident: Go out and find yourself a Miata that's 10 or more years old and you will have maybe $4,000 to $7,000 invested in something that's everything you say you are looking for. So I did... and he was right!

With the Miata being in the same class as any other modestly priced, small, 4-cylinder car, they are priced accordingly. I paid $7,000 for my 2004 base model with 67k miles (in great shape) 2 years ago (2014). Now 12 years old, I keep it polished and clean, and aside from being wonderful to take out on a warm day or night, it looks really spiffy too. I get compliments EVERY time I take it out and stop in a public place (grocery store, etc.), and yet owning a Miata is not exactly a status thing. It IS what someone who truly loves cars and driving them buys - if nothing else, on nights and weekends - and yet it is reliable and economical if you want it as a daily driver too.

I have had more enjoyment from my shiny little red sportster than just about anything I have ever owned in my 55 years. Hop in, start down the road, and I swear my blood pressure and heart rate drop almost instantly. It can be a total thrill of raw cornering fun and engine revving madness or a lovely and relaxing cruise in the country for some fresh air and sunshine. I call it my "street-legal go cart". It is 100% unadulterated fun and yet has all the comforts and conveniences of a modern motor vehicle. The Miata provides all the simple joys of driving that the older, bare-bones roadsters did, only without the constant worries and frustrations of predictable and constant "service issues". It just keeps going happily along, allowing the appreciative driver to do what he/she got into a 2-seater convertible for: Driving fun and pleasure.

And, I don't worry about "if" something should break. Mazda parts are cheap and so is service. No different than any other modest brand in that regard. I looked into Porsche Boxsters, a more refined and arguably more beautiful car, but the cost to repair a German sports car is triple or more, not to mention a lot more likely to be needed. I've changed the oil twice and the only time I spend doing anything but driving is pampering my baby. I put a great, "once a year" polish on it the first spring of ownership and wash it every couple of drives, shining up the great alloy wheels and refreshing the shine on the paint with a quickie spray polish here and there. This is a car you can use and abuse or love and pamper. Either way, enjoyment of ownership is off-the-charts high if you want open-air fun plus reliability at a ridiculously affordable price. This can be and most certainly is a car that even most "working class" folks can own as a weekender, vs. waiting for retirement to get a "fine" sports car.

I am 6'1", 220# and just barely fit, but for my purposes, its perfectly fine. I have long legs (32 inseam) and am somewhat short-waisted, so my head is not into the top on the few occasions I drive with it up. I agree with the assessment that you either should not get a Miata if you are over 6' tall OR do as I did and try one out first to see if you fit.

This car takes corners at speeds faster than I am skilled to take them on the backroads and if the back end ever does start to let loose, it is so naturally controllable to drift that you feel like a professional on the Nurburgring. With the top down, who cares about refinement or if there might be some road noise on the highway? The only sound that will matter is taking the little wonder smoothly from 4500 RPM to almost redline. This is where the power is and this is where the engine puts out a great sporty sound.

The service advisor where I took the car said (paraphrasing): "Go out and rev it all you want. Drive it the way it was designed to be driven (implication being quick and hard-cornering). Most people shift at about 4000-4500, but that is where the fun just begins. DO NOT WORRY about revving this engine right up to its limit. I never see these cars come in with engine problems unless they have super-high miles and are just worn out..." This is what I have done for over two years and about 6k miles of backroad fun and leisure. Me and my Miata are still just as happy and carefree as the day we first met.
Loved this little car. Only complaints were that air conditioning was weak and the low profile tires, while good looking, make the ride a tad rough. I know it's a sporty little wagon but you definitely felt it on poor California roads.

Oh and the rear view mirror causes a huge blindspot at four-way stops! Especially for this long-torso guy!
I've owned this truck for over 13 years, having bought it from a local dealer. It now has over 225K miles on it and still running strong, although the head gasket had to be replaced recently due to my carelessness in monitoring the coolant level. I also replaced the clutch myself about 8 years ago - it was due, having been put thru some heavy hill use where the clutch had been used to "hold" the vehicle at a stop while facing uphill (that practice has since been discontinued).

I highly recommend this rig as long as you don't plan on hauling large loads up and down heavy grades - the 4-cylinder just doesn't have the poop to haul REALLY heavy loads. However, if you don't mind having to slow down/shift down, you'll get there eventually even if you overload it!

If folks aren't aware, this is the EXACT same vehicle as a Ford Ranger, which is spoken of in glowing terms by the millions of people who own and swear by (and not AT) them.
My 2003 Tribute was bought brand new and I still own it. It has now 140 miles. I had to change front & rear suspension. Tune up twice, needed motor mounts replaced and normal maintenence.
Now we have an oil leak and the ai conditioning system doesn't produce cold air and we can't figure out why.
I would appreciate any helpful comments.
The rpms goes higher and transmission is really bad. I think its time for a new car to buy bought it used in 2008 problems happened after 2010 getting catalytic converter $235.45 than replaced 02 oxygen sensor at $180.00 other things are very high in repairs on this car. I do love the car and looks of it but its not holding up well at all still would look into another Mazda vehicle.
this is a great van, I don't understand why they stop making this van. very low maintenance needed to this van if drive properly.
Overall love my 2011 Tribute bought used in 2013. Now it's at 78,000 miles my family loves it too. Never give us problems runs well with zero issues. It's a great commuter SUV very pleased with everything on the Mazda would love to have another one.
I owned this car in late '00 now can't believe as of today on 5/7/2015 my Mazda clocked over 250,000 miles with the original engine and tranny...Has received all good maintenance when I first purchased it new. The car still looks good inside and out no cosmetic problems seats are comfortable as features are very outstanding. Took 3 hour trips never once felt too exhausted so happy driving this car love my Millenia. Overall she rides like a dream still not even closed compared to my Volvo didn't ride this smooth as my Mazda. Interior materials are great look very expensive has Original Bose stereo with 6 disc CD changer lots of power from engine...performance is adequate it gets good gas mileage well worth value...Didn't do much to car only thing be a shortcoming be brakes doesn't last longer they require an replacement every 2-3years but still the car is overall reliable. I've got all serviced records looks top of the line with factory exterior white/two tone gold paint with Premium model...2.3 Supercharged is the best ever under hood of car took very excellent cared of my car she is the best while running great in excellent shape.
Bought my Millenia S with the Miller engine new in 1999. Excellent performance and stylish design still make this vehicle a joy to drive. Had to replace the supercharger (not cheap !) in year 11, and also had some vacuum control issues around the same time. Other than the oxygen sensors, everything else has stood the test of time.
Have owned this Miata since 1999 when it had 30,000 miles on it.
Ours has the fiberglass hardtop(best of both worlds). It has been a great little car with few problems. Have replaced the radiator, AC/drier and compressor, and seat covers. The biggest
problem we had was squeeling brakes. After 3 brake jobs, we discovered to grease the hold down pins and, presto, no squeal.
We have had it painted once and done 2 tune ups. Replaced water hoses, filters, battery, and tires. That's it! Now has 75,000 miles and running good still!
I researched and rented 8 different cars before deciding on this one. My first brand new car ever purchased. I'm disappointed that all materials read on this car were just fluff. My prior car was a Chrysler mini van. My CX-5 Grand Touring $29,950 front wheel drive, has inferior seals around the doors and windows. Up here in raining north that means when it rains for a day, 5 days later when you roll the window down and up there is still water in the door and the window drags it up. I suspect a giant mold problem. I started keeping it in the garage. The inside door frame collects huge amounts of water, dirt and mud. Constantly wiping it down. Heated seats, not so heated. Can't see out of side of windshield. The bar is too wide and angled. Have to take those right and left hand turns slow as I have almost hit a pedestrian more than once. Really bad up here on a rainy day. Windshield cracked almost immediately. Had noticed what appeared to be water leaking down the inside of the windshield but thought no, that can't be happening. Windshield cracked again 4 weeks later. Refuse to replace it again. Rear view camera fogs, but more importantly has a blind spot. super easy to back into another car if you are angling in. Don't rely on that camera, keep checking your mirrors. Side mirror warning if too close to cars? I notice it's not beeping at all these days so I have to take the car in and get it checked out. Never again will I buy a car without gigantic windows. I want to see what I'm going to run into or run over. So far brakes are ok but occasionally make a weird noise. Drive train thunks occasionally, won't shift down, stays at high RPM's when it doesn't have to.
TomTom. Geez good luck. North points south, have to use a lot of opposite side brain to figure it out. Use my phone now. Have to manually change channels on radio. Engine is super slow to accelerate. Not an uncommon problem. Heating:never warm in the right spots, always cold feet, takes foreverrrrrrr to warm up inside. If you have recirculating air on, windshield is foggy, and air conditioner stinks. My daughter hates riding in the car says smell gives her a headache. Suspension: Wow, the change from the Chrysler to the Mazda was bone jarring. Really thought I would get used to it but can't. Road noise, forget about using your fancy bluetooth hands free phone speaker. Road noise is so loud. I have to blast the music (Bose Speakers? I don't think so) to drowned it out. Super disappointed that I spent so much time researching this car and waiting for it to come out. I am wondering if this is a tsunami car. Owned it for 30 months, going to pay it off and dump it.
Nice interior materials, good ride, and good safety rating. Averaging 32 MPG on a commute that's about 50-60% city/traffic driving. Biggest downside in my opinion is that the A-frame creates a bad forward-driving blind spot that can hide a whole car when turning/pulling out at intersections.
I just bought this car has 118,000 miles no problems did fixed CV joints/alternator. The 626 gets good fuel economy very comfortable to drive. Owned a newer car but destroyed because of DUI had license revoked for several years found the used car under $600 starting driving again like car so far. It was last purchase in Nov 2014 now put over 132,000 miles no signs of breakdowns the car is getting all low maintenance plus 6,000 mile oil changes. 626 very flawless runs like a champ better than starting off on another car note already paid off by original owner who brought it brand new of Dec '96 as 1997 model still original in and out have all service records and manufactured date of the vehicle. I've noticed trans was slipping but fixed at lower price while using 5w30 Lucas Tranny Oil helped solved the issue this car will run forever I believe having less problems even mechanic who found to do routine maintenance says it has lots of life even Original Owner/driver told me same don't have to worry about nothing will serve me down the Colorado mountains without stalling or breakdowns this gentleman took very great care of this car like it was his own child being a dependable car somewhat nice 1997 model ever here in Boulder I've seen on the road lately.
Sold on Mazda. The 3rd Mazda3i I owned very good cars it's very safe drive gets great performance has lots of upgrades loving the value of this car. Automatic transmission has excellent ratios while fuel economy very comfortable love infotainment, blue tooth, navigation etc. Overall this is the best car I have ever owned besides (2 3is) this new model best than them all rides better and looks gorgeous in and out.
We had a 1996 626 Mazda bought new in February 1996 sold the car in June 2010 with 132,000 miles. When the car got older put little bit repairs into it as fixing CV boots, timing belt, struts, ignition coil, distributor cap, transmission rebuilt at 10,000 miles, 2 window motors and computer. Overall could trust the car driven on quite few trips got 30 mpg ran like new gave us a decent ride. That was nice car had few options on LX model the engine was smooth running no major issues while was peppy changed oil as is at 3,000 miles and fluids with tranny flushes were at 6,000 miles. It had a 5spd automatic transmission shift smooth but until 87,000 miles needed rebuilt put 10,000 miles after getting all repaired ran like a new car. I wouldn't say it was the fastest car but had lots of good horsepower with a Ford engine under the hood. Stereo was great with Delco cassette seats were comfortable we did have trouble with air conditioner stopped working but happened in 2007 bought a small fan kept in car when driving around. It was the most solid vehicle ever owned I strongly recommend this car because it lasted us 14 years without no major problems except rebuilding tranny other than had original motor and very reliable lots of pep in it right before we sold it.
I have a 2002 Mazda Millenia a very reliable car never put expensive repairs on it. I have noticed has few flaws because of car aging got a strong engine 115,000 miles. Mazda rides mint, love the car did noticed some rust spots on muffler guess coming from having snow and other weather conditions very comfortable. It does get good maintenance been a good car I have no other mechanical issues with my Millenia couldn't be happier with this car love it. I am planning to drive until another 20,000 miles all electronics works well in this car.
Car sometimes has distinct acceleration lag while still cold or when turning corners. Also, the driver vanity mirror will not stay closed. Also, the outdoor temp sensor reads about 20-30 degrees warmer than it actually is.
had too get ft axle hub bearings replaced 2 times said they were not warranted cost me 800;00 dollars I had 2 eat after driving a couple of hundred miles steering wheel gets hot on left hand side and burned some dash board lights out other than that been a good truck bought new in 2003 have a 127000 miles on it now
I am very disappointed in all the serious reports from previous owners of the Mazda CX-5 on the NHTSA website. These reports are not getting threw to the customers. All the while Mazda purchased all the rotors back from dealers, so there is a national wait list for new replacements. Mazda needs to make some RECALL soon before someone gets killed over the sudden deceleration and exceleration of their new model CX-5's. It just a matter of time before this happens, and I am so glad to have found the NHTSA website that reports VIN# also, We were about to buy a used -certified preowned FWD, the car fax reports shows 26 records under this report, I think its a lemon. ??????
This car is amazing. I had the same problem with the key not working when starting the car, then I realized it was a simple batter replacement for the remote. Apparently those things barely last two years. It is annoying but an easy fix.

My BIG problem has been the alarm going off randomly. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they did not know what was wrong. I thought it could have been the door latch since i noticed my open door light would come on occassionally while i was driving, but they claimed that was fixed. I finally had a fit and took it back again, the dealer said it was the door actuators on the back doors, but of course they reccommend replacing all four, just in case. To my surprise, it would cost me $450 per door to fix, thats $1800, NO WAY!!!

I am a proud Mazda owner, so i called Mazda's corporate office in California. They claimed to never have heard of this problem, because no one else reports the issue to them. I tried to get them to issue a recall, but not enough complaints. I finally got them to cover half of the cost at warranty price. Now it will only cost me approximately $400 to fix the issue. I have not fixed it yet, but i am hopeful the issue is resolved.

Love my car to death but I am ready to switch over to a regular car that has a regular key to put inside of a regular ignition and regularly start like all the other regular cars did before this upgraded irregular push start crap. Car responds to open door, lock door, pop trunk, and sound alarm all of which are located on the remote. The problem is, my car wont start at all. Paid a mobile mechanic for nothing and ended up towing it to a Mazda dealership. The mechanic says the car doesn't recognize the key which is causing the car to lock itself while the dealership says they don't know what's wrong. The brake pedal wont depress and the start button is red. So they are ordering new keys to reprogram them to the car and charging me $600 to do so. Is this right? I am screaming recall for electrical/technical problems on their part. Also this car sucks on gas.
Bought a 2003 Mazda 6 car starts up runs a few seconds dies will run as long as you are putting starting fluid in it has anyone heard or had this problem.
Good: The car handles very well. It's sporty suspension makes it a fun car to drive. I'm a DIY (as much as possible) and there are lots of enthusiasts/info on forums. The engine has been reliable.

Con: The roads are salted here in the winter and the car suffers severe rust problems. EVERY Protege5 here has rust on it especially around the wheel wells and badges.

The manual transmission grinds when changing to 2nd and 3rd gear. I changed all the engine mounts except the rear and that has reduced the grinding but it's not fixed.

There is a leak somewhere and the front driver side carpet is wet regularly. There is also a leak that wets the passenger side rear carpet.

Corrosion buildup on the posts of the battery sometimes stops the car from starting up. I just clean the corrosion and it's fine again for a few months.

Low horsepower.

approx. 240K Km on the odometer
Parts replaced so far:

Engine mounts - front, driver side, passenger side... haven't installed the rear yet.

Timing belt/water pump... the belt tension spring came off but luckily the engine/valves weren't damaged. $800
Battery... regular maintenance $125
Passenger side rear strut $100 and strut mount $55... mount rusted all the way through
Headlight low beam bulbs
The brakes ware out to not roomy and with the sir on the back doesnt get cool off
I have a problem with the Electrical System. After starting the Engine, the car will mnot move in Drive. Fuses # 6 and # 32 fail often. It was checked and cleared by Almaden Mazda Dealership in March (07- 2014) and the car had the same problem on 4-26-14. The dealership had given an OK on 3-7-14, but the problem persists
I absolutely love my 2007 Mazda 3! I purchased it new and now have 150,000 miles. Have only needed usual routine maintenance.
Most expensive repair was a fuel oxygen sensor. Was charged $600 for the part and repair. After 8 years she still has plenty of 'gitty up and go'. Only gave 3 stars to electrical and lighting category because there are a few dashboard lights that are blown and I've replaced the headlights several times.