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I have been having trouble with my dashlights and radio staying on. I put my brake on and all the dashboard lights and radio goes off. Sounds like to me it's either my ignition switch, or electrical problem.someone plz tell me what you all think.
Inside is very cheap and everything breaks easy if you try to fools with it too much. I.E. the ac vents and when trying to replace the factory radio. Brakes are comfortable for me. Not too touchy, still stops on a dime. Google "Fix Passlock II (Passlock 2) system." Easy fix for your security light problem. Engine over heats a lot. You CANNOT buy cheap replacement anything for this car. Its got to be the most expensive part option all the time. Overall car is very fun. Can run forever if you keep up with the typical maintenance and don't go cheap any where. Once this car starts dying its hard to bring it back. If you have an oil leak. Check your valve covers. Uses silicon to seal. Not gaskets.
Bought this car for 7500 n have 900 left to go, have had it for atleast 3 years, very reblable car, I love it to pieces its my first car, had to do usually tune up oil change, changed the belt a couple times new battery, spark plugs, and that's its, I have aftermarket intake , and this car still runs like a champ, its sitting with 194000 miles! My first car so it my baby! My exhaust has back fire now, pops, I love it, I have a lot of stuff I'm doing to this car once its payed off, very good car! 5 stars on everything!
Believe it or not I bought my Alero 3 years ago at a junk yard. I was told it had an entirely new front end because of a wreck. It looked at the time like a new car. Because I am now retired it hasn't had much wear and tear. I replaced the tires recently. My sons did some break work, replaced the automatic window mechanism on the driver's side and have done regular oil changes, so I haven't had it into the shop. It does have some issues like the air conditioner has always needed checked out and the heater blower only works on one setting. These are problems I have chosen to live with and are fixable. My concern at present is the ignition recall. I expected to have the ignition replaced, however all that was done was to replace my keys and add 2 key rings to my ignition key ring. I was told this was sufficient to make my car safe. It is confusing as the replacement keys aren't any lighter than the originals. I am also concerned about whether or not my car is equipped with the Takata airbags that are causing severe problems. I have not received information regarding this problem and have not received a recall. All in all my Alero is comfortable to drive and gets approximately 33 miles per gallon.
99 alero black v6 2dr.Love this little car..You have to be handy because they do have there problems but nothing that you can,t fix yourself if your mechanically inclined...Bought it off an old lady who had it from ne w..55000mi..Dressed it up with 6 inch chrome panels and wheel wells,cold air intake new coils, plugs and wires,brakes, tires..Get more compliments on it than my Cadillac dts diamond white beauty..These cars are very well insulated from the outside no wind or road noise compared to a lot of new vehicles ive been in..
*** disclamer*** I am from newfoundland, canada, where the cars can see more old mine roads than highway(if you know where you are going, which i did.)man(or misses), i've had one for a couple of years(built in the USA with pride,`01 at that). I 've put more miles on roads where 4x4s wouldn't dare to tread(I asked my friends back home where they were afraid to go for fear of damage to their rigs, then i went there to show them an olds can take it, like the old boat of the past) even the most experienced drivers on that road is afraid to drive on it now(after 35 years of disrepair, i checked with an old friend after i first posted)for fear of serious damage. Don't get me wrong she has the battle scars to prove it but that car is f*&!^ bulletproof, i've spent the last 2 years running on patched tranny line(from all you alero owners since it's a non-servicable tranny)which makes this a blessing in disguise, with a patched line it still ran over 200km/HR(about 124 miles/hr) easy on the highway in my 2.4L with no problems. The icing on the cake was when an 03 civic rear ended me and i laughed when we compared damaged, because the civic's front end was mangled and the alero only had the plastic bumper mounts broken(easy fix),i got back in the shop the next day and not a buckle in the frame whatsoever, now i Have a 2004 Bonneville now but my alero still holds a special place in my heart and my garage, and i will never let her go, anybody who wants a crossover between `newer` technology and absolute solid strength look no further(and to all those who posted electrical issues, i`ve gotten my feet wet and never hurt the electrical system whatsoever), maybe you should replace your wiring harness with a new one and seal all ends and connectors if you wanna driver in rough conditions and cannot diagnose and fix it yourself, the most i get is a bit of corrosion on the terminals, and since they`re original(must i remind you it`s an 01) i`d consider that pretty good
I bought my 2000 Olds Alero in 2008 used. Have had nothing but problems with it. When i bought it with 32000 miles it needed the engine replaced (which the dealer did). I drove it for about a yr and had to replace the intake gasket. Fixed that drove fine for another year and the engine blew. I had to replace it. (not cheap) I drove it for 9 months and it started overheating and blowing cold air when the heater is on. I have replaced everything under the hood except for the alternator. Now it just sits in my driveway not being driven as it overheats and does not blow hot air. I can't even get anyone to buy it due to the problems it has and I am NOT putting a 3rd engine in the car and it doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it. Worst car I ever owned will NEVER buy another one.
bought my 2000 alero used for $1700.00 . . .runs and drives nice . .does have the recall problem with the turn signals . . .and the typical coolant leak from the GM v6 motors . . .has some rust on the rocker panels...but nothing that cant be fixed for a few hundred bucks . . .knew what i was getting into when i bought the car so . . .all in all pleased with the purchase . . . it had 131,000 mile when i bought it . . .hitting 145,00 now 7 months later . . .good car and looks nice as well . . . . .
Good afternoon, my name is Leticia Anaya I'm from Leominster MA. I have a car Oldsmobile Alero 2004 since that year. It was used at the time I purcharse it. I began to have problem since them with the heating system I took it be seen they don't see the problem. In the summer when the wheather is hot, the car over heat. I checked and change the themot. the problem appear the same. Now, I have been problem with the hazard turn signal flasher, and the signal lights. I had to change the gas tank and the breaks I have to be changing it every often. I love my car I don't want to change, but I will like to have some support from your company of Oldmobile replace all this defect that my car has. Is a good car for summer and for winter only this few things needs to be fix in order for my car can in better shape. I'm hopping that you can be able to assist me with these issues. Thank you.
Leticia Anaya.
spent a fortune on this 2003 alero and its broke down again. start the car and all the gauges go nuts. then the overheated light comes on and then the battery is sucked til it dies. this is a new battery. once it sets a few minutes the battery builds enough to start again but same results. And no it isnt overheated you can hold the radiator hoses and lay your hand on the radiator and its still cold. and the fluid is still cold.
I did this fix on my daughters 2000 alero three years ago and fixed this problem once and for all.Starts firt time every time now.

Here's how to disable car's troublesome security system
by Lauren Fix
Dear Car Fix: I have a 2003 Alero Oldsmobile with a peculiar safety system. The security light comes on at least once a week and after approximately three weeks the car will not start. After I let it reprogram itself for 10 minutes, it's OK. Is it possible to disable this security system?
-- C.W., Buffalo
Dear C.W.: Here is a step-by-step procedure to disconnect the security system:
Pry up the plastic molding from around the radio/heater A/C controller and from around the gear shifter. Detach the heater A/C module from the molding by removing the four 7mm hex bolts from the backside. Take out the three 7mm hex bolts to loosen the radio. Put the key in the ignition and turn to "on" position, apply brake, and shift into "drive" or lower gear. Turn the heater A/C module to the left, sideways orientation, and pull out the radio. Disconnect main wiring harness from back center of radio if there is not enough slack to take the radio out past the plastic molding. Leave the antenna connected. Look inside and to the left at the back of the ignition cylinder assembly. Locate the thin yellow wire, which is bundled alongside the thin white and the thin black wire. You may have to stick your hand in and fish a bit to grab this "thin wire trio." DO NOT mess with the main rear/downward ignition wiring harnesses (one of which contains a thick yellow wire -- leave it alone).
Isolate the thin yellow wire from the two others. As a precaution, reconnect the main radio wire harness, and let the radio hang to the right side. Put the key in the ignition, and put the car back in park. Start the car. Cut the thin yellow wire with the car running. Tape both ends of the cut wire. Place black electrical tape over the "security" light (less annoying). Turn off the car engine. Disconnect the radio main wire harness to reinstall the radio, if necessary. You may need to crawl under the passenger- side dash to push the main wire harness back into the radio while holding the radio from the front. The rest of the installation is the reverse of removal. Your life just got a lot better if you want to keep driving this car!
SECURITY IGNITION PROBLEM!! (NO 'FULLIN') My blinking security light comes on and the car will not start. I then turn the IGNITION KEY to the right(1/2 way) and wait 10 TO 13 MINUTES UNTILL THE LIGHT STOPS BLINKING AND GOES OFF. THEN THE CAR STARTS RIGHT UP. HOWEVER, 2 to 3 WEEKS GO BY AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS, THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR a little over two years. **TWO YEARS AGO IT HAPPENED TO ME WHILE driving through the town of 'EASTLAND' I was stopped at a local conveinient store. *IT WAS 20 DEGREES OUTSIDE. I Tried the key thing 4 or 5 times (as mentioned above), by then the battery was dead... A TOW TRUCK GUY came up to me and told me about a DEALERSHIP AND TOWED MY CAR THERE. THEY THEN CHECKED IT OUT AND TOLD ME THEY NEEDED TO PUT IN A NEW BATTERY (THEY WOULDN,T LET ME PUT A NEW ONE IN OF MY OWN) and charged $229.00 for a battery, $75.00 to SCREEW it on. (Oh ,did I mention they wanted me to wait while they ordered the part which would take 3 days to arrive. The owner of the dealership (brother was the mayor) suggested I stay in one of the towns hotels .(My father, several hours away, drove into town and told them he would go pic up the part and drop it back off at the 'FULLIN' DEALERSHIP, two hours away. and did so.) I felt that I was in one of those movies, "A STRANGER COMES TO TOWN!" "NO FULLIN!!" THEY THEN PUT ON A NEW FUEL PUMP $670,00. THE BILL TOTALING $1009.00.. Then handed me the keys and said, "ITS WORKING NOW. We even made you a new set of keys and "PROGRAMMED IT" for you!" (The same thing that I have been doing all along untill this day.) Two months after that repair, the light appears again. I called them on it and they said ,"We'll fix it again for an additional 500.00!" ... ~p.s. since then I've found that when the security light comes on, it blocks off connections to fuel pump( an ant theft thing.) untill reset by turning key 1/2 way FOR 10-12 MIN.. ~~~How can one make this problem right?
bought it with 120,000 miles on it. Has been a great car very dependable, little work needed had to replace the rocker panels. Love the car and would buy another on ein a heart beat. paid $1000 for it same time my son in law pd 3grand for a buick and has had many many problems.
i am having trouble now i went on a trip to denison ia and on my way there i noticed my rpm starfted moving between 3000 and 4000 like it was jumping well then on my way back it like started slipping and now its everytime i drive it it will go for like ten mins then start messing up then i will shut off the car for about a minute or 2 and works just fine what could that be caused by
It's an okay car... I thank God for having one, but the electrics suck...
I have a 1999 Alero, and I bought it used (2nd or 3rd owner) over 4 years ago, with 114,00 miles on it. It has been a great car, with very few minor problems.

I have driven it from east coast to west, and back and forth from Wyoming to Washington State several times, and it's still going great with almost 165,000 miles on it now. The alternator went out, and the plastic clips that hold the glass panes inside the door panels broke because of repeated freezing and heating for about 8 years, but those are very easily and cheaply replaced. Other than that, I have not paid a dime besides regular oil changes and some new tires.

This model of car came highly recommended to me from mechanics of 2 of the largest GM car dealerships in Salt Lake City, UT. as being extremely reliable and easy to find parts for/easy to fix if something does go wrong.
I have had to fork out a few dollars for repairs....not a new car by any stretch....good for getting back and forth to work.
Great Car looks good, I have taken care of it. It has 146K the problem I can not find a fix for is, I do not have tail lights, dash lights, or 4 way flashers. It blowing the 15AMP fuse in the fuse box by the fire wall in the engine compartment. I have tried taking out all of the tail light lamps, taking the dash panel out and unpluging it, unplugged the 4 way flasher switcth, still can't figure it out. If you have any idea's let me know. Alero
engine not work
I have a 2001 and have replaced the engine once already and was just notified by a mechanic after just having the head gasket done I'm told I need another engine replacement. Had the cooling system redone, wheel barrings...mostly the engine and cooling sytem have been major issures.
I am an owner of a 2003 alero. I bought the car at 116,000 miles and it looks great. Even the mechanics say it still looks good. However, 2 days ago the car stopped while I was driving it. Nothing was wrong with it. there is no car note I pay so coming off of $440 to get the fuel pump replaced is no biggie. The car is great overall. I really do love it.
I do not recommend. These cars are sporty but have very cheap construction. Everyone I know who has owned one has had tons of electrical problems. Drives window never works even after being repaired. Brakes and wheel bearing constantly burn out. Mine only had 110K miles and the engine died. I bought it in 2002 and treated it well. There are plenty of other cars in the same price range, I would get one of them.
I love this car! It is my very first car I have ever had. I am the 2nd owner to it. Besides normal wear n tear, I have had to replace a water pump, thermostat housing (twice, they should make this a metal part.) Alternator, Horn, And now I am working on the fuel pump. I got the car at 78,000 miles. Now it's at 186K. I have had her for 6 years. I have done all the work to this car myself, I don't trust shops.
I did notice these cars do have a issue with the "Trac Off" "ABS" lights, Which is highly annoying when those are the ONLY dummy lights that are coming on. They also have a problem with the windows coming out of the brackets.
They are great cars, ONLY if you take CARE of it, like any car. I even delivered pizza for almost 2 years in this car. Just change oil, do tune ups, brakes, etc...all the normal stuff in a timely manner and you shouldn't have to many "big money" problems.
Treat your car with respect, and she will take you where ever you want to go. I love my Alero!! I will most likely get another in the future. But I really want to keep the one I got, I love it that much! I can't let this car go! They say "Drive it till the wheels fall off" And I say back to that "Put new wheels on and keep on rolling!" They are very durable cars!!
my car is great but it wont start and i;ve changed the battery and starter whats the problem???
this is my first car, i bought it with 120,000 miles on it... it has a security problem, the security light lights up on my dash every so often and blinks for 10 mins... and i have to wait until it stops blinking to start it... it is a huge pain. apparently it is a manufacturing problem that was never recalled
So far this has been an amazing car, iv put a cold air in mine and it has alot of pick up. the only thing that I dont like with my car is that some of the stuff is hard to get to. but other then that I love this car and I would get another one. iv put 160,000miles on mine and not alot of probs.
this is a great car, purchased it new dec 1999 and the only problem was the driver window motor had to be replaced.
This has been an awesome car!
This car has been great! I bought it with 27,000 and now have 132,000. I did just have the head gaskets replaced. It was $940. Last year I had to replace the CV joints. I think they were around $450. Those have been the two largest expenses I've had so far. Some smaller things I've had to do are replace both rear window motors ($90 for both off ebay) and the rear passenger caliber bracket ($90 for everything from Advanced Auto Parts). I didn't know you were suppose to grease those pins when you change the brakes yourself! Oops. I know now.