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Suzuki XL-7 (23 Reviews)
I had a Suzuki before I loved it got into a car accident and save my life decided to get another one unfortunately I did buy it used its a 2008 paint job is peeling power steering pump needs replaced fuel pump needs to be replaced if I would have known it was going to be $1,200 to replace labor not included I wouldn't have bought this SUV all at a hundred thousand miles front CVC joints Hub and bearings were replaced on right side
My wife bought her Suzuki XL7 brand new in the summer of 2004, and have been 90 percent highway miles, we travel alot, and the only problem that we've had is the radio exited stage left at 103,000 miles, and the front wheel bearings are on their way, but over all it has been one of the best SUV's she's ever owned-We have replaced the tires once, and shortly to do it again,and replaced the brake pads twice, and normal oil and filter changes, of course, but it STILL has the original ignition,and drivebelts-We will try to find another, IF they still make them-This is one SUV that's been hard to beat, especially for a GM vehicle!!
Brake fluid leaking into engine, $1,650 to repair as parts can only be purchased from Suzuki. I was told by the brake shop to get a new vehicle.
hi have a 2008 Suzuki xl7 Awd that I got for the wife and we love the SUV it goes any were I need to go. I would buy again
Bought this car brand new! have had to have the timing chain repaired 4 seperate times! Just had a new power steering pump installed! brakes replaced 3 times!!....Wish I never bought it!!
I have had the vehicle since new. It just passed 180,000 miles. All I have ever done is basic maintenance.
My only concern has been the brakes. It seems like no matter what level I buy in the aftermarket, they rub or squeal. Eventually, as I just keep driving, in a few months they settle in. Still spongy though.
I would buy another in a heartbeat, but since Suzuki has pulled out of the U.S., that wouldn't be a sensible move, plus it seems like the newer models have more problems.
I am sure the timing chain needs to be adjusted or replaced as I have all the symptoms everyone else does. But, I am thinking it might be cheaper to put in a remanned engine than go through all the labor costs of the chains.
Worst car I've ever owned. No delearship in area to do repair.
Rack and Pinion needs to be replaced again. Air only works when car is moving. I now have code 00008, engine position performance system, which states it may need timing chain and new tension. I will trade this car. I bought it in 2008 brand new. I have had nothing but problems.
Had this vehicle for three years, only repair is a stabilizer link, which should'nt be a problem, fine ride...JT.
the top of the engine sounds like a sewing machine, I think that it is the oil pump gone bad. Where is the oil pump, I have been told several different thing. Is it under the timing chain cover????
have had to replace rear axle bearings twice in the last 3 years. is there a defect on this models? my warranty has expired and the dealerships have closed locally. this time i have to pay out of pocket otherwise it's a good car and i am happy with it.japan knows what they are doing !
I too had the squealing in the steering that started at 40,000 miles up to 70,000. Suzuki could never determine what the problem was. I was told all sorts of things such as an air back pin was the noise, lol. Luckily it cost me only a $100 vs $1200 for repair with an extended warranty. They replaced the steering mechanism gearbox. I now have 90,000 miles on mine and they just replaced both front wheel bearing and the trans axle bearing which is covered under drivetrain 100,000 mile warranty. If it feels like you have a humming or from the front right get it checked out. Don't mistake it for just normal road noise. It took this problem occurring since 40,000 miles to finally get it fixed. Good Luck
I got my car 2011 feb and I had a bad go with it. dec 11 need and axle man i was hot I don't have that kind of money to put in a car. Its a 4x4 it was said that it is a lot money to keep it up. I will know next time when picking a car out.
sounds like a zip tye when turn my streeing wheel. what is that all about?
I have same problem with power steering making noise. I don't know how much tis cost,but seem like around thousand dollar. I dont know why suzuki doesn't recall back. alot of suzuki xl7 2007 have power steering noise. hope to hear from suzuki or some one else commone. I will trade my suzuki for other car rather then suzuki if they don't fix the power steering or recall it.
I bought this car new with 3rd row (7 seats), and sun/tilt roof. Other than regular maintenance (break pads, oil changes), I have never had to put money into this car. It's been reliable, has never given me problems, fits a lot of people and/or things. After my son sat on the sunroof, it messed up the tracks, but that was our fault, and I am getting an entire used one, including tracks, for only $350 and $300 labor to install (not with Suzuki dealer, with local mechanic). I highly recommend this car. After 8 years and 90,000 miles, it runs great. I have already more than gotten my money's worth out of it.
Bought this car new. Have not had any work done, except for normal maintance and replacements as needed. I give it an A+A+A+A+
GARBAGE!!!!! Transmission and computer needed to be replaced by 48,000 miles. Air conditioning worked for only the first summer that we had the car. Both vanity mirror covers broke off within the first year. Rear wiper fluid sprays INSIDE the car. Front wiper fluid doesnt spray at all. All of these issues occurred withing the first year and a half of ownership. Never again would I own a Suzuki
I have been having power steering problems ever since I purchased the vehicle at 18,000 miles. I initially thought it was a small oil leak, but I only discovered the leak in my driveway is a power steering leak after 36,000 warranty. I had to fill my fluid once a month. Now it's once a week. The dealership said it would cost $982 to fix it if the part is available. After much research, many people are having the same problem as I am, so I'm very upset with Suzuki. This is my first new car and I got it to avoid mechanical problems. I was totally wrong.
The squealing is so bad now, so I'm afraid my power steering fluid is not being utilized by the car. Wish I could give it back to Suzuki.
I love this car is the best.
I have owned 5 new Suzuki's I buy anew one every 31/2 years. I am having a tough time giving this on up. I LOVE IT, everything about it. I have had 2 brand new ones that I owned for only 5-6 months and the lemon law took them and gave me new ones. This one had beent he perfect car....
Would buy again
Had this vehicle now for 9 months, no problems. Bought for my wife, we started a new family and she loves the vehicle. Plenty of room for us and the baby and gear. It looks classy and has the bells and whistles of more expensive vehicles. Inexpensive to drive, we are enjoying our fist Suzuki.

Overall, been a very good SUV (has over 128,000miles) with fair gas mileage, nice interior, good space for people, groceries, etc Interior holds up well to wear and tear and the original paint job still looks good even with very little care. Repairs have been minimal; have had to replace one oxygen sensor and within weeks a second oxygen sensor needed to be replaced. The XL-7 has a total of 4 oxygen sensors and each cost approximately $400.00 apiece to replace (disappointing), Also has an unusual tire size which are more expensive and more difficult to find then other similar vehicles. Has some extras that most others don't ; automatic headlights, electric side mirrors, heated mirrors, individual reading lights, cruise control. Have had some trouble with the electrical system acting strange which may be related to the extras I've added to the vehicle - remote start, cell phone booster, etc.

I highly recommend this vehicle and will buy another as needed.