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2011 chevy Malibu great car except for ESC & traction control light keeps coming on and car jerks , bought at 30,000 after it was hit ...GREAT CAR until recent issues....but it seems faulty wiring may be an easy fix just frustrating
I bought my 2011 Malibu lt1 with under 70k miles squeeky clean car fax well maintained always on time maintiance a couple days ago I LOVEEEEE IT. I traded my 2007 chevy impala ls for it. The small issue I have is I dont like the looseness in the steering the smallest steering wheel turn wow the car goes there. Steering is extreamly sensitive. And I so wish it was a v6 or v8 and not a 4 cyl. Car. Other then that SOOO MUCH ROOM SUPER STYLISH AND FUN!!!!! VERRRRRRRY reliable !! And safe!!!
A comfortable car delivering good fuel economy, low tailpipe emissions, excellent cargo space and reasonable reliability. Despite restyled Malibu models, GM continued to produce this car as a classic model due its desirable size and economy. GM had achieved consistency in manufacturing quality with this model. Virtually all 1999 3.1 liter J-code Malibu's exhibited the same component failures such as brake problems, leaking intake manifold gaskets, air conditioner control head failures and many more The interior of these cars was better finished than newer models of the Malibu and held up well over time. The clear coat pain was also improved from prior years delivering nearly 15 years of durability before burnout. Despite improved quality over prior GM models, Malibu durability in the long run was still lacking with most ready for the scarp yard at or before 150,000 miles.
My husband and I have been ALL OVER the US in our Malibu and I'm constantly amazed at how well it's held up to so much use (and abuse).
It now has almost - 3 1 5,0 0 0 - miles on it and we're finally having to deal with the electrical issue that seems to have so many owners frustrated with replacing one part after another. The issue that's forced us to have to finally do something about it is the hazard/turn signal problem, which I'm hoping will be resolved along with the various lights that are not working, the AC fan not working on lower speeds, the cig lighter constantly blowing it's fuse, and worst of all, the car occasionally just dying while driving down the road.
I've come to believe these may all be caused by a single issue after reading this comment about the AC fan...

"As a service advisor working at a GM dealership for 9 years, I have seen this problem more times than I can count. In my experience, the blower resistor shorts out due to an open in the pigtail harness. A lot of mechanics don't bother to troubleshoot the resistor failure, they just replace the component and move on. Unfortunately, the wire harness has to short several resistors before the mechanic starts to see that something is wrong."

... and discovering all our issues can be traced back to the ignition and wiring in the steering column.

So wish me luck, because even with the problems I just mentioned, we still wouldn't hesitate to load up and drive across the country again.
I have a Malibu ltz 2010. I have heard klanking when driving over bumpy roads. I have had the esc lights come on occasionally but once the car is shut off and back on this corrects the problem. But twice this week the esc came on and then it flashed power steering. The second time this happened my power steeering went out. Supposedly there have been recalls on this but not my car model or vin. I was told to contact the dealership and follow up with gn with my case number. Has any one have any idea what why's could be. Once I shut the car off and back on I had power steering again. I am afraid to drive this car at this point and a little upset that I may be paying to have this repair when clearly this is an issue gm as recalled other models and years but not mine.
This is the worse car ever. Be aware everything falls apart before the car is paid off. Its not worth the time energy and headache. I absolutely HATE my Malibu!

I bought this car in Dec. 2008, not realizing it was a new remodel. I hate this car so much now. Worst turn radius ever. Something new is broken on this piece of crap car every time I look at it. Replaced the battery cables, the battery has been replaced twice already, headlamp replacement fiasco (have to remove the damn bumper to change the bulb), visor fell off, radio buttons don't work, ABS is touchy, driver seat track loose ($800 to replace by the way), driver seat buckle stuck in locked position, replaced rear window insulation four car only has 38,000miles on it. My brother has the same car, bought a week later - he had all the same problems as well as a cylinder going bad and his front right tire fell off while he was driving. DO NOT EVER BUY AN 09 MALIBU LTZ
love this car. Has been a great car for the last seven years no work put in to it accept regular maintenance.
This is my first car and Iove it.
at 20,000 miles my transmission went on my car and now 10,000 miles later my heating/ac system went when I turn the dial nothing happens the blowers wont turn on. This is the first car i ever bought brand new and I have more problems and it has cost me more money than any of the used cars I have bought in the past.
Had to have engine replaced at 57,000 due to dex-cool coolant problem. Other than that very few problems but I only have 85,000 on it.
I have a 1998 Chevy Malibu when I am putting gas in at the pump it is running out under the car. There is a little black box which is supposed to filter the fumes instead the gas is going thru this box and running out on the groun. I thought this box wwas bad so I replaced it the gas is still going into the box and out on the ground. Can someone plz help me solve this problem no holes in the gas tank going into little black box back by the rear passenger tire under car.We bought new part and it is still doing it. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT
I have a 2009 Malibu LTZ. The vehicle has 203,031 miles on it as of 2013/07/08. **Note: I am not easy on vehicles.** I've had to replace the left wheel hub assembly once and the right assembly twice. A spring in the driver's seat-back broke that maintains pressure on the cushioning. (I'm 6'0" @ 180lbs, so not heavy.) The left wiper's stop position (before return) is in the driver's field of view... just a nuisance. I've had to flash the Bluetooth/On-Star module. The headlights are a royal pain to change, but I've done so myself every time. Note: I am NOT a mechanic, just mechanically adventurous. It's also a lot cheaper to do your own work. Oh, and I think my rear-left caliper is bad. It started leaking fluid today. :/
**I would buy this car again. It has put up with my lead foot and toted me all over the mountains of southwest VA and northeast TN. It is a comfy ride (for me) and that having spent over 8,000 hours in the seat.
Regarding the headlights: You only need a jack, jack stands (for safety) and a decent socket set. Oh... and time. The first time you do it it may take a couple of hours or more. Plan for 4ish. In advance buy replacement friction fasteners for the wheel well liners... maybe twenty. You should be able to locate vids or descriptions of the process online. Lay something under the front fascia so you don't scratch it. Keep a swear-jar nearby. You'll pay off the car before you get the headlights changed. :)
I have a 2011 Malibu. Since the day it was delivered, I have complained to the dealer that it was sluggish and very poor gas mileage. My 2001 Silverado had about the same MPG. The dealer told me that if you get 20 - 25 mpg that was real good. Even though the sticker states otherwise. I have taken it in on many occasions and asked for it to be checked out. Still they say they found nothing. Now when I accelerate from stop, the mpg goes to 4 and the car hestitates even longer. Sound like there may be a leak in the exhaust system and has no get up and go at all. I really am so disappointed with this car.
A little over 2 years ago I bought a 2001 Chevy Malibu from a franchised Chevy dealer. It had 98,000 miles on it, and I thought I got a good deal, especially with it being a dealer. I was wrong. I now have 125,000 miles on it, and have had the following issues. Replaced radiator due to broken drain. Replaced intake manifold gaskets due to coolant leak. Was told it was because of DexCool. Replaced serpentine belt tensioner due to bearing failure, left me stranded. Engine has an intermittent knocking noise. Replaced all 4 struts, suspension was out of alignment, not adjustable. A/C works when it wants to. Both rear door power window regulators failed. I bolted the windows in the closed position. Starter jammed up flywheel, broke starter housing. Windshield washer quit working. I would buy another car, but I have so much money tied up in this one I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and keep it a couple more years.
I have had this car for 6 years. It was a great car up until last year. The fuel sensor went bad and now I have to guess when to fill up my take and pay attention to my miles to figure out when I need gas. For the last two or three years, the cars suspension, steering and brakes don't feel safe or reliable. Now the converter for the power to the car needs to be replaced, my thermostat, and my sway bar in the back has broken twice.
I have experienced problems with this car since purchasing it used. It does not even have 80,000 miles on it yet. I am 62 years old, retired female and seldom drives it now, but when I do, there is something wrong with it. I have repaired the lights, where it rained around the parking lights. Ignition sticks and I have to jiggle it to make it turn. The horn, locks, lights all were blinking at once; had this repaired. Now, it needs a fuel pump (01-24-13). When I put it in drive after taking my foot off the break, it makes a very loud scary thumping sound. However, whenever I had everything repaired, it ran for a few months. Since I am now retired and live on a fixed income, I can't afford to get it repaired all the time, or trade it off for a new car. Honestly, I like the car, but it has given me so much heartache. Oh yes, the heating and air does not work either.
I bought my 02 malibu 2years ago from a used car dealership and it was fine at first but then the my air conditioning start to not want to come on then my brakes starts acting up now my back light don't work and my gas meter stop working also when i cut my car off and open the door the radio stays on and my car is making a funny noise and my it drives like it wants to shut down on me at anytime.. blessed to have a car that is paid for but i hate the fact that this car has given me so many problems..1/7/2013 KB
The headlight replacement of the 2009 Chevrolet Malibu is very suck!!! It is not possible to do it by yourself because you have to remove the front bumper to gain access to replace a $14.00 bulb with a special tool only the dealer ship has. It cost me upwards of $95 at the Chevrolet dealer (another quo at MONRO was $150). Bad bad bad design for a simple task!!!
I recently purchased from a senior citizen. The vehicle has 36,000 miles on it. But, the engine light is on. So far I replaced the gas cap, the solenoid and the charcoal cannister. I still cannot get the cel to go out. Any suggestions?
good car all around it can take a beating and yet runs good,picks up speed really good, all and love this car.
I recently was in a car accident in this vehicle where the left mirror was taken off the and the driver's door panel doesnt open all the way so im thinking the front panel is dented and preventing the door from ompletely opening.. does anyone know what this might cost to get repaired?
About a year ago I started hearing a thumping noise, mostly when I turned left but also at other times. I only had about 115,000 miles so it was not like the car was totally shot. I took it to a local shop who diagnosed it as the left front lower control arm. We did the repair, cost about $250, and I thought that was it. Wrong! The noise was still there so I went back. This time I was told it was the stabilizer bar, that it was cracked. This repair was going to be another $400 to fix what I thought had just been fixed. So I hesitated and sought a second opinion. The next diagnosis was that the main engine mounts were totally shot, that the movement of the engine with acceleration and deceleration were causing the problem. So I had this done. More money. Well, that didn't do the job either. I talked to someone else with a background in aeronautics as well as auto repair who suggested it was unibody flex, a condition where metal fatigue sets in from age and as you drive the frame crinks a little kind of like when you rumple a piece of aluminum foil. The condition is not correctable and I would have to live with it. Well I was not satisfied with that so I sought out another mechanic who thought it was either the left front strut or the strut cover. Depending on which, this repair would run $400 to $600. Now I was really annoyed. Nobody agreed. So I decided to do what up to now I had avoided, go to a dealer and pay the diagnostic fee. Well, this diagnosis was the most disheartening. A laundry list of items, the main being a new steering rack and power steering pump. Their cost? About $1600. Wow. Add it all up. Around $3000. More than the value of the car. The thumping was awful,constant and drove me nuts, but since I didn't know for sure who was right I couldn't do anything.

So I moved on to my other problem. I wanted to fix my ABS system in advance of what I fear is going to be a very snowy winter. The sensor is in the axle bearing hub. The left front was diagnosed as bad so I had the entire hub replaced.

The feedback I got from two experienced mechanics was that there was a hairline crack in the hub or a hub bearing and it was telegraphing to all areas of the front of the car. So if anyone else has this problem think twice before you get deep into expensive repairs.

2011 Malibu 4 cyl 2.4L eng. Won't accelerate at times with ac on, misses, like no gas or in neutral.Car may slow down till kicks in, have to use more pressure on gas pedal to get to point where operates normally.Intermitten problem,seems to have to warm up or be on highway to happen.
I have a Malibu 2000 and it is getting to be a problem. I paid 3000 dollars for it about 2 years ago. It had been wrecked and after having it painted and repaired I was out of nearly 5000 dollars and I am still having problems. Do you know anyone who wants to buy a used chevy that run well but is always giving me emission problem??? Plus, I spent nearly 3 hundred last month and now I need to spend more on the air pump! Somebody help me Please!!!
I have had my 2011 malibu in the shop 6 times for problems related to the shaking that i feel in the steering wheel when driving. On the 3rd visit they told me about a letter of concern issued by chevy. Not a recall, because it was still under warranty, problem continued and still is present off and on. My drain tubes in sunroof are clogged and reported problem months ago, to no avail. Nothing could be found by dealer. Got in fender bender when steering went shaky then nonresponsive. Took my car to new dealer who confirmed my problems. Electrical now having severe problems!! I am calling Chevrolet today to see what can be done. As I see it this car sems to be lemmon, but then again after looking at these blogs seem to feel could be whole line of malibu. Thought I was buying CAR OF THE YEAR!!
I just purchased my car used.A chevy malibu 2005 the dealership lowered the price because it needed a fuel pump,the gas meter went on the car. that was fixed and the engine light came back on now its says i need a cat. on top of that the left signal light went and burned a whole in the bulb and a burn stain on the car. now i believe the transmission might be damaged due to the color being brown and since the car doesn't have a dipstick i can't check the trans myself. the car is cute but other then that its just trash. i should have kept my nissan altima 1997. Now im stuck and spending all my money on this car.smh
I own a 2005 Malibu LT I really do love my baby cadillac, my auto is fully loaded I bought it brand new. The problem is I had the gear shift replaced about a year ago, I should have taken it back when the vehicle was under warranty but the time of day never came. Now it's 2012 and no warranty and the shifter has gone from bad to worse. Now I can't move the gear shifter at all, it's now stuck in L and can't budge. I'm in St Louis and I tell you that I don't trust a chevy dealer in town. I have been screwed a few times by the dealers here. I will buy another GM products because it's the american thing to do,however I would like to get htis one repaired.Oh I almost forgot the interior was falling apart they said it was fixed and right now the problem still exist today. Can't tell you how many times I bought brakes and bulbs for my car. Knock in the steering column GM did not recall. Oh let me shut up I LOVE MY CAR!
We have a 2011 Malibu LTZ. The problem we are experiencing is the interior lights fluctuate all the time. One time you can see the dash lights really well: speed, RPM, radio, etc. But then all of a sudden, they will lighten so that you can hardly see them. We haven't touched the switch that regulates it at all. Any suggestions, the dealership says that's normal. Really?
I own a 2012 Malibu LTZ I have only 14773 miles on it in the last 4 months I have been experiencing a roaring like that of hydraulics. I took it into dealer they said they have found nothing, on 3-9-2012 was driving down a one way street coming up to a red light as I stopped the vehicle, I preceded to take off the steering wheel locked up and I ran over a huge covert blue out my tire damged my under carriage. Curious to know what the findings will be now that my car is in the shop discombobulated.