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I bought our 2004 V8, AWD for my wife used with about 50,000 miles on it from a used car lot and am the second owner. Shortly after our purchase my wife was diagnosed with cancer so we spent the next 3+ years driving 350+ miles 1 - 2 times per week to Atlanta for Chemotherapy and doctors appointments. The Mountaineer performed superbly and the only real problem we ever had was the transmission went out one time and had to be rebuilt. Now I will say I am having problem with the transmission again but I DO NOT blame that on the Mountaineer, I blame that on the quality of the work performed by Sunny King Ford in Anniston, Alabama! I lost my wife to cancer in August 2013 but we both agreed that of all the cars we ever owned, from VW's, Mercedes, Corvettes, Tahoes, etc., none have been any better than our Mercury Mountaineer and we just hate we cannot replace ours with a newer one since ours now has 195,000 miles on it but still running strong, except for the transmission which I plan to replace and continue driving!
my parents bought me a 1997 mercury mountaineer with a 5.0 v8 small block just recently it started making a knocking sound in the engine compartment any ideas on what might have caused it i will be changing the oil this saturday but could there be anything else going on.
I had my truck since March of this year and last month it just stopped running it would start but won't stay started I had it to six different shops look at it nobody knows why it won't stay running and I don't either its a V8 1999 mountaineer at my last end I don't want to give it up but don't know what else to do
Purchased a 2-owner Mt. w/73K original miles. It had a bit of rust due to 2 winters in Michigan followed by 12 years in Va. It has the infamous radio light and rear window wiper failures which I have allowed to continue. It has cost me $100s in front end repairs (rust due to Michigan winters, I guess) and modest other repairs but it is a 15 year old vehicle. It got me thru several snows last winter with no problems when others were stuck. The motor is superb still and I now have 90K miles on it with a EGR replacement and tune-up pending. Hopefully no other issues but I LOVE this SUV. Comfort, features and ride are tops and the 5 liter motor is terrific.
I had the Mountaineer since 2011. I am driving at approximately 75,000 miles (highway). It is a good SUV nice and comfortable it looks more stylish as a Lincoln. Master cylinder stopped all of suddenly the dealer did replaced it but after being a old car the dealership charged me $100.85 because warranty expired and engine mounts were all changed they went too fast at 35,000 miles. Manufacturers date of the vehicle 2/2010 but I purchased in March 2011 with 0 miles on odometer there are no issues just minor wear and tear happened too early on the SUV. The features are nice white face gauges and radio displays so unique ever on Mountaineer. Check engine light remained on this happened early part of summer I had a mechanic check it out figured would be a fuel sending unit he charged $120.00 otherwise Mountaineer is running great right now but problems has begun too early for a 5 year old vehicle. So far runs and drives well plan on keeping another 20,000 miles before anything else breaks in it, least its still flawless having a low mileage.
I have a 2007 Mercury Mountaineer and bought it used from Carmax in 2011 with very low miles. This has been a great vehichle hauling my 2 sons back and forth to college, especially having to pull a uhaul as well. Now entering close to 100,000 miles im having to replace ignition coils.This is my first big problem with the vehicle but overall happy with this suv. My suggestion to all who owns any vehicle is to keep a warranty of some type on your vehicle to help with cost of repairs.
Hello returning 2002 mercury mountaineer ford dealership owner i wanted to tell you what the black leaking fluid is on my left front tire and the knocking/popping noise is when you turn I need to replace the transfer case ultimately it will cost me 2,000 to fix I have now owned my 2002 mountaineer for three years and will have almost $15,000 into it not including gas and insurance got it at 92k it now has 145k and eventually if I don't fix it it will tie up my awd and my truck will not drive for 50,000 miles and gas price of 2.49 a gallon and let's face it gas got to almost $4 gas alone is a little more then 20,000 so we're up to 35,000 (a house) my insurance cost me around 120 times that by 36 so now we are at $40,000 in 53,000 miles
HI, I got my SUV since 2008 is been a really god suv not have any problems since, but lately know I have this: every two months I have to add 1 liter oil why I don´t know she just need it but not have smock or liken , the motor is clean alway, the brake as a regular used, radiator fixed 2 times in 4 years, my cooler doesen´t work they don´t know why the gas just go, but my last problem is the windows sudenly stop working all of them and whitout air well is hard haha well I check everything and not found the problem but I love this car even if I use to much gasoline
bought this vehicle with 30,000 miles on it. it now has 167,000. had 2 bumper to bumper warranty's on it and at 120,000 put both front wheel bearings in it. other wise never needed the warranty. out pulled my 95 chev pick-up pulling a 26 ft, toyota boat. has the 4.6 v-8 and all wheel drive. not the best fuel miliage, but didn't buy it for fuel miliage. bought it so i would not worry if my wife put it in 4x4 when it was icy up here in minnesota. been a great car. the only reason i am on this sight is to look for a wiring diagram to repair my side mirrors. a 25.00 switch fixed the problem. take care of your car and it will take care of you. oil has been changed every 3,000 miles since i have had it. cheap insurance

had my 98' 4.0 v6 for 5yrs now and its got 200k miles . regularly maintained by orig. owner got it from and no smoke,oil leaks or loss from burning it , great gas millage and power still . but as i have read above the issues im now having (i.e ) driver seat lever ,rear wiper , this n that n a few others are common. i love mine n not selling it ever
Ive owned my mountaineer for the last 4 years and in that time ive replaced a tranny and now am onto the front drivers side wheel hub situation-im a single mother and i cant keep financing repairs on a vehicle that is so old but cuz i had to finance those repairs cant unload the vehicle to get another one--way to go ford--wont buy another one
well it was good when we brought it new but now we had to replace rotors cracked cooling system now the drive train is acting up and the dealer wants 500 dollars to drop the pan and another $500 to change the transmission fluid,they wanted $498 to change the brakes and roters and so I did it my self for $160 with a friend and utube This SUV sucks when it hits over 100,000 miles it starts making the dealer money.dont buy one!!
I have had issues of the car not starting when the starter relay gets hot. Relays in the fuse box under the hood should never get hot, or so hot it burns blisters on your fingers when trying to pull them out. Once I pull the starter relay and let it cool down I reinsert it and the car will start. I have taken it to 2 dealerships, called 2 others and have even written and called Ford and no help with a fix. In fact, when I wrote an email to Ford the representative assigned to handle my issue was of no help nor did he even try to figure out the issue.

This is so frustrating!!!
For no reason my 2005 mountaineer started spraying oil everytime I stop gas...just got an oil change two weeks ago
some are right 04 being junk the big issue is money.tranny is week engine is good tranny took 3 months to replace finding the correct one.yes loveing wife loves this car lord blessing wont fix it a prayer to bury it would be better..
Junk. Cost me a fortune to keep this vehicle . Worse vehicle I ever owned.Repeatedly replaced brakes, tires, bearings and the transfer case.Eats gas! Sending this vehicle to the junkyard where it belongs.
Bought pre-owned at dealer in 2007- had 30K miles on it. Love the look and power (Have the premier v8 version). No major issues- replaced shocks and struts around 85k miles. At 115k miles, have a few minor issues- mostly electrical (wiring to rear wiper and defogger frayed at line between roof and gate). One of the window hinges on the rear gate failed as well (replaced both for about $50- bought them new on ebay) it was a simple repair. Check engine light just came on, likely 02 sensor. Still runs great- very reliable and parts are easy to get and not too expensive. I love my truck and would look at the 2010 version next (If I ever need to replace it!)
I bought my 1999 Mercury Mountaineer with 52000 miles in 2003. I currently have 245,700 miles on the vehicle. It has the original water pump and alternator. I've replaced the brakes on it, the A/C Compressor clutch and oh yeah the A/C has never had to be recharged! Almost unheard of these days! I've pulled a 28 foot travel trailer with this vehicle coming from Georgia up through the mountains and difficult countryside in New Hampshire. The vehicle runs and drives as good as ever. I recently put new lower ball joints on it as one of them was a little loose. Not bad for a quarter of a million miles.This vehicle is without a doubt the best vehicle I've ever owned and I've owned over 20 different cars and trucks! LOVE MY MERCURY!
I bought a brand new 2003 mercury mountaineer and have had to replace the transmission 3 times!!!! COSTING THOUSANDS OF $$$$!!! The first time, it only had approximatly 50,000 miles on it and was just out of warranty. The second time, it had approximately 100,000 miles on it and just out of the 2 year warranty. The 3rd time, it had approximately 130,000 miles on it. I will NEVER purchase a mercury mountaineer again. In fact, the manufacturer should give me my money back!
I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer which I purchased new in 2002. This is the 2nd Mountaineer I have owned and would buy another if they were still in production. It has been exceedingly dependable - as have all my Ford vehicles - and it has served me well in business as a Realtor and personally as well. It has just under 260,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. It is getting a little old and yes, it does groan when it turns sometimes, but so do I! Of course it has had some maintenance and repairs needed over its life and as I look at the total expenses they seem pretty high until I look at the details. The total I have spent on this vehicle since new has been just under $92,000; but that is TOTAL expenses including gas, loan interest, insurance and license plates as well as total maintenance and repairs. That is a whopping $0.35/mile. Now try to convince me that this has been anything but a great vehicle!
We have had this vehicle for many years. Inherited it at 70k miles. we had 40 acres and it was the only vehicle that never got stuck. We used it to pull out the other rigs when the ground was to mushy, like a tractor and a big box truck and a f250 high boy. I dont know what they did to make the traction work so well but its absolutely amazing. has 197k miles now and still run great. It has always started, charged, heated, cooled, I would definately buy another one as I am impressed with every mile it works, oh towed our 23' cobalt regularly best thing to have at the boat launch!
Have 2003 Mercury Mountaineer, bought it new, now has 111,450 miles on it, has not had any repair problems,just oil, brakes and Tires. Not used for towing though.
Hello Every One I Have Owned My Mercury For Almost 10 Years I Bought it In 2003 Did My Routine Maint Just Know i Am Having To Do Major Work My Water Housing Went Out 280.00 parts And Labor My Fuel Pump went out 2 days after fixing my housing 550.00 parts and labor .. all in all this suv has been good to us ....
Its been a great car for 107,000 miles.Have replaced one hub bearing and routine maintainence.Excellent in the snow.We have towed two different boats with it,a 17 foot bayliner and a 20 foot bluewater cuddy the car survived and so did the wife.
I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. 137,000 miles. I love it however This past year everything is going. I have replaced the Radiator, both sides Ti-rods my windows don't go down unless the driver side door is wide open. It shifts really hard into gear like my tranny is going to drop. MOSTLY only starts without trouble when the weather is 60 degrees or higher. If damp or cold it does not start. This has been going on for 2 years. I sometimes have to crank it 40x before it starts! it failed emissions this year! I have always owned a mercury cougar and loved them all. That is why I bought this mountaineer when I did. I do love it and would I buy another....YES
I purchased a 2002 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER last year for 7800 as is from FORD DEALERSHIP IN TOLEDO OHIO (as is sale),salesman promised me this vehicle would be reliable for the next 5 yrs,at the time it only had 92,000 miles on it,the day I took it off the lot. I spent 200 to replace brakes and rotors on the front end,6 months later it started to shift hard into 2nd,now 1 year later I had to spend anther 400 to do the rear brakes,rotors and emergency brakes. only to find out that I also need to replace my spring on the shocks because it is broke,also I'm looking at replacing the trans for $1500,hoping it don't go out before tax season all in all the first year owning a 2002 mercury mountaineer that is 10 years old is not worth the $11,000 in the first year owning the truck,the only thing i would suggest is to RUN WITH YOUR MONEY UNLESS YOU ARE BUYING IT FOR $1500 ITS A LEMON AND GOOD LOOKING ONE TOO.....ALSO SEEM TO BE LEAKING FLUID FROM THE LEFT FRONT TIRE SPITTING IT ON THE SIDE OF THE TRUCK (BLACK FLUID)HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IT IS....
I have a 2003 mercury mountaineer with 189,xxx miles on it and it has been a great truck. Just had to have the transmission rebuilt for the first time. Other than the transmission which was my fault for running mismatched tires with an all wheel drive system it has needed just regular maintainence and 1 hub bearing.Truck is great in the snow and big enough for family i would recomend it to anybody.
Just bought this with 112,000 miles. Took it to mechanic for evaluation, invested $1,200 in suspension and rear axle bearings. The vehicle is very comfortable and plenty of power in the 4.0 V6.
My son on his way to Navy in Florida reported the transmission 1 & 2 gear went out in Alabama. It would move in 3rd, drive and reverse. Oh it needs a rebuild of the transmission $ 3,000.00. The transmission SHOPS report this is common problem with the transmission. Hmmm Ford why not stand behind your vehicles, recall them so we get what we pay for. When you know you have a part defect, correct it in a timely manner before more fall victim.

Great truck! In two foot plus snowstorm it drove like on black top. I have
the 2003 premier great space great features and drives and handles like a dream
Would recomend to anyone....only set back is mileage but for the v8 i can't complain
has tons of power
I have a 2004 Mountaineer, O'boy with 127,000 miles this thing is like a puzzle. Something is wrong every week. Shuts down when on cruise control, idle goes up and down, transmission hits hard when shifting and one window does'nt work. Never again will i buy a ford product. The bad this is that ford will not do anything about it.