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Cadillac Seville (11 Reviews)
bought my 03 sls used with 100K and no engine leaks at all. Beautiful car with all options. Only Problem is a leaking transaxle seal on the drivers side, that really dumps it out when in reverse. Love this car has more power than you'll ever need. So I'm going to pay the 1,400 to fix the seal. To me it'll be worth it.
the cars not bad the main problem is getting abs sensors for it and they go the suspension sys has hard to find noises but show no wear
the water pump will go at 95000 mi the studs snap on the engine front cover when replacing pump

awesome smooth riding car.... luv
I bought a 2000 sls in had 82,000 miles then and 125,000 now. I have replaced a coil pack and a heater core but for 125,000 miles the car is in really good shape! I plan on keeping it and doing some custom work to it...really like the look and the ride is awesome...good power too and at 29 m.p.g highway putting it on the road for a trip doesn't cost a fortune.
i hate this car!!!!! i bought this car after the honda civic i had went caput. since i bought it in september of 2008 i have replaced the alternator, the seals and gaskets the harmonic balancer all the tires the timing belt the keys ( wich cost 70 dollars a piece because of a stupid chip) and now it wont start at all!! cadillacs suck and are pieces of crap i will never buy another one again.
Great looks, great power, and great ride.

A full size car with that performs very well. The ride is comfortable, but the 1992 Seville handles turns very well. Engine performance is great.

My Seville has less than 100,000 miles on the odometer, but is still 18 years old. Some of the creature comforts are turning into minor annoyances. These can be replaced, however.

My biggest complaint against the car is the color. Dark red exterior with matching dark red interior. That is a lot of red. Steering wheel, seats, dash, carpets, roof liner, all dark red. The body looks great. The interior is comfortable. Just a lot of red.

The repairs are worth it. I will be hanging on to this one until it is time for my next Cadillac.
good car smooth quiet ride
I bought this 90 Seville in August 09 with 49,000 miles for $900.00 1 owner always garaged. The problem was it just sat for the most part. It needed a lot of work that I was not aware of when buying her. Transmission slips do to sitting and lack of maintenance , rear shocks leak and rattle, Turn Signals spring had to be replaced, Cruise Control don't work, A/C leaks only cause when converted to R12 they put the wrong valve on. She runs strong, rides smooth, and handles like a new 1990 Seville. Just wish I didn't have to sink $2000 more into her. I expected to put some money but not that much. :(
I have a 1991 Cadillac Seville and overall it's been a great car...I've had a few issues with the tranny and the back doors no longer open but other than that I love it!!
it is a good car
Bought this Cadillac Seville used with 29,000 miles on it, The engine and brakes held up well but the transmission had problems but Cadillac repaired it under warranty. We test drove Lexus and Infinity and they were too small inside for a growing family.