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Struts are rubbing making noise when going over small dips or heaves in the road. Dealer says they all make noise in the cold. Bs. My 2002 subaru doesn't make any noise.
I have a problema with hight level heating the motor, but I have colante a normal level,what's happing?
I have hade my 2003 Subaru legacy for 2 years runs great drives great the best car I have owned for winter driving heats great cools great I just cant say more than just a great car seems if you take care of them they run great don't take in red and wow you don't have head problems drive with common sense and it will treat you good never ben on the side of the road more than I can say for vw much nicer car love it will by another next time a wrx sedan cant what
Bought this car in 2012 with 166,000 miles on it, it is now 1year later and i have spent no less than $12,000.00 just to keep it running. I still have yet to have ac as it was also broken when I wasted my money on this money pit. as I ran out of money. Both head gaskets were blown when i bought it and did not know as the mechanic in blue jay calif doctered the car to get far enough away from his 76 station before it died. Now the heads are cracked and loosing 12 to 16 ounces of coolant per day for a 50 mile round trip to my job.
I will never buy another piece of crap subaru again. Thie car was totally misreprensented if not downright lied about when he sold me this wreck.
2010 Legacy GT 6spd manual, 2nd Subaru ( last one was a 2002 WRX Wagon ). I am a HUGE Subie fan, and have enjoyed fantastic experiences with both vehicles. In fact, my mother now drives a 2008 Outback v6, my father 2013 Legacy Premium, my sister-in-law 2013 Forester.

The Legacy GT offers a much more mature and sophisticated ride, plush comfortable interior, and upscale styling to the WRX's street fighter demeanor. But it doesn't give up any performance with 35 HP more than the old WRX.

I baby my Subarus with maintenance, Mobile 1 oil and filters, BP premium gas, nothing but the best in parts. It may cost a little more ( $0.20/ gal, no biggie ), but you will get that money back if you ever sell it.

I sold my WRX at 10 years old with 177k miles, sold in 3 days for $3000.

Take care of your Subaru, and it will take care of you.
When I test-drove my '07 Legacy I fell in love. The car handled like a dream. Steering was tight, with zero body roll - which the five star score for suspension and steering hints at - and the engine let out a gentle rumble that I loved. The car had an understated elegance which the new model lacks. "Platypus" comes to mind. During snowstorms, so common in the Northeast, this car kept driving long after Accords and Camrys got stuck.

Fast forwarding to ~50,000 miles, I had to replace my first wheel bearing. Two more were to come, both before 150,000 miles. I soon learned that wheel bearing failures are epidemic with Subaru cars, be they Legacy, Impreza, Forrester, or Outback models. So much for Subaru's safety focus.

The beginning of the end came at 140,000 miles. At that point, I discovered that both head gasket and front cam seal were leaking. Subaru specialists told me I had little time before the engine went bust.

Being worn out with my Legacy's issues - in addition to a deer hit that cost 8k to repair and a rear collision from a young kid talking on a cell phone which led to a poor repair - I lost any shred of motivation to fix this car. I was simply not paying over 1K to repair the engine only to wonder what else would break.

Honestly, I love the way the car handles. I love how I can count on this car during a snow storm. I know that if my car can't handle a road, most cars can't handle that road either. But I feel cheated. I thought I bought a car, but I bought a toy.

I don't know what this "Subaru Reliability" thing is that people talk about. Data and reviews based on that data clearly show that Subaru has subpar reliability. Ford and Dodge, two brands I have long associated with low reliability, have superior reliability. My previous Mercury Mystique, a cheap cheap car, drove to 175,000 miles without major issues. Subaru can't?

So figure out what you want in a car. Reliability you probably won't get. If my experience says something, you may find yourself in the shop more often than you expect.

...but you will get good handling for a cheap midsize sedan. You will get a car with an outstanding all-wheel drive system that you genuinely can count on. If these matter to you, the Legacy still makes sense. But you will need to budget for the extra time and money you will spend on this car. Here are some of the costs I ran into in 150,000 miles:

- Three unexpected 4-tire changes due to a single sidewall cut (which you can't repair). At $125/tire, this equals roughly $1.5K unexpected expenses (vs
I've had to replace a head gasket once and then decided to buy a crate engine when appleway subaru decided that since I was 2,000 miles over my 15,000 mile warranty when they installed the wrong head gasket! There are 3 different types of head gaskets for this year. I love how the car handles and rips through the snow but I personally will probably never buy another 98. I'm beginning to have problems with my electrical that has been nothing but a head ache. Love the car hate the problems
This is my 1st and perhaps last Subaru (not that I think it will last me forever). It is a 6-speed manual with the short-throw shifter (that is the only "extra" that the car has -- and it is factory installed). The car doesn't have 20K on it yet & already, I've had 2 clutches put in it (so this is #3) -- about 1 every 8K. Just this evening, I have lost reverse gear. I do not grind gears, I don't ride it hard, I don't rock it back & forth, I drive reasonably & responsibly.
This is the second Subaru I have owned, It will be the last. It's great when everything is working properly. So far outside of routine maintenance, let's see where to start. At the radio was recalled, the one in my car would actually spit the cd's out when it felt like it and shot them into the back seat, the heater control panel went bad had to be replaced under warranty. The rear wheel bearings went bad, and not at the same time, at about 40K. There was a recall but the garage wouldn't fix both at the same time, had to return about 2 months apart to have the other one replaced. Less than a year later there was another recall for the main computer, it took only a few minutes once the garage got it in. At about 100K the driver side muffler went bad, this is a FACTORY item to the tune of $400. ( Side note, outside of brakes, filters, fluids,wipers, small things, its ALL Factory items ) At 120K kept hearing this high pitch squeal inside the car, only when the car was moving at least at 20mph, bearing in the main drive shaft leading to the rear, $640 just for part. Check engine light on at the 120K also. Catalytic converters not functioning properly, there are 3 on this model. One is $1,400, the other two are $820 a piece. With the check engine light on the cruise flashes and does not work. Bought it with hopes of having a car that would last 300K, but it will bankrupt me before I can get to that point. All wheel drive means replacing all 4 tires at one time. Definitely not a car that I would recommend to anyone, and for craps sake Subaru, I am not the only one that has had the exact same issues, its called a RECALL, if the other car manufactures can back theirs, I don't see why you can't! Regardless last Subaru this family will own.
my 2004 lagecy engine light is on and cruise control is blinking
My 06 Legacy GT Limited just broke down due to the bearings in the turbo. With only 77K miles and well maintained I found it a bit discouraging when my mechanic told me the news. I have owned 3 Subaru's and while I love them when they're running great I have had my share of problems; head gaskets, lots of bearings, driveshafts and front suspension problems. And none of it has been cheap.
I am the original owner of an 03 Legacy SE wagon that currently has 131,000 miles. The car has been reliable, but has cost a small fortune in repairs. Head gaskets, rear wheel bearing, 2 exhaust systems, the rear light cluster leaked and needed replacement, rear stabilizer bar broke, front control arm replaced, and today, one of the glass sunroofs shattered. Tires last around 30,000, and must be replaced in sets of 4, fuel economy is around 25mpg in suburban driving. Engine is noisy with a bad case of piston slap (normal according to Subaru), and it leaks oil. The head gaskets are leaking again, but using Subaru cooling syatem conditioner has slowed the leak to where I add coolant about once every two months.
od in snow engine noise exhaust rattles from heat shield lose
I've got just over 129,000 miles on my GT wagon. It is a pleasure to drive and it handles exceptionally well in any weather. I bought it used 11/08 with 102,000 miles. The non-scheduled repairs so far have included the starter at 120,000; then a tensioner bolt sheared-off and the timing belt then damaged all the valves, so the heads were replaced, new timing belt, etc. to the tune of $3200; Both catalytic converters failed at 127,000 for an additional $825. I can't fault Subaru for the sheared bolt as I don't know who changed the timing belt prior to me buying the car. On a more positive note, my mother still drives a '91 Legacy with 240,000 miles and all she's done is replace the tranny at 175K and the starter at about 200K. Not bad for a car that has never received any scheduled maintenance or even regular oil changes!
My 2002 Legacy has been a total freaking disaster ever since I bought it. I basically has cost me as much in repairs as another new Subaru! Every possible aspect of this car has gone amuck including 3 new head gaskets, wheel bearings, suspension parts, AC. All the mechanics I've hired "can't believe that this could happen to a Subaru", and the dealer and manufacturer completely disappeared after the warranty expired.
best car i have owned. not a problem
Love this car. Great handling in sprited driving. Very smooth at high speed and great on corners.
Purchased a 2010 legacy limited. this is my 2nd subaru and I love it. Nice solid feel to the whole car. Rides like a dream! The brakes are just a little softer than what I'm use to.Got the 3.6 engine and mostly do freeway driving and first tank I averaged 29.0 mpg. Great car.
I have driven may cars over the years.And I have to say hands down the subaru is the best ever.I do all my own repairs and fix cars has a part time job and they are easy'er to work on than just about any car on the market. My wife has a 1995 Subaru legacy wagon with near 500.000 miles on it.And sofar the only things I had to fix was a fuel pump and around four timing belts over the past few years.Thanks.
nice car. looking forward to seeing how it handles in the snow and ice. have to replace struts too soon though
We bought our Subaru Legacy in 2006 and have had no problems with 53,000 miles on it so far, except for replacing two headlights and a fog light. We do regular oil changes and put new tires on it this year. I love the way it handles the roads and though we don't get much snow in Missouri, my daughter who lives in Idaho owns a Forester which she drives 45 miles to work over a mountain pass every day in the winter with no problems. Her experience inspired us to go Subaru, and we haven't been sorry.
My experiences with reliability have not been as good as Subaru's reputation would indicate. We bought this car new, it now has 140k on it. We had the mass air recall when only a few months old, then the oxygen sensor died a few months later, then we had an oil leak around the valve-cover gasket that fouled the spark plugs, then at around 65k miles the odometer/speedometer failed and had to be replaced, at around 80k we noticed increased oil usage which steadily got worse, until we needed a new engine at around 120k (bad rings on one cylinder). Warped brake rotors not too long after that, now the alternator has died.
My father-in-law also has a 99 Legacy Outback, with similar mileage, and he's just had a cracked head.
My wife's friend has a 99 Legacy sedan, with around 150k, and she's on her second engine as well.
durable, safe and reliable, even on rough terrain. a joy to own.
Bought a 2005 Sabaru Legacy Wagon turbo in 2007 with only 4,000 miles on it. Zero problems. Best car we have ever owned. All our kids vie for chances to drive it.
Bought this car in 2009 with 103,000 miles for $850.00 She now has 114,000 on her and I had the A/C charged and that's it. She runs like a top. And I was lucky the original owner kept it garaged and did all the scheduled maintenance at a volvo dealer near Boston. Came with all the paper work. The car has very low miles for the year and was always garaged.
Bought this car used for my teenage son and expected it to last about a year since it had 108,000 miles on it. My daughter is now using it at College 4 years later and it is still running strong at 158,000 miles. The only real issue has been a chronic oil leak. Other than that it is the most reliable car in the family. Body is not looking the best but it runs great. It is only front wheel drive and not AWD, but it still goes great in the snow.
my family bought this car used for deliveries and pick ups for our restaurant before i got my license. i dont remember what the mileage was when i got it but, currently i am somewhere in 224000 miles. the only problem i've had so far is transmission leak, alternator replacement, and wheel bearing replacement which are all understandable considering its an old car. i love this car and its the perfect first car for any driver. it handles like a beast on snow and grips beautifully on the pavement with its standard awd. keep in mind that my 1994 model can come without AWD but i strongly recomend you find an awd. it has a powerful engine and is actually the strongest and most reliable engine subaru has ever made. the engine on this car is also the basis for all current engines used today on a subaru. over all, this car is amazing and reliable and a fun car. it still drives like amazingly and i am still happy with this car. recomended whole heartedly to anybody who needs, wants, or is just looking to have fun.
Oh yeah, I also own a 95 legacy. Never left me stranded, or had any unpredictable problems, just front oil seals, belts, fuel filler tube and tuneups, buy an old suby and fix it, the 4wd is better too. runs laps around my 04 lemon, rust holes and all.
bought my 04 legacy wagon in 06 w 23k with extended coverage. sunroof broke, a
at about 34k, my cruise controll failed, around 38k, it failed again. After several frustrating visits that was fixed. a couple thousand miles later, the check engine light came on, the light on the cruise controll button flashed and the car lost power and went into high idle with no throttle controll. This event occured at random10 or 12 times in the worst locations, subaru roadside assistance was of no help since it was allways the weekend or after hours and there was no error
code to be found when it finally did reach the dealer, about 3 weeks later. And the dealer refused to offer us a rental, since there was no code there was no problem. eventually that was fixed. Around 43k
the car lost all power assist to the brakes, not once were me and my family put in danger at major intersections, but 5 or 6 seperate events, where the brakes would just fail completely at random. I was aware that this was likely the master cylinder, and tried to convince the dealer to replace it to no end. a This occured for months after the initial incident, and the dealer could not re-create the problem. Finally the brakes failed alltogeather, and I had to drive it through traffic, no brakes to where the shop supervisor test drove it, and was scared to cross the parkinglot. Finally the mastercylinder was replaced after three trips to the dealer. oh, and the ignition coil failed on I95 in Ma. leaving us stranded there too. That dealer was much nicer. I am not eligible for the state lemon law because the car is too old. My subaru was a piece of shit. Great awd when it goes.
Bought the car used. Runs great. Only complaints is both headlight went out within a week of each other, the electrical seems like it's not strong enough for some things (ie. power door locks), the check engine light absolutely refuses to go off, and the whole car shudders when braking. Now, really, the shudder might be the brakes need replacement and the battery might need replacement, after all, the car is 13 yrs old with 207000 miles on it! I'm only the 2nd owner and it came from Alaska so it could just need a little TLC. But overall, i'm extremely happy with it and it runs and drives magnificently!