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This is one of the best vehicles I have owned. The ride is very comfortable and is easy to get in and out of. I have back problems and my wife has server dificulty walking and getting on and out of vehicles but not in our explorer We bought it as precertified from Scarsdale Ford just minor problems interior and licsenes plate lites WE WOULD RECOMMEND THIS VEHICLE AND DEALERSHIP to anyone there service department is suburb
I bought a 1993 Ford Explorer from my brother. He recycles vehicles. I drove this one, I thought it ran too good to just be cut in peices and recycled. Boy was I right!!!.. Don't even know how many miles this thing actually have. But I know it has lots more to go!!! Took it for a 3000 mile road trip!! Up the Rocky Mountains.. No problems!! Noticed it climed hills better with midgrade or premium gas.. I gotta fix the 4x4.. But I still take it camping in the mountains.. Hasn't got stuck yet!! Looking to replace the clutch and water pump pretty soon.. She is such a good car for so little money.. So capable of doing so much.. So roomy on the inside.. My 6'1 son rode in the back seat on the road trip.. He said it was very comfortable.. I've basically done routine maintenance.. Replaced tires.. And made it legal to drive again.. I use the Good stuff on an oil change, and some 50 weight.. She is such a good vehicle!!!
I love my Eddie Bauer ! I've had it for 10 years and it's had a few repairs but I am willing to pay what for any repair it may need. It's been so reliable and easy to drive in bad weather. We love taking it on the back roads using 4wheel drive. I recommend that anyone who owns in to keep it instead of buying something new. It's worth it!
So, picked up a 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer with 187K on her for less than a grand. I've found that working on it has been a breeze. A couple hick ups here and there but to be expected with an older rig. What I've done so far: blend door valve actuator replacement, air flow sensor replacement, camshaft sensor replacement (full shaft), pulled the entire carpet laid it out in the driveway and used our home carpet cleaner (it looks brand new), had to re-solder the Omeron inside the EATC (A/C wouldn't work), re-solder the light out module board (passenger side head light out), replaced all interior and exterior lights (in dash, in consoles, inside everything, just because), buff/polished everything including the glass, did the brakes, did the plugs and lines, re-upholstered the seats and installed a 2DIN HD, GPS, DVD touchscreen. Total about another $500-$700 (parts only, I did all the work myself) It is CHERRY! Looks, drives, smells brand spankin new!
Good vehicle for a Ford. I am looking into a new transmission rebuilt as the one got is original. My Explorer is a good truck and has done me well at 205,000 miles.
I never owned or drove something so worst as the Explorer its a piece of junk ever nor will never buy a Ford again. Had tons of problems with electrical system plus got three batteries all in one year can't believe that a truck only nine years old nothing but problems. Did have a 1992 Explorer lasted 350,000miles now my 2006 is terrible but too ashamed of trading or selling guess going to give up the ghost let it sit right in front of my home until a cement truck or drunk driver comes flying pass by will damaged it for good. The engine is costly in repairs...Tranny blew five times and all window motors have all mind of its own paid so much. The main repairs are very expensive like engine and trannies fixing in high bills one day it left me stranded the mechanic couldn't figure out what is the cause of these things happening to my Explorer. Put lots of faith into my truck because of last Ford I've owned now had nothing but problems after purchased my Explorer in 2007 with 0 miles gave me so much trouble. Spent lot on brakes changed pads/calipers now its another problem got take back into shop for tomorrow something is wrong with brake lines even the ABS indicator light flashing after this last repair will be taking off the tags and dropping insurance off it than look at another really good dependable vehicle until figure out what kind of make and model want to drive as my next new car purchased.
I brought my 2005 ford explorer love it until at 50,000 had to buy tires, brakes, alternator, fix the auto seat on driver side and now I have that famous crack on the back of the hitch and sat 80,000 I just replaced the transmission. I brought 2 new vehicles from ford in 2005 and I don't think I will buy anything else from them. My 2005 F-150 truck has had a lot of parts replaced and repaired and it has about the same amount of miles on it. Ford you have lost a repeat customer. NEVER NEVER again Ford you SUCK
My 2006 Ford Explorer just clicked 200,000 miles. Only substantial repairs have been U-bolts and a water pump.
I bought my '02 Explorer in 2004, with 36000 miles on it. Something internal in the motor just gave out, at 286000+ miles. It still looks new and until now, I've had NO issues with any part of this vehicle. I'm looking at newer Explorers now because I'm not sure $5500 for a new motor is a good investment. However, the rest of the tuck is still solid, and not having any of the problems being listed, maybe it is.
bought a 2005 ford explorer in 2010. I did have the crack on the back but that was replaced at the dealer. It had 69k miles, most things were great until the 100k marker, that's when the grinding around corners came, I replaced the rotors only to continue to hear it again, I then replaced the front control arm assemblies due to the fact the ball joints were bad, I replaced the rotors again, the noise stopped (for a while) then the thermostatic housing begins to leak, got the part, still leaked, told me the sensor needs to be replaced too, then that solved that problem. Last but not least, the killer was when the bolt for the timing chain broke, out went the timing, valves, a few more things to basically a replacement engine... Out the door it went, dodge and chevy I stay now
I have a 2000 ford explorer limited edition do not buy a ford the I'm constantly having issues with the brakes coming off it is a scary feeling especially when you take it to a mechanic more than once an everytime 6months later it does the same thing so say for instance this morning it happened again an now when I try to turn left I hear a rubbing noise behind my wheel also my driver an passenger doors do not open cause during the winter your handles freeze an since they are made out of cheap plastic they snap right off now I constantly have to climb in an out through the back door this was a good car when I first got it in 2011 now everything just slowly starts to go wrong with it I also got a recall in the mail saying not to park my car close to any buildings cause there's a part on the engine that can cause it to start on fire even when its not in use just for future reference buy an different brand of vehicle cause all ford do is turn to shit....
I brought the truck brand new , around 94,000 miles the rears went in the truck, then around 95,000 the transmission went bad. Had to get a engine because the timing jumped. Overall the truck was good until it got to 94,000 then everything started going wrong. My brother had a 2004 Ford explorer same thing happened transmission then the engine. Ford knows it's a problem but won't honor or recall the vehicle.
2003 Ford Explorer 120K
Replacing the transmission due to servo bore issue
All wheel bearings have been replaced and front-end control arms and ball joints.
Crack on back tailgate
AxC leak
Blend door failure
my turn signal's don't work, I already checked all the fuse
hello from surrey b.c Canada. I have a 2003 explorer 119k that has been idling rough and making a howling sound about every 3 sec to a min. sound comes from the air filter intake.I read some reviews and took the advice of one owner.
I removed the Iac valve at the throttle body and cleaned it with ford tune up spray. the inside was black with carbon. then removed the intake tube from the throttle body and opened the buttetfly manually and cleaned the inside of it . it wasy very black and full of carbon too. the truck runs 100% now. very easy to do on 4.6

I had this problem for about a year and slowly got worse . even took to a mechanic and charged me 100$ but cant fix it.
remember when we were young and we had carburators we would use carbout or something like that ..

My First new Ford Explorer was a 1997 v8; wonderful with 232,000 miles on it. Bought new 2006 v8 Ford Explorer, and what a nightmare. Many problems. Notably, radiator was replaced 12/2011 cost $634.00 Radiator just went again. I learned that faulty radiators have been a major issue since 2006 came out. Ford is aware of this and never did a recall, or extended warranty. Buyers of FORDS and suckers beware. I no longer support FORD nor will I ever say anything positive about Fords ever again. Hall of Shame on Ford!
I have a 2004 ford explorer and this sub has been trouble sense i bought it first it sarted loosen power and later on after dealing with that and getting that fix finally the rear hatch just one day part while someone was in it the windsheild and shatter and the hatch just busted out of it's position this is a very defective suv hate i bought it.
I brought my 2005 ford explorer love it until at 50,000 had to buy tires, brakes, alternator, fix the auto seat on driver side and now at 75,000 I have that famous crack on the back of the hitch and something is going on with the transmission. I brought 2 new vehicles from ford in 2005 and I don't think I will buy anything else from them. My 2005 F-150 truck has had a lot of parts replaced and repaired and it has about the same amount of miles on it. Ford you have lost a repeat customer.
1997 ford explorer egr vacuum solenoid
Recently purchased the 2013 Explorer and basically love it except when driving at highway speeds hear a rattling or buzzing bee type noise coming from the front windshield. Needless to say with only 800 miles on this vehicle, it will be going back to the dealership.
I love the looks and design of our 2013 Explorer, however I have a persistent wind noise coming from the lower right side of the windshield when a strong right to left cross wind is present. The dealership has been unable to diagnose the problem after two visits. Also, I feel that the v-6 engine is under powered and constantly has to be kicked into another gear to accelerate even moderately. Otherwise, the 2013 Explorer is a beauty which needs a few refinements.
Let me start off by saying ford explorers and their engineers suck. Who ever designed this engine shouldn't be an engineer. I have a 2002 ford explorer 4.0 v6 sohc this pos has been the worst Suv or automobile I have ever owned. Ford should have gone for bankruptcy instead of Chrysler. Back to my POS I have had this car for four years and put money after money into this Suv . First the tranny 3500 year later the driver side timing chain 2300 I have kept up with maintenance year after year . Who puts plastic guides into an engine with a metal timing chain what was that engineer smoking. I have more to list about this so called Suv but to much for this little section. To anyone who thinks or looking into buying an ford DON'T DO IT there engines are designed to fail.
We brought a 02 explorer in Sept of 20012 with 56000 mile on it. It looks and run like it just came off the assembly line. No problems. I am married to motorhead that worked for Car quest parts for 15 years. He didn't say a thing about the prices for parts for this vehicle. Any other SUVs I couldn't get him to shut up..Mind you, we drove 81 chevy blazer that last 15 years so to us this luxury car. Currently the front windshield crack dont how but insurance is covering it. Getting ready to take it on its first road trip to Las Vegas in June. I know we will pleasant trip with car..
I bought my 94 explorer from wayside chrisian mission. The previous owner had replaced the ransmission at 160000. The only problem is the muffler was rotted out and fell off but, it was an easy fix and I haven't had any problems since. his is a good suv to have.
fords suck!!!Hard to work on not to mention pricey parts and half years
who thought of this half yr crap needs to be awawrded college troghy
for over paid genuises ie. thx to ford i got to know what half yr it was made in!!! Thank you ford cant thank you enough for the headache when trying to fix a easy fix!!!
I have a 1994 xlt, my dad bought it new the same year i was born an now i have it. its got 185,400 miles on it an still runs strong as ever.other than a few performance mods, the only money spent in parts was just for maintenance. its used for off-road an pulling an yet still is an excellent vehicle. an its the exact same color asthe one in the picture. brilliant blue.
Bought my 2006 Explorer Limited V-8 with 32,000 miles in January 2010. Now has 67000 miles. Had electrical short and rear lights stopped working, transmission hard to shift from Park into any gear and had to have the shifter replaced, radiator replaced due to leaking, both power third row seats broke and had to have the motors replaced. Other items have just been normal maintenance. Lucky I bought an extended warranty from CarMax for about $1200, as the repairs amounted to about $2000, but only had to pay $50 deductible for each repair (all repairs occurred at different times). Overall like to vehicle and it drives and rides great due to the independent rear suspension, which makes the ride very smooth. Would buy another Explorer, and would make sure I got an extended warranty to cover these expensive repairs.
I bought my explorer in 06. Like many on here it was a great suv for the first year then the tail gate cracked (no recall) rear window lock and wiper assy quite a year later and then just feel apart the following year front door lock is broke and the others won't lock or unlock from the outside anymore When i get in the truck the dome light comes on and then stays on until you get up to 10mph, front wheel bearing went next the heater door started the ticking noise a year after i had it and now the heater wont blow any air at all. checked the blower it runs replaced the heater resistor still don't work Looks like a hole new heater switch assy or switches. front headlight on passenger side went out every winter. Not really impressed with this vehicle and too like others on here the tranny or the rearend seems to slip at times like one wheel is on ice even when your on dry pavement.
I bought a 94 XLT from a private owner almost 2 years ago. That was my lucky day! It needed some work and the owner didnt want to maintain the DMV and Insurance so he onloaded it for $700 with the tags still current, Title clear and even had a current smog certificate. It was so easy to work on I did the repairs at home for less than $100 parts. 47,000 miles later it's right at 200,000 miles and just passed the bi-annual smog check. This is a really old car but made well because my cost per mile has been the best deal of any car I've owned in 35 years. "F.O.R.D. Found On Road Driving."
I recently purchased my 2 wheel drive Explorer, and have expierenced Mpg from 19 to 22 on the Highway. The weak point on the interrior are the arm rests which have both suffered breakage of the plastic reinforcement at the handle. Beyond a rougher than usual idle at 167000 miles, and a broken heater hot/cold blend door that will cook you out the vehicle so far has proven to be reliable enough to travel 120 miles a day round trip to work. Some day I will diagnose the rough idle but so far it hasnt caused a problem. A co worker of mine had a broter who owned one of these, and expierenced a collision that set off both airbags, to discover the vent holes in the back side of the steering column were never cut at the factory, along with the seam in the center of the drivers air bag unsewn. I hope to never ever have to discover this myself. He lives, but has had several reconstructive surgeries to repair the burns from the propellent in the air bag.