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Oldsmobile Bravada (46 Reviews)
Bought new in 2002 very sad GM killed Oldsmobile. I think the Bravada looks better than Trailblazer and Aztek put together this SUV has been good to me. I driven the family to places like New Orleans, Chicago, Indianapolis, Rhode Island and California. The gas mileage isn't too good but is flawless driving this beauty love comfort and smooth luxurious ride gets low maintenance done. Put 223k miles engine and transmission is original only things fixed were radiator, batteries, spark plugs, wheel bearing and CV joints. My Bravada very peppy does well in winter especially in snow still love it 12 years no problems its best SUV I have ever had. I'm reluctant buying another vehicle but just can't part with my Olds a very nice quality SUV no mechanical problems will keep until it dies believe making to 300K miles.
Bought car about 6 months ago with 78000 miles. Southern car with no rust anywhere. Replaced right CV shaft because of small leak. 3rd brake light will not work even though I bought a new one. Pulled a car dolly with small car 2000 miles with no problems
Average gas mileage In Town about 15.
If you get some shuddering while turning...change the transfer case does Wonders!
ok so some guy writes anything after 1970 is a joke for gm well I find that hard to believe if you check out some of the cars in that era the 75 trans am for instants one of the most famous used in smokey and the bandit and do you thing the bandit would drive junk lol anyway back to my bravada I picked it up for 500 bucks and I love my car it had been sitting for about two years and my buddy told me if you can tow it home its yours so I said why tow it he said its got 2 year old gas in it and a flat tire and probally needed a new battery went over pumped the tire hooked up the jumper cables turned the key started right up haven't had a problem since and that has been about a year ago so don't me mad if you got a lemon gm is still the best in my eyes
Hard to believe so many people hate the Bravada. I bought mine new in 2002 and have a little over 90000 miles on it. This car has been nearly perfect. The only things replaced outside regular oil changes, batteries and two full tire change outs has been new brakes pads and a headlight relay. Maybe I just lucked out and got one of the better ones but I'd like to think some of the bad ones listed in here are the exception rather than the rule.
I purchased a 2000 Bravada in 2004 with 59000 miles on it. It has been very reliable and with the smart track gets through the snow great. I have never had engine problems but had to replace two motor mounts at 99000. The leather seats with heat are fantastic. I would trade up but Oldsmobile stopped making this bad.
Car giving me nothing but problems starting, new battery distributor rotor sparkplugs cam sensor spider injector and still gives me problems with initial starting. I am at wits end feul pressure is good .this is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I need help any ideas.
anyone that says they have had no problems with an older GM product after 150000 is just lying. Wheel bearings, fuel pumps oil lines all are destine and engineered to fail. I've owned 3 GM vehicles and they all came unraveled anywhere from 80000 to 135000 miles. They love me at the parts store. I'm a slow learner, but I'll stick with what works.
373..000 and no issues just routine maintance hard to beat a gm product have driven it acroos country twice excellant ride will get in and go away no worries at all still hjave factory water pump ball joints radiator transmission never rebuilt universals still factory on have replaced wires plugs antifreeze and trans fluid and filter mine is proof of mobil1 products take care of it use quality fluids they last forever my brother has a 79 4 wheel drive chevy small block 350 all factory 4 speed truck with 428.000 no issues daily driver and yes he uses mobil1
hate ,hate,hate my bravado!!!! everytime I fix something, something else goes out. be it airbags,radiator,waterpump, batterys, now it is a/c. we do not like each other. worst vehicle I have ever owned!!!
I purchased a 2000 Olds Bravada new and have paid for it twice in repairs. Too many mechanical problems to list.
need advice on replacing my cv drive axles (both) on my 1999 olds bravada or can anyone give me a free price on doing it by others?
after three week security system made starting impossible,fixed that ,,now has a unknown electrical drain new battery is dead every morning absolute worst car ever bought will be parting it out as I couldn't live with myself to sell it to some unsuspecting person
I've owned my Bravada (2002) for the past six yrs and all i had to replace was the air bags with coil springs from (ARNOTTS) and a Starter. then the normal oil change,tune up,tires,. it was a used vehicle but im BLESSED to have made it this far with my baby i love this car and i wouldn't change it for nothing if i can keep repairing it i'll keep her going. (no more car payments for me LUVIN IT.
Have a 2002 for 2 years now, really like it, works well and although a little hard on gas it has been a very reliable truck
I have a 2001 Bravada which runs great at high speeds but when at a stop it runs rough and the oil pressure drops to zero and check gae light comes on. At idle it acts like a plug is missing. Cap,wires,plugs have been changed. There is no knocking. not sure to change out the oil pressure sensor and the map sensor.Starting the car oil pressure is at 40 psi. IN a few minutes oil pressure drops and car runs rough.
I have a 2000 bravado with smart track. Its jerks as we go down the road.Mechanic said it was vacuum system,claimed they fixed it.Still jerks going down road had a friend scan it diagnosed e-vac system leak. Whats a person to do??? What does the e-vac system do. Also since mechanic "fixed" it my heater no longer blows hot air.
I have a 202 Oldsmobile Bravada for about 4 mouths now. I love it, it is in really good condition. I pump gas, change the oil, and drive, it is so smooth to drive. I wish they still make the bravavd's because i would have a 2012.
I just got the Oldsmobil Bravda about 3 1/2 months ago that was given thru Money Donation from Animale Lovers to Rose Hope Animal Refuge that is located in Waterbury that needed a new SUV to do all our earands for the Animals we save and now we have a problem with the Suspension and it is very exspenive , it is 2002, and I went back to the Dealer to get help there would not help not at all ,can any Any body help with that and we can not buy another SUV
Had my 1997 Bravada for just over a month now. Loving it!
Noticed red fluid deposit in my parking place, but only a little. Identified it as the Dexron fluid for the transmission. Did a cold 'reference' check which was fine, then a proper hot check, also fine.
My mechanic looked at it and identified a seal between transmission and engine. Basically told me that as long as I checked and kept the fluid topped up, I should have no problems and would only be spending a few dollars a year on fluid instead of $1000 to repair/replace.
He was rather annoyed that after inspecting it fully, he could not find anything wrong with it that he could charge me for.

14 years old. 136k miles. Averaging 18mpg overall. Happy as a pig in muck!
My 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada has been the most maintenance free car I've ever owned. In 2004 I was shopping around for a Chevy Trail Blazer and stumbbled up on the Bravada which must be "kin" (upper crust) to the Trail Blazer. I'm extremely happy that I did switch my preference to the Bravada because for the almost 10 years that I have owned it, I have loved owning it. I am however sorry that 2004 was the last year built (boo hoo hoo) as I would certainly purchase another Bravada without a second thought.
I Love my Bravada so much I have named her and my children and husband consider her part of the family. Though the fuel pump failed not to bad to repair. I neglected the humming noise and the jolt as I would start to drive. Sure enough due to my neglect the drive shaft (rear)ended up on the ground. Cant wait to get her fixed cant wait to get back on the road with good ole trusty.
bought this vehicle 2 months ago with 187,000 miles on it. I knew it was going to need some work. When we bought it it was getting about 16 mpg. With just doing a simple tune up I now get around 19mpg. Not bad for an AWD vehicle. replaced the tie rod ends and brakes over the last couple of weeks and I can't complain about anything. I LOVE this vehicle and so does my wife who is the one that drives it. I would absoulutely buy another one.
Driver's door glass is out of channel. Having the Devil's own time disassembling inner panel for access. Great car otherwise.
Great vehicle. Bought it new.
I have a 94 Bravada, they do require routine maintainence and heavy duty parts to stay in shape. When maintained properly as such, these vehicles will remain at a high performance level. I would suggest on the mile fluid changes, Iridium dual tipped bosch plugs, Bosch plug wires and distributor. I would say replace all major components such as fuel pump, starter, water pump, radiator, clutch fan assembly, battery, anything with a lifetime warranty will help. These parts are made better and have been tested further and are worth the money you will not have to spend later by doing so. A transmission rebuilt properly will outlast the original one. This vehicles response is excellent when these conditions are kept in order.
I like my Bravada, but any advise on why it takes off very slow and where I would be able to find digtal gauge would be helpful.
I like my Bravada,it's quick reponse saved me and my family's life while driving from the east coast to the west coast in march 2010 when we got caught in a blizzard in Flagstaff Az, while the other suv's and cars where running off into ditches my 17 yr old Bravada kept on the road, The only problem I have with it is it takes off very slow and no one can seem to figure out it's problem is, I would think for a Vortec V6 200 hp vehicle it would have more power.
Nice vehicle. Watch out for all wheel drive sticking...replaace rear differential fluid with "blue lube". Also keep eye on wheel bearings and ball joints.
This car has caused me so many problems. I havent had the car six months and it has caught on fire, the transmission has become shot now, and the brakes have been gettin shreaded to pieces from the rotors... i have already replaced the rotors twice and the breaks three times..also the car is horrific on gas.. i also had my clutch fan just fall apart and smash my header and radiater, and alse crack my exhaust manifold..DO NOT OWN THIS CAR!!!IT ISNT WORTH IT!!!IM GETTIN RID OF IT ASAP. and gettin me a actual vehicle..cause this car belongs in the junk yard along with all other bravadas