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Saturn SL1 (31 Reviews)
My car is great, but it has its bugs. When I press on the gas the rpm goes down before it revs up. It makes it hard to go up a hill because its a standard. Also the coolant fan switch on/off sensor is out, where is it? Other than that the tranny, clutch, mpg, engine all satisfactory.
If there was a half a star, I would use it.
where could I find a hood for this car?
piece of junk, the transmissions on these should have been recalled...engine has no power and am always fixing or replacing something. WASTE OF MONEY
Love this car great gas mileage, not much power but very reliable. I had a 2005 ford focus, and this saturn runs just as good if not better than the focus. Only had to do regular matinence.
Would be great for a first car! Unfortunately with a baby it is too small of a car to fit a carseat comfortably. I have owned two saturns and both of the tie rods broke. It screeches when I turn and grinds really bad. Always feels misaligned.
My 1999 Saturn will not start once the weather gets hot in Texas. Cold start in the morning, but can just go to the local gas station, and the car won't start again...sometimes for several hours. Anybody else have this problem???? Anybody???
I bought this car new in 99 with 16 miles on it. Has been an awesome car!!! No mechanics can answer this problem though.
i purchased my 96 saturn sl1 for 400 bucks plus some rims w 205000 on it ive been driving this car for over a year and a half the best car i ever owned all i have put into it was two front tires new ball joins front brakes and a tune up now my car has 250000 miles and still runs its slugish but due miles its normal i think its a five speed so good gas milage overall a great car
I bought my 1999 Saturn SL1 used in September 2001. It had 31,000 miles on it at the time. Today (June 2011), my Saturn has over 218,000 miles on it and it still runs as if it was new. It still has about 80 percent of its original parts intact, and I've never had a major mechanical problem with it. Of course, over the course of its 12-year lifespan, it's had its usual parts replacements (brakes, battery, shocks and struts, plugs) but in all these years, I've NEVER had a major mechanical breakdown. The 1999 SL1 was by far the best model that Saturn's Spring Hill, Tennessee plant ever produced. Its fuel economy (automatic transmission) is actually better than many 2011 model cars on the rood today. At 60 miles per hour on the highway, I get up to 40 MPG. The only thing I DON't like about my Saturn is that it doesn't have cruise control.
I bought my SL1 new in 1996. Best car I ever owned. Great gas mileage even at 15 yrs old. Now has 106500 miles. Drove cross country, Colorado to South Carolina (1800 miles), and spent less than $400 on gas. Was in shop once for alternator (1999) but have not had a problem since. This is a great car!
i bought my 2001 sl1 new in november of 2000. it now has 143,278 miles on it. other than general maintenance (oil changes, brakes, tires, etc.) it has been the most reliable car i've ever had and know of. i've watched my friends and family spend thousands on car and trucks they've only owned a couple years and less. i keep all service and repair records. i recently added up all repair bills. the total was 713 dollars. if i could get a new car that would be that inexpensive to own i would.
This car has been a money pit. I can see why they quit making them.the engine does'nt have enough power.i've had problems with the emissions. it has a bad idle problem I have been chasing for a while.
Bought this car used with 25k miles on it in 2005 because my sister had one and said that the gas mileage got better as she drove it more. It also got ~10mpg better than anything else on the lot at the Saturn dealer. Hers has close to 150k (standard) and I've got 95k (automatic) miles and both are still running great. My only upgrade was installing a third party stereo head unit to add an MP3 player compatible line in. Perfect city and highway car. Just enough power.
I love the gas milage
Been driving this car for 7 years, never had a problem or reair that was not a maint. repair. Bought because knew 3 other people with this car, none of them had ever had a problem either. Great on gas, not a lux or sport car, not built for speed or to be impressive, just to look decent, drive well, get good mileage and remain a trouble free car - mine and those I know have between us 100 - 300 thousand miles on our cars and they still run great
this car is junk ive seen better running cardboard boxes with drawn on wheels better then this hunk of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a 94 saturn sl1 i bought it when it had 117k miles. it was my first car, so like most young drivers, i beat on the car, i had some small problems but such as the i needed to replace the starter and the emission ate my key(it was stuck half the time,just left it in there) but i took that as old car stuff. i put 10k on in a year and it was the best car and i'd still have it... if i didnt total it
I've owned several cars of various makes, but this one by far is the best I've had the pleasure of driving. Got it in January 2006 with 160000 on the odometer. It now has 263000 miles. I have replaced some suspension parts, as one should on a car with that high of mileage. A 5-speed manual, shifting is easy and smooth. Clutch may have been replaced prior to me buying it, I'm not sure, but either way I take care of my car, and my car never lets me down.
I like the styling, It is right around the time the big three started to round out cars and eliminate the boxiness! Unfortunately my interior roof is draping, Need to clean EGR valve(or buy a $100 new one), and the Catalytic Conv is ripped apart. I did put a $20 dollar muffler on it (saved $300 dollars from Midas), And with 167,000 miles on it, It will eventually need a Clutch, Sending unit(Gas Tank), and a little rust repair on the roof. But that is really it! I do my own preventive maintanance and boy does it pay off!
The big three have to go back to the basics with cars, and this one (1993 SL) is a good example!
This is the best car I have ever had! Bought new and now has 197,000 mi. on it. I have only ever had to replace what I would expect: oil, filters, tires,fluids, 1 new muffler, brakes every year, and light bulbs. I drive about 500 mi. a week for work for the past few years. Good handling in our harsh winters. GREAT on gas! I'm hoping to get another 100,000 mi. out of it. I will sure miss it when it is time to get a new car.
Been a great car. I drive hard and punish all my cars. I also drive 500 miles 6 days a week for work. Anything I have needed to repair has been ghetto cheep and easy. The only problems I have had are the fan motor stopped working which lead to cracking the radiator, it now leaks 2qts oil every week, and the shifter cable bushing has broke twice. Not too bad for 190k miles. The things I don't like are the rear bumper sticking out so far, HUGE power loss with A/C running, A/C and heater do not reach the back seat well. Oh, another problem is the squeeky clutch pedal. Seems to happen to a lot of Saturns. Pretty happy with the reliability of this car but I just can't bring myself to modify a Saturn. In search of another car for that.
Well I have a 1993 Saturn SL 1 and It is awesome on gas! I put a new exahust, new starter, new cooling sensor, bunch of other parts. I only have one problem that I just cannot figure out its the seatbelt they are automatic and although its there and it buckles it doesn't go up but it clicks like it should roll up. Its so frustrating I have bought the manual and looked through it and nothing. This is the only real problem other then that (the odometer has never worked since i bought it) but its been a good car got me where I gota go and back
love this car great on gas, very little maintenance.
I probably don't drive it well, because I'm young and uneducated about cars, but recently ran into an overheating problem with my radiator and head gasket. Very expensive to repair. Not too long ago, first and second gear had serious repairs as well.

Does not do well in Arizona, where it is arid and the elevation changes rapidly between towns. Seemingly by magic, I cannot get past 40 mph when going up a two lane hwy 1000 more feet high to the next town, but once I'm there I regain my ability to drive at normal highway speeds. But on the way there, I have to get in the slow lane with the big trucks often with parking break lights on.
I've heard the head gasket is simply more fragile on Saturns, which combined with the hot everything-eveporates-in-5 -inutes climate, does not bode well for this car.
The radio does not work anymore due to internal antena problems. Neither does the tape deck.
The air conditioning has broken twice as well. Possibly connected.
It also continues to idle after I have turned off the engine and taken the key out of the car. Possible fan problems? I don't know...

I've owned a '94 SL for 4 years, bought it used at 215K, it's now at 255k and still running strong. I hit a deer with it and drove away having only to replace the windshield and drivers side fender. Also I blew the clutch because I was/am a young driver and downshifted way too hard once (put it in first at 70mph and dropped the clutch...bye bye clutch pads). Gets amazing gas mileage, never gotten below 35 even when I drive aggressively, and up to 41 just recently. Interior is starting to show it's age, ceiling is falling, minor rattling in the driver door, some rust under back doors. It handles quite well, more than once it has saved my life because of good braking and sharp steering. Mine has no power steering, no ABS, no power windows or locks, manual transmisson, but it does have cruise controll (added later by dealership) and I wouldn't change anything about it. Aesthetically it's a beautiful car, in my opinion, with great lines and a laid back yet aggressive stance a kin to the stance of a distance runner. Seats 5 and has enough trunk space for what I need, but loaded down you will notice the engine struggling a bit. All-in-all a great commuter car that lasts forever, it is the closest a machine can get to being my best friend and it has earned my trust and respect.
I bought this car from a previous owner, and they "uped" the engine, so some of it runs great and others don't, I had to replace the whole entire cooling system, long story short, good car bad owner...
I bought this car used years ago with 75k on it. I have over 140k on it now and still going strong. The only problem I have had with it is a leak in the intake manifold gasket, 350 bucks. For a basic car it does most thing just fine. It gets fine gas mileage, between 30 and 40 mpg, Average on a 75 deg. day, not too hilly, steady at 60 to 65 mph is 37mpg. Use synthetic oil and use a good air filter. Motor has a slight oil leak at the head gasket that would cost a lot to fix so I will just keep adding a little oil, no problem unless it starts leaking into the motor or gets worse.
I've had this car 11 years has 152K on it and only had to do minor maintance, oil changes, brake, tires, tune up etc. great car for the money, it's been good to me for sure.
I've owned a 98 Sl2, and currently own a 98 Sl1, both of them are great cars. They can be bought cheap, sip gas, and are fun to drive. My current car originated in canada and after years of harsh winters and 116k, still drives amazing!
i bought my 98 sl1 about 2 years ago it had 88k on it i drove it all the way to 231k b4 i dropped a 06 ion redline motor in to it. the motor was still runing fine i just wanted more power over all the car is amazing there are some minor electrical problems bet nothing major this car is a great buy