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After my dad past in 2013 my step mom gave me his 2002 Buick LaSaber Custom. Daddy got it used he walked up to this car said I want it he never test drive it or listened to it. And we have never had any problems always passes smog. Beck of a motor has over 120 thousand miles. Only grip I have is the breaking issue I'm having they make noise..but it's a great car it's so pretty..Daddy named him Baby and he is my baby
MY 1995 buick lesabre has been sitting for 7 years. does anyone know what I should replace other than belts and hoses? would be greatly appreciated.
I purchased my 2005 Buick Le Sabre Custom with 22873 miles. She is like new and has been kept in the garage since new. The previous owner just turned 90 and now lives in an assisted living facility. I replaced both Low Beams lamps with new ones since one was burnt out. I've read that you should replace both bulbs for the same brightness. I am having the transmission flushed and replaced with synthetic transmission fluid and filter with a very reputable Trans shop. I've read the transmission should be serviced at 40K, but feel quite good at doing at ten years old, @ 23K miles. I never thought that I would be buying this car, but really, a little ole lady who drove it to church, groceries, and to get her hair done on Thursdays??? We consider her the "Donna Reed" of our little city here in Windcrest Texas, adjacent to San Antonio. I had no idea where the battery was or how to change the headlight bulbs, but thanks to "You tube", it all worked out great. I removed the headlight fixtures rather than scaring up my hands and besides, there's no way in hell, you can keep your hands of that bulb, trying to wiggle it back in. It took a #10 metric socket and I removed both bolts in less than a minute. Thank you "You Tube". I bought a case of 12, "Wix" oil filters for less than 50 dollars (That's less than $5 each) delivered to my door! I purchased Mobile 1 Synthetic at Costco, 5w30, on sale for $26 for 6 quarts. (I don't buy until it’s on sale, and it always goes on sale) I've researched and feel confident “Wix” oil filters are the best at filtering and best oil flow. I found the cabin air filter under the hood, thanks to You Tube! I ordered one from Amazon and it will be here in two days! I got a great deal on this car, and after reading all of your reviews, I feel even greater and am thankful to learn about everyone's experiences. I pumped gas in my teens, changed oil, and have done about 100 brake jobs before joining the Air Force, back in 1972. So, I am probably a little more experienced at working on auto’s, but things have changed and I’m not familiar with all of the new technology, but I do enjoy taking care of the maintenance I can do, because I know it will be done right. Stay tuned!
I bought my 2005 Lesabre new from dealer. The car has been a piece of mind with fewer problems up until now, noticed that my check engine light is on took into a mechanic told me that the engine needs couple repairs done under (85,000miles). My Buick only burns 1 quart of oil doesn't have any oil leaks or no hesitation but I am replacing more brakes than ever now plus went by a AutoZone getting new master cylinder put in. It rides smooth like couch the interior lights beginning flicker as dash makes small rattling noise even rear headliner seems as liked somebody had fallen on roof of my car because at the edges has come apart looking getting it fix. Transmission still shifts well as engine performs great just only burns 1 quart oil not even haven't oil leaks. Dual climate A/C control quit working last month I had another mechanic looking at it saying I needed a new compressor and AC unit cost ($835.45) since my warranty has expired. The car exterior body is in good shape my Buick does run well having (155,000miles) one thing I really hate on this car is whoever thought about this must didn't think well or maybe a Monday morning after the Super Bowl I have too go in the rear of my passenger seats underneath car replacing a battery think its so crazy on whoever the engineered was at GM! I really like this car hope runs at least (200,000miles) drove this car across several states over the years never a problem up until now with few little minor things. LESABRE is spacious, comfortable, gets average of 28mpg and 23 city love my car its a beautiful vehicle which was the last year this car was made until Buick discontinued it. No matter how it gets my nerves or have to put money into it will keep this car until I drive it through the ground has original engine and transmission though my engine burns 1 quart of oil still runs like new. Buick is a solid vehicle well equipped though I have the Custom edition everything working fine except (wear and tear) I'm started off dealing with now other than the car has been extremely reliable and runs like new least it lasted 10 years.
BEST CAR I'VE EVER OWNED. My Buick finally over 200,000 miles never gave me problems it has religiously been fully serviced at dealership. Never put a dime into minimal repairs got a 3800 V6 very nice car while still comfortable. I definitely would buy another Buick this car runs amazing went on several trips no problems. Has lots of spacious plenty of room it's a bigger car enough dimensions perfect sized car I have ever owned pln driving until it all breaks free.
I had an 1985 Buick Le Sabre. With 55 K miles. I inherited some money, so I bought a new Buick Le Sabre. 2001 I do miss the old velour seats. That car could turn on a dime. Better than my new one. On the freeway it really went. How about those old bumper guards. I got rear ended at a stop light. No damage to my car. Hers just bounced off, of my car with front damage. Yes I had a back register wire break. I took it to be fixed. Way too money. So a friend fixed it for free. Just took off the door panel, put on a new register, and that was it. He showed me where the wire had broken. Other than that, I have no complaints. I am 83, and want a smaller car. This one is too big to park in parking lots.
Purchased this car when we were in MAINE.It was a program car from DETROIT,MI and had 5240 miles on it Rides like we are on a couch. Had to replace both front wheel Bearing Hubs and the usual Brakes.Gets great
gas mileage 28-32 so can not complain for this size car. I now have 171,000 miles on it and hope to continue keeping it as compared to all these new cars all getting recalls.Best car I ever had. Thanks GM !!
Bought this Lesabre used at 90,000 miles, now has 270,000. Had two of the most commonly found problems: 1) windows stick, requiring replacement of motor; and 2) fuel pump went bad, probably because I drove it to almost empty every fill-up. No transmission or engine problems. On cruise control it does better than the EPA estimate: at 65 mph gets 33-34 mph. One of the best full-size sedans.
This was my grandparents until they passed away. I inherited their 1997 Lesabre Custom with 85,000 miles didn't drive many places since elderly people. The body is in good shape stereo with Delco cassette plays impressive very comfortable buckets, fixed one of the headlights wasn't working it still runs like new bought in 2005 as a free ride. I own this car now, thankfully hasn't made me put no expenses into high expensive repairs vehicle has 104986 miles 3.8L engine idles very quiet I always used a car cover staying in decent condition interior is very clean though have smaller kids no tears or rips everything works great on the Buick. It has been a well maintained car all these years even when my grandparents owned it my grandpa took very excellent care of it when first bought late '96 of a 1997 model year car love this car. I'd wouldn't hesitate in getting one of these couldn't pass reliability with a Buick might be for an elder person but truly reliable with decent ride, great sound system, spacious and very low maintenance.
The car might look bad but it's reliable purchased in 1998 from a friend who took his kids around my son's drove it but they have abused my Lesabre looks like been in a crash dummy that is what you get handling over the keys to teens. I am getting it fixed up still reliable just in bad shape it won't die. My friend bought this car new he kept it up now looks like a rag on wheels planning to drive until motor quits.
Took this car in few repairs. Mechanic fixed 3 window regulators and got tranny rebuilt at 60k miles it did stall on me several times all times have taken in to Napa and other mechanics one of the engine coils misfired I spent $338 on getting new parts like module, crankshaft sensor and piston work done at 140k miles. The anti theft system had me locked in my car for 2 hours while waiting on assistance come to my needs was an shorted in the electrical wiring had an diagram done but nothing didn't show. The brakes are not good almost rear ended an Mercedes in front of me took to a shop all 4 brakes were 100% out think paid $110 plus with calipers and rotors done which shop kept my car overnight. Truly believe this car is unreliable can't afford new vehicle so keep putting money into this car getting lots of repairs done which not a good thing on my part. So far car can be good when works when wants too but repairs are expensive because seems like everyday its something I have to get fix on this car this is a lemon should have never bought this vehicle or got car fax report on the history before decide getting it causing me to be broke in fixing all repairs might as well take this money put on a car note instead of taking this car to shop more frequently.
Bought this 2005 in 2013 with 75k on it. Avg mileage 22mpg HORRIBLE. The care this car received from the first elderly owner was impeccable and now I'm driving it minimally but see no improvement in the mileage. Hwy or doesn't matter. It's HORRIBLE. Where is all the wonderfulness that I've been hearing about?? Yeh, the car is sturdy, smooth, quiet, and reliable. But it's a tank...a gas hog...and I'm going broke on it, driving less than 8k a year?? The latest ongoing saga with it is Nov'13' the gage said I needed a new gas cap/engine light accompanied this; Nov'14' exactly one year later the SAME thing. It took 6 caps, last year, to get the car to stop throwing codes. I hope this time is different, it's been 3 days since the cap was changed and the 2 codes still prevail. GRRRRRRR :(
The air flow mass is preventing me from passing the marta inspection to get my 2015 stickers on my license plates. Among other issues,which is the fuel gauge lighting up after a short time of putting gas in it. All four windows are stuck, but I heard the sounds of them coming down but they don't. I was kicking under the glove box to make the ac and heat turn on but not that's obsolete! If someone could tell me if I need only a blower motor or a compressor. I replaced the catalylic converter, wheel bearings etc, when this car was given to me free of charge, but sometimes free isn't what its cracked up to be! Thanks any info I can get would greatly appreciated
Purchased used in North Carolina in 2008 (It was a NY car originally). Had 47,000+ miles then, has 311,000 now. Main problem is under body rust caused by salting roads)

Most other problems caused by towing things since it does not have a towing package. Otherwise biggest problems are the front wheel bearings and o2 sensors, intake manifold will be another. So far it is holding up but is showing signs of needing replacement. Will wait until Fall 2014 to make the decision. If replacing front wheel bearings always buy the ones with lifetime warranty. Bearings are made cheaply so why pay for them more than once. If frame holds up (does not break due to salt) I believe the car could easily reach 400,000.

It makes sense why Buick discontinued the Le Sabre ..... it is too good of a car and lasts way too long.
My 2001 lesbre has been one of the best car I've bought in a while the only problem I've had since day one was the fuel gauge bounce from empty to full which I took care of by replacing the fuel sender I bought from eBay for 27 dollars and it took me about 20 minutes to replace other than that I have no complaints
I bought my 2001 Buick Lesabre car at a small car dealership, one I've bought from before,here in my town. The check engine service soon came on and stayed on right after I bought it. So I took it back to the dealership to ask why and he checked it with his checker thingy and the light doesnt come on anymore but now the speedometer isn't working right, and it was before he checked the engine service light. The speedometer reads at least 30 miles over the actual speed I'm going. I was told it could cost me $200-300 to have it fixed at the dealership. Otherwise the car runs smooth and everything else seems to be working good.
Same here, gas gauge bounces to say Full when reaches about 1/2 full, driver side heated seat - not working; dash buckled - I glued it back down and put a dash pad on top. But I love it! Got it used on Ebay for $4500, 2001 Limited, 58,000 miles. Runs great, no rust, minor scratches. Will definitely keep it!!
when I turn my car off and take out the key , open the door and the warning sound is letting me know my lights are still on. the brake lights and parking lights will not turn off. all other lights go out but not the parking lights or brake lights. does anyone have any suggestions?
I have over 200,000 miles on my car now. I have just had my first real issue, which was an overheating problem. Replaced some sensors, thermostat and a few other items. No longer have overheating.

My gas guage has recently stopped working (the needle doesn't indicate gas level) so I rely on the computerized information to determine my approx gas level. I do average over 30 mpg daily and on the hwy I average close to 33.

This is my 2nd Buick. Love my car.
First fuel pump went then camshaft went at 145,000 loved the car but it fell apart when it hit 145,000 was taken very well cared for but didn't last. Buying a japanese car now they last longer
Bought 2002 LaSabre from dealer with 37,000 miles on it. 3 windows stopped working: cost $300+ for each. Headliner now coming down. New tires at 60,000 and battery at 80,000. Gas guage tricky. Otherwise OK. CEB Mt Laural NJ
I love my 03 Buick, but the electrical switch is driving me crazy, repair man said it would cost about $400.00 dollar, it's only one window that want go down.
the 2000 buick lesabra limited is by far the best car i have ever owned!28mpg, sure i had a few maintance issues but expected it now has over 300,000 miles and yes that is the original engine and tranny, i have changed oil every 3000 miles, and i adapted to the fuel gage sticking on full all the time 3 water pumps isn't that bad when you consider there's 300,000 miles on the car. i am sorry to see that generation of luxury go.
hi this is dmarius knott i with to buy a buick for 100
I have read some of the blogs and I can tell u this.u guys can save a lot of money by more the gas gage going to full to empty. Here's the thinf a new fuel pump off eBay and one hour anyone can do it..I fixed mine for 50.00 and .now it's not for everyone but most problems.can be fixed if u just look up the issue
it's a wonderful car. I bought it used in 2000, and have had absolutely no big problems. It has 96,000 miles on it now. one thing, I had to have my heat sensor replaced twice, and it was not even that. after I wised up and put my buick gas cap back on it instead of the locked gas cap I bought at walmart, it has never had that problem again. it was confusing the computer, I think. the light turned off immediately upon putting the original cap back on. then I had to replace a right front brake pad. and then too, the top came off the console. I have that just laying there where it belongs though and no one is the wiser... I think this car is great for a senior woman as myself. I have taken several long trips. never any problems. Thank you GM and thank you Lord!
I bought this as my second car a little after my 17th birthday. Imagine it...a senior in high school, driving the stereotypical "old man" car. Have to admit first car was a 2001 Honda CR-V and, while that rode really well, I've yet to find another car that rides as smooth and effortlessly as a Buick. I bought it was 128,***K miles on it and am now at 132,8**K miles. When I bought it, I had to remove the catalytic converter that went out on my exhaust. When that thing gets old, it creates the most annoyingly loud and obnoxious rattle when you accelerate. And believe me, it's LOUD. I had my father replace that and am now in the process of repairing the power locks and windows on both rear doors. I hear this a very common issue on Buicks, which, in the grand scheme of things, is very minor in maintenance. For being 11 years old, this Buick runs amazingly well. Accelerates nicely and has a lot of umph under the hood, thanks to the 3.8L V6. Very hefty and powerful, sometimes causing my front tires to burn out if I hit the gas just SLIGHTLY too hard. Haha. Love the ride and undoubtable reliability. My only complaint is, sometimes, the car shifts slightly rough between 2nd and 3rd gears if moving a little fast. I drove the car to Nashville and back, going a steady 85 the whole time and didn't have a single issue. Also, I was surprised with the good gas mileage I managed. Drove about three hours with my mother following in her 2009 Camry and managed to use up less gas than she did...we both filled up before leaving as well. Overall, an amazingly reliable car with a huge cab space and smooth ride.
I bought this Lesabre Limited at 56,000. It now has 172,000, and other than expected wear like tires, brakes, and light bulbs, there has been NO maintenance cost. I agree I have had one or two lights go out on controls on the radio and heater but nothing else and they are really of no consequence. It even still has the factory battery in it. It is time to replace the rear air assist shocks, but with the trunk I have constantly loaded, I'm surprised that didn't happen long ago. I put up with Chicago winters, commute, and live 1.5 miles up a country gravel road. That's about as hard as you can get on a car. The ride is great, because of the load I carry and my type of driving, mileage has still been low to mid twenties in a car that is large and comfortable. Unloaded on the highway it will get between 32 and 34mpg, and I think that is pretty darn good even compared to the smaller cars I've had. I see a number of horror stories here and just thought I would add what seems to be the majority of other owner's stories I have met. They won't part with their Lesabre for love or money. When this one dies I WILL try to find another. For the people with the high repair cost, do you drive it like an Indy car? Also, in the past I have found a $1200 dealership repair might only be a few questions on-line, a $50 part on Ebay, and an hour or two of my time with simple hand tools I bought. In many cases the directions you get on-line and a $10 manual for your car, can really make it that easy. It also feels pretty good to know you still have the other $1150 in your pocket and you fixed it yourself. By the way the reputation many repair shops and dealerships have for being unscrupulous is WELL DESERVED. I once bought a used car privately that did not drive quite right. I took it to the dealership who told they found a worn out suspension part and it need a $600 repair. When I looked myself I found what was literally a shiny brand new part the previuos owner had just put in and foolishly neglected to tighten the bolts. Guess what the dealership was going to charge me $600 to do? Just my 2 cents.