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Hummer H2 (7 Reviews)
My visor was taken down in my 2007 H2 Hummer and will not stay up now. It seems to clip in, but when turned it will not stay latched. I have researched the diagram from this particular year and the years after and the design changed in 2008. The newer designs use screws to secure the visor (which makes much more sense to me). This leads me to believe that the design itself is flawed. Especially since the design was changed the following year. The part looks the same as it did when it was taken down and is not broken in any way, but it will not stay clipped in. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
Three years since my last update, and still an AWESOME MACHINE.
the MACHINE IS ALMOST NINE YEARS OLD and kicking ass...
heater on driver side seat come on
We bought this H2 new in the fall of 2005. It now has over 105,000 miles on it and continues to perform extremely well. The only problems we have had is that we've gone through a couple batteries and a minor suspension problem in the rear. This is a great vehicle that has been used for a variety of "hauling" applications and it continues to perform beautifully. The only down side is that the vehicle only gets 11 mpg (whether towing a load or not) and I would not recommend it to a driver 6' tall or greater that wants to be able to stretch their legs out (the seats just don't go back that far).
Purchased in Jan.2010 to be used as everyday driver and 25' boat hauler. Have not regretted trading in a perfectly good 2007 Acura MDX for it. I have added the nominal performance upgrades (exhaust, intake, chip) which certainly boosted power but no increase over stock mpg. 13mpg at best on highway. The 2008 + up model is the way to go for this brand - many improvements over 2007 and earlier. This is one kickass ride!
100,000 miles and with custom exhaust & air filter get 16 mpg hwy & 14 in city and will go ANYWHERE if you know how to drive it.