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. wowo so the car fell apart at not even 40000miles had to get thw ehile engine done and air conditioned compressor had to get a new one at not even 60000 miles . i go no where with this car please dont buy kias they are over priced and fall apart soon ......right lights having trouble with visor fell out not even 20000 miles i have spent at leaset 3000 grand through out the ten years i have had it . well .i wouldnt sell it or trade it in thats for sure i put four new tires on it and gonna drive it until it cant drive no more i like my money in my pocket ,,,,,,DONT BUY KIAS thats all i can say ......

I bought my 2005 kia sedona in February of 2016. I gentleman had it sitting in his Yard because of a bad wheel bearing ($25 part) I gave him $700. The van only had 102,000 miles on it. Clean interior and exterior and ran quiet and smooth besides a small creaking noise on bumpy roads which turned out to be the top motor mount on the passenger side I paid $35 for it and replaced it myself. As far as brakes? I only changed them once so far and hasn't gave me an issue. I replaced the A/C compressor just because I wanted better A/C the old one worked ok but weak ($65 + $15 in Freon) other then that no issues. Turns really smooth in both Hot and cold weather stopped or moving, not a powerhouse but it does have some get up and go for a heavy van, no electrical issues what so ever. Transmission shifts smoothly. All in all its a great vehicle.its 3x cheaper then the competitors (Dodge, Toyota and Honda) it's affordable. Kinda petty that people on here dis the vehicle because they obviously don't take care of it. I keep up on regular maintenance. Check everything all the time. That's how you make a car last. Grow up and take responsibility.
I purchased my 2007 Kia Spectra in Sept. 2007 and I have had it for 9 years with little to no trouble. It currently has 248,000 miles on it. I have replaced a 02 censor (I think thats the name of it). My cd player has died but I do see that this is common in the car. Recently had trouble with the timing change belt as I never ever had it changed and it was to be changed at a little over 100,000 miles and I never changed spark plugs either so when you know better you do better :) Now the car is up and running just fine! I guess I also got the golden car but my life is just like that song "I've been everywhere, I've been everywhere". Everywhere in my car! I love this car, but I recently bought a new one because it has gotten old. I used this car for work, school and anything else. 1 thing that I do hate is that it did not have cruise control. UGH!
19.9 mpg until Bush wanted Corn Whiskey in the gas. Then it was 18 from then on.
The gold paint decided to FADE on every piece of plastic around the car all at once.
Tried fuel cleaner and my fuel gauge started screwing up after that.
Putting the car in 4x4 mode would make it extremely hard to turn on street.

Our transmission failed repeatedly from a faulty ECM that was shorting a wire to a HOT firewall that caused 2nd & 3rd gears to shear. That cost $1500 and several trips to the Tranny shop and over two months in the Kia shop previously because Kia couldn't FIX ANYTHING that was causing strange transmission faults... that DIDN'T show up on the computer! There was later a recall on it that Kia refused to tell customers, as I had to ASK them to check on it personally since it was happening for so long, I figured it HAD to have been figured out by then! It wasn't in the computer at the dealer! They had...

Then some kind of debris in the passenger valve cover (completely sealed from inspection, sensors, or correction) blocked the oil return ports and that valve cover retained 4 quarts of oil (for over 3 hours) causing "catastrophic engine failure".

WARNING!!!! Check your oil in this car every month and make sure it's clean as a whistle...

One of the problems with the tranny was strange shifting between 2 & 3rd gears, and it would also LOCK in 5th gear at times.

The Key/ignition was transferred into the Sorento from a faulty car ignition, and mine had to be fixed too.
The electrical to the moon roof stalled open in a rainstorm.
This SUV was #1 in Con-Sumer Rept's for 2004.
Not a good Idea to but a 2005, they changed the tranny, electrical, ignition...

I purchased my Kia Sephia in 2000, it had 11 miles on it and the only problems I had were it had not been line up when pulled from the truck, fixed for free. In 2011 my car broke down and right in front of my house, thank God.
had to replace the motor mounts and the water house. I am still driving my Kia the paint still looks good. I made a very good choice when I choose my Kia, it now has over 170,000 miles and still going. LOVE MY CAR!
Have a 2006 sorento it runs great go to shift it out of park and no matter what gear it goes on it wont matter wont move whats the problem has 180000 miles on it check engine is on what do i do
Bought a 2007 Rondo used in 2010. Excellent car, SUPERB value for the money. In addition to routine commuting, I've driven it to Florida from Massachusetts twice a year, every year for the past 6 years. Never had ANY problems. Gets about 29 highway, 23 city. (I've got the 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder LX, not the 2.7 liter 6 cycl. The carrying space is AWESOME. The ride is great. The visibility is excellent. Got 115,000 on it now - only things I've replaced is tires, brakes, battery, and recharged the AC. The only thing that broke was the power window switch ($225). Nothing else. Original exhaust. If you maintain it and don't drive like a NASCAR wannabe it is as serviceable as any Toyota or Honda out there. AND THE 2.4 LITER HAS A TIMING CHAIN...... NO BELT TO REPLACE OR EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. Kia is still selling this car in Canada as the Rondo, and everywhere else in the world as the "Carens". Why they stopped importing it to the US is a mystery (unless they felt it would compete with it's own Sportage). This car is a hidden gem and GREAT value.
iI bought my 2006 Kia spectra brand new 9 years ago, and I now have 220,000 miles. I absolutely LOVE my car!! I haven't done the best job keeping up with regular maintenance, and didn't have one single issue with it until about 6 months ago. But considering how many miles I have on it, I'm guessing it's common to start running into issues that need repair. I will definitely be sticking with the Kia brand!
I got stuck buying from Dons used cars. He is a buy here pay here dealer. It is a 2004 Kia Optima and i was in a rush as they just done detailing the vehicle. So after i got the car home and checked KBB i found out he was charging me 4K over the book value! $7K for a vehicle with 166K miles on it! And its starting to break down! I put 4 new tires on it and that's all im going to do! Sometimes I get into it and she cranks up and stalls out?? Stay away from this guy! I ever asked if they could help me fix the problem and they said NO! Only good thing about this vehicle is the gas mileage! Nuf Said!
My Kia rio has started giving me issues as well. I have a 2009 with 86,000 miles on it and today the engine practically died!!!! I will not be purchasing another Kia, of any kind. On top of that, you can not get parts for them except at the dealer. NO after market parts!!! I had to go to the dealer for a LUG NUT!!!
The 1997 Kia Sportage is the most disappointing vehicle I have ever purchased. The electronics on this vehicle are Atrocious! The electronic issues with this vehicle are so ridiculous, that the local dealer in my city flat out refuses to even work on their own product. Parts are never available in stock for this model at any auto parts location in Bakersfield, CA. I will never purchase a used KIA again.
Terrible ride! Front end bangs at every bump. Struts were checked NY dealer...not leaking... New tires didn't help. Have owned a Sante comparison. The Sorrento is the worst riding vehicle I have ever owned!
I have 113000km on my Rondo and I am experiencing a loud tapping noise coming from the engine. When I use a higher grade fuel the noise seems to disappear. Other than this ,which i hope is not an expensive fix, I am happy with the vehicle...
Reading some of the reviews, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a 2005 Sorento EX, had it since new, now 160,000 miles. Never (never) had it in the shop...EVEN FOR WARRANTY WORK. I think that's the secret, keeping it out of the shop for somebody's ill trained mechanics to screw up. I still have the same spark plugs but have changed the hoses & one serpentine belt (at a local repair shop). That's it. In 10 years. Still runs great, V-6, 22 to 25 mpg. I do use SeaFoam fuel additive and change oil regularly. Oh....still have the same timing belt, 160,000+ miles. That B.S. about changing it at 80,000 or whatever miles is just that...B.S.
Best car I have bought. It is the most less expensive vehicle ever driven - the routine maintenance is not all that expensive. I am so glad that purchased a Kia vehicle gas saver 100% trouble free only things in the lasted 6 years were battery, tires, pads and plugs at 85,000k. The car is very dependable most people might say bad things about lower economical cars but with me buying a Kia was best thing ever happened. Do plan driving this car for another 80,000 miles no rust appealing/showroom new in good shape. Transmission shifts smooth interior and seats are comfortable great stereo sound everything is absolutely the best on my Optima even warranty is excellent as advertised on the Kia commercials. I would recommend buying a Kia vehicle.
A peice of junk
Bought my Spectra EX in Mar 06 new, has 140000 on it gets 30 mpg at 70 mph and I've replaced rear brakes at the 6 yr mark but the front are okay! Probably next year for both and the rotors look like new too! I had a drivers door release break, CD player died and the AC fan belt replaced in the last 9 yrs. Still has get up and go anytime I want it and now I'm trying to replace the radio antenna. So I must have got the golden car that everybody wants.
Bought one brand New in 2001 Have driven accross country twice. 120,000 miles and going strong. Replaced Tires, Brakes and a clutch.Thats it The clutch was at 100,000 miles.With regular oil changes every 3000 miles this was the most reliable car I ever had for under $10,000. You can't beat the price.
I purchased a Kia for my Daughter 7 years ago. This car has taken her through High school,College and now Grad School. College and Grad school has been over 100 miles away. She love this car and it has been a blessing for us. We purchased this car used with over 60,000 miles. We have had our share of repairs however repairs come with normal wear and tear on a vehicle. When we purchased the car we had several problems with the head lights and a mechanic told us that we needed to purchase a ring that goes on the headlight where it connects. We have not had a problem since adding this part to the head lamp. Try it! It works!
coolant fan will not shut off, doors lock an unlock by themselves. Call me crazy but I love my KIA
I have a 2012 Sedona EX has 25000 miles 3 years old. Excellent Vehicle It is a fully loaded vehicle Because of the Rear DVD console the Radio has no Navigation, Blue tooth. I have used many GM mini vans all had more advanced features like Air leveler suspensions. Could't find a vehicle with 8 passenger seating. The odometer reads 2 miles over the actual speed. When I brought this to the dealer I was told 2 miles is allowable difference.Out of approximately 50 or more vehicles I used in my life this is the only vehicle with this difference.I have a feeling the wheels are undersized.
Other than these few negatives Vehicle is Excellent and very reliable.
Bought my 2004 Kia Optima LX 4 cylinder in 2008. Had basically NO problems with it at all till 2014. Door locks would occasionally not want to lock or unlock from inside and outside, as well as, with key or door lock buttons. CD player would not always take in CD or would spit it out on it's own. Seem to go through breaks often and gas mileage not what was expected. 2014 - Engine all of a sudden died at 125K. Kept up with maintenance all the years I had it too. Replaced engine with a used 58K mile engine. Nothing but trouble since. Goes through oil like crazy, sometimes just won't start, will need to put it in neutral to get it to start, headlights and taillights will all of a sudden not turn on. Was great before this. Now I wish I would have just bought another car, but now I put so much money into it, can't afford to get another.
174K I have changed the oil every 5K only second set of brakes, 28MPG, I wish AM radio worked better
not impressed, harmonic balancer almost flew off, cost 3000.00 to fix it...I found out its a common issue with these Suv's...dash light out and lots of work to change it....selection control knob not working, only blows out of front vents, now no heat blowing to floor and windshield, try to fix it myself but cannot find out to see if its cable let go or motor, no one seems to know how to get to it under side or passenger or do I got to take off facing console....headlights have been changed 8 times in 1 year...looking for another but not one of these.
I hate this car. Plain and simple. Previously owned a Toyota Rav 4 and this car, although much more expensive, does not compare. Radio replaced before 35000 miles. Slider panels covering full length moon roof rattle open with normal driving vibrations, leaving my grandson baking in the sun in the back seat or the sun baking the leather seats. These panels are automated in the Rav 4. For $38000....they should be automated in the Kia Sorento. Taken to dealer twice to have repaired with no results. Air conditioner has a high pitched squeak to it when run on high. Worst of all are the headlights...can't see at night when on normal beams, even with fog lights on. When I ride with high beams, no one even flashes their lights at me, that's how bad they are. Ride is much rougher than the Rav 4, and feels tippy when taking any type of tight turn. Mileage is ok, but V6 has nowhere near the power of the Rav 4. Next car....definitely never again will be a KIA.
I Bought my 2006 kia sorento new in 2006 no problems till these last 3 years replaced headlights bulbs 3 times replaced brake light bulbs 4 times replaced powersteering pressure hose replaced altenator still have to replace air conditioning compressor went out this car is nickle and dime me to death have to keep it its paid off
Great car exception gas millage isn't what they say at least not on my car 2013 optima ex average is about 18-22 mpg locally. thatsback on country roads. other then that great car. drives, handles great, excellent excellaration, very fast pickup , love the standard features although my has some s on a options, stops on a dime. rides smooth. would buy another instantly, would and have recommended to friends and family as well as others, traded a 2008 toyota camery in on by far out does the camery. very happly pleased.
CHECK your timing belt!!!! ours only had 53,000 on it and timing belt went out! Motor is toast! never buy one again!!!
I'm fairly happy with my 2006 Kia Sedona. My biggest complaint is with the Kia dealership. They charge outrageous prices for their replacement parts. They claim they put superior(to other dealers), genuine parts in the vehicle. Two new catalytic converters with labor cost $2500.

They also charged me $440 restocking fee when I changed my mind, after they supposedly had ordered the parts. I still saved a few hundred my going elsewhere.