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I have been having trouble with my dashlights and radio staying on. I put my brake on and all the dashboard lights and radio goes off. Sounds like to me it's either my ignition switch, or electrical problem.someone plz tell me what you all think.
So far I have found it helpful
A 22yr old car with 75.000 miles - At this mileage car developed a continual surge when restarted warm and when put into drive engine would quit. Problem was a partially clogged throttle body air screen. Signal flasher unit quit -parking brake release cable broke - -fuel gauge sending unit failed - horn button surface partially broke - color coat on steering wheel rim wore off - muffler rust perforated - tail pipe from cat to muffler rust perforated- oil pump dive spindle O-ring failed creating minor oil leak. Pros- ride quality - smooth and positive shifting trans - body/interior build quality - brakes - A/C unit. Cons - known problems with oil pump spindle O-ring leakage , lower intake manifold gasket failure. fuel gauge sending unit failure - front seats lack lateral support -drum brakes on rear wheels- mediocre handling. Car now has 82.000 miles with all problems fixed
This car is great. As much as I love it, I have had several issues with it. I keep up with general maintenence, most of it is just wear and tear for being 15 model years. It has 50k miles on it and I have replaced the alternator, starter 2x, blower regulator, CV joint, and then transmission- which was probably due to sitting at the car lot for 2 years and not being ran. Then the replacement group I used shredded my negative cable when the shoved under the alternator fly wheel, causing numerous electrical issues. I have been fighting this car since day 1, but it runs great when it runs.
Bought new - 230,000 miles gets 25 MPG. My Aurora is a great looking luxury car with the North star V8 motor in class. I've never had problems out of car runs like new even still gives me a smooth ride. Its comfortable - stylish - elegance paid $30K in 1999 here it is 2015 maybe the Kelley blue book price might be around $2450 I'd say but car will be dependable for anyone looking for something to run in reliability which that is most important thing getting a car having something to drive dependable because its hard looking for a vehicle that will last until 200,000 or 250,000.
Love this car its the most luxury and reliable car ever had. My Olds Cutlass is 100% the best car ever very roomy and got nice options ever included. Never changed a thing probably replacing things what any other car need as ages. My Olds is gold with a tan leather interior I have the GLS model gets me around town so well. Doesn't burn one drop of oil such a nice looking car full midsized but it rides smooth for a Oldsmobile supposed to be on Malibu platform. Engine/tranny shifts well everything on Cutlass is original.
I bought this car used with 89,000 miles on it and loved it. It was a very reliable car and decent on gas. The only problem I ever had with it was the fuel regulator. Other than that all I ever put into it for work was routine maintenance and break pads. Motor still ran great when I retired it at 258,000 miles when the transmission went. Considering miles I don't feel it was a bad vehicle at all.
Inside is very cheap and everything breaks easy if you try to fools with it too much. I.E. the ac vents and when trying to replace the factory radio. Brakes are comfortable for me. Not too touchy, still stops on a dime. Google "Fix Passlock II (Passlock 2) system." Easy fix for your security light problem. Engine over heats a lot. You CANNOT buy cheap replacement anything for this car. Its got to be the most expensive part option all the time. Overall car is very fun. Can run forever if you keep up with the typical maintenance and don't go cheap any where. Once this car starts dying its hard to bring it back. If you have an oil leak. Check your valve covers. Uses silicon to seal. Not gaskets.
I have had a 2000 Intrigue GLS for a little over three years now. This car is heavy like a tank and it is really nice to look at. The GLS has many bells and whistles but are definitely not ALL idiot lights. Every light that has come on...has warranted a problem. I have a real loud clunking noise in the front end when I first turn my steering wheel after starting my car. My struts are shot. I have had to replace two window regulators so far and am about to replace the third. I have had many over heating problems. The battery does not always hold a charge. The float piece in my fuel tank no longer works and is more expensive to fix than the car is worth. My Precision Control System and No Traction lights keep coming on and I was told they just had to be reset but no one seems to be able to do that. In the mean time I supposedly don't have a working ABS system or Airbags when it is registering a default. I have leaking in the car towards the driver floor board. It gets soaked. All my seals are fine. My stereo turns off by itself now while a song is playing. I also have to take my whole right headlight assembly out from time to time to get the right blinker to work. It goes out all the time. Its not fuses...etc. I think the car is a well built car regarding its shell and knock on wood my engine has not died as of yet. However I definitely believe there are too many electrical issues. I am always waiting for the next. My dashboard looks like a lit Christmas tree half the time. Now there is a recall on the Ignition Switch. I don't think she should be junked but I do think my 14 year old car needs to be with someone that really does not drive much. Although she is taken good care of.....she's feeling her age at this point.
I have a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue in it want start it just a click sound its not the battery i took it to auto zone to charge it up
Bought this car for 7500 n have 900 left to go, have had it for atleast 3 years, very reblable car, I love it to pieces its my first car, had to do usually tune up oil change, changed the belt a couple times new battery, spark plugs, and that's its, I have aftermarket intake , and this car still runs like a champ, its sitting with 194000 miles! My first car so it my baby! My exhaust has back fire now, pops, I love it, I have a lot of stuff I'm doing to this car once its payed off, very good car! 5 stars on everything!
I had a 1988 Delta 88 was a good automobile. Back in 2003 purchase a 1997 88 love this car still in good shape driving at 123,000 miles the 3.8L engine idles smooth while car is in running condition. My 88 is emerald green with tan cloth interior it fits 6 passengers with a bench seat it feels like a luxury car. Oldsmobile and Buick made some luxurious agile ride lots of spacious. Sitting behind wheel think driving a limo with all the handling it gets good fuel economy for being an large vehicle. I've done nothing on this vehicle but changed oil regularly, fluids, flushes and checkups it is peppy no problems a very reliable car suffers no rattles or noises can complain about very nice vehicle without no problems.
Dependable vehicle. I did get little work done engine misfired and smell burnt oil which got catalytic converter fixed with a new oil pump/gaskets. Transmission slips but I use Valvoline as with oil put into engine. The car reads on odometer 169,000 miles seats are comfortable very nice car looks exactly like Oldsmobile's top of the line vehicle has leather but On star wasn't available absolutely love this car.
Bought new in 2002 very sad GM killed Oldsmobile. I think the Bravada looks better than Trailblazer and Aztek put together this SUV has been good to me. I driven the family to places like New Orleans, Chicago, Indianapolis, Rhode Island and California. The gas mileage isn't too good but is flawless driving this beauty love comfort and smooth luxurious ride gets low maintenance done. Put 223k miles engine and transmission is original only things fixed were radiator, batteries, spark plugs, wheel bearing and CV joints. My Bravada very peppy does well in winter especially in snow still love it 12 years no problems its best SUV I have ever had. I'm reluctant buying another vehicle but just can't part with my Olds a very nice quality SUV no mechanical problems will keep until it dies believe making to 300K miles.
Bought this car 6 years ago I have never experienced any mechanical problems with my 98 this is a dependable car ever had. Very luxury, comfortable, spacious lots of features and nice looking styling. The 3800 engine runs smooth, it drives amazing ac blows ice cold while the car doesn't lack on nothing an truly dependable car. I receive tons of compliments my nephew likes it as well believe me this is a beautiful looking car low mileage (78K miles) rides better than BMW still has that good feeling sitting behind the wheel of it a tight big car looks like new.
Believe it or not I bought my Alero 3 years ago at a junk yard. I was told it had an entirely new front end because of a wreck. It looked at the time like a new car. Because I am now retired it hasn't had much wear and tear. I replaced the tires recently. My sons did some break work, replaced the automatic window mechanism on the driver's side and have done regular oil changes, so I haven't had it into the shop. It does have some issues like the air conditioner has always needed checked out and the heater blower only works on one setting. These are problems I have chosen to live with and are fixable. My concern at present is the ignition recall. I expected to have the ignition replaced, however all that was done was to replace my keys and add 2 key rings to my ignition key ring. I was told this was sufficient to make my car safe. It is confusing as the replacement keys aren't any lighter than the originals. I am also concerned about whether or not my car is equipped with the Takata airbags that are causing severe problems. I have not received information regarding this problem and have not received a recall. All in all my Alero is comfortable to drive and gets approximately 33 miles per gallon.
99 alero black v6 2dr.Love this little car..You have to be handy because they do have there problems but nothing that you can,t fix yourself if your mechanically inclined...Bought it off an old lady who had it from ne w..55000mi..Dressed it up with 6 inch chrome panels and wheel wells,cold air intake new coils, plugs and wires,brakes, tires..Get more compliments on it than my Cadillac dts diamond white beauty..These cars are very well insulated from the outside no wind or road noise compared to a lot of new vehicles ive been in..
Bought car about 6 months ago with 78000 miles. Southern car with no rust anywhere. Replaced right CV shaft because of small leak. 3rd brake light will not work even though I bought a new one. Pulled a car dolly with small car 2000 miles with no problems
Average gas mileage In Town about 15.
If you get some shuddering while turning...change the transfer case does Wonders!
ok so some guy writes anything after 1970 is a joke for gm well I find that hard to believe if you check out some of the cars in that era the 75 trans am for instants one of the most famous used in smokey and the bandit and do you thing the bandit would drive junk lol anyway back to my bravada I picked it up for 500 bucks and I love my car it had been sitting for about two years and my buddy told me if you can tow it home its yours so I said why tow it he said its got 2 year old gas in it and a flat tire and probally needed a new battery went over pumped the tire hooked up the jumper cables turned the key started right up haven't had a problem since and that has been about a year ago so don't me mad if you got a lemon gm is still the best in my eyes
Nice Car, This is a time when GM was making Real automobiles got 210,000 miles with a 3.4 dohc engine in it,Only normal maintenance.
I,personally, love this car. It's old and many little things keep having problems. But,what 1998 doesn't. I like the body style, and we've driven the heck out of it, and it just keeps going with minimal upkeep.
Hard to believe so many people hate the Bravada. I bought mine new in 2002 and have a little over 90000 miles on it. This car has been nearly perfect. The only things replaced outside regular oil changes, batteries and two full tire change outs has been new brakes pads and a headlight relay. Maybe I just lucked out and got one of the better ones but I'd like to think some of the bad ones listed in here are the exception rather than the rule.
replaced rear brakes and calipers, bled brakes, drove around for a week, now i have no brakes at all including no emergency brake. can someone help?
Purchased Silhouette new in August 2000.
Vehicle has always been serviced with full synthetic oil.
Vehicle now has 129,000 miles and I have replaced the intake manifold gasket twice.
The transmission failed at 114,000 miles and had a total rebuild.
All brake lines had to be replaced at around 105,000 miles. Air shocks replaced due to failure (Delco) at 40,000 mile intervals.
Replaced starter twice as well as alternator at 121,000 miles.
The undercarrage has rusted away due to extreeme amounts of salt used on roads in winter even though the vehicle had a car wash with underspray every two weeks.
The steering rack and shocks replaced twice within 100,000 miles.
The list goes on and on.
The General strikes again!
Ran Great didn't give me any troubles
I purchased a 2000 Bravada in 2004 with 59000 miles on it. It has been very reliable and with the smart track gets through the snow great. I have never had engine problems but had to replace two motor mounts at 99000. The leather seats with heat are fantastic. I would trade up but Oldsmobile stopped making this bad.
The brake light comes on and dings. The brakes are working and there does not seem to have a problem with emergency brakes. The dinging last about 15 minutes in warm weather, but will not stop dinging in cold weather. It appears to be affected by cold weather or cold engine.
Car giving me nothing but problems starting, new battery distributor rotor sparkplugs cam sensor spider injector and still gives me problems with initial starting. I am at wits end feul pressure is good .this is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I need help any ideas.
The windows just fell right in the door 3 times. The motor went out in the first one and the second two the motor works but the window simply dropped . Tons of other people recorded up to 3 windows dropping as well. GM would not honor it with any recalls . If you buy one of these get ready for windows to drop randomly while your driving and the window motors are around 400 plus labor if you have a bad window motor too which these are notorious for
anyone that says they have had no problems with an older GM product after 150000 is just lying. Wheel bearings, fuel pumps oil lines all are destine and engineered to fail. I've owned 3 GM vehicles and they all came unraveled anywhere from 80000 to 135000 miles. They love me at the parts store. I'm a slow learner, but I'll stick with what works.