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I had nothing but constant problems with my vehicle. I purchased in it 2011. Got rid of it in 2015 4 years later. 1000 invested but continued problems. oil pressure sensor failed, car stuck in park , it would not shift out of park position, service air bad light, traction and stability control has been my worse problem cause the engine ti reduce power. It stopped on my husband as he was on a n incline in the middle of the street. The car would accelerate when he pressed the gas. The traction control and stability control lights comes on continually. Every 3 minutes of driving. The transmission started to go bad. Rear defroster stopped working. I would NEVER by this car again! Nothing but expense problems. Then final straw was failing transmission and air bags.
Bought this car with roughly 10k miles in 2013 since then I've had 1 recall for ignition and now needs sensors replaced, interior fabric looks cheap but the woodgrain dash is eye catching! Car has a bad blind spot that I had to get used to and to me it seems the car drinks a lot of gas! This 4th Chevy and I think this has been the worst. I Dont foresee myself purchasing another one.
I had a '97 Lumina until lady TEXTING N DRIVING crashed into me totaled whole front end well I bought another GM a Impala that is a lemon. Its nothing but problems tranny/brakes even stalled on me at stop light nearly rear ended. Took into several shops everyone tells me can't find anything I'm second handed owner this car is a lemon never will purchase another Chevy again after bad experienced. I am so mad to this point that feel driving over the ladies house telling how she caused me problems purchasing unreliable transportation as other one was one of the best cars ever had. Impala is the worst car had compared a 1980 Ford Fairmont wasn't nothing liked my Impala had lots of problems that are expensive fixing - Trannies, brakes, engine etc. Next week I'm going car shopping either Toyota or Buick for me be last and first Chevy damn it because really loved the first model owned know never trust later models that used because not so durable like the older models as my 1997 Lumina that was really my first best car ever owned.
After owning my Impala for about a month I am averaging 29 miles per gallon. The car runs well for me. Hard start in the Wisconsin winters though. Very smooth ride which is one of the reasons I picked the Impala. Lots of leg room even in the back seat for a tall person like myself 6'3". Interior contains cheap looking plastic which is fine for me but upsetting to others. Seats on the LS are cloth but you can get one with the front bench seat in the LS trim package. Another complaint is that there are no cup holders in the 2nd row. I wish the seats also folded down which these do not. It does however have a very large trunk to fit more groceries than you will need. Onstar is included for 3 months when buying so it gives you the chance to try it out. I like the turn by turn directions and the onstar application for remote starting/locking/unlocking/horn & lights. Not worth the 300+ per year onstar wants me to pay however. The engine temperature gauge goes up very quickly even in the winter which is very nice but it takes a while to heat the interior of the car because it is a large car. Steering is not the most responsive but I have been driving large vehicles for a long time so it seems normal to me. It is not a small car therefore it doesn't operate like a small car.

Overall a very good car for the price and it gets what I consider decent fuel mileage for a large sedan.
Since we got this car its been giving us problems first the steering than the ac/heater which cost four hundred and something just because it makes a really loud noise than an oil leak and a transmission leak and a belt went we have the inside the seat of the driver side won't move front or back and the drivers window went down and never came up we change the master control and than it went out in matter of days and we have the dashboard light where it shows the speed well it stop working i dont know what else is gonna happen smh
i had an 08 impala ltz drove it for over 112k miles loved the car.. my buddy was trading in his 2011 lt so i dummied up and traded for it... pretty car.. runs decent... but omg... what idiots are designing the seats for GM now... needless to say after owning the car for 4 months i'm getting rid of it... note to manufacturers...the more you scoop and contour seats the fewer people they will fit... and the headrest... seriously... nobody sits with their heads 6 inches pushed forward... all i can say is these engineers or designers should be fired for breathing... perfectly good waste of air
I have less than 30,000 mi on my 2009 Impala. On-Star communication module died 1/2 thru 2200 mi trip. Would have been $550 to replace. Bought GPS instead for under $300. Upon arriving home, had local GM dealer look @ on-Star & offered to replace it for $300. They said after 5 years (no warranty), the computers in car can die. Said there are lots of internal computers. Few days after that, the car (w/only a 2-3 yr old battery w/5+ yr life)seemed to struggle starting and warning said auto-lights were on. We let car run & turned off auto-lights. A few days after that, same thing, but this time it said SERVICE AIR BAG. That light remains on. Auto book said to take it to dealer because it means air bag may not go off in a crash OR it could go off @ any time even w/o a crash. Less than 30,000 miles, well-maintained car and now internal computers & electrical equipment is failing???? Remember - 2009 impala had seat belt, air bag, & key ignition recalls. What's wrong w/GM cars these days?
best car built in two decades.
Had to replace drivers power lock acuator. Now it is acting up again. Had issues with air bag light coming on. It had disconnected under drivers seat. "Slapping" noise coming from left front tire (like something stuck to it, but nothing there). Now have tapping noise coming from under dash when turn air on, off, underlock doors with remote, open trunk, or open drivers door. Remote works then won't work. Of course all of these new problems have started 1 day after warrenty expired.
I like the car, but to many problems. The security system won't let me start my car sometimes...have to reset battery, powering steering sucks.
Having electric problems. Turn signals make buzzing noise. Sometimes they won't even work. Now the car will not start. Only after its been sitting awhile. Someone please point me in the right direction toward getting it fixed..
My 2006 chevy impala chimes when i accelerates on gas what does that mean i had to replace the power steering hose twice and the ac when i ture off or on it makes a clicking noise after a minute or so it goes off. Help!!!!
We bought the car new, now has 49K miles. It came with bad alignment, no sign of it until the tires wore out at 25K miles.
The remote control failed after four years. The dealer said they put in bad modules until March of 67. The dealer wanted
$650 to repair, had it done at a car alarm shop for $160.
The steering shaft started clunking at around 40K miles, haven't had it repaired. The car has a decent ride, it gets around 30 mpg on the highway, 18 in town.
the side of driver no fuction the heat
and rarely i came my house and let the car and its no start after, at 6 hour of city.
I love my impala but, I had to replace turn signal arm twice.If the arm damage your lights will not work. There is a problem with Dex coolant. It mess up intake manifold gaskets. Had to replace the computer four years after buying the car. There was no recall from GM due to the coolant. Why I don't know.
I love my little car!!! It has never left me stranded ever. No matter how bad she was she always got me home. I bought it as a left over 2000 brand new went clear to Tennessee to buy her. Never have looked back no regrats. I love her. It is now 2013 I have never kept a car this long. But she will be witj me til I die.
Hi bought my 2001 Chevy impala from a one owner 2/2013 with only 58,000 original miles well the car is a good running car excellent on gas, it's a fast car I love it but the cons are 1. My door opener key clicker don't work put new batteries still has to open doors with key dealer say they couldn't program it there's problem with security system issue 2. When driving indicators works when they want to one minute they blinking get out go to store get back in turn on a street nothing they are so frustrating cause I don't want no one running in me they dnt need no fuse but I can't understand why it acts up 3. Keep getting a message saying high beams are out when the switch is on but they working fine 4. My check engine lights comes off an on first was cause I needed new gas cap replaced it but this time round I dont know what's the problem. This car somewhat is a pain I love it just without all the headache problems can anyone help to with some of my issues.
Overall it is a good car. Gas mileage with the 3500 engine is excellent. My issues have been sensors, ABS/Traction Control,and airbag sensor issues as well. I have 113,400 miles and it runs great. No issues other then the sensors.
I have 183,000 miles on the car. The instrument cluster has been causing problems for quite a while now, and I will have to get it fixed. Overall, those this has been a great car. The gas mileage is still great - 27pmg all around driving. No other problems. I am hoping for at least 250,000 miles.
This is the second Impala I have owned in five years. I sold the first because I needed to tow a large trailer, so I traded it for a one ton dually. A few cars later, I had the chance to buy another Impala, and I like it even more than the first one. The Impala I own now is the LS model (electric everything, heated leather seats, etc).
I bought it at an auction, and had to replace the radiator and the intake manifold gasket, and the odometer does not work. Also the fuel gauge is really inaccurate, but I make do with the Info center in the roof. Even so, I love this car! It looks great, it rides great, has reasonable power (3.8 motor) and good fuel economy for a large car (=/- 30mpg, depending on how heavy my foot is. I will be replacing the computer with a performance computer, in which case it will suit me even better. Overall, it's a nice, nice car!
2007 Impala with only 70,300 miles bought it at 56,000

The high pressure hose went on me while driving making it hard to steer twice.

My back tires seem to wear out on the outside like its out of alignment but they have been aligned

Im having a growling noise fllowed by a crackling or static type noise where it is said to be my ball joints.

There is a hole in the plastic container for my antifreeze only allowing so much in
Purchased 07 impala with 8800K,biggest problem is rear tire wear,due to defective rear spindle rods which affect the rear wheel alignment,inside of tires wear out,GM (government motors) denies any problem,even though they repaired/replaced Spindle rods and tires on all fleet vehicles (police etc),GM says different spindles eventhough
parts numbers match for fleet and domestic cars,NO DIFFERENCE,a class action law suit has been filed,GMs stance,That was the old GM,we are the new GM,should have gone bellyup,typical GM Junk!!! fix it on your own!!!! Stay away
2010 model constant problems at 45,000 miles should have kept the 2000
Generally a decent car for the money. But, did have a lot of trouble with the PASSLOC system......starter would not engage, had to wait 10-15 minutes for the PASSLOC system to recycle. Cured the prolem with one simple wire disconnection from the electrical block behind the dash near the steering column,, which bypassed the PASSLOC system. No trouble since.
I have already had to replace rear driver side power lock acuator and now the front passenger side power lock acuator is bad. $230 for eah repair. first one was covered under warranty. Very expensive and pretty upset this has happened to 2 windows and car has less than 50,000 miles on it.
i have a 02 imapale when i start it it it keeps cranking and when i turn the key off it continues to crank any tips
Purchased in fall of 2002 my Impala. It had 25k miles on it. It has over 338,000. The engine is still strong and one uses Mobil one sythenic oil. Normal wear, ac, brakes, and radiator. I still trust it on any trip. Maintenance is the sucess for my Imapala. The engine is expected to go 500k miles before I stop driving it. Is it the Oil?
Bought the 2007 SS Impala with 13K miles. have since replaced the battery twice and and about to replace it again. Four batteries in 5 years? They seem to last 15 to 18 months and then they are deader than a hammer and can't be charged. Otherwise the car has been great, with plenty of pep and great brakes and handling. What's up with the battery?
what would make my car not go in drive the car start but will not go into drive?
I bought this car new. Now has 60k miles on it, & it has been FLAWLESS ! I wouldn't even think about getting a Toyota again, after the crappy one I had before this car.