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I have owned two jags in my life time, and I'm a big fan. I've had my current 2005 X-Type with over for almost eight years and have had zero problems. Even with over 150,000 miles it rides likes a dream and has some of the best handling I've seen from any luxury car. The AWD makes it ideal for any climate. The small price tag is perfect for a taste of the luxury life. While parts and maintenance can be on the more expensive side It's hardly ever needed, and is often cheaper than other luxury brands from my experience. I'd recommend a jag to anyone who is looking for a great bang for your buck and wants to look stylish while having great control and reliability.
Can anyone help, my xj6 was sitting for three months, everything was working good when parked. when I started it I could not get out of park I pushed on lever by the gearshift and got out of park. But now since I did that tranny is in limpmode, can't figure out how to get out of limpmode. HELP.......
I have a 1990 jag xj6 Sovereign bought for 800 from a guy who collects older cars. I must say I love it, it is my baby! It has never failed me, a bit pricey but we'll worth it. Do all mechanic work myself oil changes, tune ups, etc. Did some restoring to the inside but it is MINT!
Engine get warm maybe the SAE 5 30 is too thin for the engine. My coolant tank had to be replaced as the float stopped working. The car drinks the engine oil too and also consumes the coolant. Catalytic converters went bad (2400 parts + 500 labor + 150 diag). I was covered in the Federal Emissions warranty of 70,000 miles and thus lucked out. CATS system fault which is a cheeky suspension fault costed me 1500$. And Now I have another engine light on :)

Unfortunately, I love my car and thus like its design. I hope the newer models have resolved the issue.

OH the 19" cool rims are fragile and susceptible to damage easily and causes air leaks.Its a huge bummer !
Bought my 2004 X-Type 3.0L AWD with 51,000 and it now has 135,000. Will not get rid of this car. Best car I have ever bought. Yes parts are a little high but hey it's a Jaguar. AWD is great. No motor issues. had sensor on Trand go out but no big cost.Will do 140 mph and get 22mpg around town and 27mpg on Hwy. What else could you ask for. Oh Yeah IT'S A Jaguar....
I was the second owner and I purchased the car when it had 71K miles on it. It was beautiful, felt tight and handled like a dream when I first bought it in 2000. I drove the care to well over 270K and it lasted me until 2014.

Great car. I did quite a bit of maintenance on it and it wasn't cheap, nor was it unreasonable considering the number of miles I put on it. The compliments I got on it were endless and the paint job always looked new. Some electrical issues that could never be found by multiple repair shops - that was a bit frustrating. I replaced nearly everything on her. The engine was always solid and gave me little trouble, other than an oil leak. The transmission and drive train never gave me any problems.

Overall good car. If you can find one with low miles, little old lady drives it on Sundays kind of thing, buy it. My recommendation is buy a model year AFTER FORD took over Jaguar (1990) - way less problems.
I bought the car new. Now about 18 months of ownership without any problems. Great interstate cruiser. Mine has the 5.0 liter V8 with ZF 8 speed trans. Routinely get 30-31 mpg on the highway. I would definitely consider another XJ in the future.
I bought this beautiful gunite black car brand new in problems until 6 or so years later...every time I go to service it's $1,000 or so more and other problems...only have 76,000 miles on it (they say I should drive it more) owner, a woman, and it is garaged every me...what to do?...almost perfect condition and it's been dead in my garage for months...battery 2nd one in 2 years)...
I love my X-type. It is the best car I have ever had. I have high miles and my husband has been able to fix most problems. Parts are high, but I am keeping this car till it can't go anymore!
ask about the windows and the ball joints and the oil leaks
Suspension is odd in that 50% of the data is feed in by your actual speed and the other 50% is determined by your current road conditions. Hit a bumpy stretch @ 28mph and you'll likely bounce all over the place. Take the same bumpy stretch @ 58mph and you'll be tight as can be and roll right over them !!
Just purchased a pre-owned 2007 XJ8L about 2 weeks ago, 73,500 miles. She's a beauty however, yesterday while driving about 40 mph the car started losing power. The engine shut down and I noticed a large white patch of smoke coming out of the tail pipe. What gives????? Additionally, when the car is waiting at a light with the heat on the air begins to blow cool. I'm more than a little nervous that purchased a lemon.
I'm not gonna waste a cent for a car made by bloody Brits again. Go for German or even Japs cars, they are reliable! Won't make you down ever. Jag looks and feels fancy but will treat you like a bitch after a while. You will say c'mon baby, whats wrong with you and she will say she has head ache and will coast you lots of Jag dollars to get her fixed. Go for Audi, Merc, whatever trouble free German cars, they are like German women. Brit cars are like Brit women.
I am the 2nd owner of a beautiful 2002xkr coupe.I changed the exhaust and replaced the air filter with a less restrictive aftermarket unit.Wow,what a differance.The car is a true gem to drive and own.I love this car and would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that enjoys cars.
$109000.00 send the next one....2015 is the end of the xkr !! the will be hard to get....
A witch dressed like a queen!!Many problems on these cars 97 to 00 very bad.01 to 03 a little better.I do my own work so i took the risk these cars look great and run great when their are no problems.Water pump plastic BREAKS!Themostat housing plastic BREAKS.Nikasil engine problem.
Biggest headache timing chains and tensioners plastic rubbish again!
Drink cup holder breaks.Front end weak many problems including bad tire wear.These cars are like babies need constant attention.Many more problems as you will find out.I guess from 03 they improved greatly.Jaguar never confess to the inferior parts and only cover their small mickey mouse warranty.You have been WARNED!
I have a 2000 Jaguar xj8l great car if I can keep an engine in it. My first motor only had 46,000 miles needed engine chain broken, 55,000 miles chain broken. I didn't hear any noise, but starter turn but not engine. This should be a recall, I've had the car for almost 3 years and haven't had a 6 month drive out of it. I am really pissed, but I want to keep my Jaguar, I am 65 and have wanted one when I was about 7years old and now Jaguar Corp has really let me down, everyone doesn't have it, the way, CEO, COO Exec. VP, does. Recall, show some love, Jaguar Corp.
Purchased the ('01) XKR in 2010 with 78K miles. Absolutely no regrets. So much fun to drive ! Electronic suspension system makes it's settings automatically - based on your speed (50%), and your road conditions (50%). At low speeds the setting is pretty loose and feels sloppy. Take the same road, w/ the same bumps at a higher speed - and the suspension tightens up dramatically and feels fine. I think some of the sensors send false messages as they get old....(ex: "the boot is unlatched" and it's really not). But it's no big deal. You clear it - and the message goes away.
This is a great car! I'm the proud 2nd owner with 48K miles on the vehicle. Have had no problems with the vehicle until this week when the timing tensioners wore out and fractured. Attention all Jaguar owners...check and REPLACE the old timing chain tensioners or get ready to spend some $$$. All 4 tensioners and chains needed to be replaced. Went ahead and did the water pump and some other misc service but this is going to cost $5K. Could have save half of that with an inspection and replacement early on if I'd known. Good Luck and Happy Motoring!
The timing belt had to be replaced at 100,000 miles. Otherwise, this XJR was super.
Just bought a new 2014 xkr, airbag light came on. Called the dealer, they arranged for a pick up of the vehicle and provided me a loaner. During the time I was waiting for the pick up the fuel fill cap light warning came on. I am just worried with this being a brand new car and so expensive. Hopefully it's nothing, and all comes out positive.
My love to my Jaguar XK8 can't be broken, even when my Mercedes Benz 300 SL/24. has a lot of positive memories. To drive a Jag. is not like driva from A to B, it's a dream and I will never sell or change my Jag. for anything in this world.
I guess the XK8 from 1999 is one of the best looking cars ever been produced, it looks that way when I park or drive past people and comments ''Very nice looking''
I got my 02 Jaguar when I was 18, passed down to me from my grandmother. Im 22 and OMG, this car is a pain in the A$$. Everytime I go to fix something, something else goes wrong. Its a never ending battle. It still has low miles. 60,000. I am sick of this. Isn't Jag suppose to be a part of Ford?? If thats the case why is the damn vehicle so hard to fix. JESUS!!! Im soo over it. Trying to sell it, and get something more affordable.
My module is out on the car and it's not reading thew key which is causing it not to turn over. The light on the dash board doesn't light up so therefore I think the module is out. How much will it cost to repair it. Please give me a call at 682 552 5544 if you need additional information....Thanks
OMG I have had my 1999 vdp for several years. Love it to death. Had to put a headliner in and a fuel pump ( because I ran the tank low.. alot. bad idea. the fuel keeps them cool. low fuel heats them up and they burn out). IF U HAVE WHAT APPEARS TO BE A STARTER OR ALTINATOT OR BATTERY PROBLEM.....PLEASE check under the hood on the passanger side. there is a booted coupling in front of that weard storage box. mine coroded . this line brings the power up from the battery. unscrew the box and check the coupling on both sides. clean it,grease it and reboot the rubber .. should do the job.
Bought this car used with 58K miles on it. I've put 8K miles on it since. Have had few problems with it. The ride is smooth and quiet and acceleration is good. Get many comments on what a great looking car it is. I think Ford ironed out many of the mechanical problems Jag had before. Have found a few local mechanics (ASE certified) who are willing to work on the vehicle when needed. So far, I've been very happy with the car. Would love to get an 03 Jag XKR!
Have a problem with the front drivers left door . replaced the door handle the window motor and Actuator. New switch and the window and the mirrors will not work. Please Help !!!
I experienced involuntry acceleration in my 2003 jag s/type. When I went to apply the brake at a stop sign, the car accelerated at a high speed on to traffic. With both feet on the brake the car continued out of control. You could hear the car reving. in order to avoid hitting others I steered the car toward a high curb hoping this would stop the car. The car incurred damage to the rt. front wheel/tire and the undercarriage of the car. This did stop the rpm but did not stop the damage to my nerves. I will never drive a Jag. again. This is a safety issue that needs to be addressed by Jaguar. I am not the only one that has experienced this terrifying incident.I contacted the NHTS administration and they told me that they have had similar complaints. Be Careful...don't buy a jag.
I've had my '04 XJ8 for 8 months, 53,000, replaced Air Ride Compressor and 2 front shocks and the relay....very expensive and still receiving error 95% of the time. Window washer not working, parking sensor is now silent. Received the "parking brake error- DSC not available and the car shut off.... Restarted 2x's and error went away. Googled it and stated throttle body needs to be cleaned and or replaced. That could be dangerous especially if comming down a mountain in snow or ice or any inclemment conditions. Love the car but if there are more repairs in the future might trade it in. Cannot believe the transmission pan is plastic...go figure. The front windshield has swirls in it from the factory. How can this be with a $ 69,000 vehicle with only 53,373 miles on it.