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Mercedes-Benz C240 (37 Reviews)
Purchased as Starmark vehicle in low 20k mileage range. Repaired a number of issues the first year under warranty. Over the next six years I spent at least $7,000 fixing broken parts, components, leaks etc of all types and flavors.

Loved the driving experience, smooth and quiet, but hated the poor quality of the car itself. I maintained the car religously and spared no expense when it came to maintenance, but its the component quality that sucks. Leave the Mercedes for people who need to prove they have the discretionary income to keep making car repairs. Buy a Honda, Toyota or Nissan for quality and reliability.
Traded my 01,Lexus Is300 for the 240 6-speed... Car had 77,000 miles on it I've put brakes n rotors on it and a Ac compressor the first year I had it. So far it's been 4 months since n No problems car now has 89,000 on it. No lights on but I Tried to trade it in and was Low balled at 1800 by 3dealers. Guess it's resale value is garbage I thought I would at least be off 4k..
I'm at 184,950 miles. Mo major problems. I drive 50 miles a day 5 days a week, plus many long weekend trips. I have the routine maintenance done every 5,000 miles using fully synthetic oil, and park in the shade on bright sunny days. This vehicle will last a million miles should I live long enough.
whate is the sale prise for a Mercedes benz c240 2002 miles is 51000good shape
126K miles. Well maintained. Have the gear box problem now. Mostly was jerking when started recently. My mechanic is suggesting to get a used transmission with 90 days warranty. This will cost me a little over $1000. Never had a experience with a used part. Wondering if it is worthy to replace the gear box or sell or donate the car. Thanks
the odometer and speedometer doesn't work, abs,esb,bsa warning light came on. ould this be a the sam signal acquistion module problem
when i switch on air con my car cant take of immediately you can accelerate but it wont move until about 3-5 seconds which is dangerous especially on busy roads.what could be the problem ?email
I agree, what a piece of crap. Oil changes in Canada cost $350. Tied up for 4 Hrs.
The dealers screw you every chance they get, take the fun out of owning the car.
Over priced parts, they recommend oil change every 5000 km, claiming cold and heat????? Had car in for service, came back with close to $3,000 in recommended service. Went to a mechanic, and trimmed it to $1000 including parts. Recently had car quit, dealer claims crank censor, then came back with battery & alternator
I can't wait to dump this piece of crap!!!!!!
I own a 2003 C240 Mercedes. I have owned it for about 3 years. I have owned a Corvette, Lexus, BMW M3, Escalade, and my Mercedes. From my personal experience Mercedes is the biggest piece of ???? car ever made. It sucks. They have tons of electrical issues and is a nightmare dealing with all the faulty sensors and errors. I will never ever own another Mercedes and I think its funny how so many self proclaimed Mercedes experts think they have the simple answer to solve the problems. For the most part none of them work. Read the posts about people spending thousands to end up with the same problem never resolved. No one can figure these cars out, not even the dealerships. Mercedes is a true piece of ???? automobile. Got problems get rid of your Mercedes asap. I will never own one again if I can even get rid of this piece
I am having problem with my heating It give smell that makes me sick I have to open the window to get fresh air. When I start the heating regulating on #3 it makes whisling sound. It is 2003 C240 Could you help. Rita from DC
I have had this car for 5 months but the noise from the front wheels, the stereo not original, ESP & ABS problems and brake lining finished so fast. Please help.
Iv. Had my 2002 c240 for 2years and absolutely love problems I couldnt easily fix and the merc techs are super helpful .all in all. Love it and no regrets what so ever love it
Bought 2003 C240 as Certified pre-owned with 43k miles. Immediate issues (after 50k) AND ongoing problems. Examples - rear window and antenae had to be replaced; both front door internal handles broken; ash tray and cigarette lighter broken (non-smoker); replaced at least 10 brake lamps or turn bulbs; replaced turn signal arm; rear door overhead handle broken, ETC. Horrible quality, overpriced service. Worst vehicle I have ever owned.
i just want to know how much for buying used computer engine?
Car had 46,000, garage kept, washed every week in winter to get salt off. Around the bottom of the door is RUST!!! Body shopped informed me that the guards around the doors do not allow the water to drain off and sits there thus causing the rust. Does Benz rustproof their cars? NOT HAPPY!!!!
I have 2003 mercedes c 240. i bought it used about six years ago and never had any problems out of it. just general maintence and crank sensor recently went out but overall its been a good car and i cant complain
2001 C240

I bought this car with 80,000 miles on it. It had been meticulously maintained by the original owner. Tons of electrical problems and noises after driving it about 5000 more miles. For example, Radio is on but there is no sound. If I open the passenger door the sound comes on. Battery drains overnight. Had to unplug the electric seat modules and airbag to keep the battery from draining. It will cost about $1,000 to replace the modules. I don't know what it will coat to fix the radio. Cup holder broke. The Mercedes engine will last forever but the rest of the car will cost you your house. DON'T BUY ONE. Check out the Consumer Ratings on Mercedes has some of the worst ratings along with BMW. Someone wrote, "don't listen to the whiners." Well, if a car is falling apart, then, it's falling apart. I don't consider these people whiners.
Bought this car brand new, and did every recommended service. Had typical MZB problems with brakes, lots of dust and pads wearing out in the front. Had some issues with engine check light. Had problems with electric windows. Motor mounts had to be replaced at 5 years. Developed holes in the pleather portion of the front seats. Front cup holder was poorly designed, replaced it twice before giving up. Began having problems with oil smell coming into cab with only 68000 miles. Decided it wasn't worth putting any more money into the car and traded it in Nov. 2010.
Bought this car in New Zealand in 2006 as an Import from Singapore. Car had done 30Km from memory. Firstly the fuel pump dies. Fuel leaking all over the ground. Repairer fixes for around $1000. Blames it on the high humidity in Singapore. Says he has many issues with cars from Singapore. Next the brake pad on the back left parts company from the brake shoe. Scores the rotor disk. Another $1000. Again blames humidity in Singapore. all through this time there is s smell in the car that is attributed to decomposing plant material from Singapore that has got down the 'intake'. Next thing to go wrong is the passenger side front seatbelt. Wont work properly and cannot get a warrant of Fitness. $500 plus fitting. Next thing to go wrong a year later is the SRS light comes on on the dash. Repairer can't reset. New ECU required. Another $1200 plus fitting down the drain. This car sucks !!
Great car ! Love the ride and the style. Only problem we have had
is the front motor mounts and the interior door handles. Has 135k
miles and hope to drive it another 135k.
This car sucks. I hate it. It has problems all the time and it only has a little over 70,000 miles on it. In a years time we have replaced the locking mechanism, put brakes on it replaced the tires, and now the alternator is bad. On top of the yearly "A" Service that is recommended for yrly maintanence which runs $340.00. Also sometimes the ESP service light comes on and goes off, not really sure what thats about. The drink holder has broken and it is very hard to clean in between the seats. I can't wait to sell it or trade it in on something practible.
Contant problems with door seals, passenger side door is showing corrosion and rust, turn signal lights short out, arm rest delaminated, passenger seat module has a short, phone system has a short, steering column has a short, brake wear is excessive. All this after only 70000 miles! This car is over rated and over priced for what you get.
46000 trouble free miles so far. Great ride and handling. Tranny is a little sluggish even in sport mode, but treat it firmly, and it will go. People like to complain, so take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. According to, the20 05 C class has been one of the most reliable years for Mercedes.
Great car...only minor problems...a couple of gasket leaks over 90k miles and had to replace 2 catalytic converters. Over 90K, that's not bad. Great gas mileage.
I purchased this 240 4matic wagon in 2008 with 40K miles on it and have been happy with it since. I replaced a link for the sway bar but that was not very costly. It's now making a kocking noise when I go over bumps. it may be the loose nut for the strut as suggested in this thread. So a couple of suspension problems. The car went dead on me once. Never happend again. I think an electrical problem. The car has a nice ride but kind of underpowered.
bought 2002 c240 in 2007, had only 25,000 miles on it. Now has 68,000. I am told it now needs new tranny just after i had the rear main seal leak fixed and position crank shaft sensor replaced. Transmission had to be taken out to fix rear main seal. Funny 4 months later now i need a new transmission. NOT HAPPY!!!! hate the care, just want to fix it so i can sell it . Never again will i buy another mb. piece of junk, would have been better off keeping my 1994 honda that had 160,000 miles on it. I have spent thousands on this car already and am at my whits end.
One problem after the other. I had an infiniti QX4 before - Why oh Why Lord did I trade it in for this C240 piece of $%%#%@!!!!
bought c240 stalls while at stop light,will not start again for awhile. ad it for two months first Mercedez,may b the last one
Peeling problems - the glove box cover peeled and now the side consoles are peeling. Very annoying. I've never used a single chemical on the vinyl...only water and a cloth for cleaning.

True to the other comment below. The seats are very uncomfortable.
My wife and I bought this wagon new and it has been THE BEST car I've ever owned. There have been no problems whatsoever. It's not the fanciest car I've owned, but it has been the most trouble free. It is maintained regularly, but driven hard with kids. I wish it were a little larger on the inside.