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I've been running my 2003 Liberty for around 3 years now and covered 25,000 miles in that time. It's a 4x4 Limited with auto transmission and is at its best during the snow season, where it climbs out over small drifts like no other 4x4 I've driven.
Overall it's a decent truck, it's comfortable (albeit a little basic) and it's never had a problem starting. I've had issues and needed to replace 3 window regulators (don't get me started on this), the rotors all round, a new radiator, AC condenser, battery, alternator, transmission solenoids, O2 sensor and windscreen washer pump. Including the oil changes, which I'd recommend every 3,000 miles, I'm into around $5k in repairs on this car in 3 years. Sounds like a lot, and it is, but am hopeful that the next 3 years will be a little easier on me. My mechanic heard a light rumbling in the rear diff, but only with a stethoscope and I know the rear shocks need replacing this year.
At this age and mileage I've read that $1500/year isn't uncommon for repairs and maintenance on 8k-10k miles per year. For me that's still better than a car payment on a replacement, which could also be expensive.
I'm planning to run it up to around 160k miles and expecting to budget $120 per month on repairs. Overall, that seems to be a fair running cost for a 14 year old truck.
The bodywork is in great condition, although the clear coat has recently peeled on the roof. The alloy wheels are pitted, but I'm not planning to make pretty on the cosmetics of this truck so happy to live with it. The gas mileage is terrible, but with low gas prices and low mileage I'm not too worried about that.
In general I think it's a lot of fun, great in the snow with 4WD engaged (not so great in the wet with normal 2WD) and it's got plenty of space for hauling things around. I think I'd still take on a road trip of 1000 miles without much hesitation.
2004 Jeep Liberty is a piece of JUNK!!! So many recalls and now mine wont go into drive, breaks lock up on their own, goes in reverse but will not go forward. I have yet to find a mechanic that can figure out what is wrong with it. I am reading reviews and complaints about the same problem and the manufacture will not recall this vehicle to repair it and someone is going to get killed!!! I would never ever purchase a Jeep again! Then I am reading the Jeep Cherokee is even WORSE!!!! People if you already own a 2004 Jeep Liberty and have experienced this same problem and found someone that knew and did fix it PLEASE e-mail me at and tell me how they fixed it. I am so very upset about this for I paid $32000 for this piece of junk.
I love my Jeep!
This is my 4 xj. Unfortunately for me my forth is becoming a pain. My third was salvage 99 xj 2WD. Most of you would of oh hell no! It's a salvage. But me I'm up for a challenge. And had to do a lot of body work and the basic oil leaks like the oil filter adapter, oil pan gasket rear main seal and valve gasket. But the majority of my money went on the suspension, brakes, alignment and body work. That's because it was a salvage. This one on the other hand a 2000 xj 2wd is a head ache. You know the regular gaskets, brakes, alignment, suspension.Transmission problems that's about it. The engine is superb! No problems. But other than that it runs great. 4.8 STARS! GOTTA LOVE THE XJ!
I have 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo and have had it for 11 yrs. Had to put a new fan motor and tail light covers but other than that, no problems. The taillights are crap. I've had to replace the covers 4 times and still have problems with the blinkers. They work when they want. Overall, I love mine and will keep it until the day one of us die.
I bought my 2008 Jeep Patriot in March 2008 brand new. I have has no major issues until 18 months ago; transmission needed to be replaced. Recently I have had major issues with water building up in the back seat floor area on the driver's side; took it to dealer for fixing as well as correct the 4WD light popping in, this is summer still; problem was thought to be fixed, but took it back to dealer after check engine light came on with the 4WD light and continued water, dealer paid full cost this last time as I said I was less than pleased. One week later and the car is back at the dealer for the check engine light, catalytic converter now needs to be replaced. I cannot really complain too much as I have over 250,000 miles and the car has taken be to Arizona and across Texas for a trip and I drive 120 miles round trip just for work not including any stops I may need to make. Wish the dealer noticed the catalytic converter before sending the car back home with me, overall a good car. I rarely ever rate something with the full stars unless I am truly impressed.
I have a 2002 jeep liberty with 185,110 miles. I've driven this car for many years. I am the second owner of this jeep. When I first got the car I can't remember how many miles where on there. but I immediately replaced all the fluids with Royal Purple. flushed the radiator, replaced the trans,engine,front/rear axel oil, power box, front rear drive oil. added purple ice to a 20/80 mix antifreeze/water. got new tires. I've not done anything mechanical to the jeep since I bought it. I've sadly neglected it but have no issues and constantly getting 18mpg average. I'm not able to afford to get another car for a few more years as I've just now paid off the jeep. I'm in a conundrum of fixing it or financing another car which I'm only willing to do if its new however my credit is shot ;( Last year the Ac went out at 150,000 miles. I have almost bald tires. the rear windshield motor went out. I believe my fuel pump is about to go out. I estimate the repairs cost will be about $4300 to replace everything. Now that I don't have a car payment if I took that money each month and used it to repair the vehicle It would take me almost 2 years to finish all the repairs. provided that I don't have any more issues.
I've had my Compass for 8 months. I absolutely love it. If I could change anything, it would be the vents of how the A.C. is set up. It doesn't blow as directly on me as I'd like it to. And, it doesn't have immediate zero to zoom power.
I am the 3rd owner of this vehicle. It is a 2.5l 4cyl. so it has a weaker transmission and rear axle due to a low amount of power. had to replace whole rear end mechanically 4 years ago. Body/interior is fairy OK for it being 17 years old, but with the design it easily gets rock chips on the grill and windshield. Brakes have been great, only had to replace once in the 7 years I've owned it, mainly because it is so light and I don't hit the brakes hard. Electrical has been fine, just a short somewhere for my light above the spare-tire (not required so why put time and money into it). Engine has been great. I've developed an exhaust leak somewhere under the hood, which I didn't think I'd have to worry too much about getting because it's only a 4 cyl. heating is fine. suspension still stock, but recently developed a power steering leak, and it seems like it is both in high and low pressure areas, yet still gradual. Seeing if oil with stop leak will help.
I bought 2008 Jeep Patriot 2.4Limited 2wd brand new. No major issues first 5 years at all and I was very happy. Last year I had to take my Jeep to dealer for leaking hose to CVT and throttle body needed to be cleaned, this cost me around $1000. This year after fueling and turned the key, all went black and car wouldn't start. Now the jeep is in dealer for 2 weeks and still no resolution. First they said the starter is bad, then burned wire, then main fuse box, now something with computer but still have no car or information when it will be fix or even what it is.
It was my only new car and I think it'll be my last.
But in conclusion, being a patriot and trying to buy US product don't pay off. I will go back to more reliable car made overseas.
Hope that Jeep manufacture can sleep good at night.
Bought this car new. Goodyear Wrangler tires lasted until 33,500 miles. Switched over to 90,000 mile Michelin Defenders. Ball joints went at 21,000 miles (driver side) and 33,000 miles (passenger side), no off road, just pavement. Other than that, it's been a great car and I will drive it until it dies. Good gas mileage, great for 2400 mile road trips, great to sleep in. Am able to fit a ton of things in the cargo area. It's bigger on the inside. 5 years and 3 months in, I'm at 45,000 miles.
I'm a rural carrier. Love my wrangler just a couple small issues. emission censor above gas tank due to dust. and small leak around thermostat. all covered by warranty.
Bought my first jeep cherokee new in 94 - now it has 230,000 miles and been in the shop one time for a clutch (dahh at 220,000 miles). I have had to replace the ignition switch (2) times myself (well of course that part is a chevy). But, this will be probably the best buy of my life and the best vehicle ever. 22 mpg in the city 29 on hwy (2 door/clutch/4.0). Love that AMC/Jeep engine. A great work horse and just the right size. I'll keep this one my entire life. I would buy one in a new york second if they still made them. My wife has the 04 Grand Cherokee (Great vehicle). My friend has a good 94 Toyota (good small truck) - thus we take tabs who has been in the shop the most, who can pull the most, what you can do with the vehicle the most. (Jeep Cherokee wins hands down over the Toyota). I have had both of my young draftsmen that work for me buy a jeep cherokee and Grand (certain models of course) . Now they see the real life of owning something worth having and keeping.
We bought out 2011 Liberty used in 2013. We wanted a decent winter rig for our snowy area. We did a bunch of research on it and it seemed like a solid choice. Come to find out we were very wrong. We maintained the vehicle well as we have all of our cars and never had issues. The interior is very plastic which we liked because it makes cleaning easy and doesn't hold weird smells. The liberty drives like a truck which didn't bother us at all but did some of our passengers. Within the first few months our rear shocks started going out, there was a whistle coming from the windshield which apparently there is an issues with the windshields needing replaced regularly turns out that the replacement had been set in wrong. We paid to have that fixed. Then our brakes went from being fine to metal on metal with no warning because the sqealer broke off that was while we were out of town. Then not long after our water pump went bad we replaced that pretty easy. Figured no big deal things happen. Then while we were out of town again the car starts howling and shaking turns out we had a bad wheel bearing. Again we fixed the issue and figured it was something we had done. Then 3 days ago we were on the highway through town switched lanes and the car starts to shake like it's going to shake apart. We pulled off the road came to a stop and the car died. We took it for a diagnostics test that showed misfires and a faulty coil. Changed the spark plugs wires and coils with no luck. Had it towed to Toyota as we don't like the Jeep dealer in town. Turns out to be a bad valve. $3000 repair. 74,085 miles on it. Had it for 15 months. Needless to say we are no proud owners of a brand new Toyota.
Can't complain, even though jeep currently needs work done to it. I have over 175,000 miles on it, and we've had belt pulley, alternator, a few switches/sensors, CONTROL ARMS, TIE RODS, and other minor repair work done. The roads where we live are rough, and the jeep has been used, alot. It's gone through many life situations and all kinds of weather. It was a demo they were looking to sell at the end of the year, I'd hit a deer and we had a major winter storm coming. Now, at this high mileage, it needs some suspension work and an exhaust maniverter ($500 for the part). The factory brakes lasted 3 years with driving up/down steep hills every day, I used the CVT to hold back vehicle so I didn't have to ride brakes, it's a little weird feeling transmission, but has done very well for me. We're thinking of buying another one, hoping to find another demo that doesn't have all the electronic doors/windows, etc. The only reason not to give 5 stars for all is that things have had to be fixed on it, sometimes odd things, and I hate the white headliner.
Bought 2002 Jeep Liberty used in 2004 with 40,000 miles on it. Oil changes every 3,000 miles and now it has close to 400,000 miles.We are going to have to start spending money on it now, upper and lower ball joints.
May be I am one of the unlucky Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 Special Edition owners who has spend about 4000 bucks just this year hoping that it would last longer.

I bought the Jeep from a friend with 122K miles on it. It has 135k today.

I had several problems:
-Transfer case
-Brake Pads
-Heater core
-Oil seal
-Filter Pan
-Battery issues

If you look under the car, you will find most of the parts are brand new now!!

Winter 2014 is here. I only hope that it does not give me any more trouble next year.

I still have some common problems (electrical) but it is running now.

I always liked Jeep, but ran into bad experience when I own one.

Love this Jeep. Except A/C shuts down when car is not moving.

Starter went out got that fixed now bright lights are not working any explanation? 2009 Grand Cherokee with 170,000 miles.
2009 I decided to down size from a 4 door 8 foot bed Nissan Fontier that had 195000 miles with not more than oil change, tires replaces/rotated, air filters replaced. I bought the 2009 Jeep Patriot and had the transmission replaced (warranty covered) at 40,000 miles, the front idle arms replaced shortly there after then the front wheel bearing at about 45000 miles which just had to be replaced again at 94000 miles. This was not what I expected when I got a new car when I got rid of my old one because I was thinking it was going to start having problems. Should have keep the Frontier
I have a 2010 patriot. The A/C control module or the blower motor went, the dealership can't make up its mind which. Its comfortable and a nice ride for what I am paying. The control arms suck I have to get them replaced every year for inspection. I don't pay for them any more because of where I get my parts. Same with brake pads and rotors. Not a horrible vehicle.
My 2002 Limited has 121,000 miles. I bought it new. The first9 or 10 years, only normal maintenance, brakes,sensors, battery, tires. Since then I've replaced another battery, ECM (computer module), hood support lifts, rear hatch lifts, driver seat splash guard, the seat recliner mechanism broke (expensive repair) driver's leather seat splitting, check engine light on for major evap leak, fan resistor module stopped working (replace it) then the blower motor went (replaced it). The stainless steel exhaust lasted about 10 years. Will be putting my third muffler in 4 years and tailpipe. I noticed the heat shield has rusted and is laying on the muffler. The biggest issue is rust. Front doors , at the top of windshield, both sides of third brake light, hatch lift support rusted off. To fix that you have to replace the entire rear window. The clamp is moulded into the glass $400 to $500 for privacy glass. Not counting labor.
Had a lot of 4x4 cars and this is the best handling SUV on Mt. roads I have seen. I have the Orvis model with heavy duty suspension.Engine is extremely good off the line and pulls really heavy trailers. Mileage now is 173k and shows no sign of letting up. It's the magnum v8 and the mpg is not the best but you pay to have fun.
I have a 2005 Renegade. I like the flat hood design on these off-road versions of the Liberty. Here's more proof the Liberty Jeep Renegade is practically perfect:

Front-to-Rear locking differential; Jeep-worthy 4wd capability; True low range gearing; Tow bar compatible (you can disengage all four wheels from the engine by placing the x-fer case in "neutral"); Factory tow package; Light bar (creates your own personal daylight); Fog lights; Independent front suspension; 16 gear configuration choices ("2W-lo" in "OD" ; "4W-Hi" in "Drive", etc.); and the #1 reason the 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade approaches perfection: Movie Theater Style Dome Light Dim Sequence!

The Liberty is very capable off-road. And despite Consumer Reports findings to the contrary, the Liberty exhibits a fairly quiet cabin with only moderate-low wind and road noise. If it wasn't for window regulator failures I have experienced (six window regulator failures across three windows!), or the need to remove a stuck CD from the radio, and to perform routine, pre-paid maintenance, I could have avoided Folsom Lake Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep's service dept all together.

While the road has been bumpy at times (hey, isn't that why I got a Jeep in the first place?), and despite all we've been through, (or directly attributable to, thereof), I can honestly say I love My Jeep!

I purchased my 2008 Wrangler, brand new, off the lot. I love it, but, I've made a few changes, to enhance my enjoyment of this off-road animal. Truly, after 57,000 miles, the V6 engine is just coming into its own, with power increasing as it wears in.

However, one problem with the V6 is low end (RPM) torque; it sucks. This is most noticeable when "rock crawling" in 4WD. What I did to improve it (the low end torque), considerably, was to install a glass-pack muffler. Also installed a K&N type, reusable air filter. The filter didn't noticeably help performance, but made it easier to clean the filter after a run in the desert.

Another item: I've read several posts regarding oil level issues with this engine. After reading one post in this regard (about six months ago) I checked my oil between oil changes. It was at the add line, and it freaked me out, to say the least.

I started searching, and came across a post that talked about how a dysfunctional PCV can cause excessive oil consumption. Sure enough, when I changed out the PCV, oil consumption went to 0.0 quarts/oil change.

Also, I've found that the oil change businesses (at least in my area) have six quarts as the replacement quantity for my 2008 Wrangler. Wrong! it's five quarts. Check to see if you've been overfilled by your oil provider. This could cause problems, well beyond my simple understanding of the reciprocating engine.
overheating changed cap last year worked fine need a radiator flush or drain due to age 150000 miles now flush may not be best considering age an miles
i have had the rotors cut @ 14k, new rotors @ 16k, new pads @ 21k, and now at 22k it looks like rotors either need cut or replaced again. this model seems to eat rotors. i would like to hear from any other owners with the same issue.
AC Compressor just went at 63K miles - $1,000 job to replace. Spark plugs need to be replaced every 30K per the manual. Stock tires are great - 46K miles on the first set of Wrangler SRAs - good snow performance here in Colorado. Interior is cheap, I had rattles almost from the beginning in the dash and air outlets. I average 25 mpg including occasional 4X4 driving (roads, not off road). Overall I would give it a satisfactory rating, not the best SUV around, but for what I paid I am getting about what I expected.
Bought my GCL new, now have 250,000 K on it and starting to get some lifter noise. I did have to replace the tranny. It has been a great vehicle, and has served us well.
2001 Jeep GCL with 130K - true that it takes more than average expense to maintain however car is great on the road and very reliable - buying a used one requires evidence from owner that major maintenance has been completed especially common problems due to miles and age of car such as the failure of fan to operate on the automatic climate control functdion among others
this car is not acelerating