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Mitsubishi Galant (32 Reviews)
I bought my 2012 Galant in March, so I would hope I didn't have mechanical problems which thankfully I haven't. No problems at all. Maybe wish it would have a bit more HP but that's always something I can do on my own. Great on gas, I recently got married in Vegas, drove from Glendale to Vegas and used only half a tank, so awesome on gas especially with how gas prices keep going up. My first car under my name and I love it, wouldn't change it for another car right now
Great cars this is actually my wife's car but she has over 350K miles never had one mechanical problem except A/C broken and transmission jerk still was a very reliable car. We owned Mitsubishis since 1989 all were great cars now switched to another brand believe the 1997 Galant is get ready to retired my wife bought it new of June 1997 never gave her a problem truly miss her car.
I have had my Galant 2003 since 2004 and it has been wonderful! The only prob I have had with it was the A/C went out. No prob just had to have it fixed and it was not a big fix with it, thank goodness! But of course lately it is getting tired and old so I think things are starting to get tired on it. Rust is appearting like cancer out of control! and seems like the last few times I have had it in for routine maintenence there has been a few extra things that have been found. Guess that happens.
My car is a Mitsubishi galant 97 ES, i been looking for the a/c belt tensioner, or assembly or bracket im not sure what is call but is the whole piece that tights up the a. C belt, i have look for it every where, can some one help me fix this problem
My Galant has an Issue with letting my backside Driver Seat up all the way, I can't sit back and Drive because the Seat will not let up. How can I address this?
Not sure I would buy another Mitsubishi. I too like other have stero problems when it rains. The Dealer I bought it from Kerry, need to put their employees through a training on how to be nice to people. Service is a disaster. Took my car up to the Kerry dealer three times for three separate problems and all three times they did not fix the problem by the end of the day. Also brakes do not last, my air has already gone out, the seats stain real easy and even taking a wet clothe stains the seats even more. Now I have an Emissions problem.
I have had my 2003 galant for about four years. It has been nothing but a pain since I got it. I go to sleep praying it will start and wake up praying it wont break down on the way to work. I worry about driving it all the time. Every time I fix one thing on the car the next day there is something else to be fixed. In the process of buying a new car now and should have brought the galant to the dump along time ago instead of wasting time and money on it. Will be staying away from Mitsubishi forever now.
I purchased my 2004 Mitusbishi Galant ES brand new and I still have this vehicle. It has just turned 90,000miles and still has original Battery, as well as all engine parts, except for a new "Water Pump" was put in when I had the "Timing Belt" replaced, required at 60,000miles. Water Pump was still under warranty :).

Just getting ready to replace spark plugs, and air filters and 2 tires (air filters and brakes and tires have also been replaced in the past).

I love this car and will keep it until it doesn't run anymore and at that time, will replace with another Mitsubishi Galant, if available :).
Wouldn't buy a Mitsubishi ever again due to the terrible workmanship of the employees at the dealerships when I brought mine in for a brake replacement.
I have one problem with my car and it has been parked up for a while because of this. The fuel fuse has only been blowing and i cant seem to find the problem, anyone know what could be wrong?? When i change the fuse, the car drives for about 15 -20 minutes and shuts of again. Plzzz help!!!
Apart from some cosmetic defects inside, the Galant has been a very reliable car. No major problems and so far has not needed any repairs after four years. Some inconveniences include the texture of the steering wheel which can hurt when it rubs your skin, loose or poorly aligned finishing details, the driver seat is not comfortable for long trips, too much play with the steering.

The sound system is good, the AC is adequate, the trunk is cavernous, the suspension is nice-- not too bumpy and not too bouncy.
I bought this car with 30k miles, eight years later it now has 172k miles. It's a 6 cylinder. I've owned alot of cars over the years, but I've never owned a car this long without any problems. I don't do routine maintenance to it, but yet it keeps going. This is my all-time #1 best performing car. My 2005 MB is no where close to this quality.
My car has 175000 miles on it but I have only had it for 50k of it. I bought it from a mechanic who replaced the timing belt, spark plugs, and wires.

I upgraded the brakes with performance rotors and ceramic brake pads and now I can stop on a dime. Also, Since I didnt know the history of the previous owner's maintenance, I did all usual maintenance including flushing the tranny fluid which looked as though it had never been done and I noticed an improvement.

Other than a leaking heater core everything else has been working great (which is more than I can say for the domestic vehicles I have driven with the same mileage).

The only thing I would change about the car is the turning's pretty bad imo.
Love the car and all of the features. The only reason the engine was rated at 3 instead of 5 is because it is a little weak during break-in. 3500 miles and it feels a little better and the mpg is going up more. My review is a little biased due to the fact that I drive a V8 most of the time and I am used to the acceleration. Other than that, it's the best money I have spent in a long time. EXCELLENT WARRANTY!!!!!!!!!
i love my '01 galant. i'm disappointed about my burgundy paint fading really bad n only recall was on black. i have 195k miles and i drive the sh out of cars. apparently, (as per mitsu mech) because i had another mechanic replace my engine balance and timing belts that i blew out getting on the freeway along with my crank sensor and sensor plate, that vibration caused my intake manifold to break off from the throttle body. saving to repair it cause i like it my car. driver side regulator's broke but i manage. strange sound from front passenger wheel when i go over speed bump. dunno what that is.
I have had my 02 since 06 My sister gave it to me she had it since 04, I have had to replace the timing belts and I need and oxygen sensor. I love my car. and best part its paid for
There is rust in the rear door well. A/C keeps shutting off when it gets hot. Mits dealership ran it for two hours, added dye and new refrigerant. Said to bring it back if problem reoccurs. It is over 90 degrees here today and the A/C stopped again.
I bought my 2001 GTZ in 2003 with 19K on the odometer.
I like the car's styling and performance but...
Since I bought it I've done the following:
Replaced front brake rotors (they warp if the lug nuts are overtightened) and pads.
Had body repainted (Mitsu Black Paint Defect issue).
Had one O2 sensor and rear wheel bearing replaced.
Replaced side air bags TWICE (once under warranty).
Had Timing belt/water pump replaced (at recommended service interval)
Had transmission replaced (look up Mitsu F4A51 transmission wave/cushion spring failure).
Replaced plugs, plug wires, distributer rotor and cap (took 5 hours).
Had cv axle replaced (torn boot).
The car only has 74K on it and I don't drive it aggressively.
Granted some of the repairs are normal service items and
I did some of the work myself BUT....
Would I buy another one?
Not based on the paint issue and transmission failure.

I had my 2003 model since new, the only parts I have replaced is the oxygen sensor, front disk and brakes and timing belt. The cars has 230,000 miles and still going.
Not the greatest car but it gets me from A to B. Had issues with vibreations from the front drivers side wheel. Never had much of an issues untill I moved causing my driving to increase 3 folds. Good as a first car. Wished I got a 300m though.
Had problems with cat converter heat shield with vibrations.
Also brake rotors pulsate.
Tranny fluid gets burnt smell, changed fluid twice.
Other than that its been a good car, bought new, now has 70K.

Have not had any serious problems with this car. Most repairs are affordable and it drives great; and I drive the heck out of cars.
Overall, I love this car and what it's done for me except for the following things that were more major than usual things.
While still new I had front discs replaced too many times due to warping. Dealer told me after the 5th set that I needed the rear brakes done as well. Forget that! I went to a speed shop near my home for them to check out the brakes. The rotors were indeed warped again due to heat build up. He asked me when the rear brakes were replaced and they hadn't been. The answer to the problem? The rear brakes were still in factory condition because they never touched the drums. They were never set in all the time Mitsu had the car.
A/C compressor issue. It took over a week when my car hit 178k and the compressor seized. It took over a week because the compressor the dealer put in the car before I bought it didn't belong to a Galant ES. My mechanic finally found one on a website in Ohio that fit like a glove but sounds like it belongs in a truck. I had to take it, it's Florida and you need air in the cars.
bought this car for the wife brand new with 1 mile on it. now at 92,000 the only thing i've done is 2 batteries, brakes, plugs, cam positioning sensor, and 02 sensor. i,m a techician so i do all the work myself. I love this car. really good car.
I bought this car when it only had 20K miles. It has not left me stranded. I have replace what all cars need. It now has 126K miles and still going. I have changed the timing belt, water pump, hoses, belts, etc,just as required maintenace. I take car of this car and it takes care of me.
Great car! I've had some reoccuring AC issues, but I think we finally got it all fixed.
Owned for over 9 years - minor problems with starter and door locks - good car overall
I have a 2004 Galant that I purchased Certified Pre-Owned in 2005. I have not had any problems with it. It is my 4th Mitsubishi (3 Galants, 1 Montero); I love these cars; they have the greatest sound systems I have ever heard that come standard in a car. I've had no mechanical problems. I would recommend.
I still own this vehicle and is a great show car and luxury car, my only problems is the heating and a/c unit is easily screwed up. i have had the air units fixed/replaced 4 times already. other than that very sleek and sexy car.