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I'm the first owner of a 2003 Saturn Vue with 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD, 2.2L. I can't say enough great things about this car. I simply love it! I also own a 2004 Land Cruiser which is obviously the other end of the spectrum in terms of luxury. I enjoy driving the Vue more. Its great on gas, very peppy with the manual transmission, and has a disproportionately large amount of cargo space given the size of the vehicle. I have consistently done regular maintenance which includes things like new brake pads at appropriate mileage levels. The car looks brand new. A real gem!
Have had this car almost seven years ( this October), I don't do long drives and when I was working, I only drove 2 miles each way. I have only put 32000 miles on it since I bought it. It is a very economical vehicle, I just had to have new front brakes put on, I also replaced the alloy wheels with steel ones, because I would come out to a different flat tire each day. My airco needs a shot of Freon, if only you could still get Freon ( that was done away with in 1990), these things are no big deal.
MY PROBLEM IS THIS CAR LEAKS!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE CAULKED EVERYTHING!!! !! It doesn't come in through the moonroof or windshield, but underneath the dashboard on the drivers side, so depending on the type of rain, I may get 5 inches on the driver floor!
Any suggestions other than get rid of it????????
When I have the AC on and I'm driving my car makes a lot of noise.

My car runs fine normally with no issues . When I put gas in it it will not start. I have to crank the motor until it starts ,but once i get it to start that one time I can cut it off and it cut right back on with no problems like normal .it only happens when I put gas in it even if I don't fill it up n I don't let it to low before i add gas
I love the look and style real comfy and drive s well ,BUT' I have had to have engine rebuilt at 73000 mile`s and still have the ABS LIGHT,STBILITRAK LIGHT AND ALL WHEEL DRIVE ,and the parking assit is allways coming on and now is sucking up anti-freeze I have only made 5 payments on this and drove it maybe 2 months s olid does not look like I can trust it
We purchased this van used less than a year ago. I did research so I had an idea of what to expect as far as hiccups in performance. I love this van, though the engine light coming on for the gas cap is annoying. Currently dealing with the ABS and Traction Control light and service message. Luckily, my father and brother can help me out with servicing and I can avoid costly repair fees.
This has been a great car, I have the XR and it is a very nice ride, I have had no problems with the car 120,000 and going strong.
Overall our 2008 Aura has been a reliable, and smooth running car. It is a bit heavy but it rides nice. Just went over 90,000, and still running great. My only complaint's are, the interior cloth is bubbling on the forward posts, and the door locks don't work properly when it gets warm out? Other than that, no major issues at this point!
Have only had this car for two months and already hate it. The engine sucks having problems everyday that other Saturn ion owners have. I can't wait to get rid of it. The only thing I like is the interior.
This is my first car I love it. It only takes $20 to fill the tank. It's got more than enough room for my kids and I to be comfortable and It drives smooth the only thing I would add is a cd player other then that no complaints. It is of course a used car other then a few interior issued from the previous owner that won't cause much to restore it's a good relaiable vehicle.
Got 230,000 with the v6 front wheel, nothing major exept having to replace those darn wheel barring TWICE on ever side. Had to patch exhaust, thats getting ptryy rusted out
I love my Saturn SL2. Yes there have been some issues, I bought it used but I have had it over 6 years. It is the best car I have ever had. The biggest issue I have had with it is, I have had to have the AC repaired every year. It will work for a season and then will stop working when I have to start switching on the heat. (crazy right!)
Also I have had to have the key assembly in the steering column replaced twice because the locking mechanism keeps malfunctioning and locking up so my key would not turn when I tried to start the car. Other than that just normal car repairs and maintenance.
Funny fact- This car is almost impossible to break into unless you actually break a window to get into to it. Also just an FYI if you ever have to "break" into your car, say you are stranded on the side of the road and have a complete blonde moment and lock you keys in your car, the best and cheapest window to break is the front or back windshield. And for the love of Mike DO NOT break that tiny little window that does nothing in the rear door. It is the most expensive window to have replaced.
I love my 2004 2WD 6 Cylinder Saturn Vue! I bought it used in Fairbanks Alaska in 2009 with 60,000 miles with all engine, transmission and battery heaters already installed. I have since put an additional 90,000 miles on it with the only major issue being replacement of the CVT Transmission, $$$! I have no history of the car other than it came to Alaska from Virginia and had a trailer hitch and U-Haul wiring harness. So most likely a military move pulling a trailer that was overloaded for the vehicle coupled with the 20-40 below winter temperatures decreased the transmission life a little. But the AC has always sucked on it, more noticeable now that I live in Utah.
Car is a blast to drive and is super-reliable. At 190,000 miles, and get 32 mpg city & highway.

Car was BADLY abused before I got it at 80,000, and still ran fine. Previous owner SEVERELY OVERHEATED the engine. Aside work associated with fixing damage caused from the overheating problem, the maintenance has been pretty standard.

When anything does go bad the replacement part is usually pretty cheap.

Car does consume a bit of oil though. Engine uses 1 qt every 300-500 miles depending on how high I push the RPM.

Dent resistant panels are pretty awesome. I accidentally hit a parked Pontiac in the parking lot at 10mph. My car suffered no damage, but his front bumper needed a really expensive repair.
Very happy with my 2007 Vue. I bought it brand new, no real problems with it. Did the regular maintenance. I have nearly 150,000 miles on it and need to do some front end work on it, thunking and pops when I turn. Overall, I'd buy it again...
My car is great, but it has its bugs. When I press on the gas the rpm goes down before it revs up. It makes it hard to go up a hill because its a standard. Also the coolant fan switch on/off sensor is out, where is it? Other than that the tranny, clutch, mpg, engine all satisfactory.
excellent car,I have put 101,000 miles on since buying it in 1993. I have been able to do all needed repairs with out ever having to take it back to a dealer.I am very disappointed that GM dropped this car,I would have bought a new one if the interior and horsepower were upgraded.
My Saturn outlook has been nothing but trouble since I got it. Everything that could break has broken. Now she needs a new transmission. I am so frustrated that I bought this car. I have nothing good to say about it.
I like my car but it is giving some driving. Trouble. Right now. And it only has 138400km on it and has developed a hesitating. and astumble. In it. If I could get it fixed I would like it again
What would make car idle too high then real low and cut off then its real hard to crank,almost like its getting too much gas of not enough,keeps sputtering and not going then cuts off
I have a 2005 Saturn Vue 4 cylinder 5 speed love it. No problems I have over 150,000 miles, great gas mileage on hwy & city awesome SUV.
I love my car and I am so glad I bought it. I have not had any trouble with the car in 6 years except to buy a new battery. I had to have some Freon put in my air conditioner last summer, but that has been all. What a cute car.
My car won't stay started could it be water or something in my tank.
the gas is not getting up to the front.
Owning my 2007 Sky Redline for 4.5 years and putting 36.000 of the 53,000 currently on the odometer I have little to complain about. Excellent power and handling coupled with low maintenance (replaced high pressure fuel pump and just put on a new set of tires).
The interior could have used nicer finishes (hence the 4 star rating) but they are holding up and the brakes could be a bit larger, I plan on keeping the car for a long time based on it's cost to fun ratio!
I love my Saturn from the day I bought it. Purchased in 1993 and it only has 60, 000 miles on it. I've had no problems until yesterday.
The trip guage started to run continuously, driving my mileage up. I drove 45 miles and my mileage registered 147 miles. What could be wrong with this. My low mileage is the value in this car.
I have a fuel leak somewhere on the car. took it to a shop and said it was the fuel filter. we replaced it but still having the smell. checked all the lines at the fuel injector . no leaks
where else can this be coming from? I need help to solve this problem.
check engine soon light stays on. Replaced 02 sencor and cleaned mass air flow sensor. light will not go out unless i disconnect battery. then it goes back on after car is shut off,then started again
We have two 2006s, one gray with the chrome, and the other bright red with the blackout. They are both the Honda 3.5, and both FWD, not AWD, which is the is the only ones we would buy. I did not want the AWD because it costs 2 mpg, the rear units have problems, and the technology used has proven to be not ver effective. That may have had some impact on how well satisfied we are with them. In fact, it was difficult to come up with something not to like, so I will have to get picky.

One problem is the factory tires soon become noisy. The tires had lots of tread and I got all kinds of stories about suspension, balance, and rotation. However, I also know a guy who eats, breathes, and sleeps tires. He founded a tire chain, and our kids played to together through school. He said, there isn't anything wrong with your vehicles. The ONLY problem is the tires. He replaced them with Nokian eNTYRE 215/70R16 100H and said to run them at 40 PSI. Man was he right. They give great gas mileage, great in the ice and snow, and EXTREMELY quiet. These tires don't even have the normal undulations on the sidewalls. Watch for sales as they are expensive otherwise. When we had one Vue with the original tires and one with the Nokians, I would get tricked into thinking it must have a bad wheel bearing noise and it made the car sound cheap. Once the new tires went on, they were quiet as luxury cars.

Another problem is the brakes. They stop the vehicle fine, and last as long as any other car. The problem is the factory rotors warp right from the get-go and you end up with a pulsating stops. The second thing is when the vehicle almost stops, you get a brake groan that comes from all 4 wheels, even though the rears are drums. It's the only thing that bugs me about these vehicles, and the problem is front and rear both. The groaning might just be a resonance that it sets up with the springs due to a design issue.

We change the oil in the transmissions every 24,000 miles, and use the Honda transmission oil, in fact we have the Honda dealer do the service on the power train. It's just a plug on the Honda, and as easy as draining and refilling engine oil. ($70) That prevents converter problems, which Hondas are prone to if you don't keep the transmission oil clean. You can't drop a pan on these and clean the filter.

Another problem is rust around the emblem on the lift gate. This is a problem on ALL GM Theta body vehicles, no matter which emblem you have, chrome or otherwise. The emblem works its way through the paint. It happened to our red one. GM paid for most of the repaint even though it was out of warranty. However, before it went into the body shop, I got some sheet soft vinyl at Hobby Lobby, and cut it to fit under the emblem so it wouldn't happen again. I decided to pull the emblem on the gray one, and found we caught it in the nick of time. We could use touch-up paint an clear because the problem was still underneath the emblem. Also, make sure the top of your license plate isn't doing in your tailgate also. I put vinyl under our license plates too.

Like most Hondas, it has a timing belt and solid lifters. The owners manual states that it needs to be replaced every 100,000 miles, along with the hydraulic tensioner, and to set the valve lash at the same time. Of course you'd be plum crazy not to do the water pump while you're in there. There are YouTube videos on how to do it all if you're so inclined, and it isn't that difficult, just time consuming.

We LOVE our Vues. They always stay looking nice of course due to the polymer body panels. They are so quiet, so smooth, and give us no trouble at all. They have spoiled us. They have as good a power to weight ratio as some of our Mustang GTs, and they get great gas mileage as well. Their towing capacity is rated at 3500 lbs, as is the Honda MDX. These are the only vehicles in our family that we look for an excuse to go drive. Oddly, I like driving these more than the Mustang GTs or the Buick. How your think about your vehicle has a lot to do with how well you take care of it. We baby our VUEs. We follow the maintenance schedule in the owners manual to a T except we use 0W-20 Mobile 1 Synthetic. Since we never have to fix anything on them, we actually look for something to do on them. We've never thought like that before owning our Vues.
This is the absolute worst car anyone could ever consider purchasing. Well, seeing that Saturn is no longer around I guess there is no worry. This thing has been nothing but a money pit since we bought it new in July of 2005. In the last 2 years, I have put on 5 brand new alternators, replaced the battery 2 times and have had to replace the starter. In addition, the ABS/Traction light comes on and I have replaced both front hubs twice. The dealer tells us that there is no recall info for the constant "Battery Saver Active" or the "Charging System Failure". I call bull crap on that one. I have replaced the battery terminals and even ran a new ground wire as per Saturn's advice. Please if others are having the same issues, let me know. Email me at:

Thank you,