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Hummer H3 (10 Reviews)
Love the vehicle. Used to have an H1 as a company vehicle and fell in love with them. As a private buyer and not a business the H3 fit the bill. Not as bad on gas as I thought it would be, I am averaging about 19-20 MPG. I have taken it rock climbing and found it a very capable off road vehicle and I like the size and weight for in town and highway driving. It makes me feel safe and it still does stand out in a crowd...not many in town, so people can find by looking for the vehicle...LoL.
PS, I am actually in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. great in the snow too.
I have owned 2 hummers H3;s Love the ride , love every thing about it. turns on a dime, don't have to plow,haha
but now when I turn it over it decides it won't. give it 5-10 minutes and it starts! what is up with this???? Susan
Check engine light came on sent vehicle to dealer to check out since onstar did a diagnostic check at my request. And informing me that there was a P0520 (emission sensor) and a P0442 (Oil Pressure sensing system). Dealer Quote 80413 worn shorted labor 2.5 hrs. verify customer concern diagnose found DTC P0106, P0520, p0442 set.check system circuit found DTC P0442 small evap leak set due to bad- O-ring seal inside gas cap. replace gas cap retest pass road test pass. 13 CPK 337.50
1 PCM-REMAN 410.32
1 CAP 41.40
The also check for a coolant leak
CREDIT ME FOR ANOTHER 2.5 HRS. FOR Diagnostic codes supplied by Onstar Dealer Quote (Pressure test coolant system found coolant leaking from radiator along Top of Radiator. Replace top off coolant. retest pass.
13 CPK 337.50
1 Radiator 413.51
1 Coolant 19.28
1 Fluid 7.07
I figured that this was something they did guess what??
cost me another 485. for sensory for fan sensory unit.
my Hummer H3 true story.
Factory warranty ends at 80,000 my truck was at 80,413 over limit.

I bought my 2006 H3 Adventure pakage when it hit the market. For all of its faults, i dont consider anything else. Airaid filters make a big difference in power and milage. it is a fun ride, up high, safe, go anywhere.
Just bought this H3. Bought it for its weight (far better than the Colorado it is built on)and the full time 4WD. For the lead foots in your household--I have two, it keeps the car on the road, the tires off the curbs, and the back end from swerving into the opposing land. Still need more clearance for off roading. BUT IS IS CALLED A TACTICAL EDITION. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? NO TOP LIGHTS, AND BACKED OUT WHEELS IS ALL I SEE, NO CHROME. ANY HELP?
Great vehicle. Wouldn't drive anything smaller. Better gas millage than Dodge Dakota. Stands out in a crowd!
Would buy another in a second...great vehicle.....Gets about 17MPG overall with standard driving with V8
Great car , love the overall ride and ability to go anywhere in any weather I feel safe driving this car difficult to see out the back . Drinks a little more gas then other cars in its class if your going to do a lot of driving this car will drink your wallet , My wife uses it for short commutes with the kids The repair cost and reliability are similar to my Jeep Wrangler . Its a fun car but its not very practical .
Over priced for what you get!
Very Good Vehicle.
Do not like the wind noise at freeway speeds- It is a brick in the wind.