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Bought the car in 1996 new. Best car ever made. No meaningful expense in 21 years. Unfortunately the car just died. Looked good and drove great to the end at 320,000 miles. RIP.
Bought my Camry to replace my 2006 Sonata and I realized I should have brought a Camry back in 2006 instead of the Sonata. I'll stop back and give my reliable report in 2 or 3 years. Too early to tell now.
Bought my 1997 American Edition V6 XLE new, now 250,000 plus miles later still going strong, although I have had to some unusual repairs lately. Motor mounts, Steering rack, sway bar, Struts & Springs all around, on my third set (4) of rotors, Valve Covers. And now my dash board lights are completely out, along with the Sun Visor which I haven't been able to find a replacement yet.
I'm just giving a run down of most of the service I've had done to my '07 V6 Camry (which I bought new) to show how expensive it has been to keep it running properly. I really didn't think I'd have this many problems. I've previously owned 2 other Camry's and did not have this many issues.

118,000 - both alternator ($740) AND water pump need replacing (pump not replaced yet)
115,000 - replace 19 lugs nuts because they were "swollen and tough to get off" according to the Toyo dealer ($66)
103,000 - replaced rear disc rotors and pads ($420)
98,000 - replaced cabin air filter AGAIN ($50)
92,000 - replaced hood latch ($206)
91,000 - replaced front disc pads and resurfaced rotors ($325)
85,000 - replaced cabin air filter ($68)
61,000 - replaced positive battery terminal, rear brake pads, resurfaced rear rotors, replaced steering shaft ($700)
61,000 - 60,000 mile service ($490)
15,000 - 15,000 mile service ($260)
I bought my used 1995 Toyota Camry LE sedan 4-cyl with 82K miles- maybe in 2008. The inside was in great condition, but was that dated light blue color. I immediately replaced the water pump & timing belt because the previous owner had not - that was about $600. Still, I got a good car for a total of $3500. It has never had any rust. As of 2016 this car has been a trooper, it has 171K. The A/c is super cold & the defrost works great. It is not the most prestigious looking car on the road- is not equipped with the latest USB ports or sirius radio, and my large husband does not think it is all that comfy to drive. BUT this car runs. I have, over the years replaced the struts, fuel pump, distributor, radiator, master cylinder, plus regular stuff. It has had a bit of an issue where the gear shift doesn't engage the switch so the key will turn, but I have had that worked on, seems to be way better now. Lately, I have noticed a slight hesitation in the the automatic gear shift when accelerating at around 50 mph. I just ease off the gas and it usually shifts fine. The maintenance costs have been minimal compared to paying several hundred dollars a month (plus higher car ins. & taxes) for something that only decreases in value. I have heard the 1995 V-6 is not such a work horse, perhaps more of the other reviewers will specify which engine is being reviewed. I do not think I will ever get rid of this car, even if/when I do have more $ to put into an automobile. This car is just a great little find if you are lucky enough to come across one that has been well maintained. A car is just to get from point A to point B, and is not worth going into mega debt over. Thanks for reading my review.
I bought my 2004 Camry in 2009 with 40,000 miles. Still going 158,000 miles later with regular maintenance and very little repair. Plan to keep my Camry as long as it runs! Love my Camry!!
I am driving 2007 Toyota Camry XLE and it has over hundred thousand miles. No big repairs, just regular oil change etc. I find out from a good Technician that if you are buying any Toyota or Lexus Cars try to buy a car which VIN Number starts from JTB.... because those cars are made and assembled in JAPAN. I had Toyota Corolla before this Camry with the same VIN number starting from JTB... and had more than Two hundred thousand miles, it was still running like a new horse until got into an accident and had to total that car. Toyota makes really good cars and they can run for ever if you maintain them well.. I love my 2007 Camry.
I am the 3rd owner of my 2004 Camry XLE and until 150,000 miles hit, there were few issues. Most recently was the issue of my purge valve needing to be replaced. The check engine light kept coming on and I tried everything but replacing the catalytic converter and purge valve. At 98k miles, the A/C needed to be recharged and a whole new system leading up to the radiator (but not the radiator itself) had to be replaced due to old tubes, hoses and various wear and tear. The fan controlling the A/C compressor would not gain enough pressure to spin fast enough. Only when doing about 60MPH for about 5 minutes, did the air start blowing cool. I've had no motor issues, and for what it's worth, still one of the best cars I've bought, especially used. I think it'll last at least another 25k miles if I keep up with my seasonal maintenance.
I am 78 years old purchased Toyota Camry since 1984. Just got my new 2015 Camry SE absolutely love this 4th model. The car got good braking distances/smooth highway ride and gets 35 mpg to gal. Believe it or not car looks more luxury than being the daily midsize car very quiet like everything at best on my new Camry. Seats are comfortable, new fit and finish materials does not look cheap looking overall car is just perfect in every way all know it's a Toyota and planning driving until it belongs to someone else after I pass away leaving this earth.
I have a 2005 Camry xle v 6 3.0.liter. The car overall is great except for the door lock actuater went out on the driver door. The main issue i have is the alignment.First, I've had the alignment done 3 times and shortly after being fixed the car goes in either direction to the right or left. This occurs when I get the tires rotated and the allignment goes to the left, it's is this endless cycle of turning hard to the right or hard to the left after tire rotations. I don't want to spend any money until Im certain the cause of the problem.Second, when the car is travel over 65 to 75 the steering wheel vibrates violently. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
bought this car brand new in 2013. front seats are extremely uncomfortable. long trips are a killer. No real leg room to speak off. Interior dash and door panel looks like cheap plastic. adjusting radio controls can be distracting while you are driving. If seats were any more uncomfortable would have traded in car!
bought toyota xle new in feb 2002,in april 2011 at 230000 mi.3 head bolts loosen,had to 203000 put first set of new brakes on, since then,new starter,cat,and regular maintance things.have now 349000 on this. excellance car
I have a 2008 Camry and will never own another. It is a piece of junk. Eats oil, eats gas, hesitation, brakes and rotors gone, mildew smell in heater/AC, AND THE WORST PART OF ALL - WAY TO MANY BLIND SPOTS WHEN DRIVING - I DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN THIS CAR..
I currently built and drive a 1991 DX 3SFE 5sp. Purchased as a beater to keep city miles off of my Cummins. I have had 1986 (SOHC is super reliable but lacks power), 1987, 1989, 1997, 1998, and 2010 Camry, with a 2004 in the family that I maintain. 1986 and 1987 were purchased new in the family and my 1986 lasted to 268K and the 1987 still runs with a broken speedo showing 232K. I wanted another 2nd gen because the build quality from Japan is far superior to what we have had this decade from Toyota. I am 3rd owner of this car, first owner took excellent care of her, 2nd owner was a college girl who probably didnt change the oil... ever. Bought with 142K, replaced all of the maint items (clutch, timing belt, seals, distributor shaft o-rings, ICV, ball joints, tie rods, brakes, struts (at a shop), full tune up and all gaskets) for around $3K. I even put new rubber on my old 15" Enkei RF-1s I bought in 2003 for a 1991 Celica that were in a relative's basement for years and they look like they were meant for this car. I put this time and effort into an older car because our 2010 3.5 SE (6th gen) was such a disappointment, I know the reliability of the 1st/2nd/4th gen Camry with the expectation this car will be tip top for at least another 100K, and I also wanted OBDI for maintenance reasons. It is running 28mpg in 80% city traffic, costs $25 to fill from fumes, and does well enough in the snow. Aside from a seat rail that is going to be handled very soon, I am pleased with my investment.
My car has 98,000 miles on it. As a stay-at-home mom, I use it sparingly during the school year, and on long-distance car trips each summer. It's been a great car for us.
My 91 now has almost 260,000 and is still going strong and looking good. Just now replacing a couple of motor mounts and the radiator just developed a seal leak around the top, but parts for all this cost me only about $150. Overall this has been THE best car I've ever owned hands down. Not fancy but ALWAYS runs. CHange the oil and fluids and the absic maintenance items (alternatorm starter, master cylinder, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PS pump, wheel bearings). I did the CV's myself which was a pain and don't recommend but the new ones will last longer than the car. Hoping to get 300,000. These cars are amazing
First and last Toyota for me. I have a 2008 Camry LE with 106,000 miles around 80,000 + miles starting smell like burnt rubber or antifreeze took in to local mechanic said I needed an new engine replacement. My car using a lot of oil which dipstick boned dry and all spark plugs etc., are melted because engine is ruined in $$$. Don't have money also contacted Toyota Corp who wouldn't solve my case but I am expected to take money out of my pocket buying a new engine. This car might be the cheapest Camry had features like an upgraded model but I religiously take excellent care of all my cars I buy and keep until 200,000 or up but don't believe will keep this one not too long. Money I spend getting new engine replacement could be on a new car payment hate to say but I can't stand Toyota at all this company is horrible look at unintended acceleration and engine sludge problems who knows what else this company is hiding not telling consumers that buy these cars thinking would last me forever. I am going to sell this car off to a junkyard and put a down payment getting something like Hyundai or American made automobile. Never I own another Toyota not even my family won't drive them either if I had the money definitely get a lawsuit with Toyota because this is ridiculous having to pay something is not your fault. Know most people don't take care of their vehicles as should but me I am a strict person who stays on top of maintenance doing oil changes between 3,000 - 6,000 miles bought this car new now starting to be like a beat up car. I'm done!!!
I purchased my Camry new, but have had some surprising problems with it. As others have noted, alignment is a BIG problem. It always wants to pull to the left and I've had several alignments at several different places with the same result. My struts leaked and had to be replaced (all four). That was an expensive repair for something that came prematurely. I had premature brake wear on the rear brakes and had to replace them. I haven't touched the front brakes yet which indicates another problem...I have never had a car where the rear brakes wore out before the front brakes. Lastly, oil consumption is starting to be a problem. Unfortunately I kind of consider this car a clunker. I had expected to keep this car for many years but I can see that won't happen. Toyota's quality reputation is undeserved in my opinion.
I bought a 2004 Camry from a relative who bought it new. It currently has 110K miles. It had been a great car up until the last month.
On e long road trip, after a brief stop, the car would not start again. I had it towed, they said that it started fine for them and nothing was wrong. SO while cruising down a busy highway in torrential rain, the car shuddered a few times and turned off. Therefore no steering at 70 mph, in the rain, narrow shoulder by a deep ravine. Had it towed to a dealership where they said it need 3K worth of various work (I have been meticulous with maintenance), but that it has turned off because of low battery power causing an error code.
No one has been able to explain why an 'error code' would just turn a car off at 70 mph. After talking dealership #1 into what I needed to continue with our trip, they said battery and serpentine belt. Car ran okay for another 1,500 miles home. Then while driving locally, the car turned off again, replicating the same issue I'd had "repaired". I towed it to a local dealership due to warranty on the battery and got a completely different diagnosis. This time it was a crank shaft problem linked to a 'crank code' caused by dead sparkplugs. I took it from the dealership, who would not touch on why there were two different answers to the same exact problem. I took it to a local mechanic that I trust and so far, so good. At this point I am 2K in the hole for a "great car". I will never buy another Toyota.
Ironically I received a $22 check from Toyota 3 months ago referencing a class action settlement with no further details and that by cashing the check, I was releasing them from liability. I did NOT cash the check. After the debacle of the last few weeks, I am glad because I suspect something big is about to come out.
Bought V6 used in 2006 with 162K now 235K. Good thing is that it just keeps running for my 70 mile/day commute. I replaced gas filter, O2 sensor, temp sensor, radiator hose, turn signal lever etc. in addition to regular maintenance (oil, filter, tire and brakes). Rack & pinion leaked with some Lucas oil it stopped. Car is running fine and past SMOG checks, however it has cheap interior (mine is a XLE) and the ride is boring. It has some power when you need but the 4 speed tranny gets stuck when pushed hard.
Bought the Camry brand new. Very happy owner 4cylinder is smooth running like the ride although have the cheaper LE model this car is the best ever had. I am at 180,000 miles haven't noticed any problems with my Camry did get something fix in engine be a leaking oil pump cost $200.00 fixing add that with A/C need repairing at 67,000 miles nothing else hasn't gone wrong with car. It is comfortable handles well plenty of room has good acceleration this car was built to have excellent speed with a 4cylinder engine its at best driving this car loving my Camry. ATM transmission still shifts smooth I changed oil with Castrol and use Lightweight 5w30 tranny fluid doing flushes for the ATM transmission Camry has always received good maintenance mechanic tells me this car will go another 100,000 miles just took care of most minor things had to be done on the car but can trust because its very dependable lasting me much longer on the road.
Purchased in late 2011 has few problems. The car has been acting up lately like won't start loss acceleration and A/C smells like mildew. Took in this week to shop because engine makes a loud noise at 30 mph mechanic did some coils but nothing showed also experience transmission problems the car will get stuck into 3rd gear I am taking in to a specialist about this problem. I bought this car because had a 1991 Corolla that was a darn good car but now Toyota quality has falling down in last couple years this is first and last Toyota will ever buy. I'm switching to Honda.
Just bought car 11 months ago I enjoy every bit of it. It does have little rust around wheel wheels but a wonderful car with 221,000 miles. I got clutch installed plus change out spark plugs etc. This little car runs well finally pass inspection one thing dislike about this car be electric seatbelts but has electric windows, locks, am/fm cassette player, security/alarm and keyless entry. Starts up right away no issues I see distributor cap might needs fixing after while but so far my Camry has been very flawless it looks decent on age it is but truly the most dependable car I have ever had.
We got this car off craigslist had 147,000 miles did put little investment in repairs like struts, brakes, A/C, 2 window motors, wheel bearing and CV boots. It is a Northern car purchased in Connecticut to say with weather climate this owner really took care of this car. No rust, dents nowhere around car looks good in remarkably great condition we have 234,000 miles haven't had no expensive problems with it. Gas mileage estimates 28 mpg 4 cylinder engine is quick very comfortable lots of room its been a keenest car we driven after bought 7 years ago very happy with it driving around town while been well maintained.
I lose faith in Toyota. This car has been well maintained but now will never buy a Toyota ever again had a 1995 didn't even have all these repairs. My Camry burns oil like crazy and A/C has a mildew smell from the vents took to dealer got fixed now more problems the dashboard is melting. I spent quite few getting these things fixed on this damn car it starts to ride rough while idles terrible. It stalled at stop sign took back to dealer they said need an oil pump the engine was estimated in high expense in fixing what needs to be done. Now I'm trying see get an engine replacement but sense I am out of warranty Toyota wants me to pay half of the cost. Believe me never trust a Toyota again this car has 79,000 miles don't ever abuse or driven hard plus transmission slipping into 2nd gear think this car is nothing but a piece of junk. Stay away from Toyota.
Bought my Camry used. Am at 150K miles love the ride and power gets good fuel economy purchased at Hertz was a rental at 69,000 miles now I have 140k miles. Wouldn't dare look elsewhere but at Toyota very spacious and stylish with LE trim model a good vehicle with best Toyota quality.
Love my 92 Camry LE bought from original guy owner who took excellent care of this car. That was in 2011 since than no problems had 63,000 on odometer now driven 186,000 changed timing belt and tires replaced. Engine runs quiet very fun to drive gets good gas mileage. Think V4 has bit more power than 6 cylinder Camry can handle highways so well I am driving until another 90,000 miles. It was my 1st Toyota but when this car dies my next car will be another Toyota know these cars are reliable mines haven't shown any history of mechanical problems serving me excellent up/down the streets a truly amazing car.
Bought this car in 2012 it's the most reliable car I have ever owned. I always get scheduled maintenance done making last a very long time planning to drive as did with my 1989 Mazda 626 at 300,000 miles. The mechanic that has worked on my vehicles in the last 30 years says this car have is reliable and never needs nothing done on the engine first got it had 120,000 miles now I have driven to New York and Minnesota at 268,000 miles. The Camry is a comfortable car being a retired mom (LOL) love having fun driving it no problems I commute a lot in this car. In next couple hours driving to Cincinnati visiting all my relatives from Christmas gets 30 mpg on V6 engine. It only requires low maintenance changed brakes, rotors, struts and spark plugs minor things etc. Truly love my car just can't pass reliability with a Toyota vehicle it is a beautiful car being it's almost 13 years old absolutely love this gem.
This was my very first car and I absolutely LOVED it. Had 350,000 miles on it when we bought it and it and I am confident that it could have made it another 50,000 and maybe even more! It was a very smooth ride and we never had any problems with it other then the usual maintenance. Sadly a lady came up my street going 45mph and totaled it while it was parked. This car will forever make me biased towards camry's!
this car will not out any heat below 20 degrees. below zero temps you can count on being cold for your trip
It takes forever to warm up inside. If you drive it for about 5 miles, let it sit for 30 minutes, then it will warm up