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I am having issues with transmission fluid. Seems to be leaking into cooling system. There's no signs of leaks at the under body.
We recently traded our F350 for a dogde ram 3500. Big mistake!!!...It is roughly a year old and has never been down a dirt road not to mention we live in a residential area with no dirt! Just took the truck in because the A/C wasnt working and thought it would get fixed due to the fact that we have done all of the scheduled maintenance! The chrysler/dodge dealership that we took it to told us that it was going to be around $2000.00 dollars because our coil ? was dirty!! I filed a complaint with chrysler stating that whatever is supposed to protect the coil is odviously does not serve its purpose. They denied my claim stating that its the weathers fault and to clame it on my auto insurance. The only proof they would provide me with was a picture on a technicians peronal phone. Then when I asked where in the manual or in the bumper to bumper warranty it stated that if the wind blows or the road has dirt it would be neglegence on my part or would void my warranty they told me that the discussion was over and they ended the call!! I will never buy another dodge!! Chrysler yall are crooks and someone will get you back one of these days!!
Purchased this truck in June and have been very happy with it. Had a 2007 6.7 cummins before this one and the difference in trucks is unbelievable! The new 2011 fit and finish blows the 2007 away as well as the quality of the interior. Cabin noise is diminished to the point its almost as good as my Mercedes, that says a lot for this truck. Can't say enough, Ram needs to keep up the quality, that this one has over my 2007. Just turned 13,000 miles and have had no issues with it so far. Can't say that for my 2007, made many trips back to the dealer. Though they always took care of it.
Well from day one the truck has had a rattle in eng like a diesel ( mine is a 5,7 HEMI) Has no power and can hardley take off with 10,000 lb on trailer. The fuel milage is about to brake me ( 8.6-10.0) This is all I can get out of her not pulling trailer just driving like a grandam-- Delership said could not duplicate at this time ( I HATE THAT WORD). You would thank with tin foil for body metal the truck would get better milage. The Power stearing and or the alt is making a a bad whinning sound now, also the trans is starting to make noise when going from park to drive of rev. Radio will not pick up AM anymore. Has knock when turning steering wheel I thank there is somthing wrong with front end, the other day it rained and had to use the 4x4 in low to pull someone out of the mud and the truck started to move to the left and I got stuck. ( left front wheel stopped turning no metal braking sound nothing just stopet turning and I got stuck. As you can see I am not a fan at this time of the 2011 Dodge 2500 Hemi 4X4. And yes I only have (28053) miles on it. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011 ram 3500, first 800 miles on the way home from the dealer. stopped for the night and in the morning crank no fire. 3 weeks later still cant start it and no one can give me any answer. Not happy, first Ram no support and no suggestions. Should have kept my F250!!!