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First off, I'd like to give a background on previous cars that way you know what I'm comparing this car with. I've only owned Audi before, first an S4 then an A4. Coming into the Volvo I was skeptical because it was new to me. Dispite this, I can assure you it has not been disappointing whatsoever. The looks are definitely controversial amonst friends, however, the interior has been lovely. No squeeks to date while approaching 50k miles and nothing has quit working or lost quality on the interior. Moving on to the reliability. I've had all the scheduled maintenance done to this car and have not run into a problem yet. There is some things to be said about drive train however. The engine is more potent than the A4 of the same year yet a little less refined. My biggest gripe about the car has been the transmission. I haven't had any repair issues with it but it just seems like it needs a little more refinement. In normal drive mode it shifts harder than I'd like whether shifting up or down. It feels more like it's in sport mode but all the time. You can see how that would get annoying just commuting. Other than this the car seems to be built very well and drives really well, I saw an earlier post of this car about it vibrating and pulling and personally I think that sounds like poor maintenance and some bad roads. I've only heard awesome things about this car and I'm very happy to report the same. Honestly, now that I'm seeking more power once again, I may just stay with Volvo and go Polestar rather than move back to my Audi days of choppy reliability and expensive maintenance AND repair costs.
I bought this 2009 a couple months ago. Incredibly, it has just 25,000 miles on it. I have all records and the previous owner had essentially no problems with it, other than the REAR brakes being done twice, which is unusual. I do all my own auto work short of automatic transmissions and this car so far has needed nothing.

It is very quiet with the top up, quieter than my 2001 S60 T5. It is low to the ground compared with an S60, and the seats are very firm but not uncomfortable. I am surprised at the handling complaints others have; I drive this up and down the mountains every weekend and with good tires it handles fine. The front brakes shudder dramatically when they get hot (still on original pads) and the factory front discs appear to be flawed with pits in them which catch and retain pad material, causing this.

The base stereo sounds quite decent. The engine runs great and if I obey the speed limit I can easily break 30 mpg on trips. Otherwise about 24 mpg if you throw in some commuting.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this car.
I have 2 Volvo's. One is a 2002- S60 and the other one is a '08 XC90. Both vehicles have the same problem. This only occurs in cold weather. Neither of them will shift out of park. They will not move! I have tried heating up the vehicle, wiggling the switch, turning car on and off, pumping brakes, moving steering wheel up and down and everything that I have read to do on the internet and nothing helps. Sometimes it takes it 30 minutes to an hour before it will finally shift out of park and then at time I have to force it. There should be a recall on this since I have read multiple people having the same problem. This is happening with all year, make and models of Volvo! I need some help on what to do and advice on what will resolve this problem.
When its behavior issues are fixed it is amazing. It likes to eat strut mounts the most... If you buy one get it cheep because people dont maintain these well. If you keep up on maintenance you will be ok.... Definitely buy a icarsoft 906i scanner and the necessary tools to work on this car. If you have no clue it will cost a bit more.....
Bought 2009 Volvo s40 2.4i 5cyl in summer of 2009 Houston TX... Full time driver, 40 hrs, personal vehicle...

Next month will be 7 year mark. I have had 0 "brake downs" to this day. 240,000 miles

-Major issues with AC clutch,
-Major problems with catalytic converters, holes in flexpipe before cat
-lower ball joints, control arms front suspension have also had many replacements.

I did not put money into maintenance, in fact, timing belt once at 140k and fuel pump at 210k are the only 2 repairs that have been completed (excluding 3 issues mentioned above)


Amazing machine. Absolutely recommended. Volvo for life.
I LOVE this little wagon!!! All leather, turbo, beautiful body, silver in color with tinted windows. I've only seen three others on the road since buying mine. I bought it almost exactly a year ago from a Swedish Auto Clinic in Torrance, CA. At that time it had about 140K miles on it. Peter, the owner of Swedish Auto Clinic is Swedish and knows the cars inside and out. He buys a lot of his cars used or from customers who are buying newer ones, and completely refurbishes them. In the year that I've had it, I've only had to put $60.00 into it ($30.00 for windshield wipers and another $30.00 for an oil change). Today is my first problem with it, but I am amazed at how long I drove it before having a problem.
Okayyyyyy I got my 2006 Volvo S40 2.4i in 2009. This is my 1st car.... well that I brought. Since summer 2009 I have put 105,000 miles on this car. When I got it, it only had 30,000 on it. When it got to 100,000 miles the main parts with the car started to give out. I have paid for a passenger side control arm, two front axles, a passenger side wheel bearing, the transmissonis started to fail with gerking when getting up to speeds at 127,000 miles. I have gotten a transmisson flush, gas line flush, coolant flush, brake line flush, a tune up that really didnt help save gas at all & the many oil changes plus tires. It seems like my car is in the shop for something every 3 months for something or another. I love the look of the car & want to keep it but with a transmisson that is startting to fail maybe I should trade it in before its worth nothing.
I got a 2001 Volvo s60 and I love it it's been good to me
Had just about every repair and service known done over past four years, thus far to Sept, 2015 for this 2003 XC70, but not needed [as yet] repair/replace transmission nor AWD drive mechanisms nor engine itself other than replaced all engine mounts, nor exhaust system as yet. Have 75,600 miles on a now 13 year old vehicle. In the last four years [Sept 2011 to date] have paid $20,000 for service, maintenance and repairs, not counting a new fuel pump that was a factory paid for defect repair. Largest problems have been electrical, incl. replacing the $2,500 computer module, fan, alternator, three batteries, various other computer modules, brake master components, and all new suspension, all parts front and back, sans the coil springs themselves. I figure, next, will be a $4,000 to $5,000 new transmission, perhaps tomorrow, or perhaps in next 50,000 miles ...??? And yet the vehicle gets no off road use nor abuse, just travel from Manhattan to paved road suburbs largely only on weekends with the greatest historical trips to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. And has always been parked in a heated garage. Go figure?

Right now, looking to replace the awful headlights that always gave poor lighting, a design flaw in 2003, as my shop, that customizes in repair, service and restoration of hi-end vehicles, incl. Rolls Royce, as well as the mundane, is looking into HIDs for me.

I'd say the the problems with the vehicle have been and are a combination of age related and very poorly designed and engineered components that do NOT stand the vigors of Volvo's advertising nor test of time, the vehicle being nowhere as reliable as any even low end Japanese brand auto, though I do not criticize Volvo safety but have yet to be in an accident with the vehicle. So the answer is simply to drive any Volvo only for life of the full bumper to bumper warranty, whether own or lease, though of course you'd be taking the largest depreciation hit when new unless take out the best bumper to bumper extended Volvo warranty and keep longer, though the warranty can be costly. Or just buy any Toyota or Honda manufactured brand if you want little to no out-of-pocket repairs and the finest quality engineering and manufacture.
Bought my 2003 XC90 brand new and have had nothing but problems! I have serviced it through the dealer and have kept it in a garage when not in use.Its now 12 years old with only 66,000 miles and the dealer is telling me that it needs a new engine!!! I will NEVER buy another Volvo
No caster adjustment capability. Accurate wheel alignment is impossible. Brand new tires every 15,000 miles. 82,000 miles and 4 sets of new Continental tires. EXPEEENSIVE. Local "wheel alignment shops all say "is well within specs". Hard pull to right, then a new alignment to make it go left, then nasty front tire wear. Impossible to align car with a center line of steering. Very disappointing. Car is always in a controlled skid and in a state understeer, then over correction, then back to understeer and on and oon and on.
This review is sent from Thailand where I bought my Volvo V70 in 2004. The first thing that ever went wrong with the car in eleven years happened in January 2015. One of the bulbs of the headlights blew. That is the only time I have ever had to take my Volvo V70 to the garage other than for its regular service - in eleven years.

I also have a Mercedes C200 station wagon, which is a few years older. The electronics / electrics failed and the car had to crawl home at about 5 mph in its third year, the air-conditioning fan control switch malfunctioned and had to be replaced in its fourth year, the ceiling fell down (detatched from the roof)(!) and a new one had to be fitted in its seventh year, and there is an incurable rattle in the back door. Apart from that, it is fine.

I would like to buy one of the latest Volvos but fear I would be replacing an amazingly reliable car with one that perhaps is not. I just do not think I can ever part with my Volvo.
Bought the car new in 95 with one purpose in mind; protection for my wife and kids. Through the years, the Volvo has saved life limb and trauma on two different occasions. (auto crashes ie; being plowed into by other vehicles. Only until recently, our volvo has had minimal mechanical/electric problems...but now, pushing on toward 300K and into another twenty years of service, is "she" faltering. I raised three boys in the back seat of that car..picture it in your mind..yeah shes taken a beating inside and out..But I'm telling you, the 940 Volvo wagon is still as much of a world class car today as the day I drove it off the lot. Its paid for itself a couple of times and is proudly my wisest money spent ...ever. Bury me in my wagon. Million miles, here we come.
Do not EVER buy this car. I don't think I'll ever get another Volvo.
Just spent $6400 to fix the transmission, the leaking seals and on and on.
I bought my C70 brand new from the dealer. I have the upgraded turbo version. At 23,000 miles I started to feel a rattle - by 27,000 miles I thought the tires were going to fly off the car. I've had to have 3 rims repaired and replaced all 4 tires due to "feathering". The dealer has told me it's due to Jersey roads, potholes, and my driving. We'll see. I think it's a bit much to have to replace 4 tires at such low mileage. I LOVE everything else about the car - very comfortable - great trunk space (can fit my son's baseball bag + a cooler and still put the top down. Time will tell if the tires issue is due to me or something internal in the car.
I am very disappointed and heart broken with my S60,Volvo, 2013 It is not 1 year old yet. Just to name a few things. car's front end vibrates badly when just riding on the beltway, at any speed. Vibration can also be felt inside front on drivers side and even worse on passenger side front. When you pull off from a stop with little pressure on the gas pedal, front tires squeal, when you turn to the left with a very sharp turn, more squealing, from the tires. If you try to stop at a reasonable speed on the wet or dry surface, the brakes seems to pull the car to the side and a pulsation is felt in the brake pedals. This if frightening. Also, I had a leak, inside the car, front driver side. Too much, too many squeals from tires from any direction at any time.
Great car, but don't buy it to save money. Get one and keep your Corolla or Civic for when gas goes up and for when its in the shop..-Gordon
I have a 2006 S40, bought it at a Lexus dealer second hand. Went through previous repair documents and car fax. Car was and is still in Excellent condition, and has only 55K miles. However, 2 months after the purchase, the engine light appears on/off intermittently. Now it will not pass smog. Replaced oxygen and pressure sensors, Volvo dealers have had the car for a week and still cannot diagnose the problem. They suspect it is the electrical harness which cost over $2000 part only. Don't know if this will do the fix, I want to stop the bleeding and don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions….?
I've had my Volvo C70 for about 3 months and I'm really enjoying it. I've had many cars (Jeep, Nissan, Honda, Caddy, Lincolns, Toyota, Acuras... )and I must say that I'm impressed with everything about my Volvo except maybe the ride quality. It can be a rough ride. I have 112K miles on mine and I just completed my recommended service. The dealership wanted over $750, (Nope!!) I bought the parts and a family member performed the service. Overall price, about $175 parts and $100 labor. You will want to have a mechanic because even the oil change for full synthetic, (6+ quarts) is about $90-$110. I have all the features except the front sensors. I get compliments all the time even with the roof up. I'm 6'5" and the seats adjust perfectly for a person of my height and there is plenty of room for long trips. I must say that the car can produce squeaks when the roof is up. It was annoying at first, but to be honest, I'm use to it now. The heat and the air are excellent. A cool night with the top down and the windows up and the heat on.... Perfect! It performs well when merging into highway traffic, and can go from 60 to 85ish when needed. Although I'm still new to the Volvo brand, I hope what I've mentioned above helps.
We bought our 2002 S40 about 6 years ago from a dealership. The CarFax report looked good, it only had 72,000 miles on it and we had heard that Volvo's were good cars that lasted a long time. We heard wrong. About a year and half after we got it, we started hearing the most horrible sound from the front axle. The sway bar had worn out and when we looked we saw that the CV boots were destroyed. Then a year later things went crazy. It started revving while we were driving it and we would have to pull over and ram it into neutral as it was the only way to get it to keep from ramming into other cars and pedestrians, then it would die on us when we were driving and again we had to pull on the side until it would start again. Then one day it started overheating and we noticed an eruption of oil from the undercarriage where most car makers would use gaskets to seal their pans Volvo doesn't and oil was erupting out of everywhere. Got that taken care of, replaced the radiator as it had a gaping hole in it, though we are not sure how it got there but we bought a new one and thought we were good to go and suddenly the car wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. Checked the OBD codes and fixed each area and got each code removed and it still wouldn't start. So, it turns over, their is fuel, their is spark, their is electricity, timing is dead on, replaced the timing belt and accessories, replaced ignition coils, spark plugs, tons of sensors, there are 0 codes and it still won't start. So I don't think I see a Volvo in my future again...
Dan, Have a 2000 S80 t6 got it sept.2012 brought in in Conn. An it really impressed me, So I purchased it an Drove it home to Philadelphia, Pa. An was in love with every aspect of the car. Kept my fuilds full and oil changes and 87octane on gas , In 2014 I started having problems with the front head lights flickering off an on, Then just would'nt come on anymore, almost instantly the car started idling and sputtering for awhile then calmed down and runs but at light jerks and lose power then speeds up back off , Its weird , Everywhere I take it they dont do VOLVOS cant read the codes they say , Take it to the dearler, The dearler wants a lot of money like its a new car almost more than I paid for the car itself . I love it when it runs , But when its a little problem it turns bad fast and hurt your Pockets.
Love it! I got it for a steal. It is a 2008 -beautiful. Great-looking car. "Transformer" hard-top convertible is a show-stopper. Fast, comfy. But handling is atrocious. Terrible torque steer, jittery on bumps.
Only concerns were to replace tires, oil, AC refrigerant, and transmission fluid.
We bought it new in 03. We have 165K miles on it. All service done in Dedham, Mass. Its been a great car. I am planning on getting at least 250K on it. All repairs, service, tires, brakes, exhaust, everything averaged about $1200 per year. I am happy.

Can't wait for the new XC90 PHEV. I own 2 other Volvo's and our experience has been the same on both. The Dealer makes a lot of difference.
/horrible car and service failed at 6000 miles I told the dealer they did nothing then they called me at 10,000 miles to do a prorated new tire rebate which was nothing to the same kind of tires....the car did not start at 5 or 7,000 miles and got a jump took it to the dealer they said a recall on the battery software....( now in to deep to get out....later found out they sold me a so called new car to my face while anything with miles on it expecially 4000 miles is considered used)..lets go on after miticulus car and purple oil and more
they told me the engine had sludge and the sun roof was clogged and that not covered under warentee after a second opinion and proof this was not true...the dealer was rude and mean.....drove the car to Colorado from plano and the cd player burned up then drove to Oregon ( got the car for long distances as it was my 2nd car) and had to put a new engine in it thank GOD I bought the top of choices of extended warrentee due to I had low miles but the time ran out for Volvo to cover anything.....that was a horrible experience and only due to immaculate car and keeping records did they do anything ....and everything was a fight.....the car still leaked and online an attorney was doing a national suit against Volvo for doors leaking but I had to prove I went to dealer but the dealer would not give me the report that said I came to them when I was under warrenttee ( the last visit I was told it was there but they could not open it and could not ggive it to me) new engine ( well you kknow how that goes used rebuilt) then replacement of computer chips of about 3000 dollars and some not covered under the now back to texas and one check engine light on and told by Oregon it was not covered and not essential and since Oregon does not do emission testing this not important BUT in texas could not get inspection sticker without the light one could fix and was lead down different paths...purge pump purge valse fuse.....etc all then sent me to the dealer who took 1 month to decide that the previous Volvo dealer had missed 2 crossed wires with evaluation and they tried to get money for diagnostic above and beyond the 200 dollars or so cause they said they took hours to find this but the technician told me he did not work on my car but a few hours if any daily and only after talking to the manager did they find the problem within a day and only since I had firestone manager who sent me there behind me since they tried to fix problem but could not....any way...then the siren went out they say and they charged 10000.00 dollars for 30 min of work......on and on ....horrible car and sevice ...don't buy...I bought a new thought new car so I would not have problems....well bad car ..then they called me cheap and said I go to cheap places to get my oil changed.....and talked bad about firestone and independent shops.... oh then I have to say now the towing is not what they told me the fises don't support most camping equipment things break so easily just from basic use like the consul container....the driver seat button space cracked just from getting in and out of car and if you don't face the ac port windows on dash away from window it fogs up...gas mileage is poor,.....mounting bar to engine they now tell me is much more......oh and the sway with wind or big trucks passing that was something to get used much more
I have owned my Volvo S40 2.4i for a little over 5 years now and have well over 70,000 miles on it. I bought it because of the great handling, agility, and aesthetics it offers and of course, safety. The car has treated me well, and i have treated it well. If you take care of your car, it will love you back. I never exceed the engine past 3000rpm, and wash the inside, outside, engine bay EVERY WEEK. I Love my Volvo!

. --Problems i do have with it - just normal wear and tear
Control arm (rear)- replaced 800 dollars due to lost tension.
Trunk - connection in the wires connected to cabin loose so trunk could not open/said trunk lid open.
Replaced the wires by myself over a weekend -- now its like new.
The tires -- wear waayyy too prematurely
Not that cold of AC.
Not that great mileage.
Not TOO powerful torque wise... (but i have the 2.4i) it still has great power behind it when traveling from 35-80+ mph

Volvo 4 life - from Sweden
I bought my car in Buffalo NY in 2005 just off lease low mileage. I imported it to Canada..I live in Toronto. I have had to use a US zip code to post this.
The car has been the winter I love to take it out after it has just snowed. I have Swedish brand snow tires..drives like a tank through the snow! Lots of fun.
With our pot holes during the winter I have occasionally had to do some suspension work. I have just done the front brakes and new summer tires. I am very pleased with the enjoyment we have had with this car with minor repairs and maintenance.
It feels safe and is very comfortable. It has 95,000mi on it as of today.
We hope to keep it another 5-10 years.
how much cast to fix a ecu in c70
very nice car I purchased it two yrs. ago at 145,000 miles but recently been having transmission shifting issues. the car seems to not want to shift to second gear rpm just goes up but no acceleration. I had the tranny flushed and filter changed but it still slips. I took it to a transmission shop but they couldn't diagnose the problem because it's intermittent. It slips on the way to the shop then it starts to run fine right before the mechanic hooks the computer to it. Anybody has a remedy for this problem. I'm trying to avoid taking it to the dealer because they are extremely expensive.
VOLVO S60 T2.5 2009. Fuel pump failed at 54000 miles. Dealership said I was 2 months out of 5 years warranty. Had to get it replaced at local mechanic, $1300. mechanic said the fuel module showed signs of premature failure and that if there is another fuel problem it will be that and not the Fuel pump assembly. If you buy a Volvo realize that since it is now owned by a Chinese company you better buy the extended warranty to be safe.
I have a 1998 Volvo S90, bought it, it was in bad shape except for the engine. put a used transmission in it, went to the junkyard and purchased basically a complete interior, seats, carpet. replaced a few bushings on the suspension and the lower control arms, new brakes, replaced a few bushings on the air pump(found those online)-these wear on all the s90 & 960 models. Replaced as many vaccum lines as I could. these vehicles tend to have vaccum leaks on the evap lines. there were a few cracked lines that were very obvious. always check the line that comes off the gas spout, it runs to a canister under the car, usually this one is cracked (sometimes you will get a fuel type smell) many of the bulbs in the dash go out as well, also got a bunch of those at the junkyard. besides that, these cars are tanks and run great, and feel like your driving a Cadillac.