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I purchased my Geo Metro (5 speed) new in 1991. I wanted three things in a car; and in the Metro, I got all of them. One was cost, and with the first time buyer incentive of $1000, I paid only $6000. Second was mpg. I got an average of about 55 mpg for both city and highway. If I ever got a mere 50, it was a bad day. Third was reliability, and I had virtually zero problems until 145,000 miles. I did oil changes, and recommended maintenance, and that was it. At 145,000 miles, the engine went out. And soon after that, my husband and I had our third child, so we went to a larger car.

I sometimes wish, though, that something comparable was available now.
Hi, I got my geo prizm 1995 with 120,120 milles. That was back in 2012, the previous owner had abused the car. But I put some love and care too it. Currently it has 2017,120miles run strong but consume oil too. I put a lot of new staff on this car and I am find it hard to let go. It has plenty of rust but trusty. With this car, it has made me mechanic inclined. Most of time I do all the work on my geo prizm and it makes me happy.
My baby just died.
300,520 miles Iand counting. I swear to you I have never changed anything on this vehicle. Ok maybe; the clutch, timing belt,
radiator and put new seals on the front and rear main but other than that nothing.Oh wait oil lots of oil. I bought this car in Detroit in 1991,it has proven to me. that Toyota rocks.
I just purchased a USED run-around-town car last Saturday. It's a 1996 Geo Tracker, Auto Trans, hard top with 175K on the engine. I'm aware that parts
are hard to get since they don't make the car any more, but she's good to go
for as long as I'm going to be on the road. (age 84)! My son has one and swears by them ,,, gas mileage is 30 miles a gal. easy to get it into and one of the greatest features is the BIG windows all around it. A SAFE DRIVE!

So I'm hooked up with VILLAGE AUTOCARE, now to keep it in good maintenance. A great little shop for these who live in the Village.

So, if your looking for a cheap good miles car, I recommend this little one.
You can't go wrong with Village autocare either.

Good car hunting, Ladysedona 08/15/14
I love my Prizm! Unfortunately, some Bozo hit me, and it has been declared a total loss, so it is going for scrap. So sad to see her go. She had over 230,000 miles on her and was in great shape. The exterior paint was just starting to fade in places. If you were to see it before the wreck, you'd think it was a new car. I babied it, and it deserved it. Also, I am a stickler for a good AC, and this one was excellent. Really hate to see her go!
Most will not believe, but I bought my 1992 Geo Metro in Aug 1991. I' still have it with almost 250K on it-runs like new-no oil between changes (5K). My total repairs are: Struts with lifetime-changed-no cost once-clutch at 240K (will never need again). Other than tires, brakes, ,2 or 3 times, this car still runs like almost new. I will never sell this car for sure. I believe it will run to at least 500,000 mi.. One thing I forgot--muffler repl. 200,000 mi. I had my car (92 Geo) repainted to silver to match my new Altima 3CV. I give this excellent care to my personal excellent care, using only 50 percent synthetic oil-change every,5000 mi., wiping engine clean before every oil change and afterward. I guess just showing love for the wonderful car. I did drive it 75 mph plus on many many trips. My name is Bob Hardison, Columbia, Tn.
I bought a 1995 Geo Metro 4-cylinder four door in 2004 for my daughter to use at college. She used it for four years, and I acquired it after she got married. I have used it as my daily work commuter (40 miles/day) ever since. The odometer just cleared 225,000 miles and I expect to get at least 300,000 miles out of it. There was one engine failure due to a broken timing belt (my fault; at that time I didn't know about timing belt replacements). I had a used engine put in at about 140,000 miles. Other than that, I have had the ball joints replaced, and the usual maintenance (oil changes, tuneups, brake pads, batteries, exhaust.) This car has absolutely surprised me. To be honest, I didn't expect much from it. But it has been the most dependable, reliable car I have ever owned, and I am 54. It starts up first time, every time, even when it is minus 20 or 30. The car's heater warms up quickly. It will never win any races, but it's spry enough for me. And it gets an average 35 mpg. (Used to get 40, but it dropped a couple years ago. May be the ethanol in the fuel.) Even though this was a cheap car when new, its reliability and longevity earn it high praise from me. Many other vehicles I have owned have nickel-and-dimed me to a plague, but this car just keeps on going.
I love my 1994 Geo Metro XFI! I worry that it is an orphan and 12 inch tires are hard to find, but it gets about 40mpg and I can reach the passenger side door and roll that window down. I do not have a/c, but it has a great heater. I have had some electrical issues - overhead lamp and gage dispay lighting have gone out. I paid to get the overhead lamp fixed and the gage display lights came back by themselves and been fine every since. Yes, it is fragile in sime ways, but the mechanics have all told me that my Mitsubitsy(?) engine will out live many other engines.
I bought the car for towing behind my motorhome. For the most part it tows well except for tight turns as like pulling into a driveway, or when backing it up. Due to short wheel base I believe. It otherwise followed behind as if it wasn't there! It was able to follow those little "Quads" everywhere they went! It could use a bit more power at times as when loaded with camping and prospecting gear it has had trouble climbing long very steep dirt roads. Having to turn back results in gut wrenching fear because you get the feeling that if you lock up the brakes, it would just result in an uncontrolled sled like skid to the bottom!
I bought my 4 cylinder Metro used (I'm the third owner) with 145K for $400. It was poorly cared for by the previous owner and should have been junked. Anyway, I call the Metro a poor man's Prius. It's up to 183K now and has been a mixed blessing. It gets good gas mileage (40 mpg)on my 110 mile commute per day, but goes through a period during the year when it won't start up in the morning until about 10 A.M. Spent lots of money replacing stuff to try to solve the "no start" problem. My wife wants me to junk it since she can't rely on it. I change the oil regularly and am thinking of switching from 5 W 20 to a Full Synthetic. Hope it lasts till over 200K.
I need a complete passenger window opening and closing cable system where can I get one and how much
All I can say is that I have 271,000 miles on it. And, it is still in excellent driving condiditon. I count my blessings. The only things I have replaced: clutch about 250,000 miles; radiator - not sure of the mileage. Now, at 271,000 I have been told my starter need to be replaced. I anticipate going to a shop on 11/5/2012.
I have two wishes - bring back the Geo (but a compact SUV or wagon) and stop this daylight saving time change. This flipping the clock back and forth is making me crazy.
my metro geo needs chordwhelt seals ,its a lsi convertablean 2 seater aotomatic-3cylinder. please help mary elkins,,557 4552
We bought our Geo Prizm at 22,000 miles and it now has 160,000 miles. Our car has been over the Rocky Mountains and back and over the Appalachians and back. It is a very great and sturdy car. We've had to replace the front strut and spring on the driver side, regular maintenance like brakes and oil changes and tune ups. The only major thing we've had to replace is recently our master cylinder went. Our mechanic is surprised our car is still up and running with all the abuse it's taken. Gods only know how many tires we've gone through and the hubcaps are long gone but who really NEEDS those. LOL A great and sturdy car. Love it and would buy one again in an instant.
super good i love it
my car shuts off when i put it in reverse or drive
My mother bought this car in 1998 with less than 20,000 miles on it. I bought it from my mother for $2000 to give my daughter when whe turned 16, it had about 60,000 miles on it then. My daughter drove it until she got another car and I am still driving this car today with 230,000 miles on it. I have never had any Major work done to this car. I have kept the oil changed every 3-5 thousand miles and it has truly been the very best car I've ever owned. I wish they were still being made. the reliablity and fuel effeciancy make this car amazing. I wish they would bring it back, I would buy a new one in a heartbeat..
i have a 94 geo Prizm its an excellent car! it recently started doing this thing when i let go of the gas petal it pulls back like you can feel when i let go of the gas petal dramatically!! whats wrong? what can i do to fix it?
I have owned it since 2005. I love it so much.
A relative gave me a 1991 Geo Prizm in Sep 2009. It sat in a garage for 2 years without moving. Replaced battery, oil, spark plugs, distributor cap & wiring harness, and filled it up with premium gas to mix with the aged gas. Has run smoothly ever since. I quickly found out that this was one of the most reliable cars ever made. After reading this and other forums, I'm excited to get this little car to 250k+ miles.

Previous Repairs:
At 50k I replaced the passenger side Transaxle and replaced tran fluid ($120). At 52k I flushed the coolant system ($20). At 55k miles I replaced all 4 tires ($275). At 60k I replaced the exhaust system ($300). At 65k I replaced the headliner (real easy to do yourself) ($40). At 68k I replaced the rear wheel cylinders ($220).

Needed Repairs:
Took it in for a 70k mile checkup and I need: to replaced the the timing belt, water pump & valve cover, and all other belts (AC, Serpentine, Alternator, Power steering, h2o pump) ($450 for all). All 4 struts are leaking and need replaced ($400+). Also need radiator and thermostat ($220). Rear drum brakes will need to be done

Overall this has been a very affordable car. It seems that I've spent a lot on repairs, but it was all preventative maintenance, which is well worth it on a car that was free and has the potential to get 200k+ miles. Additionally, the parts are inexpensive and most repairs can be done by seasoned backyard mechanics (also cheap for mechanics to work on).

I would recommend this car to anyone who could care less about the status their vehicle brings them. I feel bad for my coworkers and their BMWs & Audis ($1200 to replace timing belt vs $450 on Prizm).

I only wish the motor had a little more oomph. I drive it into the Colorado Rockies and it certainly struggles up some of those mountain passes. It's fine if you can build up your momentum (or if its in the snow and everyone's slow) but if you're going around sharp turns the engine really slows and you'll be flooring it going about 40mph - which does not sound like the engine and transmission are having a fun time. I'm thinking after all the above repairs are taken care of, I'm going to put in a cold air intake, manual cooling fan switch and get rid of as much weight as possible (seats, excessive trim) to increase performance and efficiency. I'm also planning to remove all the interior trim and insulate it for a much quieter ride (did that between the roof and the headliner and you can really tell the difference). Be smart. Drive Geo.
I have only had this car for less than 2 years. I bought it with 137000 miles on it, and in the year and a half I have owned it, added 50,000 miles. The only real flaws I have noticed with it is that the AC doesn't cool down the car at all. It only cools down the person sitting right in front of it. My little prizm finally broke down a few weeks ago because of the master cylinder. I fixed it for a price of 380 dollars. It drove okay for a few weeks, and now the clutch is gone. The car did me well for a first car to get me back and forth and have some fun. I love the compactness of the car, makes it so easy for me to parallel parking.
love my geo tracker,bought it in 2004 been driving it daily ever since,never fail to run.the frame however is only made out of "tin".i have replace the cross member tubes with 1"1/4 steel pipe-slides right in the current tubes that have rotted over the years.the gas tank one was the first gone when i bought it.i made covers that i put in the rear wheelwells to keep all the mud/dirt/snow/water from the rear wheels from splashing in on top of the tank and prevented it from rotting out.also changed the mounting of the skid plate , below the tank,instead of on the it would hold the tank up if the tank mounts failed.
even tho,through the years i've kept the frame clean and lubed,it rotted from the inside out at the rear in front of the back is very fixable,i have welded some plate steelin it,connecting support from the new steel cross ever it needs a bit more yet,i dont have a place to do it,or i would and keep it longer.
it just runs and shifts so awesome.the gas miles= 20mpg around town,and i have gotten upper 30's on the highway,keeping the speed around 55,rpms at 2500. has all the get up and go and more than i ever expected.a 3 mile steep mountian here is our try out tracker has been up to 85mph and pedal to go still if i wanted to push it.
i have to get rid of it,sadly because no where to keep it to finish frame structure.still driving every day,till it sells.many extra parts with for it. it has american racing chrome wheels with bf goodrich all terrains 30x10.50 on it.set of stock wheels and tires,removeable hard top,new muffler (factory replacement),extra head/tail light assemblies,brand new oil pan still in the box.the one on the car is rusty in spots/not yet leaking.doesnt use any oil between changes,new brakes/calipers/rotors/shoes/drums in 2009,wheel bearing inspected/cleaned/repacked-2009,trans=automatic,works/shifts as good as new,seviced in 2007-new fluid/filter as coolant/reg oil changes with castro gtx. trying to sell it all for $700.i hate to see it go to the crusher,it would make an exellant body off restore project.and my plan was to do it and put a diff body on it,like a bug/corolla/suby body it would be a kicking ride...any one interested? i would like to try to get $700 for all of it before winter...i just bought a geo prizm and need to find a good home for the tracker
I LOVE my Tracker, she is the absolute best and I will never get rid of her. I live in Tool Texas and between I45 where I turn onto Hwy 85 and my home there is nothing but homes and open fields its a good 40 miles of nothingness. I was coming home late one night, completely broke hardly any gas and was sure I would not make it to the house. When I stopped to make the turn onto 85 I looked at the gas gauge and it was buried in the red. I put my head on the steering wheel and just asked her to get me to the house (with an empty tank) well needless to say with what I can only imagine was fumes alone my tracker got me all the way to the house then to a gas station in the morning. I will NEVER replace this vehicle.
I have a 1993 geo prism lsi-ordered thru dealership to factory, took 7 wks to deliver. 18 1/2 yrs old. 170,000 miles. I had 3 free strut pairs,3 alternators, one free engine mount.on 3d starter, by getting limited lifetime warr from oreil and autoz. on my 5th battery. interior like new. 5sp manual smooth-never had work done on clutch. I have never put a drop of oil in my engine between changes, have changed at 3,000miles from day one-now every 2500. replaced air compressor-live in tx-change. just had 3rd timing belt and tensioner replaced.had new water pump installed this time. I get 34 mpg on highway fully loaded down when trav to Pa.ethenol has hurt milage. love my little sweetheart to death-never tired of my car or wanted to sell it. daniel
i have a 1996 geo prizm lsi 1.6 liter bought the car in 97 with 18.000 miles on it best car i hve ever had drove it from boulder to providence RI and back twice this car never misses a beat.keep the oil changed and all the other little details the car will run
for ever just turned 166990 miles only thing replaced starter/timing belt/water pump and it was only a maintance thing on my part nothing broke just did it for my pice of mind