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I bought this car from a private owner 2 years ago for $1,200 with 163,000 miles on it. It still runs fairly well with 168,000 now. I've had to replace the cracked radiator, which from the service history, had already been done once. It seems to surge with acceleration sometimes, as if cruise control is engaged. It makes a squeaky, rusty sound when shifting. At times, the brakes feel grabby. The passenger side front window is broken due to the power motor getting stuck. That may have also happened before. The dashboard lights seem too dim and the sound system sucks. In short, it is good for getting to work and running around town, which matters most to me. But I try not to put it on the Interstate because the ride over bumps is the worst. Since I don't drive it much, I can go for a couple weeks on a tank of gas. It gets from A to B.
We bought our Versa in July 2013. It is now July 2017. I LOVE this car! I am 58 years old and have owned many cars. It is the best car I have ever owned. Believe it or not...we have never had a problem with it. It has always started up and ran like a champ! All we have done is routine maintenance Oil and filter changes every 4 months. It gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable, it handles well, I love the look of it, the hatchback has a lot of room. There is nothing about this car I would change...our Versa is just perfect.
had since 1999....wife's cars..... best auto I ever purchased .....engine purrs like new....only 110, major problem until recently though body
hasnt held up as well as rest of car......recent problem with battery.........something seems to drain it when not in use for couple of hrs wont start without quick boost from power pack.......have all accessories before jump but not enough power to start....replaced battery same thing...maybe cables ?......
AAA tech says charging system checks out ok needs about $4000 of rust repair and paint still awesome... may keep
I really like my 1999 Pathfinder ,but just found out about all the recalls.
The garage refuses to fix the things on it. They say it is too bad. Ten mins after getting it checked out for a gas leak , I'm getting the bad news. Deemed unsafe to drive. Now I'm getting low balled by Nissan on buy back amount. They are keeping my vehicle and I will have nothing. I asked for them to give me a new front end and let me keep it...
I bought this car new in '09, and with my trade in I got it for $8050 with 1.8 miles on it. Being a "boy" and knowing manual transmissions are generally cheaper to repair, I got the 5 speed. To me the CVT trans was too new and not well tested yet. (I've been reading a lot of problems with the CVT in the past couple days.) My car now has 243,000 (yes I drive a ton, lol) miles on it and all i've done is regular maintenance; air filter, trans fluid changes, oil changes, coolant flushes, brakes, and tire replacements (just got onto the 4th set) and rotors once. Keep in mind i just drive it up and down the highway, and at 73 mph, I steadily get 38-39 mpg with fresh oil and air filter. I got the base model as I didn't want any problems with electric locks/windows/seat EVER! I used to be a Honda man, but maintenance is way cheaper than Honda in my experience (I've owed 3 civics, an accord and a prelude). My only complaint is that the AC compressor is small, and if your not moving you don't get the coldest air. The interior is economically built, but I expected that. back seats have some sun fade, but to me I just beat it up and down the highway anyway. I have had this car the longest of all of them, but I suspect that is because I got a new one and it wasn't beat on already and I take pretty good care of it. "Base" is the way to go for me, fewer components, fewer far the best car I have owned for the money spent!! Over seven years with this car and average monthly cost for me to date (without gas) with maintenance is right at $96/month. I just started getting some timing chain noise (chain rubbing the guides) and will be replacing that in the next week or 2.
So far the only issue i have is the passingerside air bag light is on & the break pedal making a groaning sound when stepped on....had a break job done but did not fix the problem & a little bump when wheels are turned to deep. It has a lift kit on it.
We have owned our 2009 Nissan Versa for 2 years now...purchased it in June 2014. It has been a dream car. No problems whatsoever. All we have had to do is oil changes and get tires. We love it!! Best car we have ever had by far. It doesn't have a whole lot of power going up hills but it is a 4 cylinder. I would have to say it has been the perfect car for us. We have driven it 25,000 miles since purchase. We moved to an area where you need to travel over a steep mountain to get to civilization...and we have complete trust in this car.
This is actually the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I purchased it in 2011 and it was a 2006. I purchased it from a dealer (Kelly Nissan in Beverly Ma) and they said the vehicle was pre-certified. Initially the warranty they offered was atrocious so I had to pay extra to get a warranty of 80k miles. Interestingly enough the entire exhaust fell off about 2 years of owning it, right after 60k miles which is what they wanted to give me. I've had nothing but problems since I bought it. I just want to say that I paid about 23k for this car and I also paid 23k for the Mercedes SUV that I had before this car. It was 4 years old pre certified and had 32k miles on it. I bought that vehicle from a dealer pre-certified and it had every extra option. I loved that car but I was trying to be economical, never again. This vehicle has cheap fabric interior. The engine started knocking the first week I owned it but the dealer kept saying there was nothing wrong, later they said it was due to bad gasoline but it always does it regardless. It has burned oil at an alarming rate. The bumper and interior panels constantly popping off, the pins that hold them in place keep breaking. The dealer refused to replace the exhaust that fell off with a new one so they repaired the existing one, even though it was still under warranty. The window on the drivers seat is messed up and often will not go up or down. The CD player has been tempermental since I purchased it. The car is just a mess. I can not wait to get rid of it and I will never purchase another vehicle from a Kelly Dealership.
I have never owned a car with this many problems. Have had an oil leak repaired x4 and is still leaking. Had transmission and transfer case replaced. We were told we were lucky the transmission made it to 140,000 miles because they usually go out every 100,00 miles. The electrical is awful. The doors lock on there own. I've been locked out x3 and one time I had to wait 2 hrs for a tow truck to unlock the car, it was running the whole time. The head lights keep going out, the dash lights are out, and most of the time the back lift door will not unlock. Just wonder why they do not have more recalls on this car.
I hate this damn vehicle I would rather push my 26 year old ford oh that's right its never left me along side the road less the time I let it run out of fuel
This car is a piece of crap! I had trouble right from the start. Now I am having more issues with the car vibrating and noisy engine on start up. I have been at the dealer so many times I have lost count. DO NOT EVER BUY A NISSAN!! PURE JUNK
2012 Nissan Versa: DO NOT BUY! I went over my 60K powertrain warranty by 580 miles and the transmission is blown. I drove this car for most of the miles and did not abuse it. The struts went bad around 40K and they would not cover it. I paid out of pocket only to find 20K later that they now recalled the car for faulty struts. After complaining to Nissan about the $4,000.00+ transmission repair cost they indicated labor would be taken care of. So, I have a car I owe 6K on, worth 5K and a repair of more than 3K. Never again will I buy a Nissan.
I wouldn't own another if it were given to me! I have had mine only a year and have had more problems with this van than any other vehicle I've ever owned, put together! Air conditioning problems had to fix twice! Alternator quit, then cv joints, now it won't even start with a new fuel pump, it must be electrical because there is no power to the radio, gauge cluster, or the fuel system?!?! Really? I would not ever buy another Nissan. Period.
I bought my Nissan brand new in 2008. I will just list everything I have had to replace and you be the judge:

*CV Axle (within the first year)
*Multiple hubcaps (within the first two years)--Side Note: This is a well known problem for this car and the manufacturer refuses to replace them without the owner paying full price.
*Right control arm
*Three engine mounts
*Tire pressure monitor
*Both CV axles (yes they have been replaced more than once.)
*Catalytic Converter
*Now the car is taking an extended amount of time to start.

It is important to note that my mom bought a Honda Accord the same year and has similar mileage, however, she has not needed to make one major repair. As soon as I paid this car off, I had to make several repairs and I have hardly been able to save the money that I would have been making on my payments. I can't speak for other Nissan models but this one is terrible. I will never buy a Nissan again.
I have a 2011 Nissan Versa with only 77k miles. Check engine light kept coming on but then go off. I also noticed the oil was reading low often even after oil change and topping it off. The next time the check engine light came on it was blinking and engine started to run rough. I had it towed to a reputable mechanic in town to get a diagnostic and found out the #3 cylinder had very little to no compression and the spark plug was full of oil. That's where my oil was going and why it was reading low. I now need a new engine! During my research I noticed similar issues not just with Versas but with other models so I contacted Nissan USA to find out what they're doing about this issue. Customer service issued me a case number and told me to take it to an authorized Nissan dealer for diagnosis and of course had to pay for again. That way Nissan consumer affairs will review my case. I did that and Nissan consumer affairs will not do anything to help repair my car. Says they are not able to financially assist at this time. What the heck does that mean? Nissan does not back their product nor do they care that their vehicle has already gone to crap at under 100,000 miles. I will definitely never ever recommend Nissan.

If anyone has similar issues please reply to my email at I am not done or willing to accept Nissan's response and will be putting up a fight on this and could use all the help I can get.
Truck has 30,000 miles. Rides/Runs great.4.0 liter strong and gets as good mileage as my toyota 2.7 liter. I use synthetic oil only. I haven't heard any unusual noise from timing chain area but I will pay special attention to this area
2013 Nissan Sentra Car seems to have a lot of problems. The motor bogs out a lot, making a loud noise. My back tires ware quickly. And it just started recently over heating! The ac also doesn't blow cold air unless you are driving when you are stopped or parked it blows out hot air.
Purchased my 2007 Sentra S in 2010. It has been a great little car! That being said, I wish the seat adjusted to where short people can raise it high enough to see over the hood and not be in the steering wheel. The brakes are original (it is at 150K now) and work great, but they squeal when they are wet. I've had them checked by multiple mechanics at different shops and they all say they look great. Gotta love those Nissan engines! They run like nobody's business, but i wish they didn't sound like a wind up toy. :) I've had some issues with it dying when trying to cold start it. Finally it blew up the fuse to the starter that is situated over the battery under the positive terminal. After checking, we found the intake hose had a large hole in it that the original owner had used black electrical tape to seal it back off. These two items I can replace for $150. Last summer I had a terrible squeal in the passenger suspension. It turned out that the boot was almost completely off the shock. I replaced both shocks, the control arms, all three motor mounts (cheap) (which caused a lot of the noise),took it for an alignment and the car drives brand new again. The carpet and upholstery is very durable. I spilled oil in rear floor board and it came up by scrubbing a very small bit of dawn into it and pouring club soda over it. Vacuumed it up and hit it with BleachWhite. It looks the same as the other side now! I love this car!
Purchased the Platinum it's stylish, comfortable, convenience and nice looking car ever. This little sports car is best ever bought on 6/10/15 at 3,541 miles no issues loving my Maxima has it all with affordable savings for a family of five or someone who wants a high performance car.
I purchased my Nissan Altima 2002 new in 2001 and now have 189563 miles. I have the 3.5L engine and once put 87 octane gas in the car. The car does not like any gas except for the 93 octane recommended. Never had any problems with this car until now. It runs great but stalls unexpectantly without warning.

I suspect one of the sensors on the vehicle is causing a hick-up in the main control computer that controls the vehicle.

Will take it to the local Nissan dealer tomorrow and have them take a look. the quality of the interior and exterior of this car is amazing after all these years. Sure feel I got my monies worth.
I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with this car. I bought it in March of 2013 - it had just come off a lease with 28K miles and it was absolutely pristine!

This was my first NON-Ford or GM product, and, after reading stellar reviews about the 7th Gen Maximas, I had high hopes for my first ever Japanese label! Unfortunately, in very short order, I found myself experiencing more quality control issues than in my last 6 vehicles COMBINED!

The first thing I noticed was that the heated seats did not work AT ALL. After two trips to the dealer (which involved tearing out the seats and installing new heating elements,) it was discovered that there was a bad wiring harness that was not getting power to the seats. No need to tear out the seats AND scuff up the interior in the process, after all!

The car now has 42K miles on it - subsequent repairs included an erratic passenger side window (it stuck wide open, partially open and totally closed, and I never knew when I hit the switch if it would work or not. Dealer replaced the drivers side window switch (that didn't fix the erratic problem) took it back and they replaced both the passenger's side switch, and again the driver's side switch. Who knows what the problem is but the window has been working fine ever since.

Other service included acceleration issues for which I discovered there were two Nissan transmission service bulletins that applied only to the 2010 Maximas. I printed them and gave them to the dealer, who subsequently performed the major work (they had the car for 5 days but gave me a loaner.)

More issues: The LEDs in the mirror mounted turn signals have shorted out and just plain burned out - the dealer replaced one side while the car was under warranty, I am now ignoring the fact that the one on the driver's side has 2 leds that aren't lighting, as this happened after the 36 month warranty expired - I am told the entire mirror assembly has to be replaced at considerable cost. NICE DESIGN, NISSAN!

The day I was taking the car to the dealer for the transmission work, I decided to remove all of the CDs from the 6-disc changer since I knew they would have the car for at least a few days. Bingo - the disc changer suddenly lost its mind, and every time I tried to eject a disc, the changer decided to PLAY them instead! After much frustration and about 20 minutes, I managed to convince the changer that I was the boss, and I ultimately got all of the discs out, only to have the display flash randomly and incessantly. The dealer told me they had replaced the "entire unit" while it was in for the transmission work. Now that the car is out warranty by
a few months, three buttons on the "new" radio have quit working entirely, #3, #6 and "AUX" - meaning that I can't listen to the XM radio I am paying for. Vision Nissan does not seem inclined to show any compassion, but I am still working on that issue.

I also experienced problems with the front door actuators - any time below 30 degrees, I never knew if the doors would open (Or close) One night after getting into the car just fine, I couldn't get the driver door to close, so I drove 7 miles holding the drivers door closed with one hand and steering with the other! Another time when I was leaving a restaurant, I got into the car just fine when it was about zero degrees, drove 7 miles and then couldn't get either front door to open from the inside. I (at 65 years of age) had to climb into the back seat and exit the right rear door - in the dark, mind you. After I became highly "assertive", Nissan finally agreed to replace both front door actuators. It got warm shortly thereafter, so I have no idea what to expect this coming winter.

If the overall design and roadworthiness of this vehicle wasn't so exceptional, I would have parted with it long ago. I can tell you I will never buy another Nissan product as long as I live!

I bought my 09 HB brand new within two months I had to get the rotors resurfaced. It was down hill from there. AC started making a noise, new battery, and of course the fabric on the doors came off. Rubber coming off the window on the rear door. Don't ever, ever, pay for a vehicle!!! Now, the brakes, rotors and tires are bad. Oh, I didn't say, I only have 28,000 miles on it!!!!
We have (2 Altima's) my wife has the coupe and I drive the sedan. Luckily we are Nissan PPL my Altima is a 2008 with 140K miles while wife's has 60K miles a 2011 SR coupe. Been getting Nissans for last 20 years drove Nissan truck to a Sentra now my wife is looking in purchasing another we both are trading off the '08 Altima for a Maxima its looking good as well too though we don't like the styling of new Altima we want an upscale full luxury car as 2016 Maxima. Great gas mileages, reliable, less expensive in maintenance and last a long time we might both get a Maxima at same time will stay with the Nissan family. Believe never take care of your vehicle will have tons of problems also drive a 2007 Pathfinder with 165K miles no problems with tranny and radiator issues have all my Nissans serviced at dealership no problems. I am looking as my next purchase getting the new Maxima its looking gorgeous than ever my wife and I both liking the car very much as the 8th Nissan we are get ready purchasing.
Worst car ever. It is nothing but junk and waste of money.
I have a 2004 nissan maxima that I am selling for parts. It was hit from behind and the rear bumper and trunk were damaged,but the tail light are still good. The engine and transmission are great,interior is in great condition!! All leather ,heated seats and heated steering wheel. The doors,windows,are all great! No cracked or chipped glass a/c works great!if you are interested in buying this car contact me @ or 405-837-1120. I'd like to sell the whole car.
I got the car used in 2004 it had 35,000 miles. The car engine is rock bottom a beast. Did get 02 sensors catalytic converter and alternator. The maintenance is a little expensive but its a fast car love the car overall runs like new it gets good fuel economy. Love handling, nice Bose sound system in-6disc CD changer, leather seats etc. Driving my Maxima at 240,000 already would definitely buy another in a heartbeat its a good car just don't like the expensive repairs got put into this car.
I really like the car but hate loud noise out the transmission. It is a good car at 80,000 miles take lots of trips gets great gas mileage very comfortable needed few repairs until after 60,000 miles believe extended warranty has expired. Overall Sentra was our second car purchased since 1983 after driving a larger car its nice looking all that but some things needs be addressed or recalled as taking into shop for some problems other than its a good car runs amazing.
Despite regular maintenance I had a blown head gasket, replaced two catalytic converters, the AC never really blew cold after 50K miles. The heater is a joke on cold day if you drive slower than 60mph. The engine constantly burnes oil keep at least 2qts in the trunk. I’m at 230K miles and the catalytic converter and O2 sensor is out again plus the engine is over heating after I drive it 30 minutes. With a state vehicle inspection coming up soon it looks like $4000 just to get it to pass. Never really a good car, stylish.
Got the car 12/2009 and had issues with the steering from the beginning. I love the room and it is good on gas but it wasn't well though out. The AC only benefits front seat passengers. The sun visors are too short for window coverage. They should have put in a front passenger seat arm rest. The tire pressure light has been going off from the beginning. I have had my tire rotated too many times and I am over pressurizing them. For the last few month the gas gauge has not been registering the correct amount of gas so I am scared that I will end up stranded somewhere. An recently the airbag light just started to flash out of the blue. I contacted Nissan USA and the will not fix it. I don't understand how an airbag suffers wear and tear. I pray that it does not go off suddenly and smacks me in my face. The blinking light scares me. Should have waited and bought an older model or gone with another brand.
Car drinks oil like a fish drinks water! Gear shifter locks whenever it wants to! I HATE THIS CAR!!