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Make & Model: 2000 VW GLS 2.0L

I can drive 2 to 5 miles. Park the car, then come back within 10 to 15 minutes and it'll crank strong but not start up. Even had 4 guys try to give me a push start the last time but it just wouldn't start. The time before that a friend tried jumping the battery even though it wasn't dead but nothing. In the end, after giving up and just letting it sit still for about 30 minutes, I can start it up, and it will run strong all the way back home. If I try to start it up again immediately after getting home, it will. Any one else had this problem? It runs great, doesn't stall out OR seem under powered either. Please advise for solution.
This is my third VW Beetle that I purchased since 1975. Great car to drive.
My very first car: a 2006 VW Beetle. About 101,000 on it when I bought it. I got into a small fender bender back in early April that required me to change the headlight and replace the front bumper. No problems. Except this is November now.And I am still having issues. Replacing the headlight took several months (because the first headlight replacement fell out in traffic on the feeder) and I still often get pulled over because it's gone out, and I have to demonstrate to the police that I have to either push or kick it back into place. I am constantly coming out of pocket for repairs - so often that I can't afford to pay off the car, nor can I save up any money for anything else. By now, I've paid more in repairs than the worth of the car itself. Nobody wants to do anything to try and do extensive repairs on it except for Volkswagen dealerships (which I can't afford). A mechanic actually told me that I essentially punched a hole in my wallet by purchasing a Volkswagen, because once they start having issues, they just keep piling up and never go away. I can't see myself ever purchasing one again, much less recommending one to a friend.
Currently driving my #7 Beetle ! And proud of it at 70 ! All the Beetles I've purchased for myself and my children over the years have been WONDERFUL. I currently drive a 2002 Beetle hatchback. I've read the comments and complaints, may I suggest. .....Research and find a reliable repair shop. Do ALL THE maintance as scheduled, use the CORRECT gas, oil and such. Maintain and care for your car. Don't let things go. I've had brand new cars and I've had some neglected wrecks. The secret is to maintain and care for your car, regardless of where it was made. Car care is like raising children. ..keep a close eye, work together, don't let things go, show lots of love and appreciate.
This year and model assembled in Mexico. The plastic dry rots in the interior and cracks. All plastic interior is falling apart. Every time I have work done on the engine it comes back with broken parts, mostly plastic pieces that hold components together. Even doing minor repairs such as changing a headlight requires delicate surgery to prevent plastic parts from cracking. The head needed replaced because the timing belt broke slipped. If you buy a VW make sure it was assembled in Germany or America.
Bought my 2003 VW Beatle Turbo S in 2008 (automatic) with 19,000 miles on it from a Honda dealer no less! I am fanatical about maintenance on any car I have owned. I do regular oil changes and have followed the dealer's maintenance schedule all these years. I did have the timing belt and water pump replaced on schedule ($3,000, whew!). Two or three recalls for parts replacement under warranty. I now have 80,000 miles and no major problems. Tires, brakes and timing belts are all normal maintenance in my book. Hopefully, she keeps on truckin'! My biggest concern is having the turbo fail, as all mechanics have told me that turbo on any car will fail before any major engine component.
Car is a piece of junk. Bought it brand new in 2001. Only have 80,000 miles on it cause I HATE to drive it. Every 6 months without fail it has something die on it. Replaced parts that hold the windows up, the front passenger seat position lock failed so every time you stop or start the passenger goes flying forward or backward. headlights, taillights, oil pan leak, windshield washer fluid receptacle, electrical system has had repeated issues,etc. Hate, hate, hate VWNBs.
I've owned VWs all my life and love my 2003 beetle since I bought as second hand with 13,000 miles on. It is a great city car, easy to park and maintain; we've traveled to Canada, around the East Coast and so far, so good ... Sorry for the people that did not have such a good experience but I have to say that I am as happy as I was when I first got it. About to replace the battery and looking to get advice and/or suggestions. Thanks!
I have a 99 diesel with 286000 on it and still going I have replaced clutch and rack and pinion brakes and glow plugs. Was ok till the other day and now it will not turn over its either the starter on the neutral switch have to get it towed in but other than that I would recommend to anyone.
I have had two 2000 beetles...they both were used when I got them. I always wanted one since I was little. The problem is they break down so much..and everything is so expensive to fix. Even replacing a headlight bulb is expensive. My second one is in the shop right now...I am praying it will last till Spring then I am buying a brand new car and not a husband said he would leave me if I bought another one. LOL
We helped our daughter buy this cute little POS - the dealer we purchased it from bought it at an auction and had no idea what nightmare awaited. My daughter (21) has wanted a green bug since she was 10 years old. After we bought the car, it immediately had problems. We contacted the dealer he graciously told us to take it somewhere for evaluation, which we did. It had a cracked gas tank, a JB welded oil pan and the turbo needed to be rebuilt. The dealer fixed all of these items and did not charge us a dime. It had even more problems can't remember them all but he offered to take the car back. My daughter did not listen to us and so the nightmare continues - the starter went out (tow cost me $104.00) had to be replaced, the MAP sensor had to be replaced, now the alternator needs to be replaced as well as the pulley/tension device - were having them do the drive belt because it's already apart - luckily my husband has experience with American cars but this German thing is a real piece of work - DO NOT BUY ONE - EVER!!
Purchased an 03 Beetle Convertible for my daughter, 53K miles. Previous owner did not maintain the car very well, so we performed several major mechanical services at an independent VW shop. Everything was great.....for about 2 weeks. This car has been nothing but a headache. Some things minor, most things expensive and exclusive to this vintage Beetle. The roof had to be replaced because the fabric is bonded to the glass...once it starts to separate you CAN'T repair has to be replaced. Last week was $950 for a Bottom Manifold that is exclusive to the 2003 model year only. Yesterday the car finally got the best of us. 48K miles after the last timing belt service, the belt failed and destroyed the engine. I'm a VW guy. Loved my 98 TDI Jetta...327K miles...Great car. My current VW, 2008 GTI, 110K miles....great car. The 03 Beetle is JUNK. DON'T BUY ONE!
Purchased VW Beetle for highway miles commute. Two new AC units under previously purchased warranty (but one dealer said he didn't honor warranty). In 5 times for headlight repair/replacement that cost me time and money. Now clicking on left side of engine block after spark plugs replaced. Have 90,000 miles and otherwise rides great even in snow. Michelin tires are the best for this sweet car
never in my life have i been so infuriated with a car!!!! i havent had my 2003 vw beetle for two years and the timing belt just broke!!!!! this was right after this stupid coolant leak!!!! now i am without a damn vehicle and i JUST started my new job!!! So instead of saving for rent, now im saving for a stupid 2k fix!!!! VW should be shut down, how dare they sit there and sell these crappy cars to innocent owners just for money!!! shame on you!!! I am 22 years old and never should be going through this crap!! thanks vw for wasting my money and my time!!! JUNK CARS!! (btw i was warned about you, and your $$$ fixes. but i thought, hey, this cant happen to me, its just a car. ) bs.
13 headlight replacements since 2008. Check eng.lite on airbag lite on fixed by dealer twice. Eng temp lite on ,dealer can't find problem? Windows go down when drivingby them selvs. Driver window won't go down at all, open at top about one inch wont go upor down.Dash makes clicking noise after using turn signals.
This 2002 New Beetle Turbo S is my second New Beetle, the first being a 2000 (no turbo) and the third a 2004 Turbo S. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy driving this car because it has a LOT more power than you would guess. And everyone who has driven it says the same. They fall in LOVE. It's a fun car to drive. However, like the other two New Beetles I have owned (the 2000 and 2004 Turbo S) the body/interior etc. leaves a LOT to be desired. Everything falls apart. Believe me, this car is no longer pretty. Still its fun as hell to drive. Oddly, I bought my 2004 based on my love of the 2002 and while they are supposedly the same car (both Turbo S) the 2004 feels like a tin can by comparison. The doors aren't heavy like the 2004, the drive is not as fun or solid. The 2004 doesn’t seem to have the same kind of power at all. Yes, it's faster than the standard New Beetle, but the 2002 has a LOT more heart. I don't know if this is just MY experience, or if others who have driven both would say the same... and I'm not sure why the difference, but the 2004 just feels cheap compared to the 2002. All of my VW New Beetles have the same VW body/interior issues: they fall apart. But I knew this when I bought it. The 2002 has been good to me. I tend to be hard on cars so I have to give it props. I’ve never had any mechanical problems with it until now... and even still it drive NICE... it's just louder and needs a little love. I've driven it for about 5 years and it now has about 130,000 miles on it and it’s time for some attention, but all in all it’s been a good car. I don’t have the same faith in my 2004 which only has about 85,000 miles on it.
I bought my used 2004 Turbo S with 85,000 miles on it. I bought it because I also own a 2002 Turbo S that I love. Well the cars look almost identical but the second you get into the 2004 you can tell something is different. I looks nice, but it doesn't feel nearly as solid a car as the 2002. Actually feels downright cheap by comparison. My 2002 is a little monster in disguise on the road. It's far more powerful than a person would guess and it has a solid sports car feel to it that I love. Anyone who drives it immediately gets why I love the car so much... the 2004 just isn't the same. Not sure why. While the 2004 is faster and more fun than a regular New Beetle (I also has a 2000 New Beetle with no turbo), its not nearly the ride of my 2002 Turbo S. It just doesn't seem to have the same heart.

All three VWs have had serious Body/interior etc issues as they pretty much fall apart. The 2002 is NOT a pretty car anymore. The 2004 looks better, but I don't expect that to last. At all. Things just break on these cars.

My 2004 already has a clutch issue, and the suspension sounds like a squeaky bed. I researched the history of this car and its clean but I suspect that I don't know everything. It's either that or VW just seriously cheaped out after 2002. It's kind of a let down.

If you buy any VW these days, just be warned, Mr. Check Engine Light will be your new eternal sidekick. This was true of all three of my New Beetles. Half the time it's nothing serious but that light is constantly going on and off. So in summary, in spite of typical cosmetic/body/interior issues and engine light fun with VWs, I LOVED my 2000 and my 2002 enough to buy a third new beetle. I haven't had my 2004 for long but I'm not nearly as thrilled. I have owned 5 VWs over the years. (My first car was a 1970 Beetle that I drove for 11 years and later I owned a 1972 Super Beetle that I loved.) I'm a bit of an enthusiast and will put up with some quirks, obviously, but after purchasing my 2004 I'm thinking this will be my last NEW VW.
Well I've owned by 2003 Bug since my Mom passed away in 2010. She bought it brand new and she never had to do anything but oil changes. Now that it is 11 years old it's falling apart, but only has 50,000 miles! The check engine light has been on 3 times in 3 months. First mechanic replaced the thermostat, then coils, plugs & wires, NOW $1000 later they say that it's the catalytic converter (and says I should also do the timing belt/water pump too) which will cost a total of $1,800! I guess it's cheaper than buying a new car, but what the hell!!
It's my 2nd Beetle and it has 270,000 miles but it was a terrible car compare with my first Beetle 2002.
Car was not well done from the beginning and service would not help much as all problems never were fixed (just short term fix). To make long story short the car was falling apart from the beginning despite that I do take good care of my car.
I do not think I'll buy VW Beetle again. Very much disappointed !
Have had my 2003 convertible new beetle turbo for a few years now. VW decided to extend the transmission warranty to 10 years. Mine went out 10 years and 2 months. Called VW and they said to bad so sad. The it quit in the middle of an intersection about a year later. Found out that the timing belt pulley seized a and warped the heads. Now 6 months later the AC started leaking the oil on the ground so no AC in the middle of the summer heat. Also it's a convertible so the back window is falling out because the glue doesn't hold in the heat. If you want a cute convertible don't buy a bug. The Bug has too many bugs crawling through it.
Bought my Beetle used with 71000 miles on it in 2005. It now has 199500 miles on it and runs wonderful. No motor troubles or anything other than maintenance items you have to do to any car if you keep it that long but hey, people get things wrong with them as they age also. I love the car and love the way it drives and handles. It may blow up tomorrow but so far it has been great.
I owned a 2003 VW Turbo S from 2003 to 2008. Maintained as scheduled mostly by dealer. About 4 VW recalls while I owned it. Fixed with no fuss by local dealer. I only ever had 1 repair that was not normal maintenance related. I noticed the rear taillights weren't working (≈ 2005). Some faulty relay diagnosed by my auto guy in the shop next to mine. He handed the matter off to a local car electrical specialist who tracked down the part. No recall at the point I had it happen. Only cost about $50 (since I knew a guy that knew a guy, you know?)

Annoyances were the inability to change a headlight when it burned out, but dealer would change for no labor only bulb. I had to replace a wheel (rim - Turbo S specialized & hard to find at the time) & then then all tires after I clipped a broken storm drain near street edge.
I loved the car, but hated the premium gas. Wouldn't have given it up if my business didn't warrant the need for a bigger vehicle.
Bought a 2003 convertible and fixed some water damaged electrical issues. I was surprised to find that very pricey bosch relays are not water proof at all?
It would seem that VW cares a rip less about the bulk complaints of non operating door locks electric windows and other elec issues that plague the line, not the least of which is the immobilzer system.
I regret having bought the car.
Never again. Stay away from it and wanabe Mercedes . Simple as that.
Based on my one star ratings of all that has gone wrong, I can only assume that all other areas are soon to fail, hence the thee stars. This is a 2007 new beetle fully factory equipped. There are 33000 miles on this car and is driven exclusively by my wife. I bought her a ltd. edition sport bug in the 70's and sold it after one year because it was such a piece of crap. She never forgave me for that. Fast forward to 2007 to redeem myself. She babys and loves this car more than me. So far the a/c has gone out, all four center caps on the octopus wheels have flown off from the tangs becoming brittle and cracking off, center console arm broke at hinge, rear hatch support shocks worn out, gas door release spring broken, passenger side speaker failed, rear brake pads of all things and tires actually rotted before wearing out. yes the car lives in a garage. The most recent is the drivers side door handle breaking off the ridiculously engineered door panel. That dealer repair is nearly $800. Yes you are reading correctly. This fairly priced car when purchased new and in existence since Moses, will nickle/dime your bank account to oblivion. Cheap plastic parts o plenty, poor design, mechanical failure, you name it, it's inevitably coming for you. FYI VW of America could care less. Don't believe me? Call their "no customer care" department and learn for yourselves.
my ac is not cooling but the compressor is running i had the refridgeant checked it is full but the guy said that it was the compressor even thou it is running he said the the pressure should be level in the compressor but it is kicking in an when iwas looking on line for prices for a compressor it said the the compressor for a vw beetle has low pressure on one side n high pressure on the other so now i'm confused.the ac worked one day n the next it didn't anybody have any answers
Electrical Shorts in headlamps, battery is ruined in less than a year from no recharge, Electric motors for top and windows are crap, fabric on the interior is falling off, hinge on drivers side split in two for no apparent reason, A/C unit died, Oil Plastic Dipstick crumbled into the block, Over heated and now ceased up with a blown head gasket (no temp gauge), Piece of crap! There are about thirty other items that are subpar on this piece of crap! NEVER BUY GERMAN AGAIN!
My 2001 Turbo 1.8 Beetle had 25k on it in 2005 when we bought it. Now in 2013 it has 170k. I have had 7.5 years of pleasure driving it. The usual timing belt replacement, a new battery and a couple other things is all I've had to do. It recently has a slow transmission fluid leak, which we will keep an eye on. Yes the light bulbs are a pain to replace, but my husband watched a youtube instruction video, so can do that himself now. Bulb is only $7.00. Synthetic oil of course.
It's a 12 year old car and still amazing!
I have an 03 conv. and its is the biggest piece of crap ever assembled. Back glass is coming unglued and falling out, back pass window is broken (500.00 part) the power locks dont work most of the time and the tranmission is shot at 73 thou miles. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE A VW BEETLE!!!!!!!! THEY ARE JUNK!!!!!!!!
One awesome day back in 1999 I was surprised with the gift of a groovy little red new beetle! Drove that bad girl right out of the dealership and boy do I regret that day. This car is adorable yes indeed, but it's just a mask for it's many malfunctions within. I've had everything wrong and spent a fortune on the beast but yet every month no matter how pampered she is something else goes haywire. Recalls galore, electrical issues beyond repair, things just stop working period no matter how many times you revive them. I do still have my car but its only because I just can't sell it. Think I'll plant it in the backyard with flowers growing from within or maybe take the engine out and put in a BBQ grill instead! More reliable anyway. My honest opinion, don't buy this year (1999) if you truly want a New Beetle for your ride. I'm sure newer years should have less issues, well hopefully anyway. Unless of course you have tons of money you like to spend on broken things, then in that case this is the perfect vehicle for you. Go for it. But don't cry when your in the broke house with a cute car sitting in the driveway not working, cause I warned you.

It's like dating the popular girl and finding out she's a skitzo freak. NOT WORTH IT!