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I have a 1996 Lincoln Town car signature...low miles...what a comfortable ride!!!..I had to address a couple things that are known to go bad on the car...they were not a big deal...bda(blend door acutator), rear pull down switch.moon roof switch...I fixed myself...
smooth power, safe cruiser, still looks really good after all these years.
I have had to rebuild my Transmission and Motor.!!! The truck is currently at Five Star Ford having the fuse panel replaced due to poor design where the panel is taking in water burning out the main relay switch. The automatic door locks stopped working. Due to water leaking in.. the sun roof stopped working. This truck is like some women..they may look good but inside she ugly. More trouble than what she is worth. Chevy/GMC here i come.
check the fuel lines and pump
Ever since I got mine had both of the front tires fall off I smell gas all the time and the car keeps turning off I don't like it hate no matter what I do something goes wrong I fix one thing and something else go's wrong and has put me and my family endanger I do not like my Lincoln LS 2002
The most common "Overheating" problem I found with this and other similar engines is the design location of the the thermostat is wrong. Common sense - the thermostat should be placed in-line at the engine "Output" to detect the heat quickly and stay open when hot. Remove the thermostat and also block the hot "bypass" return hose with a wood piece cut from shovel handle that fits tight into hose. No more overheating and pump is not restrained. If you live in cold climate just add an aftermarket in-line thermo at the engine hot outlet hose. The 2003 plastic thermo assembly has the hot outlet running inside-thru the cold return ...and the thermostat is placed into the mix. You can easily knock-out the copper element of this thermostat so the flow is always open, and use the extended spring to hold the plate to keep the hot port hole closed. Also use a small bolt to closeup the small bypass hole in the plate. On others, you will also need to cut the thermo loose to reinstall just the outer o-ring or seal.

Once the engine has overheated - you may need to check/fix/replace old plastic parts if leaks are seen from being over-pressured. Also - spark plugs tubes seals may now leak oil into plugs causing misfires. Check and clean, RTV seal or replace valve cover seals.
I understand that this car has a reoccuring problem with Seat belt pretensioner. Fixing it only last months. Isn't there a recall...who do I contact over this. I will not fix this again. Pull fuse and drive. Total disreguard for safety. Good job,Ford!
I purchased my Lincoln from elderly neighbours. It was always garaged and well maintained. Rarely driven, it had 33 000 miles on it when I bought it two years ago. I had heard that they were super reliable and would run 200 000mi as NYC taxis and airport limos. At 35 000 the rocker arm fractured on the expressway at 72MPH. VERY expensive repair. Now the air has stopped working and the fan roars on AUTO trying to keep the vehicle cool. What a disappointment. At 38 500 no air. Another expensive repair coming up. Considering how long this model has been around, these kinds of repairs are a disgrace to Ford Motor Company. Love the car, wanted one for years, and now just a huge disappointment. Now I do not trust it!
I bought my 2003 Lincoln Aviator new and it still drives perfect with almost 200,000 miles on it. I haven't made any repairs in 12 years except replaced the radiator once . It's been a great car and still is
My MKZ is a dream. I have 21,000 miles on it and have averaged 40.8 for the total MPG.
Its a little tighter that my old town car when getting in and out but the pluses outweigh the minuses. GPS is a little to get used to over my Garmin.
The ride is quiet but not quite as smooth as the town car was.
Car has required no maintenance except oil changes and tire rotations.
On a 3000 mile trip I learned to let the car worry about when to be in electric and gas engines. I would buy another without hesitation.
Car is in bad shape. I need help figuring out where can get new fuel sending unit replacement? Got this car 17 years ago been a good ole Lincoln as still drivable but needs fuel sending unit replacement.
Bought 2011 Lincoln MKZ new. Have had for four years. Had to replace battery much earlier than most. Had to replace diver's side door latch. Had to repair air conditioner's sensor for over $600! I really expected
more for my money from a name like "Ford Lincoln MKZ."
Good looking sporty car. I have had my Lincoln LS since 2004 with 24k miles this vehicle never requires nothing but getting a oil changed and spark plugs at almost 200,000. Got the luxury model with vent seats, navigation system, CD/Cass and more. The car got class engine is amazing I did go to Napa got a new air compressor after replacing original one but other things like batteries, brakes, plugs, bearings, etc., shop at AutoZone with lifetime warranty. LS has been a really nice beautiful awesome car ever driven though it was used as a rental turned into me driving around city n go traffic maybe traveling out of state every once in awhile. I love this car won't ever trade in for nothing because its a dependable running car worth everything after paid $28k in low miles and a used car company vehicle it is well cared for though lives out in the Nevada heat car is sparkle shining liked had rode off assembly line it runs and drives smooth being in sharp condition gets good estimated fuel economy. Thinking of buying another Lincoln if something ever happens to this car she is like going to the moon its a good reliable vehicle ever purchased though the first new car I had purchased after never owning a vehicle took the shuttle or had to walk everywhere needed to go until found a car with on my credit just purchased at price of $28k but was worth getting this car because its one trustworthy car I've ever had or drove.
We got the Navigator new. It is a wonderful truck but I'd say over the past couple of years we spent money getting few things all fixed on it. Changed four set of brakes, battery drained due of having the lights remaining on and leak in exhaust plus add we had to spend good bit on new catalytic and get emission system repairs. So far engine and tranny both have been great at 180,876 miles still comfortable to drive. I say if ever find a clean 2000 Navigator make sure it was maintained as faxing a Car fax report on it seeing if original owner ever had it fully serviced. We got our Navigator in May of 2000 it was been the best truck ever hope can keep making it run until 350,000 miles thinking of no other mechanical problems with Navigator its a great truck driven and bought being in mint shape got all serv. records and maintenance papers ever decide on selling letting new owners know what all has been taken care since we owned it.
This Car is quite the creampuff. You can usually fine them in good shape for about 3k with good miles and a few issues. If your lucky enough to find one grab it. You will enjoy the comraderee. Look up for all of your repair issues and research the year, make and models available. Good luck.
Good vehicle it's quality at best. The town car runs smooth at 203,000 miles no weird noise or issues out of vehicle love the color of exterior (champagne metallic.,). Ever since had my car has gotten best city mileage and impressive highway mileage it's a well excellent car. Common problems known for these cars and other Lincolns the suspensions aren't so good seen quite town cars in neighborhood with bad suspension problems got mines repaired. It's full luxurious love every available option got equipped on my Town car very peppy feels like a Cadillac but bypass the feeling driving my old faithful Lincoln. Took a trip to Palm Springs FL averaged 22-25mpg Hwy and in city driving average 18-20mpg city driving. The car always gets wonderful maintenance there are no cracks on dashboard or interior problems. Runs forever even get a smooth cruising ride like a yacht though it's a 99 vehicle seems bit technology for a 16 year old car but it's very reliable not going to lie because had the car for last 9 years never given me a problem. I would buy another Town car in a heartbeat purchased from an authorized dealership here in Pittsburgh got best deal car is dependable driving at 203,000 miles still purrs every time driving around town et ready on replaced 3rd set of tires for it and changed oil with 5w30 Synthetic no oil leaks or stalling issues.
I bought my mkx 2007 from a use car dealership today 6/26/2015 I had a temperature gauge sensor put in cost me $600.00 .I didn't mine spending the money because I really like the car all the stars I check off is my honest opinion. The only thing I'm working on next is the ac it don't blow ice 1988 towncar I just got rid of the ac was excellent cold .so now I'm working on this vehicle so I can take its first long trip.
I purchase a 2007 lincoln mkx a month ago, im a lincoln fan for years so i fell into this lincoln mkx. the only thing that i don't like is that lincoln dont have a vent to let fresh air in and i have the awd its quick in accelleration but i hear clicking noise when i come to slow 6 disc changer is common to jam and mine is,so i use my i pod so i do have music. my a/c work kinda crazy the drivers side blow warm air while the passenger side blows cold air. ive been working with it.
Was given this car from my Dad, because the dealer at trade in would only give him $500. He has owned this car since new and he did not put a nickel into it except for tires and Brake pads/Rotors. It had just under 200,000 miles on it when I got it. I have put another 20,000 miles on and it that time I replaced the water pump (216,000),repaired hose leaks in power steering,replaced head lamp covers (fogged up),left front outer wheel Bearing (simple job 3 bolt whole assembly comes off), The only other problems i can see coming down the road is Cat. convertor (code lights on/off occ.) Back heater drivers side quit working butt still good and just developed slight leak in trans. BUT for 220,000 miles the car is solid and rust free and we winter in OHIO. SO don't mind a few dollars into it.. It gets a solid 19 MPG.
even though I'm buying a newer car I love this yacht. The only issues that needed to be improved on in this year are:
window gears
egr syste
rear air bags.

I have replaced the air bags with coilsprings, and am constantly cleaning my egr valve. Also do my own repair on window gears
I really love my 1999 signature series Lincoln Town Car 5 years I have had this one this is my third one I spent $3,800 total I plan on running this for a few more years and then I will look for a signature L maybe in 2011 because not making them anymore truthfully I cannot see myself not having a town car in my life I recommend before getting one do your homework and check your car faxes make sure it's from a reputable company they will last highway miles a great in my city it's fair would like a little better but I use it when I need to use it's Hollywood white and is really pretty car awesome right I have it set up baby limousine styleI wish I could post a picture
I love these cars, I have owned 6. I have a 2000 executive and before this i had a 2000 signature. Ive learned alot about them..grease grease grease!. Ford wasnt clever with the front ends, no grease fittings. I have learned to grease everything on the whole front steering/suspension system, bushings..everything. If not, you get all the typical creeks and things wear out alot faster. Change the antifreeze and flush the system every year..otherwise youll be in for a huge labor job with having the heater core replaced..and any little mistakes and u might end up with your heat/ac stuck on high. the wet floors arent always the heater core, and ive never had the moonroof leaks..but the gasket under the hood up near the windshield can cause wet floors. also the doors get filled with gunk..take out the plugs, otherwise your electrical stuff...window motors..can short out when the doors fill with water lol. only replace balljoints with ones that have grease fittings. I love my towncars, and wouldnt drive anything else. They run great, keep the oil clean and you can easily get 500k miles. oh did i mention some little tranny issue..they sometimes jerk or buck long as your fluid level is right..its fine.a few more things, grease the tracks for the power seats, and sometimes the wire just needs a jiggle if seats wont work. If your rear air ride suspension goes..convert it to regular shocks..the cars sit higher in the back, look nicer and i dont think it rides any different.
The MKS that I will soon own, is a very nice car! With duo-turbo, it has fantastically great acceleration - 365hp, you will need to be careful, the car can get away from you. The color fits the car - ginger-ale and the body style receive many compliments. The seats don't fully pivot forward the way my previous Lincoln did, paid for height extensions. Putting up with an intermittent "Parking Aid Sensor" issue in cold weather, soon goes away when you turn on the THX system to take it all in.
I love my 1999 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series. It has 92,000 miles and I only have two problems; leaking on passenger side (simple gasket fix - video online) and my heater core just went out (have video on how to repair without removal of dash).
I bought this car used.Now has 185,000 miles. Runs good but very poor gas mileage at 10.1 city, 22-23 hwy. I hear of people getting better city buy no one seems to have an answer how to boost my city mileage. Any answer out there I would appreciate. I am 78 years old and lot of city driving shopping and Doctor appoinments. ANY ONE HELP !!! Its a 1999 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series.
Last of the HOT ROD LINCOLNS. The air struts are available at 866 or 888 AIRRIDE. The air selnoids are $29.99 at advance Auto.Best thing I purchased was a Ford?/lincoln manuel from a dealer which was closing up! Try to find a wreck one for parts!!???? Only 200000 made per year! Got to be a future classic. This car sold for $39000+ when new! I would take $10000 for mine today! Very fast and confortable. If you got one for sale, message me pls! Hey, you can do the repairs yourself if you are a fairly good mechanic! YOU WILL NEED A LINCOLN MANUEL.THEY HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE ANY OTHER CAR, FIX THEM AND ENJOY. ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE I BELIEVE THEY WILL BE SELLING ON BARRETT-JACKSON FOR BIG BUCKS. MANY PARTS ONLINE IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK!!
I purchased my 2003 Aviator "Kittyhawk edition" brand new. I love the looks of the vehicle and overall have had great service from the Lincoln. I just installed a new Ford replacement engine to replace the original which almost made it to 200,000 (missed by only a few miles). The only "issues" I have had with the vehicle are transmission (second replacement), Ford actually has a "kit" for the transmission to repear what appears to be a common problem with these transmissions. I just replaced mine with a new unit from Ford. Had the stifter issue (a recall) that was fixed by dealer. Front power seat issue that has since been fixed, and the door seals need attention. I also have the common crack in the plastic panel below the rear window. I have taken care of my Kittyhawk and people are surprised when they learn it's a 2003, as it still looks great. Overall I would have to rate the Aviator as above average..afterall I did get close to 200,000 out of the engine...that's not bad at all...
80K miles largely trouble free with regular maintenance. Now the following failed at the same time:

Air bag sensor - ~ $1000
Front power transfer unit ~$1200
Driveshaft - $1000
Wheel bearing seized - ~$800

Internet is filled with stories about PTUs and driveshafts failing. Not much I can do about airbag because local mechanics won't service them. 80K and 7 years might be considered the useful life of this car
Had a '95 that ran up to 489,000 miles before a chronic problem with the "blend door" (?) makes the A/C useless. So I sold it. Now I miss it; especially the adjustable power steering switch and the nice riding rear air suspension. Sure, I changed the Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil and Mobil 1 Oil Filter every 10,000 miles whether it needed it or not. A K & N Air filter and a light right foot helped me get 34 mpg on the highway with the air off and 29 with it on. Now I have a 2005 and want to know about the Lemon Law in FLA. Front Suspension in the shop three times in one year, A/C blows hot on a hot day, replacing the plugs isn't as easy as it was in the '95 by any means (there's a boot and a wire and the plug and all eight are over $460). Additionally, the rear suspension feels real tight and I was interested to read the input from Aug 2013 from the fellow who put in Gabriel shocks from a '84-'85 Regal (?) to soften the ride. I just put in a new Alternator and both power lumbar switches have failed on the front seats. The button to open the door armrest storage compartment has popped off and the springs flew off too. I have had more than one replacement headlight assy as they seem to fill up with condensation easily and you have to go get another from Ford for $564 each. The cruise control only switches on if you press down on the button several times first. The CD Player skips on brand spankin new CD's, The power door lock buttons don't come all the way up on the rear doors, but if I were in an accident, there is no other vehicle on the road (except the International CXT) that I'd rather be in. Here's the kicker, just came from the shop and have been informed that the rear axle and bearings are loosening, scoring, or coming apart (?) and will cost over $1500 to rectify. Who knows, maybe I can find a used CXT......
After several horrible experiences with the European vehicles I have owned, I decided to buy domestic again. My Lincoln MKX is the front wheel drive version. The good: refined clean crisp styling with a nice strong stance, the front grill is reminiscent of Lincoln's past, the ride is just firm enough and comfortable, it handles well, mileage is decent from the smooth energetic 3.5 V6, the sound system is great, the clutter free instrumentation with retro gauge design is pleasing, it has real wood interior trim, the cabin is roomy with plenty of cargo space in the rear, the leather seats are quality and comfortable for long trips, fit and finish is top notch inside and out. The bad: it is a bit difficult to see when backing up and it could benefit from a rear view backup camera, the silver painted plastic on the dash area looks like silver painted plastic, I would like just a little more pep from the engine and maybe a sport suspension mode, and a grab handle for the front occupants would be nice. I wish I had the optional panoramic roof. All said, I really like this vehicle, it is safe, stylish, reliable, and comfortable. I believe it will be one of my favorite all around family cars.
Previously owned 1, car looked good, pretty good cruiser and good on gas for the miles before warranty ran out. A nightmare to get anyone to work on it at a reasonable rate. No mechanic wants to work on the car, so it's back to the dealer for another rip off. If you got 1 of these and it's still running ditch it before you have to shell out a small fortune to keep it going. Here's the list of failures that will happen: Alternator, Air Conditioner, Air shocks, Transmission and finally one of the two timing chains will break and the motor is outta here. Spark plug wires will have to be Lincoln wires no after market crap will do. Battery will have to be same as factory else another failure on cheapo batteries. It has a $12 part called cranking mechanism, 1st time before they figured it out and after being towed about 3 times it cost me a $1000 for a computer replacement and other miscellaneous parts. 2nd time cranking mechanism went out and towed again, I reminded them of the $12 part and it was only $125 + towing. Oh and the head lights will fog out with age and require $150 for each to be replaced. The electric seats, windows and sun roof with fail and the door handles will break in your hand. Sun roof and back windshield will leak. The seal on the back glass will rot and can only be replaced by purchasing the entire windshield. One outstanding feature: If any foreign car ever runs into this tank it will withstand the hit and the other car will be a pile of crushed sheet metal. Kept throwing good money after bad and car was probably towed at least 12 times after just getting out of the shop. Good luck and never another Ford or Lincoln for me.