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My 2013 2.0 Taurus SEL is a piece of junk. I have had so many issues with it I could pull my hair out. The turbocharger went out 6 months ago and after replacing it, the gaskets for it, the vacuum pump, fixing the wastegate, and other hoses I now get to replace the turbocharger yet again. I have taken this car to Ford several times and called them at least twice a week to no avail. No-one can tell me what is wrong with this car. DO NOT BUY A FORD. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!
I call my Taurus my 34,000 lemon, as i've had so many problems with it it's not funny. I should have known when I originally picked up the car and had to drive to the service department as the gas tank lid would not work. There is a rattle under the dash, and I've carried it to the dealership (Legacy Ford, Mc Donough) seven times to date and they still have not solved the problem. The speaker on the passenger front side vibrate intermittently, not fixed. There is a recall on the rear door handles and I reported it to them since April, just got one done last tuesday, they say they have been on back order. There was an airbag light on the dash since May, go it fixed on tuesday after 4 visits.I contacted the Regional Customer Service Manager for the region on 05May15 and did not here from her until about 2-3 weeks ago after several failed attempts to reach her. This car has been a big dissapointment, but more so Ford.
I have a 2004 Taurus. Its a nice car in all but we bought it used ran great for a week or two then all of a sudden, any time the rpm get lower the car will shut down.I have no clue what could be the problem.this car has already caused t racks dew to the shutting off suddenly.
I purchased this 2008 Ford Taurus Limited in 2008. It was purchased used and had approximately 20000 miles on the speedometer.I only had one small problem with the transmittion and Ford only did a small adjustment and it cured that.In 2015 I finally has all rotors and brakes replaced as I thought that they may have to be changed after trips to New Hampshire,Vermont and pennsylvainia a few times>I can onlysay that I congratulate Ford Motor company and its employees for such a fine auto that has cost me very little to maintain.Also
Ford service manager told me that your rotors and brakes did not need to be changed! "REALLY"Gee the brakes lasted almost
seven years.This car is definitely not for sale.
I bought the Taurus in 2000 with 50k miles.) doing that amount of time car was very reliable now here it is mid 2015 as I will say the Taurus is a wonderful car. Replaced air filters at (107K), had 1 alternator went at (85K,) and one of the bearings went (110K,). Car doesn't suffer any burning oil but I did get camshafts replaced in '11 and in early 2013 replaced original crankshaft. People gave the nickname of Ford (FOUND ON THE ROAD DEAD) thankfully my '95 Taurus has really been one of the best vehicles ever owned. Still comfortable car though body/interior are in good shape car isn't beautiful as buying something like a Toyota at least I'm on the '95 original tranny and engine get low maintenance as have regular oil changes 2400 miles not a single issue. Very happy that still driving this car at 285,000 miles as one of the reviewers '95 had 307K, hopefully mines tick at 500K, runs smooth. I can't part with my car dependable ever lasting on roads its all original this vehicle shows no signs of breaking down or retiring at higher mileage this car has on original odometer. Would recommend buying the Taurus as a cheaper affordable vehicle that will last with getting it well maintained doing regular oil changes and changing minor stuff as needed.
I bought my 2006 Taurus in 2007 with 8,000 miles. It was a dealer show car. It has ran very well. Had to replace the starter at 100,000 miles. Have done regular maintenance, oil, tires,etc. Now has 110,000 and starts with no problem, milage is still right on, runs like a charm. It has been a good car.
I bought a 2006 Ford Taurus in 2013 about 6 mths in I needed a catalyc converter; about a year after that I needed a starter; Currently my exhaust system is done!!!!! I was also told the suspension will need to be repaired on the front and back. I bought this car with 81,000 miles on it.
I have a Taurus 2000 and it is a good driving car I received this from a relative after he had it for about 6 yrs after purchasing it brand new. He had to replace the engine for whatever reason paid by the factory. No problems there. It is a good driving car but now I wouldnt trust it with too much long distance driving. It needs some repairs its old. Rusting is a problem around the back wheels which I seen on many on the models and with the hard winter, rusting on the sides and underneath would cost a fortune to repair. Some how I hate to replace the car itself it has been wonderful reliable vehicle and could go more miles after 139,900. The problems i now face with repairing is electrical (door), rusting, possibly a wheel bearing (tire making a lot of loud noises, a new paint job on the body to remove hit and miss rust spots and to bring back that nice red color
I bought my 2007 Taurus in Dec. 2010 with 65850 miles. I had a $1200 heater repair in 2012. It only gets 17 mpg but was a comfortable, reliable car which I enjoyed until today. With just under 108,000 miles on it, the transmission is going. I'm really angry as I expected to get 150,000 or more from this car. No more Fords for me.
I purchased my 07 Taurus SEL as a daily commuter with 55k miles from a nationwide used car dealer in 2012. Three years later I have only had to perform routine maintenance and replaced the mediocre tires with new Michelins. I do use synthetic oil and perform maintenance by the book. Build quality is very good. I wanted creature comforts such as leather seats and sunroof: I also have automatic start - All electrical, engine and drivetrain have performed to expectation. So, far this car has been reliable safe and around town gas mileage of around 20 mpg. I believe my car was vetted by the dealer thus very few issues. I am very pleased given the price point: Good reliable, anonymous transportation with low insurance costs.
It's 4/3/15, To be short and direct, I've dumped right at $4300 in repair costs on this '05 Taurus SE (3.0 V6 Vulcan flex-fuel ) since new, this Does NOT include tires/oil-filter changes, I've got 68K miles on it and I feel the repair costs on this Piss Poor Taurus have been outrageous. It's in the shop now for a new oil pan gasket because it leaks oil, cost estimate is approx. $300. Past repairs include Trans/Torque converter, starter, cam synchronizer thing-a-ma-jig and easily three sets of lower ball joints. Way-WAY Too much repair money - - - WAY WAY too Quick !! !! I wonder if the engine will make it to 75K ? FORD >>> They call 'em FIX or Repair Daily ! ! ! ! !
I bought my 2003 Ford Taurus SES in Feb,2009 from Empire Ford. It must be a lemon. The car only had 85,285 miles on it when I bought it, thought with only that many miles on it with 6 years use, the car was built in June 2003, one of the last ones of the '03 models one would think Ford would have got it right after a whole model year. I thought I knew about Taurus's as I bought a 2001 Taurus SES with the OHC engine, it was a program car and only had 23,900 miles on it. Drove it 250,000 miles from June 2002 until June, 2005 when I traded it for a 2004 Ford Taurus SES w/o the OHC motor, a mistake, it had 33,560 miles on it,also a program car I put 190,000 miles on it until it was totaled out, not my fault in an awesome car wreck I was turned upside down and hit a block wall at 30-35 mph upside down, tore a gas meter off the wall and natural gas spewing everywhere. The point I am making is with being able to put that many miles on both of those Tauruses and doing nothing to them except oil changes,air filter replacement, tires and front brakes only I thought I knew them damned cars pretty well. No sir that ain't the case, the 2003 I presently own, bought in Feb,'09 has had to have the transaxle redone or replaced twice, the first time it just quit, seems they had bad torque converters in 'em. That was back in 2012, had trouble with it from the beginning after the rebuild. The second time was recently, Nov 2014, had it done at Allied Transmissions, they did the first one also. They did not rebuild the original that came with the car they put one they had there, it has an 02 tag on the top of the bell housing, no other ID tags on it, they also left a rag on the top of the tranny. The job was done on Dec 19, 2014 a Friday and I picked it up at their closing time. The first thing I noticed was when it from a standing stop and reached the first shift it shifted hard and or with a shudder. On Monday after I got it back I took it to them and was told it was a complete different tranny than the one that came in my car and it would take a few miles for the tranny and the computer to catch up with each other. I was told to drive it 300-400 miles and trhat should do it. Wrong it still had problems. They then said it was the computer, the engine, eveything but their screwup. Now just Sat. Mar. 7, 2015 the radio just quit working. I have tried every fuse in the box, outside and inside to no avail. Oh after the first rebuild of the tranny the radiator busted, the part where the trans cooler is. If anyone out there knows how to get this radio to work again let me know. Now that is why I believe this present Taurus is a LEMON and should be recalled thru the LEMON LAW.
overall i like my 2013 taurus limited. torque is low,the ride is not all that great, but i after marketed the air intake.i seem to get a lot more horespower now. i dont really like the dashboard controls.
probably the best car I have had has 134K miles and only had to replace the alternator about 10K ago this is really the only repair other than tires and oil changes been a great car
I love my 2004 ford Taurus se. has 3.0 Vulcan engine and no problems with motor or transmission,replaced coil and power steering hose.drives great gas mileage could be better.
Been pleased with my Taurus its the SES model has silver exterior with dark grey cloth interior. Put 264K miles no problems bought this car new in March 2002 driven across the country. Electronics works well I have really enjoyed my car but looking for a new replacement think got all my monies worth owning this car has been well taken care of I am single 48 year old male so get ready buy a SUV. I definitely would recommend this car though its a Ford can't complain about their vehicles because they made me an great reasonable car that served me well in last 12 years owned it.
Good family car the 32V DOHC engine is smooth, ride is a notch got all the bells and whistles. I wish this car had digital things more like a luxury car but its amazing vehicle runs like new. We bought this car 8 years ago never did us wrong best car ever cloth bucket seats comfortable - automatic trans is smooth handles snow perfect. Our Taurus is equipped with couple features with SEL includes sunroof and remote keyless entry have done all minor repairs. I planning to drive this car another 40k miles plus be looking an 2008 or upper Taurus since these cars are solid and reliable has an great stereo system lots of spacious although auto shifter is at console car has an larger interior love the car.
Have had great luck with my 2003 Taurus SES ohv 6 cylinder. Have had very few problems, except car at apx. 60,000 miles started sputtering when hot and at red lights, felt like bad gas or a misfire problem. For two years I had it tested for every thing one could be tested for for. Replaced plugs the s p wires, several sensors, ford up dated the computer, complete waste of time. Finally a diagnostic man replaced the " HOT AIR SENSOR, to the left of air filter. Engine light went off and engine is 100% better 3 + weeks ago. Had replaced H A S several months before, didn't help first time , maybe part was defective. Car has 75,000 now. spent apx. 1500 to 2000 trying to fix. but OK now.
bought car in 2010 had brakes replaced at dealership still didnt work right untill i had them changed at Belle Tire now they work fine
Nothing bad at this point we love this Taurus SEL
Why is Ford just coming around with projector Hologen lights,when my 06 Mercury had OEM HID'S? The Safety Dept. for the government is even after Ford to brighten there lights. We are now using LED Headlights Ford.
Here is the good one, the sales person tells you the sound system is a surround sound? This has to be the worse system I ever heard. There is background noise and flutter on the SYNC system, and the cheap Chinese speakers are as flat as a girl I knew in second grade. Oh; I see spend $50K for the SHO that says it has a so called Sony. More then likely it's a bottom line, just like all parts companies use.
I just spent $1600 to replace 4- 6x9" Hybrid Audio Image speakers along with JL 400 amp. to breathe some life into the garbage sold to me. (by the way I still have the fluter and noise and want Ford to correct this mishap.
If I could take back time I would take my 2006 Mercury Montego any day!
ps. Also the layout is redundant.They have 4 ways to do the same function. Example: heat, on dash board, on the 7" sync screen, on the wheel, and last by voice. Ford has a better idea.
My headlights are staying on with car off and switch off on my 98 ford Taurus. Checked fuses all is fine...replaced light switch checked ground wires that I could see any other suggestion.Do not know what else to look for that could cause this
I have a 2008 Taurus Limited with a bit over 48,000 miles. When I turn the ignition key to "on" just short of start, I hear what sounds like a belt, or something rotating, hitting the metal or plastic part of the car where the passenger foot/knee heat vent(under the glove box) area is. After 10 seconds or there abouts, it stops. Today it made the same slapping like noise when I started the engine, and lasted for 8 seconds before it stopped? My son has a 2008 that does the same thing, but when the engine is running. Any idea what that noise is? I can be reached at Thank you.
belt broke & caused engine to turn-over but won't start, replaced serpentine belt & found crank sensor wires touching. could the wires touching together be a problem or the cam sensor. reply
my 94 ford taurus uses alot of gas,changed the plugs,still no help.could there b a bad sensor
I have (2) 2004 Ford Taurus and they both have issues with water getting in the trunk am I the only one with this problem? What could be the problem? 1 of them has a hesitation.
I bought my 01 Taurus SES in June of 2011 with 100400 mls on it, ran into the master cylinder needing replaced at 107k, replaced a few common suspension parts and allegedly my alternator went out while in the shop for the master cylinder ... After that no problems except the common oil pan leak around 115k. I'm at 127,500 now and there's another leak that the engine has to be pulled to get to, but it isn't an immediate problem. I'll get it fixed because this car has been great for me, its almost been 3 years and I've only paid 2000 in minor repairs. Love my car! Will buy another DOHC Taurus. Only complaint is the integrated control panel, think the aftermarket radio kit is just terrible lol.
My 1998 Ford Taurus is a hunk of s**t. I got it from my grandfather in January 2013, and he never drove it. I am always commuting back and forth from school and work. The lines on my tranny came loose and leaked out all of the fluid I had. I got the leak fixed just in time. After that, my power steering belt had worn down the entire side of the pully, which I had to replace. After that, all of my brake fluid leaked out, and my brakes stopped working. My car shakes when I'm on the highway, my engine sputters, the heating core doesn't, my shift cable broke and my gear shift won't shift into drive. The brand new serpentine belt I put on last summer is shredded and hanging by small strings. My computer system is also jacked up. It has convinced itself that my doors are open when they are not, so I had to disconnect my overhead light to avoid my battery dying. When I put my key in my door as opposed to using the key fob, my hazards turn on and continue to stay on until I turn the engine off or use the key fob. But the key fob sometimes chooses not to work (with new batteries.) Also, the alarm doesn't go off when you hit the panic button, nor does the beep when you press lock a second time. The motor that moves the seats go on and off at any point in time. On occasion, my blinkers turn on without me hitting the shift. I will NEVER buy a Ford.
My 98 Taurus Wagon SE is also still on the road with 181,000 miles and a survivor of two rear end collisions (pesky tailgaters!). The 2nd one resulted in a 1/2 inch frame compression that took three days on a rack to straighten out. Main complaint: brakes. Yes this car saw lots of city and commuter driving; So 11 major brake jobs over 13 years (last one was in 2011) is to be expected (but, by comparison, my 2004 Crown Vic has 261K on it and I'm only on the 3rd set so far in 10 years). Only other real failure was a fuel pump at 100K. Everything else is still original on it!