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purchased a used 01 Spyder (14 years old), appears to have been adult owned. Purchased my first one new with the 4 cylinder as I did not want a turbo. The V6 is a super strong, quick and reliable engine. The 5 speed manual transmission is excellent. It is imperative to use top quality fluids in this vehicle to prevent expensive transsexual and or transmission repairs. The 01 sat for over a year (part of an estate), that created issues with several components. Tires were practically new (dealer installed China junk tires) and they failed to stop on a snow covered road. Replaced immediately after that. Plastic radiator cracked on top, replaced with premium NAPA radiator, AC compressor went out as did power steering pump and alternator. AC big fuse in engine compartment failed. Timing belt replaced at 85K to avoid engine repair. Original top lasted 16 years in the Arizona sun, I will replace that myself. Dash cover has multiple cracks from sun, there is an aftermarket mfg.. that sells a molded piece that can restore the look for $125. Major issue with factory em wire harness headlight plugs. So much heat from headlights caused both plugs to melt while driving cross country, hard to drive at night without headlights. Purchased heavy duty plugs from NAPA and no problems now. All of the above items are age related so that being said, the car is better than new now. Fun to drive, very quick. I always like to know how fast my vehicles will go, under safe conditions. While on a trip thru south western Nevada, I found a straight level section of highway with minimal traffic. I was able to open "her" up and achieved a top speed of 125 mph in a 2 mile run! Gas mileage seems to be improving the longer I own this car. My most recent calculations showed that I got 33 mpg by driving mostly 65 mph. I highly recommend this vehicle for anyone that really enjoys driving a "sports car". Currently looking to add an electrical oil pressure gauge in addition to the factory "idiot light", as a change in oil pressure can be fatal to an engine if not addressed immediately.
I bought this vehicle 3 years ago at 65000 miles. I'm now at 120,000 miles I've replaced the front suspension twice because of rust. ( I live in eastern Canada) Replaced the gas tank because of rust. Now the rear sub-frame is rusted beyond repair. I've replaced the front sub frame with a good used one I paid 500$ for. A few months ago Mitsubishi issued a recall for the front sub-frame but if you replaced it with used it's not covered. (new cost 1200 + +) In my opinion it could be a good vehicle in the deep south but it's not designed for the northern US or Canada. I have an issue with the motor nobody was able to resolve. I change the oil and filter and a week later the oil is black like it had 8000 miles on it. Changed and cleaned many parts to resolve this but to no avail. As far as the all wheel drive part it's great never a problem.
The car is very good. Baught it with 54k kilometers three years ago. Already at 120k kilometers. It has had several problems, specially with the clutch, time belt (have changed twice since I bought it) and several bushings. The A/C compressor has left me dry twice. However, it has been very faithful since whenever it has a problem, it has always got me home. At present, will have to check the left front axel and PTJ since the rubber cover split and has lost all the grease. Excellent engine. Has had minor glitches which I´d never had happen in other vehicles, but I can live with that.
I love this car. It handles even better than the new versions. I have had basically no problems for years. The gas mileage, tear and wear, upholds great. I drive it like a new one and it has gone to many states with me. Body and interior a little cheap from the company but you can take care of that easy enough. Brakes are well enough, but make sure you change them right away when you are suppose cause when they go they go fast. drive train has been very smooth but I always keep the maintenance and lube it yearly whether it needs it or not. Engine has performed very well to date. Changing the spark plugs in the back end is a real pain tho. Get a special tool for this. No problems with the emissions. Heating and cooling OK so far. Suspension and steering have been above and beyond for I have taken it there several times to date one of the best features. The only real bad thing to say is the dash. IT cracks and cracks and cracks and so on cracking. If you have a convertible like me I strongly recommend taking out or moving the amplifier from the underneath the passenger seat to the trunk.
I bought my 2012 Galant in March, so I would hope I didn't have mechanical problems which thankfully I haven't. No problems at all. Maybe wish it would have a bit more HP but that's always something I can do on my own. Great on gas, I recently got married in Vegas, drove from Glendale to Vegas and used only half a tank, so awesome on gas especially with how gas prices keep going up. My first car under my name and I love it, wouldn't change it for another car right now
Just about 170,000 miles on my GTS with 5 speed. Replaced the clutch once. Air conditioning once, body mount, brake pads and timing belt, spark plugs/wires. I've owned the car since 2003 so I consider this very low maintenance.

Overall excellent car. Drives well, good low end power with decent top end runout.

KYB AGX struts/shocks make a large improvement in handling for not too much money.

Paint is peeling now. Debating on getting it painted.
I had this car for almost a year. Never knew have a Mitsubishi as my next vehicle. First car driven running errands had used a bicycle as my transportation but this car gets excellent gas mileage. Quality is amazing has lots of good power to engine being an great car to drive. Its comfortable love the new looks of this car has good options in its class somewhat nice looking with exterior design. Driven my Mirage at 15,000 miles already the A/C will blow you out its a very impressive car to drive being more than ever fun to drive around town or etc.
Great cars this is actually my wife's car but she has over 350K miles never had one mechanical problem except A/C broken and transmission jerk still was a very reliable car. We owned Mitsubishis since 1989 all were great cars now switched to another brand believe the 1997 Galant is get ready to retired my wife bought it new of June 1997 never gave her a problem truly miss her car.
I have had my Galant 2003 since 2004 and it has been wonderful! The only prob I have had with it was the A/C went out. No prob just had to have it fixed and it was not a big fix with it, thank goodness! But of course lately it is getting tired and old so I think things are starting to get tired on it. Rust is appearting like cancer out of control! and seems like the last few times I have had it in for routine maintenence there has been a few extra things that have been found. Guess that happens.
Bought a brand new 2011 SE...Its been great! No problems, Runs fantastic. I absolutely love the truck. Its got 55k on it and will keep it if all stays well for a very long time.
I bought this car in 2013 because I wanted an SUV with good gas mileage. Pluses: Drives smooth, comfortable for a growing family, good gas mileage, sleek look. Minuses: Poor stereo system, poor heating/AC unit (knob always sticks), Poor suspension, slow to rev- up. I bought the car for a little of $7,000... can't complain too hard. But, If I had to do it again...I wouldn't.
I bought my 2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor in 2012. Shortly after I bought it with only about 50,000 miles on it, the blower motor decided to quit working. Fortunately I bought an extended warranty and was able to get it fixed for a small deductible. I am very unhappy with the braking system. I have had the front brake pads replaced and the rotors turned once since I bought it. The rotors tend to prematurely warp causing pulsation in the steering wheel. The rear calipers are not working correctly and I think it may be caused by poor metal used on them. Unfortunately the vehicle has been on the east coast since it was new and the salt has corroded the calipers and other braking components. I have owned other vehicles and never had problems with calipers going bad unless they had over 100,000 miles and were more than 10 years old. From what I understand there was a recall on braking components and I need to contact the dealer to see if it falls into the recall. T
The body is made of cheap metal that dents very easily. Roof racks tend to have the silver paint chip off easily. I have noticed this on other Endeavors as well.
Electrical and light components work for the most part, but I have controls that don't light up at all. IE: electric window buttons. Radio display is in poor position along with the way the radio is laid out.
Center console leaves much to be desired. Cup holders are not large enough and poorly positioned. Lower lid on console comes off hinges all the time.
Engine is too much horsepower for such a light SUV. Uses a lot of fuel. A 4 cylinder or smaller V6 would have been adequate. Exhaust has always been on the noisy side. No holes in pipes or muffler. Heating and A/C work but it takes too long to heat and cool vehicle.
Suspension and steering leave a lot to be desired. Struts are noisy and ride is not as smooth as what my Buick Rendezvous was even though it had bad struts.
My car is a Mitsubishi galant 97 ES, i been looking for the a/c belt tensioner, or assembly or bracket im not sure what is call but is the whole piece that tights up the a. C belt, i have look for it every where, can some one help me fix this problem
I have had my 09 lancer sportback for nearly % years and it has been a wonderful car. Mitu really needs to update the interior on the lancers but it is quite functional. One big beef I have is with the brakes and suspension. My front rotors had to be replaced with the fist set of brake pads!?!?!? Seriously. Not due to grinding out the pads to metal. I took it in as soon as the wear indicator started squealing at 50,000 km (31k miles) and the rotors had worn too thin and started to warp. I also had to replace the front shocks at 31k miles and this was only from street use. As much as I love my lancer. I am really not impressed with the material quality on these particular parts.
I purchased a 2011 Endeavor SE New...we have had a problem with the break peddel going all the way to the floor. I have brought this to the attention of the dealer and they say this is normal. Also, the engine is so loud, it sounds like a truck. They again say this is normal. Sure wish I had my old 2004 Endover back.
My Galant has an Issue with letting my backside Driver Seat up all the way, I can't sit back and Drive because the Seat will not let up. How can I address this?
NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE WILL I BUY A MITSUBISHI. Contstant sensor problems and to get a tune up on this vehicle will cost you a mortgage payment! Quoted $739.00 for just a tune up. This car is a piece of garbage.
Some of the time when I drive my 98 3000gt, I'll be driving 40 to 50 mph and it'll shift like all the 1st gear for no apparent reason and idk why it does it. It's only done it to me like 3 or 4 time but idk why it does it. Please help if you might know what it is. Thanks
My 95 Montero now has 276,000 miles on it! Goes thru a little oil because of intake valve seals. Thats about it. Been an excellent, reliable, comfortable 4 wheel.
I'm reconditioning my motor but there are to many mechanicas out there that rip you off how do you if the job is done good
2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor--Bought new...Car has performed very well.
I had the A/C HVAC leak in the drivers' side but I fixed it by extending the drainage hose. It has a part number for the modification at the local dealership. Having a leak by the valve covers..I changed the front cover myself but need to change the rear one now....Not sure if I will tackle that or take to the dealer....(Any recommendations) Vehicle has over 205K miles and drive extremely good...
Oh, I need to replace the right tie-rod end ...It has some wear.
Extremely happy with this vehicle except the amount of items need to be removed to replace the rear valve cover.
Great car for the most part. Handling and acceleration good for a 4 cyl. Fun and comfortable on a long freeway trip from Florida to Michigan.
The driver's seat could adjust a little lower. (i keep brushing the top of the doorway when i get in.
The fabric is coming loose from the headliner in a number of places. (above the doors on either side and at the top of the windshield on both sides just where the defroster would strike) I think the glue just dried up. Also, last year, insulation (or something) started blowing through the ac/heater vents.
There is a rattle coming from the engine compartment at times. I think it is the shielding on the motor making contact with some parts of the engine/frame.

I had an issue with the antilock brakes not resetting last year, but found (through research) that if i made the wheels slide by braking hard and then pumping the pedal a bunch of times. (i did this procedure 3-4 times that the problem went away.

The headlight enclosures are sunburned on the inside. I can't think of any fix except to replace them.

The only other thing that is amiss is of course the pistons holding up the hatch. I keep a miniature hockey stick in the rear for a prop.

I have had my eclipse since 3300 miles and have had it serviced (oil, lube etc) every 3000 miles using Mobile 1.

I enjoy driving this car and other than the multiple minor issues mentioned above, would certainly buy another one IF they kept making them.
Great car, except mitusubishi went cheap on the interior, especially the plastics.
I have 264K miles on mine. I had my first breakdown, on the road last summer. Water Pump. Amazing vehicle. Smooth ride, no rattle or shakes yet. 6 sets of tires, 2 radiator fans (squirrels chewed 1st replacement) The only issue is the heater switch and it just broke off a month ago. Need to fix that this spring. It's been the best car ever.
Not sure I would buy another Mitsubishi. I too like other have stero problems when it rains. The Dealer I bought it from Kerry, need to put their employees through a training on how to be nice to people. Service is a disaster. Took my car up to the Kerry dealer three times for three separate problems and all three times they did not fix the problem by the end of the day. Also brakes do not last, my air has already gone out, the seats stain real easy and even taking a wet clothe stains the seats even more. Now I have an Emissions problem.
I bought my 2004 mitsubishi endeavor in 2005 and now my paint is fading the gas dont hold enough. It only holds 21.4 gl and I have two kights that stay on now. My engine light and my anti lock brake. They told me I might as well buy a new car. This truck is not a good truck to buy.
I changed my brakes and rotors in the front... now when I turn left the passenger side sounds like it grinds against something. I checked my shield that sits behind the rotor and its not touching and it is not bent against the rotor but there is a line forming on my rotor now on the face of it. also when I haven't drove my car in like 8 hours when i start driving it screeches so bad then with in a minute it will go away but it does it every time can some one help me please
I have had my 2003 galant for about four years. It has been nothing but a pain since I got it. I go to sleep praying it will start and wake up praying it wont break down on the way to work. I worry about driving it all the time. Every time I fix one thing on the car the next day there is something else to be fixed. In the process of buying a new car now and should have brought the galant to the dump along time ago instead of wasting time and money on it. Will be staying away from Mitsubishi forever now.
I bought a 1999 Montero sport 7 years ago from a couple and it was well taken care of. after about 3 years of driving it, it started blowing out blue smoke.I controlled that alot with Lucas Oil Additive. I traveled back and forth between charleston, SC and Winston-Salem NC. It began burning oil and I foolishly took my chances waiting to put oil in when I could had gone across the street to the gas station; instead I drove another 1.5 miles and then it happened. the truck shut down on me and wouldn't start. the engine didn't lock up but still have some damage. I let it sit for over a year and now just starting to have it repair. I did have to have the fuel pump replaced also. the expensive part is the labor at the dealership it will run me $3200 to have engine done and the engine cost $1500 the rest is labor. but I refuse to trade in my truck even though it has 187k; the tax office still doesn't consider this high mileage for this truck. the truck is still able to be driven but I got alot of knocking going on. so I use it to run down the street to pick up my daughter from school which is about a 6 min drive roundtrip.
I have had my car for 9 yrs. and it has over 141000 miles on it when the worst thing possible happened, the timing belt broke and now the vavles and gaskets had to be replaced. I decided to get it fixed, because it still is a good car, but I just drive it too much and it gave out. It is going to cost over 2000.00 to fix, but I would rather do that then have a car payment. I'm telling everyone out there to get your timing belts check if you have an older car before something like this happens to you.