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At or about 15000 miles the accelerator stopped responding. The car could only accelerate by using the cruse control lever. Took the car to West Palm Beach Mercedes. Ten days later It was ready for pick up. The car drove normally with proper acceleration for one day when on I-95 I was passing a car and moved in front of it at Donald Ross exit when it failed to keep the speed and the accelerator stopped responding. Fortunately an accident was averted. I took the car back to service. This time they kept it for over two weeks. The accelerator works now but when the car is in traffic in slow speed it moves forward with ever so small but perceivable jerks. I did not take the car back to service. The initial enthusiasm and fun to drive a diesel Mercedes is over. It takes me to work and brings me home.
1991 300 SE 4 door

The car rides like a tank...unstoppable great car... a/C PROBLEMS AND SUNROOF off track...
6 cylinder great engine M103-- my only complaint is right rear floor has water getting there somehow...
195,000 miles.. was $55,000 in 1991 when new. has most of any help you might need.These guys are experts far away from NY..but they sell parts..
Where on long island can someone fix this car is beyond me besides the dealers (crooks)
Hi I own a 2008 CLK350clk Avantgarde. First registered Dec 2009. Bought second hand in 2013 with 58,000km, now (Nov16) done 78,000km. I love the car. However it has had more than its fair share of issues for such a fancy car!
1 Oil cooler replaced 2013 58,000km
2 Front discs brakes and pads all round replaced (warped?) 2013 @ 65,000km
3 Self adjusting headlight's sensor rod on stabiliser trapped making lights shine down 213 60,000km. Freed and Okay.
4 Air cooler compressor failed and replaced @ 70,000km 2015
5 Sunroof plastic catches and breaks, replaced at 70,000km 2015. Have to hold close button until fully closed or else it reopens partially.
6 Intermittent droopy RHS front self levelling headlight sometimes does not come up when engine has started. Repair offered is to buy a new headlight ($3,000!) I live with multiple engine restarts which fixes it - mostly!
I bought my 1992 300SL 5 months ago,May of 2016.and from the start while driving the car from CA to WA it had rough start problems.The brakes were spongy and even after having the master cylinder replaced and the entire brake system checked twice the brakes are still spongy.The factory radio failed long ago and I replaced it with an aftermarket unit.But the most chronic problem of all is high speed stalling.On the freeway,uphill,downhill,all of a sudden the motor stalls and is not easy to restart.It happened again just today,Nov 06-2016,in a most dangerous situation.We were driving down a steep grade and suddenly the car stalled when I let up on the gas pedal.The car would not start and we were now going down a very steep grade without power brakes or power at all.We were lucky I found a turn-out to stop and even then it was very nearly impossible because the brakes are very difficult to use without the motor on.This condition is now scaring me and my lady friend now refuses to ride in the car.Can anybody help me with this serious problem?The car has 174K miles and is still a very clean car.Could this be an ignition problem?Thank you for reading my review.
I bought a 2012 ML350 bluetec in 2015 with 38,000 miles. The driver's side seat belt does not always work and the cigarette lighter does not work at all. The rear brakes had to be replaced at 52,000 miles at a cost of $800. Now, at 68,000 miles, the oil cooler is leaking and will cost over $5,000 to repair. The vehicle is out of warranty and the extended warranty I purchased will not cover the oil cooler repair. If anyone else has had to repair their oil cooler, please share what it cost to repair. Otherwise, this vehicle drives like a dream and gets good mpg which is the reason I purchased the vehicle in the first place. My second reason for buying this vehicle is my mistaken impression of Mercedes Benz quality, durability, and reputation. I am disappointed.
I buy these car in 2007 with 10,000 mi and I think this is reliable. I change oil and filter every 6000 miles and now is 160000 and is running like new the engine. I never change transmission oil and run every time in sport mode with no problems. I will change next week!! One time have a problem with the intake manifold a plastic piece that controls vacuum. I remplace myself with a metal one that sells in ebay that's about 100000miles.
Remplace alternator because I dropped oil when change the motor oil that's my fault!. Remplace front disk and brake pads 2 times. Air conditioning need some gas but the guy dont bill me because was few. Car paint is original red and is glossy but all plastics part start scratching few month ago, car never sleeps on carport. I put 2 batteries including the oem. The two oxygen sensor at 140000. Front suspension change about one year ago buy $349 kit on ebay and $150 for alignment and labor and the car run like new again. Interior are black and the seats are like new steering wheel and plastic part have some scratch part have cheap construction.
I have only owned my 2003 SL55 AMG
for about a week and these reviews scare me. I hope only those who have problems write these reviews and that many of these SL55s are very reliable and don't have many problems. If any of you reading this have had good luck and not many problems, please comment before I decide to sell mine, I love it so far but these comments scare me, I'm not rich. Drives and handles beautifully and I hate to park it and get out of it.
bought a 2011 C300. When it came to extended warranty, I was told that it was a 2010 late model and therefore warranty expires in 2015.
Needs new ABS/ Traction control module. It has a total of 25,007 miles. I was told not covered under warranty. Service managers response: Mercedes is not responsible for quality of parts. Had to pay over $2000 to fix this.
Never heard of such module going bad. Mercedes should stand behind their product and fix it even outside of warranty..
AVOID! Mercedes vehicles are nice when they work, but they spend most of their time getting piggie-back rides from tow-trucks. Just under 120K miles and total engine failure. Advised to replace cam magnets, replaced plugs also, codes went away - then suddenly blown engine! Balance shaft jumped timing, total engine loss. Before this, converted troublesome air suspension to conventional springs. Problems with climate control panel. Panoramic work stopped working, big $$$ to fix. Intake manifold arm broke on the outside, no replacement parts - $1000 just for the intake manifold, let alone labor to replace. Cost of repairs at dealership more than value of vehicle. If you aren't a DIY avoid, avoid, avoid! Even if you are, it is not worth the trouble. Mercedes has clearly made it a priority to keep non-dealer mechanics away. More that 50% of the average Mercedes dealerships income is in service! Took in my rock solid BMW X5 for this junk R350 because the middle row was roomy for baby seats and toddle seats - huge mistake! Want to be stuck on the side of the road with young children? Then buy a Mercedes. What you can get from an OBD II scanner and what the dealer Star tool provides is different. OBD II under reports. Star tool is thousands and thousands to buy and not for sale to private perople so a handy person can't properly diagnose. They go to the trouble of making the intake manifold out of magnesium, but fill it with cheap plastic! PCV valve dumps huge amounts of oil into the intake. All the flaps internally broke off in the intake! Bushings fell out so massive vacuum leak. Electrical system is total junk! Average vehicle these days had 4-5 CPUs - Mercedes has over 40 modules. You disconnect the battery wrong and one of the "smart" modules fries. Even the fuse box is a "smart" fuse box, which actually means it's idiotic. Embarrassing how so many solid-state components fail in these cars. Then there's the transmission - 6 speed "7g tronic" - just look it up - early failures, requires thin fluid and was proclaimed as "sealed for life" by Mercedes. They quickly backed out of that one a couple years in due to failures. But you can't just drain and fill like other cars - there is no ATF dipstick! You have to drop the pan, replace the filter, and pump fluid in. Then with the car running, you have to watch the fluid coming out change from gushing to more of a drip. Is this what German engineering means these days? Oh and the transmissions shift module fails. Look at how many Mercedes with awd have to be dragged onto a flat bed. The shifter is a servo, so if the module goes bad, your battery dies etc, you are totally SOL - you can't shift into neutral!!! Power steering leaked because the hose clamps were cheap crimp, not screw clamp, coil packs fail. It's hard to recall what doesn't break honestly. I've owned and worked on Audi, BMW and Japanese cars and Mercedes is now the worst in my opinion. I will not buy another Mercedes again!!!!!
I brought this car with 100.000 miles for $18.000 the car was in unbelievable condition fast comfortable perfect ,if experienced a couple of minor problems but I have a very good mechanic , I'm very happy with this car
I love my Mercedes Benz SE 300.
The only problem i had are with the window regulators (Front Passenger, Rear Passenger). They was both working but didn't work with the one touch option because the gears was strip. Richmond,VA
I have owned my 06' C230 Sport V6 model for over 8 years(10yrs old now) it only has 63,000 miles April 2016. I love this car, I picked it up used for 19,700 with 21k miles in 2008, bought an extended warranty 75k/5yrs for 1800.00 total. Great deal, this car is amazing!!
It has lots of pep! for a little 2.5 liter V6@201hp@6200rpm(the pistons must be tiny)! Has the 7 speed automatic transmission with Sport or Custom shift options, every available option including: 12 speaker Harmon Kardon speakers/stereo with 6 Disc changer in glove box, moon-roof, rear window roll up tint, heated and electric seats!
I've had only a few problems with it requiring maintenance, replaced the alternator/generator, master cylinder went bad at 42k, these were covered in my extended warranty 100%.
Recently, I had some front suspension work done, ball joints, lower control arm links, new tower struts, etc. I've done couple B maintenance's, trasnmission fluid service and 2x A maintenance's, front/rear brakes once. I always had the dealer do all the service. Great car, very reliable! I'm a Lyft driver and having a great handling car is a must. I hate to trade it in with such low miles but the 2015 C250 is calling my name!
I love my 2008 Mercedes CLS. It does everything I need it to do and serves as a great daily driver. I bought it used in 2011 and have had great luck with it on repairs to date.
Great vehicle. I have a 2002 ML320 with 440,000km. Use it cross country few times even drove it through Mexico. Currently, we just drove it to New Orlanes from Windsor Ontario Canada in Jan. 2016. I have done yearly maintenance at dealer since 2002 without any big problem. All parts are original. There are some repairs but they were minor. Love the car 100%. My next car will be Benz - M class. Took vehicle for bi-yearly Emission Test (oil was year old) and passed no problem.
The C-class is a great introduction into the Mercedes brand. I think you get plenty of car for the price. It's safe, reliable and a little classy. It's no AMG or SL but it's a great start.
Hands down the worst car buying experience in my life. This was my 16th new car purchase, and needless to say I am living a nightmare. The car leaked oil since it had 600 miles on it. I had it to the dealership I purchased it from locally numerous times, still without a resolution. Performed routine maintenance. Without warning with slightly under 26,000 miles the engine seized. Full of sludge, not reparable. I have $18,000 in repairs in it so far. It was a lease so MB took it back. I know receive an invoice for an additional $11,000.00. I have found one other couple here locally with same year/model with the EXACT same issue. Looking for anyone with similar issues. Thank you.
I bought this car used 3 months ago with 70k original miles. It is beautiful, and rides and drives like a dream. It averages about 26mpg. I am very happy with it so far.
Purchased as Starmark vehicle in low 20k mileage range. Repaired a number of issues the first year under warranty. Over the next six years I spent at least $7,000 fixing broken parts, components, leaks etc of all types and flavors.

Loved the driving experience, smooth and quiet, but hated the poor quality of the car itself. I maintained the car religously and spared no expense when it came to maintenance, but its the component quality that sucks. Leave the Mercedes for people who need to prove they have the discretionary income to keep making car repairs. Buy a Honda, Toyota or Nissan for quality and reliability.
I purchase the GLK350-W2 car last week from Keys European and I fell in love with the performance. The ease of getting in and out of the car. sit up higher than my previous E350-C super super smooth ride and luxury is its statement. comfort seating so much space and very satisfied. keeping in mind the Benz dealer always take care of their costumers no matter what.
Traded my 01,Lexus Is300 for the 240 6-speed... Car had 77,000 miles on it I've put brakes n rotors on it and a Ac compressor the first year I had it. So far it's been 4 months since n No problems car now has 89,000 on it. No lights on but I Tried to trade it in and was Low balled at 1800 by 3dealers. Guess it's resale value is garbage I thought I would at least be off 4k..
2006 c-230 74,356 miles. These are all common complaints on this year and model. They have happened to me.

Interior driver side door handle breaks off (Mercedes Benz quality) Class action law suit on the balance shaft inside the V6 engine. Mine went bad at 73,xxx miles, Transmission on the seven speed automatic, may shift, may not, may just stay in one gear. Very dangerous when making a left turn with oncoming traffic. Could be the only way I can get rid of this piece of junk is to have it hit and totaled.
Paid 2500 for it. I've had it almost three years all I've had down is replacement of lower front control arm and bought a battery. Love it rides great. Air condition didn't work when I got it but the heat is a beast and the ride is so smooth even at 120 mph
This car has been nothing but trouble and a money pit. I have spent over $5000 in repairs in the last 2 years. Would not recommend this make and model to anyone. Had issues with crankshaft and alternator-replaced twice. In the shop now becuase check enging light came on again..waiting to see what is wrong and how much it's going to cost.
I bought a 2005 ML 350 brans new special edition and it has not given me trouble at all so far. Now it does have a steering wheel fluid leak that has been the main fault that was repairable. The car has been working like a dream so far compared to any car of that age. It has run 188,000 km.
I bought my CLK 500 off a lease. It came Cerified with a one-year warranty. I had a problem with the cup holder. The interior piece cracked when I put a certain cup in it. I can still use it but it doesn't grip cups with a smaller circumference very well. Not a show stopper.

The tranny has a quirk. After running for long periods at 45mph or better, there is a tendency for it to get stuck between gears when downshifting. Releasing the gas and holding the brake seems to get it to engage again but it is a bit disturbing. It would add a second or two to reaction time in a crisis.

A diagnosis by the dealer only gets you a bill and an opinion that is not necessarily about the true cause of the problem "It could be this" or "It could be that" etc. Each step has it's own costs.

What good are diagnostic codes if they don't localize a problem? The real problem is that much information is only available via the Mercedes Stuttgart database. That makes it difficult to get a true second opinion.

Otherwise, no complaints about the rest of the car. Have a warranty if you're not prepared to pay for expensive repairs. That's the best advice I can give.
Bought a 2001 S430 used. I've had four MBZ, 1979 240D, 1980 280SE, '82 380SEL. A 1983 380SL which I still have which has nearly 300,000 miles. The 2001 is pathetic. Repairs constantly, AC is intermittent (AZ weather!), electrical anomalies, and no door lock switch on the drivers door. Head rests that flip down and not up, trunk does not open with key fob, doors do not lock with key fob. Windshield washer tank goes empty by itself. Constant warnings of R & L blinker reflectors?? etc, etc. It is just not what MBZ stands for! It is the only vehicle I have ever had that has a warning light if a warning light goes out. BUT, I love the brakes!!
Traded wife's BMW 328 for a 2010 C300 with 24000 miles. Have had it 8 months. It has been back to Mercedes 3 times with loss of all power steering fluid, twice in last two weeks. Dealership can't fix problem and charge $300 - $450 each time. Not enough dealerships in the Nashville area to service cars they sell. Impossible to schedule service times unless the vehicle is towed in. First and last Mercedes we will ever own. My wife is driving my BMW and I am in a rental because the dealer doesn't have any loaner. Going back to a BMW.
when car is sound it gets five stars,however that is wish-full thinking.
frustrated because it seams only the dealerships can fix this car and it costs huge amounts to fix just about any problem,haven't been able to find one person or shop that can work on this car,sure would like to?
anyone in the Suffolk county NY area that knows how to fix this car,please contact Jim at
I bought car used with 100,000 miles, Interior is cheap for a car that cost this amount of money new, Its not leather its' pleather(plastic) my little dog slides like she is on glass on it. The GPS stinks, Now the good part, 38.5 miles per gallon on the freeway, and about 26 city, very nice stereo, handles great, I have the fold down seats, great for long cargo, sun shade in the back keeps car cool when I park it, the air condition is weird have yet to quite figure it out, it just not like most climate control units, blue tooth works great for the phone,can't figure why they put controls for the sun roof front and rear. But all in all a very nice car, paid 10,200 and could have done a lot worst. Oh did I mention its fast, the only car Mercedes makes that is faster, 0-60, is the AMG, and cost a lot more.
Bought my Mercedes in 2014, I didn't have it a month and transmission had to be replaced, the alternator, and now brake pads have to be replaced. This car is very expensive to have and I don't recommend anyone buying one because of the expense. I would suggest a Hyandi nice and dependable cars. be careful of the dealerships selling these cars nothing but CROOKS!!!