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I purchased this vehicle in April 2003 with 11,000 miles. It has held up well, however, it apprears that this year model was plagued with power window problems. Same with my '03 Century. The electrical seems to have evolved, now the left rear door is always locked, no power to the locking motor and the odometer area bulb operates occasionally, the last time it lit up the odometer read 168,000 miles. That was probably a month ago. The engine was rebuilt by dealer ($3800 in approximately 2010) a disappointment. Adult children had been using this vehicle for last 4-5yrs and I now have it back. Have had harmonic balancer replaced and the spark plugs, however, I have a "bucking" or chocking problem now when reaching 45MPH in acceleration. Taking to mechanic this afternoon for a check on "plug wire misfire" and/or fuel filter clogging. Will also have him check the "coil" once again, as we discussed it at plug replacement 2 days ago. Anyone else with the chugging problem -- and did you find the reason?
I use for delivering mail around neighborhoods. It's a well built solid car the 3.8L motor is peppy the Buick is more efficient around winding roads it's so crisp with being a six passenger car. Overall my Buick is in wonderful shape dependable lasting still rides very smooth on roads really pleased with this car. It's flawless plenty of room running like brand new gets estimated of 23mpg just love my car does me well in the mornings and daily commutes.
Good quality car. No problems very excellent on highway.
Good car as my second vehicle. I bought a 2001 Buick Century its a wonderful car with 3.8L V6 in its class. Purrs at 40mph no problems with vehicle. Its very comfortable the Buick gets 28mpg never put high repairs in it. The car now has 158,000 miles did get alignment and replaced two rotors other than that car is flawless. Get it checked at every 5,000 miles as regular oil changes etc., seems decent little car all I need is an manifold intake gasket other minor repairs took care of wasn't expensive. Surprisingly the car is driven in snow every year no problems a beautiful car would purchase another Buick have it parked under my garage as my 2003 Buick absolutely loved to death. It was the first Buick after my 1991 Tercel was totaled in a wrecked found this car at remarkable priced at $5000 didn't think wasn't bad on a 2003 Century at least dealership went too brought from a dealership in Massachusetts was well maintained as got a Carfax approval on it one owner no problems. Still it runs like a new car hope keeps running as well like doing at this time easy to maintained and cheap getting oil changes literally took good cared of my car doing all regular maintain.
best car iv'e had, only afew minor issues 100,000 miles
Car has had it's minor problems but has always got me from point A-B. I also have been rear-ended before, hard, and the back of the car held up very well.
We have had fairly good luck with our '03 Century. Had lifters replaced at 50,000 miles because of clatter at a Chevy dealer in Sandy. After 1000 mi or so it was as noisy as before. Were they actually replaced? Get better A/C on passenger side. Power window problems, but all in all its been a good dependable car. Its nearing 100,000 miles. p.s. replaced catalytic converter recently.
I am 29 years old and have owned two 1994 Buick Centuries in my life - the first time as a teenager in high school and just recently bought another (both white with blue interior!). I didn't appreciate what I had as a teenager, but after owning a few other less quality cars in the last 10 years, I knew it was fate when I came across the craigslist ad for a white 94 Buick Century after I totaled my last car. At 20 years old, she has little to no rust, has been perfectly maintained with all documentation, was always garaged, never driven in bad/wet weather and only had 51,983 ACTUAL miles! It is perfect because it is reliable, cheap to fix and maintain and unassuming. The only complaints I have are that the gear shift lever on the column gets in the way of the radio controls and seat covers are pretty much impossible to find unless you have them custom made. Other than that, best car ever. I'm hoping to own a third one some day!
155,000 miles on a limited wagon white with fake wood paneling. Automatic 4 speed overdrive. MSRP over $20,000. Options galore but, as time goes by the options fail to work. Power antenna quit as well as harmonic balancer, fuel injectors, power window motor, difficult to get a mechanic to diagnos accurately. Put in 10 fuel injectors due to
incompetent service work and 3 techs still couldn't figure out the last rough running was due to an injector.
Its a good first car for any kid... but its a money pit... just simply cuz its a out dated car from a era ware we cut corners . Nothing like a good ol classic.. American muscle
I have had my Buick Century since I was 16 years old and I am currently 21. I started off with about 80k miles and have babied it ever since. She has 140k miles and runs like new now that I replaced a few things on her. I had to replace all of the hoses for the cooling system due to leaks. The biggest expense ($700) though for repairs was the exhaust manifold gasket. I did do some aftermarket performance parts for it such as dual flowmaster super 10 exhaust, a weapon- r ram intake and a few electronic upgrades just to get some better fuel economy. Now I get an average of 27mpg in the summer and 24-25mpg in the winter. The window motor in the driver window also failed on me. About a year after I got the car I had a bunch of lights come up in my dash such as the coolant light, the low oil light, low tire light and a service engine light. The coolant one was obvious because I had leaky hoses but I could never figure out the other two. They went away on there own most of them did. I had to get a mechanic to clear the tire one. Also for some reason, when it shifts it shifts kind of slow. It has a delay between gears.
Good car...always starts in the cold...problems with the wiper blades and motors for the wipers...prevalent problem,,,engine is powerful and not bad on gas...a lot of problems with the power window motors...replaced two in two years of owning this car....
Is there anybody out there that has problems with lost of power while driving at a constant speed or upon exceliration?
I don't understand this car has very bad brake problems they sound metal to metal all the time have replaced 2 times a year is only drove around town local. Maybe someone can tell me about these brakes the back wears not the front, and every thing that can be change has been and still doesn't work. please email me with any help
my has engine lite on . they tell me it my purge solenoid.what does it do and how do i change it
Bought used in 2007 with 147k miles. Transmission seemed testy at 35-45 mph. At 190,000 transmission went out. (Replaced by family members.) A/C now not working. (Fan runs, but not cool.) In need of balance and alignment, but runs nice as my parents OLDs did... prefer Olds, Chev, Buicks. Lights to center console that tells temperature in/out rarely works.Like the ride and comfortable. Would buy again, but make sure trany ok.
i keep smelling antifreeze low coolant light want go off changed the antifreeze change the oil and making some kind of belt noise and like sprinkles of some fluid i dnt know if its the coolant fluid sprinkles car not smoking temp gage go futher than usual but not to hot help me plz.
Where should I start? I'm 17, and this is my second car (my first was a Shovette lol). I found this car early in March of 2011. It was an old hunk of junk in some lady's barn. It was hers but the water pump went out and then she just used it to store hay and feed the horses from the trunk. I got it for $50, towed it home and slapped a water pump in it and it has been running since. I got it at only 69k miles. The paint is rusted and that's it, the inside is in perfect condition but there is still a little hay in the trunk. This car is big and a lot faster than one would think. If you press the gas, it WILL move. Taking corners is a little thick and lumbering but its fine. The engine is huge and has plenty of power with very little road noise. This thing will run with anything you throw at it, I've taken it on a few road trips and its perfectly great. Its ready to start as soon as you touch the key in the ignition. This thing is a beast, not to mention so comfy to ride in. I'm a Buick buyer for life now.
What would make a 2005 Buick Century leak gas out on the carburator intake every now and then?
I have over 315,000 miles on the original engine, and it seems to keep going strong. I have noticed just in the past couple weeks its been taking a little longer to start-up. I did have to have the exhaust manifold gasket changed cause it was leaking coolant in and out the engine. Two of the windows no longer roll up or down, the Check Oil light is forever on, as is the Low Coolant, and Service Engine Soon lights, and I also no longer have working Hi-beams. Also, the A/C comes on when it feels like it and goes off when it feels like it, so I tend to just drive with it on so as not to constantly hear the switching. And the light to be able to read the gauges at night doesn't work, or sometimes does work but it's very rare when it does and goes off just as mysteriously as it turned on.
the car is in excellent condition and very low milage about what would this car sell for
I bought my 90 Buick Century about 6 months ago. It passed hands many many times and was not well maintained. It was in 2 accidents before I owned it and when I bought it I was mostly just crossing my fingers that it would last more than a month. The odometer read 100k when it got to me but the instrument cluster was broken so god only knows when that stopped working. It seemed like a project car but I was pleasantly surprised. since I replaced the instr. cluster I've added just shy of 20k miles, taken it cross country and back twice, and only done very minor repairs. The water pump went, but that was only about an hours work to replace, and now my power windows are out. I plan to keep this car until it's final day, whenever that may be, and after driving Mazdas and Chryslers and Fords, I will only own Buicks from now on.
What can I say! I have driven a Volvo, several Fords and a Toyota and none of these vehicle compare favorably with my Buick. At over 300K miles (this is not a mistake) and counting, I have only had work done on the radiator recently. Outside of the normal wear such as brakes and some window issues, I have had no problems with this car. I intend to get another Buick Century.
At over 101,000 I still love my fancy-goldie. This is absolutely the BEST car I have ever had and I am sorry they stopped making the Century.

I replaced her brakes and rotors at about 85,000. I have had some slowness starting in the electric window rolling down on the passenger side. She has a little bit of a clack of the engine while in park - but dealer said that was normal and nothing to worry about. The starter will probably have to be replaced soon because sometimes she tries to start up longer than it should. The air conditioning is a little slow at cooling down.

I am not going to complain about any of these because she is a great, sturdy car with a lot of room and cargo space. I joke and call her my truck. I plan on keeping her until she totally dies.

Love this car!
replacing head gaskets
An excellent car for those who like to explore while being comfortable. Also great as a commuter vehicle because of the fact that one has plenty of legroom and trunk space is not limited.
Great car now at 130,000 with still no oil leaks! Did have to replace water pump at around 100k. The air conditioning in these cars is amazing!!!
My girlfriend bought her Buick Century new in 1998. She`s gone through two sets of window motors at a cost of $400 each. That`s $3,200 total! Now the brakes have the car in the shop and she won`t tell me how much it will cost. But she did say it`s over $500 at the dealer. I think she`s getting ripped off there. I paid to get her A/C fixed for $1,300 at the dealer. Again we got ripped off I feel. The car still runs great at 80,000 miles but repairs at the dealer are very expensive. The plastic interior is cheap and the summer heat ruined it. From the outside it still looks new and rides beautiful. Buick needed to address a few flaws to make future buyers happier.
My car has 164202. It's a nice car. The only thing I don't like about it is that it looks like a granny car. The ride is smooth and quiet. The outside is in good shape. The inside is also pretty clean. The car is very reliable. The only things I've had to fix is the waterpump, thermostat, belt, belt tensioner, tires, and wheel alignment. There are some other things that also need to be fixed such as window motors, A/C, and some speakers. I'm going to wait till summer to fix it though. I don't mind fixing those things cause I only paid $2000 for it. Overall, its a great car. Engine runs good and everything.