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Kia Sorento (96 Reviews)
19.9 mpg until Bush wanted Corn Whiskey in the gas. Then it was 18 from then on.
The gold paint decided to FADE on every piece of plastic around the car all at once.
Tried fuel cleaner and my fuel gauge started screwing up after that.
Putting the car in 4x4 mode would make it extremely hard to turn on street.

Our transmission failed repeatedly from a faulty ECM that was shorting a wire to a HOT firewall that caused 2nd & 3rd gears to shear. That cost $1500 and several trips to the Tranny shop and over two months in the Kia shop previously because Kia couldn't FIX ANYTHING that was causing strange transmission faults... that DIDN'T show up on the computer! There was later a recall on it that Kia refused to tell customers, as I had to ASK them to check on it personally since it was happening for so long, I figured it HAD to have been figured out by then! It wasn't in the computer at the dealer! They had...

Then some kind of debris in the passenger valve cover (completely sealed from inspection, sensors, or correction) blocked the oil return ports and that valve cover retained 4 quarts of oil (for over 3 hours) causing "catastrophic engine failure".

WARNING!!!! Check your oil in this car every month and make sure it's clean as a whistle...

One of the problems with the tranny was strange shifting between 2 & 3rd gears, and it would also LOCK in 5th gear at times.

The Key/ignition was transferred into the Sorento from a faulty car ignition, and mine had to be fixed too.
The electrical to the moon roof stalled open in a rainstorm.
This SUV was #1 in Con-Sumer Rept's for 2004.
Not a good Idea to but a 2005, they changed the tranny, electrical, ignition...

Have a 2006 sorento it runs great go to shift it out of park and no matter what gear it goes on it wont matter wont move whats the problem has 180000 miles on it check engine is on what do i do
Terrible ride! Front end bangs at every bump. Struts were checked NY dealer...not leaking... New tires didn't help. Have owned a Sante comparison. The Sorrento is the worst riding vehicle I have ever owned!
Reading some of the reviews, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a 2005 Sorento EX, had it since new, now 160,000 miles. Never (never) had it in the shop...EVEN FOR WARRANTY WORK. I think that's the secret, keeping it out of the shop for somebody's ill trained mechanics to screw up. I still have the same spark plugs but have changed the hoses & one serpentine belt (at a local repair shop). That's it. In 10 years. Still runs great, V-6, 22 to 25 mpg. I do use SeaFoam fuel additive and change oil regularly. Oh....still have the same timing belt, 160,000+ miles. That B.S. about changing it at 80,000 or whatever miles is just that...B.S.
A peice of junk
I purchased a Kia for my Daughter 7 years ago. This car has taken her through High school,College and now Grad School. College and Grad school has been over 100 miles away. She love this car and it has been a blessing for us. We purchased this car used with over 60,000 miles. We have had our share of repairs however repairs come with normal wear and tear on a vehicle. When we purchased the car we had several problems with the head lights and a mechanic told us that we needed to purchase a ring that goes on the headlight where it connects. We have not had a problem since adding this part to the head lamp. Try it! It works!
coolant fan will not shut off, doors lock an unlock by themselves. Call me crazy but I love my KIA
not impressed, harmonic balancer almost flew off, cost 3000.00 to fix it...I found out its a common issue with these Suv's...dash light out and lots of work to change it....selection control knob not working, only blows out of front vents, now no heat blowing to floor and windshield, try to fix it myself but cannot find out to see if its cable let go or motor, no one seems to know how to get to it under side or passenger or do I got to take off facing console....headlights have been changed 8 times in 1 year...looking for another but not one of these.
I hate this car. Plain and simple. Previously owned a Toyota Rav 4 and this car, although much more expensive, does not compare. Radio replaced before 35000 miles. Slider panels covering full length moon roof rattle open with normal driving vibrations, leaving my grandson baking in the sun in the back seat or the sun baking the leather seats. These panels are automated in the Rav 4. For $38000....they should be automated in the Kia Sorento. Taken to dealer twice to have repaired with no results. Air conditioner has a high pitched squeak to it when run on high. Worst of all are the headlights...can't see at night when on normal beams, even with fog lights on. When I ride with high beams, no one even flashes their lights at me, that's how bad they are. Ride is much rougher than the Rav 4, and feels tippy when taking any type of tight turn. Mileage is ok, but V6 has nowhere near the power of the Rav 4. Next car....definitely never again will be a KIA.
I Bought my 2006 kia sorento new in 2006 no problems till these last 3 years replaced headlights bulbs 3 times replaced brake light bulbs 4 times replaced powersteering pressure hose replaced altenator still have to replace air conditioning compressor went out this car is nickle and dime me to death have to keep it its paid off
I have a water leak near the back of motor. Steady Drip.
Power steering. Seems the tech at KIA Peoria don't know how to fix the problem returned it four times and is still leaking. Factory rotors were replaced after 50,000 miles now they say the new ones are cheap and they are probably warped. Third time to replace the rotors. When I brake the front in shakes and I am told it is the rotors. The service tech says he will sell me good ones for $200.00. Wow! such a deal. The refrigeration had to be replaced I don't know how many times I have had to replace lights inside and out. I have over 100,000 on my Silverado and I have only replaced the water pump except for batteries and tires. Guess I will stay with America made products. DOON'T BUY KIA - THEY ARE JUNCK AND THE TECHS DON'T NOW HOW TO FIX ANYTHING RIGHT. Chuck Akers, Phoenix, Arizona
Bought my Sorento new in 2005 & thought yay!! Have a vehicle with great coverage! Wrong .... Replaced a lot of headlights,belts,small stuff that adds up. But last week the crank shaft bolt broke off & went through a head gasket! No recall on the bolt! My Sorento only had 80,000 !! Crazy that my car is worth nothing now. I will never buy another Kia, they don't stand behind their vehicles!!!! The mechanics just want to up sell every time you're in for service!!
Thankful it broke down in my driveway & not on the road.
Not at a good financial stage in my life right now. But thanks to KIa, I had to buy a new vehicle & no it's not another Kia!!!!!!
I have less than 18,000 miles on my kia, most of the driving would be called county, not city. I took my car in because a squeel could be heard when in revers, Was told the front brakes mounting was slightly out of whack and not to worry, they would fix when ever wanted. last week i took the car in and found the front rotors were rusted so badly the pads were shot. How can a rotor rust, if the pads are engaging, the pads act like sand paper and clean up the rotor surface. If the brakes auto adjust when in reverse mine should have been well adjusted. I need to backup 120 feet to get out of my driveway. I think the pads were misadjusted or the auto adjust function failed and the pads didn't engage the rotors in front untill I did a emergency style stop.

I have a manual 6 speed and on the hiway get 52 mph with cruise set at 65. I am very satisfied overall but, now know that next time the rotors and brake pads need replacing not to have oem parts installed. Other kia owners reported rotors needing turning every 3 thousand to 6 thousand miles.

Average rotor and pad life is 30 to 40 thousand miles. Kia needs to address this problem. Note: rotors and pads are not warrantied
After the vehicle stopped working for the second time in 3 months. I had to do some research, this last incident none of the belts would spin but the engine is running. I came to find out this is a common problem with the Sorento. The bolt of the crankshaft breaks which causes more damage. The steering goes out and the brake and battery light comes on. Now Im about to come out of pocket another $1000 after I had to have the starter replaced two months ago and the antifreeze pipe a month ago. At this point I believe ive put more money into the car than its worth. Now dont get me wrong all the major problems just begun this summer and the vehicle is 8years old well 9 since it was more than likely actually made in 2004. I called to see if there were any recalls regarding the crankshaft and the response was no. If this is such a common problem maybe there should be a recall or a required inspection during regular maintenance.
Further status of the 2008 with suspected ABS problems. Wrote to KIA Tech service about the problem with brake pedal going to floor.
HMMM They called me in response to my email. Their comment was to take car back to dealer and have the problems documented. Tech service said there was no paper trail on the problem.
How about no paper trail with a phone call instead of answereing my email?
Never say die. I will get the problem resolved.
Bought a 2008 with 30000 miles on it. Wife and I like the car and we get 25 mpg on the highway with it. One of the quietest road cars I have driven.
Dealer has been good at meeting all warranty claims. Vehicle now has 65000 miles. Recently I noticed the brake pedal going to the floor at times. Had to pump it couple of times to get full peddle. I replaced the front rotors and pads with premium parts. Bled front brakes. Still had issue with the peddle. Dealer said I needed to flush the system. Paid $130 for dealer to flush brake system. Seemed to work. Back to Dealer within days for the same issue. System flushed again at dealer expense. Said I needed a new master cylinder for $409. Bought one for $109 and installed it. Bled brakes and seemed good. For a day.
I am suspecting the ABS pump/valve/system for the problem. Read where other people having same issues and one way to correct it was to drive car down gravel road at 40-50mph and hit brakes so that the ABS should engage. Writers said it solved problem.
Any suggestions? Would appreciate comments.
Thinking about trading for a FORD.
I bought a 2005 LX in January. No problems with headlights but I have noticed that it will sometimes loose power or wont kick in when going up hill. It will stay about 30-40 mph. Another this is a random squeal when starting the car and when its over 100 degrees outside with the air conditioning. Lately with running the ac I smell something burning. I have it under warranty and will take it in. Hopefully they can fix it.
Kia is a good car unless you need to have them worked on.. Then get ready for all kinds of run around.. Next time I will stick to the good old FORDS AND CHEVY!!
I bought this 2008 sorento new an the driveshaft went out. The repair bill is outrougous!! no after market parts!!
Have a 2007 Kia Sorento, shortly after the 5 tear 60000 mile warrenty was up the rear Differential went out, Kia wont honer the 10 yr 100000 mile power train warrenty because I;m the second owner.
After going round and round with Kia and the local Dealer Courtesy Kia altoona, CROOKS I bought a new diff. online from an honest dealer in Kansas, had it shipped, had a local mechanic install it and was still 30% under what the local dealer wanted for the PART.
Now I have a chain rattle noise in the engine, and developing a knock, every mechanic that has looked at it says UNLOAD it. No one locally even wants to work on it and after the Diff. issues with Coutesy Kia, and their outrageous price to even look at it, I guess its time to dump it befor the transmition goes.
***Hot MAMA***
When I am driving the interior of my car is getting really hot The heating and a/c element are both turned off and the fan as well. I don't smell or see smoke while driving. There are not warning light displaying on the dash. Is it possible for something under the hood to be blowing the hot air into the interior of the car?

I do get regular maintance done and the dealership has not noted any problems in this area.
Bought my '05 EX new on 1/2/2006. Currently, it has 97K miles on the odometer.....One thing I've noticed in a majority of these ratings is electrical issues. I only have a few to report on. Like many of you mentioned, light bulb scenarios. One of headlights seems to have a "vapor lock" problem. There's no certain time of year, etc. But, it'll get condensation for a month, few months. Another words, it's sporadic. When I was going through the varying light bulb issues. All of them seem to go, especially in the 1st few years I of owning it. Ironically, the headlight mentioned prior wasn't any more or less burning out bulbs, condensation or not. The only ones never replaced are the fog lights. However, I only use them during adverse weather situations. So, they don't get the hour usage the other ones do....The other item was bizarre from time of incident until being repaired and corrected. About 2 years in have the Sorento, it would discharge the battery at any given time. On the 3rd visit to the dealership. I was told there was a "notice" about the Sorento model. It was under full warranty (luckily) when it was repaired. I saw on the repair invoice it would have been almost $1000 to fix it. They did fix it, but the way I was even told about this "notice", I thought was a sh*tty deal. Basically, unless you report/repair it 3 or more times, you wouldn't even know about it. There's no doubt something like that should have been a "recall" scenario. But, it was like it was a "Kia dealership or Kia America wasn't going to utter a word, until you brought it in so many times". However, it was fully repaired, and no trouble since.
I bought this 2008 Kia Sorento new and never had any problems with it. However; the check engine light recently came on. I had a friend put a computer on it and it showed that the oxygen sensors were bad. I took it to a local Kia repair shop and they had the car for 8 days. They told me that the oxygen sensors were ok. My problem was the fuel line which they said was breaking down because of the ethenol in the gas and replaced the fuel line. This was under warranty. The check engine light came back on as soon as I drove out of the Kia dealer. I took it back and they couldn't find anything wrong. This time they told me I was buying bad gas and they put an additive in the gas. As soon as I drove out of the shop, you guessed it, the check engine light came back on. I've been using this same gas for 18 years and never had this problem before. I don't know what to do next. If anyone out there has any suggestions please e-mail me.
I've owned my 2005 sorento 3.5L for 5 years, and only until this past week I've had zero issues with it. the emissions system check engine light came on...after checking it I got the trouble code P0441. Turns out it was a faulty purge solenoid....easy fix. i have 200,000km on the motor, and its still going strong. it just goes to show you that if you actually take care of your vehicle, and do your scheduled wont break down. i love my Kia Sorento and will never buy any other 4x4 ever again. i have put that vehicle through some pretty hair raising situations ie: half submerged in water, and mud, extreme angled up hill climbs, rocks, ruts, snow etc. and it NEVER got stuck, or couldn't make it up the hill. the only thing that i don't care for is the odd brake light bulb that burns out from time to time. minor issue.
Buying a Kia is like buying a computer printer, cheap inital cost but expensive for parts and ink and no resale value. I will NEVER buy another Kia. Have had a 2006 Sorento for four years now can't afford to keep it and can't afford to sell it. Lights, brakes, exhaust, timing belt, water pump (labor)... most expensive (and most squirrelly) 4WD that I have ever owned.
my car position lights front and rear doesnot comes on when switch to on drive in night realy problem e mail
All I HAVE TO SAY IS That kia must have stock in a light bulb factory. have a 2006 sorento in last 2 years changed out the rear light' s 4 times today the tehe lamps. it funny I have a 94 pontiac and have never change on bulb
Original owner 2003 Sorento EX 4x4 3.5L 4spd auto 75,000 miles.
Love this car, plenty of leg room (I am 6'2), engine\tranny OK but electrical system sucks.
Had to turn off the security alarm as it kept on draining the car battery, headlights and worst BREAK light bulbs keep on burning out, someone will rear end me one of these days because of that. The horn will stop working on some days for no reason.
Will not buy a newer 2013 Kia any model based on a harsh ride and worst - electrical issues.