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just bought a 2006 torrent suv..and finding out my heater doesn't work.had to replace it with a heater core and a temperature blend the check light is on really..
My car has 206,638 miles runs pretty darn good. The car is soft and seems to have a lot of body roll and doesn't handle that well. The car has never been wrecked. It started leaking really bad and the drivers side floor board would turn into water puddle. Couldn't figure out where the water was coming from (checked windshield, sunroof and the cowl) and it turned out to be where the outer skin of the roof and the inner skin was separating letting the water come and run down inside the car right by the hood release lever. Like someone else said this car has lots of blind spots. The view out the rear of the car is terrible it's like backing up a dump truck
I wanted to love this car. I purchased it 2/15, the last 8 months have been hell. Replaced tie rods, struts, front brakes 4 times, yes I said 4 times. 2 sets of tires. The gas tank has read full since I bought it. Replaced filler neck, back brakes.. I'm sure I'm forgetting more.. now my wire harness was damaged when my mechanic replaced the struts, and my windshield wiper bar was rubbing against the harness, cutting half of them, causing fuses to blow, car wouldn't start. Now the security light is on, everything is locked. Windows won't go up or down, power locks won't work, can't open the hatch. The radio is locked, and the dashboard will not light up when I turn the lights on. Was sad to see the KBB on this is $1500.. I have put at least triple that into it. I give up at this point. I have tried the turn over the key for 10 minutes, 3 times.. called Pontiac, said I would have to take it to dealership, for $100 they will unlock it. I guarantee they try to tell me I have to replace the BCM. Or ignition switch, I'm sure will be a whole lot more.. anyway.. might just have an electrical fire soon..
I have just bought a 2007 G6 GTP 4dr Sedan with the 3.6 VVT engine and 56,000 miles. This is my second G6, previous was a 3.5-V6 SE traded after 110,000 miles. Love the looks, ride and handling of this car. I'm a Brit and this car is as close to Euro cars as you'll get from this side of the pond. Performance is right up there with my 3-liter Jag X-type (smaller car) space inside is better than my 2007 E-class Mercedes was. Plastics are mediocre, but then the car costs a fraction of both those Euro-motors. Worst thing about these G6's is the premature wear on the suspension (needing new control arms and shocks already), plus the knocking from the steering (common to both cars, not a safety concern, just annoying). This car cruises at 100+ without issue - smooth and quiet.
Good car I have had for 8 years. Picked as certified car it's a base model with a four cylinder. G6 runs and drives like new good car but things are happening quickly as brakes need replacing more often. Steering pump just went out at 110K, NOW I need to replace 02 sensor and new starter. Interior dash light keeps flickering its the check engine light had several mechanics believe a malfunction as I got several parts replaced but waste money because thought engine required some work that wasn't it. Still runs well guess being a nine year old car must be time getting new car want let that fool me because car is reliable just has its ups/downs most times. I've had a mechanic to run test on most things able drive out of state. It doesn't burn drop of oil one good thing as long runs and drives that ok with that still satisfied.
I had this car for 10 years. It gets me back and forth where I need to go. Bonneville is a solid vehicle purrs at 30 mph and a comfortable car. Living in Wisconsin hasn't rust or corroded so happy with that. At 115,778 miles use Lightweight oil 1000miles change spark plugs between (60,000-75,000miles) very classy car running cond. Believe it or not its a '90 model but looks like a 2015 model year car all original only things got done would be regulator for side window, tires, oil pump/radiator, water pump, struts and shocks etc. Drove to Florida still gets 25 mpg for this midsize car. Color is Lt. blue with navy interior all of my power equipment still works well even cruise control and air conditioner blows ice cold ac as heater toast me up doing the coldest winters ever. I would drive my Bonneville as long has lots of life left in it, changing oil and routine services car flawless these vehicles like this one are very rare finding in pristine condition.
I love my Pontiac Grand Prix it is a great car to go back and forth to school in. I drive 30 minutes one way to school everyday and I only use half a tank of gas a week so for a six cylinder 3.8L that is great and I also go shopping and run for parts for my husband in it as well and am still only using half a tank a week. I just love this car and I am normally a Chevy person but I will keep this car until she dies.
My fairly new wife bought this car new without power windows on purpose and demanded A/C (AZ) . After 11 years with it she grew weary of driving a stick shift and sold the car to me so I would have something nicer than my 34 year-old Chevy Monza.
I kept the Monza another year then tearfully parted ways with her (the Monza).
The wife had no other complaints about this car except the E-brake that never seemed to work well since new and the struggle to find 1st gear every time also since new. She never had time to return to Dealer for such minor flaws so on she went till handed over to me.
After researching one thing that bothered me about newer small cars, the timing belt-breaking-destryoing-engine issue, I was quite relieved to know the wife picked 'that green one' not knowing what it means to have gotten 'the green one' with the 2200 engine!
All the other engine options that were available had timing belts with overhead cams.
THIS ENGINE IS A PUSHROD AND TIMING CHAIN old school model with 100 horsepower.
I WAS VERY PLEASED TO KNOW THIS, no pistons blind-dating the valves on the drive home to Tucson from San Diego in the middle of the evening to go to work Monday.
The German 5-speed gearing is matched perfectly to the engine's power output.
I have to get thi wrapped up so the car is not perfect, ther are little things that can seem minor but detract from the car because they can stickout like a sore thumb at times such as :
# From time and use @ 12 years of ownership, the sun visor material is falling apart as is the sagging visor blocking vision with no replaceable part found. Still looking.
# The a/c directional vents fall apart and flop around inside partially blocking and totally divert air flow elsewhere but the still cold a/c gets the cabin cold even though I can't point the breeze right where I would like it. Compressor replaced at 160,000 miles/ $430. De-
finitely worth keeping longer.
# The problem with not easily finding 1st gear every time still persists, haven't encountered the fix yet but I can't lend my car out because the time that I did it cost me a
new clutch replacecement shortly afte getting it back @ 165,000
My grand prix is a great driving car with 190,000 miles on it. Have replaced some parts but its better than having a car payment
Money Pit-- Do not buy
I made huge mistake buying my Vibe. We bought this junk on 11/2003 now has 120,000 with three transmissions and U-joint going out again makes 6th replacement. I was in a bad wreck with my Vibe a year later on but after three years owned it became a lemon nothing but problems. Now see why General Motors took Pontiacs off the assemble line because they are completely junk. Well know wouldn't have to worry about getting another because we are looking to trade or have some teenagers just sit ball fires to this thing in lots of (applauds) spent so much on getting it fixed there is nothing what can be done anymore but just push it off the cliff until demolished for good in with little pieces of metal.
I have had my 2003 Sunfire since 2004, I bought it from Enterprise Car Rentals, I have had nothing major, my A/c Compressor went out in 2011 had it replaced, Breaks one or 2x's, runs fantastic, great gas millege 14mpg, my Power Window on passenger side has gone out 2x's once were both, now just passenger side motor. I am having the Crankshaft Seal replaced next week. Besides all these Transmission is very strong and I am very happy with it

I bought my WS6 new in 2001. As of 2015, my car has 210,000 miles. My car is still completely stock.

During the first 100,000 miles - I had to replace the AC compressor while still under the factory warranty. The only other item under the hood the went bad is the alternator. I replaced both headlight gears with brass gears. I had to replace the turn signal light housings multiple times because they would crack and fill with water, causing the lights to stop working. Finally, I drilled drain holes in the bottom and have had no more issues. I had two Monsoon woofers blow and the replacements were supposed to be upgraded. They have not been a problem since. My volume knob on the Monsoon radio is not working as it should but I have steering wheel controls and replacing it will not prevent it from going bad again. The knob is a poor design. I replaced the clutch slave cylinder and installed a new clutch while I was there even though it didn't need it. I had to replace the passenger window motor which is strange because that window is almost never used.

The second 100,000 miles - I had to replace the water pump and the power antenna motor. My alarm no longer functions as it should. I cannot lock the car or it sounds the alarm. The Monsoon is beginning to have problems reading CDs on occasion. The differential gears are starting to whine so I need to have the gears adjusted. Here's the big one - the pilot bearing went bad and chewed up the input shaft of my transmission. I had to have the T56 rebuilt.

After 200,000 miles - My AC compressor is starting to make noise so it will need to be replaced soon. I also had to have my sail panel replaced because the paint was bubbling. It turns out the GM started using an inferior glue in 1998 the leaches through the composite and will destroy the paint. There is no fix other than full replacement and if your car is an LS1 it WILL happen eventually. This problem actually started when the car was still under the corrosion warranty and GM would have replaced it for free if I had known. It never occurred to me that it was something they would warranty. It would have been nice if they sent a letter to owners to let them know, since this issue is fully their fault.

Of course I still have the typical LS1 piston slap when the engine is cold. My car has no squeaks or rattles except for a very slight noise from the t-tops. I do have a little wind noise but I still have the original weatherstrips. The interior has held up very well with only moderate wear to the leather driver's seat and the Hurst shift handle.

Overall, its been a good car. Some of the complaints or poor ratings I have read just make no sense to me. For example to say the AC is 'fair'? The AC is excellent! Plenty of force from the fan and 41 degrees in the middle of hot humid Texas summers.

I tracked my mileage with every fill up for the first 100K and I have a spreadsheet with all of the data. I saw around 20-22 mpg in town (This is with the skip shift eliminator) and have seen a best of 31 mpg strictly on the highway, on multiple occasions. The worst I have ever seen is 17 mpg after a night at the race track followed by town driving.
My 2002 Montana's windshield wipers are in the up position when off.
I bought this car fully loaded and gently used with 29,000. Now, 9 years and 140,000 miles later, it has been inexpensive to own and has required mostly routine maintenance. At 165,000 there are some very minor issues that I don't find necessary to repair just yet. 1) The 'Service Engine Soon' light will come on, especially in cold weather, when the thermostat/temperature gauge does not reach 200F in the expected time frame. 2) The back light on the shift has gone out, so in the dark you cannot physically see that you are in Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Overdrive. In terms of tires, WINTER TIRES WERE A MUST in the snow covered Midwest states. The car is phenomenal IF it has a good set of winter tires (I have LOVED Blizzak WS80), however when I tried (multiple sets of) "all-season" tires, I slid off the road every winter and could not navigate through more than a few inches of snow. I would not hesitate to buy this car again if Pontiac were still producing vehicles.

EASY TIP: If you hear a clicking sound coming from the dashboard area, especially in rainy weather, a part under the steering wheel needs to be cleaned. It's a free, easy fix that you can do yourself if you search for the video in YouTube. Worth every minute to get rid of a VERY annoying clicking sound.
I own a 2007 Solstice roadster and have a problem with water accumulating in the trunk due to rain. The drainage system from the convertible top into the trunk doesn't handle the amount of water. Other than that it's been a great little car for my wife (I don't fit into it very well).
Bought used 13k miles now 98k. One of the best cars ever owned.Great car to drive.
2006 Solstice with leather interior. Leather seats stretch out quickly and the bottom bunches up. Plastic dash and interior door handle bars are quick to get dirty but easily cleaned. Only problem it ever had at 88,000 miles now was a bad Solenoid in the transmission that caused a jerky when shifting to lower gears. Cost about $700 to replace due to transmission labor costs. Otherwise great car, tires have lasted more than a year. Steering is stiff and beware driving over bumps the suspension in the front tires is rather weak and will jerk you to the side no matter how tight you grip the wheel. Biggest complain with this car is lack of trunk space, best pro is standard parts making repairs and oil changes cheap.
Bought with 14K miles and now with 145K. Except for routine maintenance I have only had to replace the intake manifold gasket and water pump. Now the head gasket is leaking and needs replaced. Engine still runs great with good performance. The plastic bottom panel hides the rust well. No electrical problems. It has been very reliable.
my window regulater is wethless. every pontiac grand am i have seen has had mager scratches in the front two seats. i was complaining about it when i came across another poniac, completely the same as mine for sale. with the SAME scratches all over the windor. how was there not a recall for the damn regulaters? so far it has only stalled on me 5 times in the past few months. it's almost like poniac did what they could to make the vehicle look better but ran out of money and said fuck it lets make the rest of it out of cardboard.
Bought used at 128,000. Window motors quit working, door hinges weak and need replacing, transmission slap-shifts into 2nd and needs a module, the intake manifold gasket leaks oil into the water---a VERY common problem on the 3.8s. The electrical system is a nightmare with different lights and guages turning off and on at strange times Clear coat came off nose cone and paint now looks a different color. Even with switch off, heat continues to come through heater system. T-Tops leak on both sides. These cars look good when kept clean but are cheaply made, like most GMs. Ive been a GM guy all my life but no longer. Every GM car Ive had has been cheaply made, especially the interiors. Ive had Rivieras, firebirds, a caddy, century, fiero (lol) etc. My most recent vehicle is a Ford and I love it. Should have stopped letting GM experiment on me long ago. I had the infamous diesel caddy that blew after 10,000 miles, a fiero (nuff said) a century with constant problems, etc.
I dislike this car a great deal and regret purchasing it. I researched
the details of the auto and generally have made great car purchases after researching the model of my choice. (1) Chevy Nova (14 years)
(1) Chevy Prism 10 years.

Not so lucky with the Vibe. A horrible purchase! Will dump this car as soon as I can.
Had this car for 45,000 Miles from the dealer. Very few problems but all covered by warranty.
Very fun car to drive but not really comfy on long drives. From Vegas to LA had to take a break. Course I was 65 at the time.
Friends ask " Why do guys your age drive cars like these". My answer is "Because we can".
Starting at 46000 miles my service air bag comes on and off.More often in the winter.I would like to know where the connection is so I can fix it.Would be good if Pontiac would put that problem on recall.

I have had 2 steering columns replaced . The shaft was not replaced with the second replacement. Piece if CRAP...I will get a Toyota next and trade this in.So disappionted not in the car but the Dealer lack of proper repair
My husband bought his car last year, we have only had it for a couple of months , and most of the time it's at the auto shop. The flexplate keeps breaking , it has already been fixed like 2-3 months and has a new transmission and know we are having a problem with the flexplate again . Since the time we bought it we have really had the car for almost 2 months to ourselves with no problems besides that it's always at the autoshop getting fixed.
Piece of shit. Almost killed my son, girlfriend, and me like 16 times. Shuts off while im driving and both the brakes and steering wheel lock. constantly wouldnt start even after paying for repairs. Muffler became loose twice and blew 3 brand new tires. i hate this car honestly. never buying a pontiac ever again.
Purchased a 2000 extended version used in 2006. Must say that it has proven to be very reliable. Started having some "kick" in the tranny but it wasn't a major problem. The headlights would always be half filled with water. Had the headlights replaced and they filled up again. This happens very often. Because the van had 250,000 plus miles on it, I decided to have the motor and trans changed. Now the steering won't turn, and for some reason the van will not start up with the key. A push button was put in to make it start. But still has problem with steering.
Great sport car, fun to drive, all kind's of praises from on looker's. Too bad about the ignition problem.