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Scion xB (23 Reviews)
Best car ever, and I once had a '55 Victoria Sunliner. 125k great miles. Still on original brakes after 100k. rears went til 109k. Wish it had gages, but with regular maintenance - no problems except windshields - goes through them like tissues, but this is the desert and we have lots of gravel trucking. A/c went til 115k and whole system re-done for under $1000 and cooler than ever.
My XB has 156,000 miles and gets around 26 MPG in town and 30 on the road. I have 7 friends that have an XB and all get 38 to 40 MPG around town and 42 on the road. Anyone know why some do not get the 42 MPGs? Thanks
Scion XB is a great car.

Windhsield : Toss a stone at it and it will crack, so far I have about 4. More potholes, I will get even more luckier.

Noise : Loud inside on the highway.

Suspension : Not so great ride. Philly's potholes give me a reminder every day.

Rear Hatch: Broke once, Scion issued a recall, dealer was reluctant but Scion got on the phone and made them do it. I do not have much hope on the new one either.

Rubber Trimmings: Rubber trimmings on the roof flew away in the wind. Hopefully nobody got hurt.

Armrest: No armrest comes with vehicle, bought an aftermarket from Amazon.

Front fenders: Could be used as snow plow. Also, for slamming into pot holes.

Have a broken resonator pipe, might need a new alternator, cam shaft seal, O2 Sensors.

I guess that's all at 144,000 miles and counting.
Worst car I have ever owned. Needed new tires after 20k miles. Automatic door locks broke at 35k, brakes gone at 45k, and A/C gone at 47k. Regardless of the crap parts they put into these cars their gas mileage is pretty poor for a 4 cylinder engine, the suspension feels like a Flintstone mobile and road noise is terrible.
Just took my first long-distance trip in my xB (I've had it for five years) and she is the little engine that could! Even in the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont she drove like a champ and not ONE problem along the way. To say the least I was very surprised and happy. Also, people look at my car and wonder what I can put in it besides two adults, a couple of grandkids, and some groceries. Picture, four captain-style dining room chairs and a matching parson's bench, two adults, and a few groceries. All at one time. WITH a bazooka turbo sound system. Now, THAT is life!
Bought XB new in o8' best buying experience ever. Makes me feel like a young guy again. Very competent getting on the freeways, making the curves, is a blast. Added a TRD high performance muffler and cold air intake manifold, after market from Toyota. Still gives great gas mileage and better performance.
Only wish it had is a regular clock in the dashboard.
tengo un problema con mi scion me da voltges de mas maxima 18.2 y lo normal es 12 - 13 yo quiero saber si alguien sabe por q ase eso..pero solo lo ase cuando esta aselerado....
130,000 miles on my 2006 XB and zero problems. I do my own oil changes(synthetic oil) and car burns/uses zero oil. Use the NGK plugs, used a set of Autolites once and mpg dropped slightly. BTW I drive like your granny and get 36-38 mpg. AC could blow a little colder and interior could use more lighting, thats it for issues.
Got this one new and very happy with the purchase. Agree with others that exterior is kind of cheap, but so was price- especially liked the no haggle price when purchased. Over all, great car with 180000 mi and still going strong. Just got new 60K tires and wonder who is going to give out first?
purchased car new, only problem 3 windshields with 115,000 miles showing on odometer.
the most reliable car I have ever owned. basic maintenance and thats it. 125,000 miles, brakes, tires, fan belt, and spark plugs. 28-32 mpg.
We love our XB with 115,000 miles on it. Has always been very noisey up front even after trying different tires. I think the wheel bearings have be bad from the get go but I need a reliable answer before I spring the $600 to replace the front wheel bearings.
2004 xB = Best car I have ever owned! I can carry wife, 2 kids, alto, tenor, and bari saxes, and still get 32 mpg in town. No other car can match. Could use better high gear ratio - engine runs little faster than necessary on highway. 72000 miles - zero issues.
needs better a/c.
This may well be the best car I've ever owned since I started driving back in 1971.
I bought it new in Dec. '05 and it now has 69,000 trouble free miles on it. If it could cook, I'd marry it! ;-)
Excellent car! As a musician, I need a lot of space to carry a 6 piece drum kit plus hardware, etc. The '06 Scion Xb was the only vehicle able to do this, give great gas mileage, good sound system and, with slight modifications (which is what it is built for) a little more horsepower. Not the 2.3 of the newer models, but a great car in its own right. A blast to own and drive!
I love this car! It is well worth the money! Economical, especially with the financial crunch this country is facing. The only problem I have had is with the braking system. I have already had to have my rotors replaced twice along with the brake pads-ceramic. Maybe, toyota/scion could help with the costs of this problem.
Best car on the market for the money. Roomy, plenty of power. Has Camry engine, could use Camry transmission for better mileage.
This is a great car and a very good value. That said my main complaint is: cheap plastic connections between bumpers and the car have broken with just a little bump by another vehicle; also bumpers are too low and catch on curbs - a bad design. This is a problem everyday in the City when parking. Makes the car look lousy. My mileage runs around 28-30 mpg with heavy City and demanding Highway driving. I go 80-90 mph back and forth to Palm Springs and it runs like a champ. Having brakes replaced now after 46.5k miles of tough stop and go on the hills of SF, which does not seem unreasonable.
Just got my new 2009 xB. Has more potent engine than previous model years. runs well on highways. Has enough OOMPH to accelerate quickly to enter highway from entrance ramp. Still very good on gas. No problems yet.
I too can't complain about my XB! I drive long distance and have a 2005 with alot of mileage and not once have I had a major problem!
I debated for a long time about what to buy when I got my next car, and I have never once regretted my Xb. This car has so much cabin room- it's amazing what you can get into this little thing! I get 32 mpg city and 36 highway even in the mountains, so it's even better than what I expected. No problems so far!
Very reliable, comfortable car for city driving. Not great on freeways, under-powered, and somewhat disappointing gas mileage. Not a single maintenance problem in three years since I bought it.