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Infiniti G35 (19 Reviews)
I absolutely love my car! That being said I have had several problems. Transmission went at 70,000 miles, the brakes are terrible, pulsating at high speeds. The rotors have been calibrated twice. Currently my car will shut off without warning when speed ls less than 20mph. The black paint on the steering wheel and the door arm rests is peeling. I have maintained my car well, but now is costing too much. I have enjoyed this car immensely but I think its time for a change.
Love my 11 year old G35 Sedan AWD! I hate to be finally trading it in after 115K miles. I've had so few issues with the vehicle but the years start to accumulate small items you can't avoid.
After 11 years it is still brutally quick and agile. The AWD has always been awesome. It used to be my snow skiing car since it handled snowy mountain passes so well as long as the snow wasn't too deep for its low profile.
The dash control while simple were not cutting edge at the time and look and act outdated now. The driver's seat has worn poorly over the years as well. Those are my only regrets.
I started having trouble with my car a couple months ago. Before that well pleased. I was driving in town and all of sudden this loud noise. I thought my car was quitting. I took it in, they said the muffler has come apart from the inside and is causing a rattling noise. The dash vibrates going down the road. I didn't buy the idea. I took it back, had the pad and rotors changed and put new tires on. Its been 3 weeks, same noise is back. Sounds like the car is going to quit. What could it be? I have 125,000 miles. It's been well taken care of. Always serviced on time etc. Have loved the way it drives on the road. Don't know what to do!
this is a good car very nice
Great car, Infiniti dealerships are horrible especially West Houston. Bunch of crooks!
2004 infiniti g35 sedan rear wheel drive. Purchased car used with 103k miles. Enjoyable car to drive, performance,handling,styling,used model pricing all A plus. Should always run synthetic blend oil and premium fuel assuring optimum performance. Only defect i have found, was third brake light assembly went bad, common problem on this model $200. to replace. Fuel economy is much better on rear wheel drive model verse all wheel drive model.
I've driven this car for 4 yrs, now with 82K. This car has been well serviced at the dealership. I used this car to go work mostly. I'm a nurse and never abused this vehicle. Cabin is immaculate, kept it clean. Electronics work fine, but my dash on the driver's side warped, like every single one of them out there. My steering wheel is chipping, pretty common. Paint is also a problem, common for nissan. I had to replaced the brakes at 40K. Battery went bad at around 45K, it was replaced under warranty, and so was one of the caliper. Steering feels fake, feels weird not as agile as BMW. Heating/AC works fine, never had problems. At 82K my transmission now needs replaced. A transmission mechanic told me it's pretty common for nissan/infiniti to have faulty radiators, fluid leaks to the transmission and your are screwed. Infiniti customer care said there's nothing they can do the car just failed. WOW! they seem proud of their product lol!
I have owned my G35 for 7 years and it is the most amazing car that I have ever owned. I have over 133k miles on it and it drives great. I have changed the struts once and the brakes several times. I would like to purchase a new car but I don't have any complaints about this one.
The G35 has a powerful V6 engine with 306hp, and a good 5 speed automatic transmission. The black coating is peeling from the steering wheel which distracts from its interior. The front rotors were turned under warranty at 30,000 miles. No other reliability issues have surfaced. It connects with the driver and handles curves with precision. It's fun to drive in traffic and open highways. This vehicle is a solid performer and easily competes with the Mercedes C-series and BMW 3-series.
INFINITI CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!- DO NOT BUY ONE!!I own a 2004 G35x - where do I start. My So-called stainless steel muffler had to be replaced when the car was 7 yrs old & I had to replace it. I called Infiniti and they said I live in Cleveland & considering the environment, it happens. I asked if they cld give me a discount and they STATED & I QUOTE "they reviewed my request & denied it because I DID NOT SPEND ENOUGH MONEY IN THEIR SERVICE DEPT, even though I only went to them for the 1st 5 yrs.THIS COST ME $1400.00 My Doors are RUSTING out do to faulty metal that was used. There is a 10 yr recall, but I have to have an actual HOLE in my doors in order for them to replace them. Totally embarrassed that everyone can see the rust coming through Same with RIMS. PITTED in the 1st 6 mo. I was told Sorry for your luck!
I WOULD NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER BUY OR RECOMMEND AN INFINITI TO ANYONE. I OWNED A CADILLAC AND RIMS PITTED, THEY GAVE ME NEW RIMS!! AS I sit here are write this, my ABS, VDC off, AWD, and SLIP lights are on. Took vehicle to AutoZone, Sears and NTB- no code could be called up.. I think I have to go to the dealership- OH BOY-THINKING I'M GOING TO GET EFFED AGAIN.
The car is a delight to own and drive. However, the brakes and rotors wear quickly and are expensive to replace/repair.
A good car
I've had this car for about 4 months now and love it. I do wish the trunk opening and trunk were as large as my Camry.
God do I hate this car! What a waste of money. I hate driving it, I hate owning it, I hate paying for it. If I wasnt looking so short term, I would have bought a BMW 3 series with it free maintenance that makes up for its higher price tag. Its spent sooo many days at the dealer for repairs except every time its the same run around where nothing gets fixed. I guarantee you all the problems I have now that they "cant seem to replicate" will be huge problems needing immediate attention the day my warranty is up. So, here I am around 25K with a faulty transmission, clunky transfer case, non-functioning bose stereo/nav that I paid out the as for. It needs tires even though its all flat, cruise set highway driving, AND the front rotors are warped after its last trip to the dealer. It also gets terrible gas mileage because 6th gear still has it revving to the moon at 80mph. If you want good luxury and dont want to cough up the cash to buy german, be smart and buy a caddy CTS. Hell, you can even get a Mercedes C300 Sport for 35 grand. Hindsight is 20/20, and Im clearly a retard for buying this jap turd.
This is a driver's car. Move over BMW. Infini has released a car as performant at the famed 3 Series at $10,000 less or more if you compare to the M3. This car has great power & handling and is flat out fun to drive.
My only criticism of the car is the voice control & bluetooth connectivity. It's ok but could use some improvement.
The all wheel drive is nothing short of amazing and truly enhances the driving experience by shifting almost all the powewr to the rear wheels when traction isn't a problem. I live in the Northeast & shifting into "Snow mode" made it perform like a tractor. I was really impressed. I have owned two of these, both G35x's (2006 & 2008 all wheel drive)
If you're thinking of buying a G35, do it. I've test driven just about all the G's competition and have been unable to find a car in this price range that could compete.
I purchased my 2004 G35 Coupe new and took ownership in Sept 03. It is a great looking car that still is appealing today. The seats are super comfortable and the car is a rocket ship with super acceleration and great stopping ability. Now for the bad news. The fit and finish, especially for the interior is not up to par for a intro luxury car. There are tons of rattles coming from everywhere. I'm am a very conservative driver and have only driven a little over 33,000 miles in 5 1/2 years. The brakes were a problem for 03 and 04 G35s and the factory extended the warranty for 3yr/36,000 miles on brakes. I changed to ceramic pads and they are much quieter, cleaner, and should last longer than the 13,000 miles owners were getting out of the OEM pads. The biggest problem with all G35 Coupes are the tires. They all seem to feather on the front inside tires and develope alot of noise around 8,000 miles. The Coupes tires cannot be rotated because they are staggered (different size in front and back). The rear tires have their own unique problems. They wear prematurely on the middle treads. The back tires need to be replaced anywhere from 12,000-15,000 miles. Tires are the biggest cost of ownership for the G35 Coupe 03-07. The sedans do not have any issues here. The last problem is the paint is quite weak and very prone to chips on the front bumper and hood. There are numerous forums discussing the problems I have mentioned.
I've had the G35 coupe for a few years now (bought it used) and it has been a really nice car to drive. The engine is really powerful (much more so than my old corolla). Since I have an extended warranty I haven't really had to do much on the car. I would say that it feels a little heavy when taking tight turns but overall the handling is great. I just need to watch the accelerator. Fuel mileage is not that great...maybe 18mpg.
Fantastic car: quick, agile, and the AWD handles like a champ in the snow!