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Saab 900 (12 Reviews)
I have a 1992 Saab 900 Turbo with about 117,000. It has been a great car with only a few minor problems so far: front hood rust, passenger's front wheel well rusted out, water pump, cruise control, antenna motor, driver's head light wiper, rear brake calipers and automatic locks work inconsistently. Nothing too major yet... I love this car and it has overall held up very well. Especially considering this car has spend it's entire life in Upstate NY.
Just bought a '93 900S with 172,000 miles on it to supplement my '85 900S with 492,000 miles on it and still running strong. The '85 is getting the classic body rust on the left rear quarter panel, but it has been the best car I have ever had. I bought the '85 in 1993, it has only stranded me once when the ignition module failed. The newer 1993 900S has some minor issues, but is otherwise in excellent condition. It's just prior to the GM frames of later 1993, so I expect it will serve well.
very needy
The selection does not include my year a 1986 900 model. Well built with few bells and whistles. Only a buzzer when key remains in ignition switch. Normal wear items replaced. Extremely solid construction. Door panels have screws that allow E-Z access of window regulator that will never fail because it is manual with hand crank. Glass sealed head lights that don't fade after years of driving. Not too many around though.
this is my wifes dream convert and my headache manul trans replace at 135k lots and lots of ele issues alternator replaced at 90k 125k finally replace ground cable from alt to motor with over sized cable much better the shift lever broke off in my hand @140k design flaw with reverse pin caused failure. pron to over heat (do not add H2O to the system as this results in coolent system failure causing head to warp the A/C has never worked as it is a R12 system except for eletri the car is easy to work on and on a summer day with the top down the wife turns heads.
good teenagers car
I have had my Saab 900 ( 1991 ) for about two years and have had a handful of issues with it. These cars seem to have a cult following behind them, everyone you see that drives one seems to nod or give a slight exchange of eye contact when in passing. Issues with the car have included--the cooling system ( i . e . hoses, thermostat, grounding sensors ) , The ignition system and alternator and more grounding issues. Considering I myself have only four years wisdom over this car I cannot complain about the small things, the 900 still drives fine, the check engine light is on, but mostly all areas have been checked for issues relating to the problem. I do nearly all of the work to the car by myself, its an alright ride though.
I love the way this car handles. I bought the car in 2009 with 137,000 miles on it and it still runs very well. The turbo is divine. I am now a convert and willing to purchase another 1996 Saab for my mother-in-law who is equally happy with the car.
I've owned this car since 2002 and have had nothing but problems with it. Let me just give you an idea: i've replaced the clutch cable THREE times, replaced the entire exhaust system (twice for some parts), gone through two clutches... amonst other problems. BUYER BEWARE! I will never buy a saab again after being a lifetime owner until this car.
I have had the car for 4.5 years now and I do love it. I have had electrical problems with the car from the time I got it though. Initially the dome light would come on randomly while I drove and the lights would go out randomly as well. Those were fixed right away as it was covered under the 30 day warranty I had.

Over the past few months though the cars dashboard instruments like to turn off for a second and then come right back on. I have has two different mechanics try and fix it and both have failed. It lies in once again with another electrical problem.

The rest of the car has held up very well though and am very happy with it!
My experience with my Saab 900 SPG was really good. It looked and handled really good. I had the water pump fail but otherwise I had few problems before I sold it for a bigger car. I miss it!
I had the 900 turbo for 6 years from 1999 to 2005 and it was a complete disaster. It worked maybe half the time I owned it. I had to replace the head gasket, the exhaust manifold gasket multiple times, 2's a very long and expensive list. Eventually the rings on the motor blew and I got a new motor from a salvage yard.

Also, there is a vent in the hood which somehow allowed rain water into the passage for the wiring harness into cabin and flooded with 4 inches of water inside over the course of a couple of days while it was broken down in my driveway.

That said, when the car worked, it was really fun to drive. It was pretty fast and handled well. With the rear seats folded down, I was able to move my apartment including mattress). I miss driving it but not fixing it.