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What is the problem my cavalier 1998 will not go in gear first it was sitting right and then it stop completely what is the the problem
Update 11/7/2017. Vehicle now has 150,000 miles on it. I am done spending money on this vehicle. It is one thing after another. I fix something a month later something else breaks. I have evap codes, thermostat code (had this replaced less than a year ago), transmission code, brake code, code code code......
Trailblazers are JUNK PERIOD!

Bought my 2006 Trailblazer in 2010/2011 with 68k miles on it and initially liked it (first two years), but four years later (127k miles) nothing but trouble. This Chevy is a piece of JUNK IMO. Terrible design, cheaply built, junk parts, etc. I get it the vehicle is almost 10 years old, but come on. Does every part HAVE to be designed to fail after 100K when you pay 30+ thousand dollars brand new? ridiculous!

I am going to think long and hard before buying another GM product when the time comes and warranty will be EVERYTHING important as the brand. This is the second GM vehicle I've owned (I'm 35) and as soon as they hit 100k it seems like you might as well buy a second one and rotate them back and forth to the shop. TONS of costly repairs in my experience. Let me list a few for perspective buyers who are thinking about buying this vehicle used (they stopped making TBlazers back in 2009).

Remember these are issues and parts I've had to replace in just the past two years. Replaced: 2 Water pumps (AC delco thing probably a lemon), fuel pump, 2 hub bearings, ac condenser unit & compressor, 2 ignition coils, windshield wiper pump and failed door locks).

Issues I'm currently having: malfunctioning interior lighting, rear stereo speakers malfunctioning & shorting out, rear defrost totally failed, leaky intake manifold, leaky radiator and malfunctioning alternator. There are a few other items I can't think of at the moment, but you get the picture. This vehicle has cost me THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars the past two years and it has been on thing after another. OEM parts suppliers and dealerships are making a fortune off people who keep these beastly vehicles outside of the warranty period.

Performance wise it gets terrible fuel economy (even for an SUV/truck at barely 14 mpg with a 6 cylinder engine), features a clunky prehistoric era transmission, terrible uncomfortable seats typical of GM vehicles (not sure how they can't figure this out) and the list goes on. I'm disappointed and not happy. This might be my last GM product.
I bought my 06 colorado from rick hendricks in va, it was a 06 with 9,800 miles in 2014 great deal, one month later truck wont start, took it in after three days there mechanics could not find nothing, the same event happend over and over called the dealership they wanted over a hundered to look at it , finally look in book my security light was coming on it was anti theft protection, i called and they could not help me without paying within a year, and now fan motor works on number 4 speed, number 1, 2, and 3 don't work unless you wiggle the wiring harness behind glove box, hit a bump and it stops working I grew up with chevy with the experience I received with this one and the service from chevy and rick hendricks I probably will look at toyota they take care of there customers I am 52 years old bought my first chevy when i was 15 had 10 more later and now probably pass on from buying another
2004-1/2 chevy 2500 hd Duramax LLY
I love my truck it had 8 miles on it when i went and picked her up she has 406501 miles , ii i
i installed Banks 6 gun the first year . i don't think a man could ask for a better truck, only problems i have had replaced front wheel hubs 3 times about every 100000 miles and replaced the fuel regulator, had to replace the batteries a few times changed oil every 7000 miles , transmission fluid 100000 miles , transfer case fluid at 200000 and front & rear differential lube the seats are torn up the body is beat to hell ,but she keeps on going never has let me down, starts up every time . i have pulled race car trailers up and down the east coast never got stuck in the mud, pulled a lot of fords out of the infield . The only thing i can say about this truck is i want another one just like it only 2018 model but i don't think GM can do it again. (will see)
Don’t buy an equinox. Our problems started 1 year after we bought it. In and out of the shop constantly for engine problems after 10,000 miles...had to have the engine replaced at 50,000. Also had to have 2 transmissions totally replaced. Had to replace the exhaust manifold...broke in 2... and replace the air conditioning condenser. Like the body and interior, but if you are looking for a reliable car, this is not it... I will never buy GM again...
I have owned my blazer for 13 years. It had 77k when I got it and it now has almost 230k. Repairs in that time have been ball joints, idler and pitman arms, front wheel hub/bearing assemblies (4 times each side), oil cooler lines, 4WD computer, 4WD encoder/motor, 2 sets of shocks, intake manifold, water pump, radiator, fuel pump (twice) and I recently had to disassemble my wiper motor to repair it because my wipers wouldn't shut off if I turned them on. The front suspension has been slightly problematic but that is a known problem area for blazers.

The powertrain itself is all original. My rear end is beginning to whine and my tensioner pulley is whining as well so I'm sure its going to fail in the near future. Fuel economy sucks at an average of about 14 -16 mpg but the 4.3L vortec v6 is a definate workhorse. I have towed with it numerous times and have been near its rated towing limit many of those times and have exceeded its tow limit once or twice. The V6 handles these occasional heavy loads with ease and the transmission does as well (I do have an aftermarket transmission cooler though). I have used it to pull numerous cars out of the ditch and the 4wd does great in the snowy months.

All in all, I am not looking forward to the day when it comes time to retire my blazer. It has been a very good and reliable vehicle and I'm confident shes got a few years left in her still. 300k... here I come!
2012 Equinox LTZ--Had to replace the timing chain and water pump at about 80,000. A couple of weeks later, a cam sensor. All Warranty....but would have been $2700 otherwise. Burned a lot of oil...was told to bring it in prior to 120,000 and they would replace the pistons under extended warranty to solve the oil burn. When I got there they said it wasn't covered and they wouldn't/didn't do it. I have 3 payments to go, and the car will be 5 years old in May. March of 2017 the engine had a catastrophic failure (136,000). Over the last 35 years, neither my wife nor I have ever had a car with a catastrophic engine failure. I was forced to put a new engine in and opted for a new one with a 100,000 mile warranty. $5000.
while driving temp gauge stops working when i turn off engine
cooling fans stay running 2 minutes start car in morning fan motor
makes noise 1 minute disconnect battery at night when i get home in morning reconnect
problem gone for a day or two problem then returns
2011 chevy Malibu great car except for ESC & traction control light keeps coming on and car jerks , bought at 30,000 after it was hit ...GREAT CAR until recent issues....but it seems faulty wiring may be an easy fix just frustrating
Bought 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with 8.1 496 CI and Allison Transmission with 179,00 Miles from Texas. The Body and chasis is 100% Rust Free (Why I went for it besides having the 8.1 and Allison Tranny) Upon getting it - there was a hole in the Radiator. Starter went within 1 week. A week later the water pump started leaking. Okay it's not that bad. I love this truck. Put in Billstien Shocks, Came with new GT Dextera DH2 Tires from Walmart Excellent Highway Tires. (Going to Ad Nokian Rotiva All Terrains eventually) Had new wires and spark plugs. I changed out front and rear Differential Fluid "Amsoil" put in Wagner Severe Duty Break Pads and rear Rotors.
Changed out front Bumper, Valants, Grille and lights as well as rear lights. The truck looks amazing aside from a small dent in rear and could use a new paint job in time. This truck is a BEAST - it's fast and has a ton of torque I think over 440 ft of Torque. It will tow a 32' RV Trailer easy. Gas mileage is about 9ish but it's gone up to 12.5 MPG I used Redline Fuel System Cleaner full bottle for the first 2 fill ups and now adding 4 oz of Lucas Cleaner/Conditioner every fill up. Truck runs MINT! Whoever sold it did take care of it but I'm certain what I replaced were all original parts that were 15 years in the making and just had done their time. No more Tundra's or Fords - The 8.1 with Allison is going to be a very sought after Classic. Just wish the seat went up higher - I set the steering wheel a bit lower but just wish I could raise seat a bit. Plenty of head room in this Pickup. Drives Nicely. Defroster could be stronger. Best Truck I've owned.
I bought my 2007 chevy 2500 hd 4x4 used from a toyota dealership in ft myers florida. i spent a whopping 32,000 for the truck when it had 60,000 miles on it . i have had it a year now it has 106,000 miles on it and its a paper weight i owe 20,000 dollars left remaining on it. i was driving like any other day ythe oil light came on oil pressure dropped to zero i had it towed to a shop and they were baffled only 106,000 and engine shot tapping in bottom end. im not a happy customer.
I bought my 2002 ls 4x4 suburban 5.3l flex brand new i had to replace the knock sensors and intake manifold at 100000 miles the fuel pump and all bwheel bearings and rearend at 185000 i also just replaced the catalytic converters with flow master cats and dual exhaust a k&n cold air intake and polished the throttlebody. the abs started grabbing at random at about 100000 i see the recall i called the local dealership in moses lake wa they refused to do anything so i had to pull the abs fuse so now im driving without abs also paint on dash peeled offin sheets transmission was replaced at 220000 i love this rig it has been through alot and i dont baby it it gets rodded i still am driving it now with 317000 miles on the original engine dosent burn oil has tons of power unbelievable great rig
2004 Chevy Venture that has over 370,000 miles put in it. I was given last year as a gift. It is my first vehicle ever driven I now had driven it for one whole year. It does have lots have miles on it, so I don't expect it to have the best performance, but it's my first vehicle and gifted. So I am really trying to stay up with the vehicle, so it has life for more years to come.
I purchased (rescued) my roughly mistreated baby from a shady dealership in South Gate, CA after being recently T-boned in my 2011 Crowned Jewel of a Camaro, Veronica. She was pronounced dead the following week, but she had been THE MOST RELIABLE car that I have ever owned, never needing even the slightest repair in the nearly 3 years that she was with me.

I knew that if I got ANYTHING other than a Veronica 2.0 I would absolutely loathe it. Unfortunately, my current credit situation has been in a state of flux lately, and although I certainly wasn't planning on needing to buy another car now, or EVER for that matter, my hand was being forced. After being taken for a ride and playing the "it's at one of our OTHER lots" followed by the "it's just been sold, but how about this one?" game, I met The Parabola and found a surprisingly clean CarFax report for her. I could tell that she had been abused by her former driver, and I wasn't able to get up to a fast enough speed during the test drive to find the wobble in the front end, but I could tell that the engine was solid and that she needed a good home. Plus, she was going to be my only real option of getting back into a Camaro as there just WEREN'T any other Black Automatic LS Gen5 Camaros available that I had any hope of being approved for. You don't go from 2.99% to 19.95% unless you are in a bad position, and these guys advertised that they would finance practically ANYBODY. So, it was her or nothing.

More ACTUAL review to come after I've spent more time with her:

She's spent these first couple weeks getting some minor work done, and an alignment resolved the wobble! She now has all new tires and is about to get new brakes. The engine is STILL purring like a kitten when she's relaxed and roaring like an angry lion when she's on a mission, and I can already tell that once the small issues are finally handled that she's going to be just as content and low-maintenance as her predecessor. After all, I may not have been the first to own her, but I AM the first to love her. Cars can tell whether or not you care for them, and they're prone to acting up much more often for drivers who tend to disparage or mistreat them. Just watch Poltergeist 2!
Purchased this 2004 Chevy trailblazer used with 108300 miles on it biggest piece of junk I have ever owned I regret purchasing with in 3500 miles replaced All brakes rear rotors, front Hub assemblies,ac compressor,ac cutoff switch,clutch fan ,tstat and gasket, the steering rack started leaking. today the blower fan stopped working . having owned over 70 vechicles in my lifetime to date don't waste your time or money and buy 1 of these pieces of garbage.honestly folks what a pos
I bought a 2001 5.3 4x4 tahoe 2 years ago with 92k. Have 111k on it now. Bought from original owner with extensive maintenence records. Northeast truck so it has some rust underneath but nothing crazy. Paint shines like new and the interior held up and looks new also. Has no oil leaks anywhere....knock on wood. Shifts perfectly. Has a little clunking noise when shifting into reverse but it is normal for these trucks. Although mine is fine the transmissions are a weak spot on these trucks but if you don't abuse it, keep up with transmission fluid changes and tow with the tow/haul option you will probably have little to no problems. A few hundred dollars a year in maintenence is better than several hundred a month on car payment for a new one. It is also the most comfortable driving car I have owned. Relatives borrow it to move things around and pull a trailer or boat now and then. Moves the kids back and forth to college no problem and eats up the snow during the norteast winters. Feel like I'm driving in the living room sofa. If the truck has solid maintence records and the price is good you can't go wrong.
Purchased my 2005 Chevrolet Colorado new and have had very few problems with the overall vehicle. Had any items corrected that had a recall on it and I am still using it as a daily driver today with roughly 241,000 miles on it. One of the best vehicles I have owned and will continue to drive it until its ready to retire. Only issue I have dealt with on a routine basis is the higher than normal engine temperature but it has never gone pass the 3/4 mark on the temperature gauge. They definitely don't make radiators like they use too. These have a 1 row radiator with plastic tanks which I am not a big fan of but hopefully by adding a secondary electric cooling fan I can get the cooling system to work alot better than it has been. Overall a very good vehicle and love the gas mileage!
Purchased this car brand new and have had nothing but problems. I have had an issue with every part of the car. Each time I bring it in for repair i am back in a couple of days for another issue. I will never buy another Chevy and would not recommend to anybody else.
I bought my 2006 HHR new in May 2005. It's served as a first car for two teenage sons. They each drove it pretty hard. It is still a daily driver for my wife and another son. Currently it has 250,000 miles on it and starts and runs well. In the past 11 years I replaced the front rotors 2x, the battery once, the starter 2x and replaced the cheap plastic door handle once. Overall the car has been excellent.
Had to replace wheel sensor for stabiltrack at 3000 miles not covered under warranty! &725.32 and same problem showed up at 40000 miles, not replacing this time!!!!

$10.00 Quart of oil every 1000 miles, Chevy replaced 1 (ONE) piston, gasket and timing chain!

Runs worse then before, idles at 500 rpm and has no get up and go,,, funny still has the same problem!

I will NEVER buy another Chevy again!!!!!!!! Am now trading it in for a foreign made car~
At around 40,000 miles everything started falling apart. Moisture accumulated in the headlamp area, causing me to have to replace the bulbs every year. Have to replace at dealer because entire grill has to come off to replace. Cost of approx. $75.00 per bulb. Mirror covers on both visors broke off within the first couple of years (I do not have any small children, broke just by opening them). Leather seats ripped on side of both driver's and passenger's seats. Turn signal lever broke at around 60,000 miles. Electric door locks started going at around 50,000 miles, first driver's side, now rear and front passenger sides both out. Cost to replace approx. $375 each. 85,000 miles the heater started smelling and pushing steam into the vehicle. Steam coming through all vents. Service stabilizer light came on around 70,000 miles and went off next day. Came back on a couple of times a few months part. Check engine light then came on. Had to replace EGR valve. So far service stabilizer light has stayed off but it has only been one week. The air conditioning does not stay on when you shut the car off. When you turn the car on, you always have to turn air back on. This was my FIRST and will be my ONLY GM vehicle. I had a Ford Expedition with 226,000 miles on it that I didn't have nearly the trouble with. My Equinox only has 95,000 miles, but like I said, the trouble started around 40,000 miles, except moisture in headlamps, that started almost right away. I did ask GM to repair because I have seen several others with the moisture and it seems to be a defect, but they refused.
found out i had multiple issuses. two ground wires broken. coil broke inside. now running fine.
I bought my 2011 Malibu lt1 with under 70k miles squeeky clean car fax well maintained always on time maintiance a couple days ago I LOVEEEEE IT. I traded my 2007 chevy impala ls for it. The small issue I have is I dont like the looseness in the steering the smallest steering wheel turn wow the car goes there. Steering is extreamly sensitive. And I so wish it was a v6 or v8 and not a 4 cyl. Car. Other then that SOOO MUCH ROOM SUPER STYLISH AND FUN!!!!! VERRRRRRRY reliable !! And safe!!!
Having been a Camaro driver for years 1980, 1984,1985 and recently 2002. These cars are extremely reliable. A real Camaro lover takes care of their cars and understands these cars are a good investment as far as cars go. So much I just purchased a 2002 to slightly restore. I feel good about spending money on these cars as I know I will see more of my money back than just any make model car. Love these cars
This is the worst vehicle ever made. It's worse than the ford pinto, the Chevy corvair ( which is exactly what this piece of garbage is like ). I repair one thing and an hour or less later something else goes wrong. I keep hoping the thing would catch fire most of the time. It always breaks down when it is cold outside also. I will never buy another GM product again.
I am 57 yr's old and always drove a Chevy but my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer is a big disappointment to me, on Chevy's part. If it is'nt one thing it is something else. I am going to get this POS running the best I can and it is going to another fool like me for buying it in the first place.
Bought a used 2011 Aveo LT with 30 thousand miles. Overall, the car performs as a compact front wheel drive car does. The mileage is average and comfort is at bare minimum. Tire pressure indicator always lit: annoying... seat belts that refuse to retract properly causing the door to bounce off the buckle half the time instead of just closing: aggravating... The check engine light indicator that stays lit for no apparent reason: Infuriating!!! When driving at 65 and over, beware of strong winds... On the road, in a split second I was literally jerked into the next lane by a strong gust of wind. But other then that, it's not a bad little car.
I have a 2008 Silverado crew cab W/T that was ordered with every option except cruise control The only problem I have had is the front passenger door lock actuator went out just after the warranty was up so I ordered a replacement from parts and replaced it myself. I can't complain it has 86,893 miles on it now and still getting great mileage for a V-8 I think I will keep this one for as long as possible I usually get a new one after five years but this one only cost me $18,000 at the end of 2008 and it still looks new
A comfortable car delivering good fuel economy, low tailpipe emissions, excellent cargo space and reasonable reliability. Despite restyled Malibu models, GM continued to produce this car as a classic model due its desirable size and economy. GM had achieved consistency in manufacturing quality with this model. Virtually all 1999 3.1 liter J-code Malibu's exhibited the same component failures such as brake problems, leaking intake manifold gaskets, air conditioner control head failures and many more The interior of these cars was better finished than newer models of the Malibu and held up well over time. The clear coat pain was also improved from prior years delivering nearly 15 years of durability before burnout. Despite improved quality over prior GM models, Malibu durability in the long run was still lacking with most ready for the scarp yard at or before 150,000 miles.
I had nothing but constant problems with my vehicle. I purchased in it 2011. Got rid of it in 2015 4 years later. 1000 invested but continued problems. oil pressure sensor failed, car stuck in park , it would not shift out of park position, service air bad light, traction and stability control has been my worse problem cause the engine ti reduce power. It stopped on my husband as he was on a n incline in the middle of the street. The car would accelerate when he pressed the gas. The traction control and stability control lights comes on continually. Every 3 minutes of driving. The transmission started to go bad. Rear defroster stopped working. I would NEVER by this car again! Nothing but expense problems. Then final straw was failing transmission and air bags.