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Plymouth Voyager (15 Reviews)
I have had this van for about 5 years now. I drove it quite a bit when I first got it for $500.00. Then I drove a little saturn for a while. As the Van sat some of the oil seals degraded I believe. I tried to drive the van every little bit but I don't think it was enogh. Recently replaced oil seals rebuilt transmission a couple years ago, fixed a/c, plan on a paint job and maybe even fixing cruise control. I love this vehicle. Handles well I think. For its age it does a supper job.
One day this week I drove my van everything was okay. A couple days later I went to drive the van again, but the electric locks wouldn't work, the gas gauge was not working, and no turn signal working and the air bag light stayed on. I know I had 3/4 tank of gas, so I know I was not low on fuel. Can any one suggest what the problem might be??

Engine light comes on when van is idling. I have to add oil everyday. There is a small amount of oil on the pavement when I check the ground after work. Can someone tell me where the oil is going. There is no smoke coming out of exhaust pipe.
Every time i come to a stop sign and hold my breaks my oil light keep coming on and flashing and then the beeping indicator... I know it not low and i just changed the oil with a new filter. can anuone tell me why?
I have a 1999 plymoth voyager expresso. My van won't start, it worked fine yesterday but yet would not start to day i have not had any trouble with it and im not sure why it wont start... it still turns over like it is going to start but then doesn't. what is the problem?
For the lady who purchased a '92 Voyager....your doors need reset by a bodyman who will adjust the doors and the front fenders. If the keys won't turn in the doors then you either have the wrong door key or all the interior mechanisms are damaged in some way. The leaking in the back could be caused by many things, something else for a bodyman to review. Your fusebox is under the dashboard. Otherwise...

Our van has 86k on it. Problem areas to keep an eye on are the rocker panels (both sides)and the sliding door bottom, both areas of heavy rust due to poor drainage. Rear beam axle is another place that rusts from the inside out and could kill you if it breaks under load at highway speeds.

I'd suggest this van to anyone capable of keeping up with the maintenance an older vehicle requires which is above and beyond what a newer one needs. This is true though for any older vehicle. If you can't do that, or if you can't afford to have someone else do it, then be prepared for seeing the inside of a flatbed's cab and your vehicle hanging on for dear life in the back as it rolls away to the scrapyard.
I just bought a used 1992 Plymouth Voyager and both front doors won't shut properly and the passenger side front door will not close at all. Also today it rained and the car leaked water from the inside roof at the back by the tailgate. The key will not unlock any of the doors. The rear defrost doesn't work and I am not sure how to check the fuse or how to make it work. I have no owners manual because it did not have one when I bought the car. Is there anything or any kind of advice that you can give me to help to correct these problems. I would appreciate any help I could get on these matters. Thank you Christina McVea
I have driven this van hard and it has never broken down on me. However it has some quirks. Like the ac quit working and iv had it recharged. Also the speedometer no longer works. But Ive never been stuck (in the snow or on the side of the road)
van is runing but will not shift into last gear .while the gears not changing the car stay ildeed up
After years of selling cars, Driving every thing manufactured for decades I one day was given by my neighbor moving to Sweden his 1991 Plymouth Voyager Van. I have had it for more than 13 years and it has turned out to be the vehicle I plan to never sell and drive the rest of my life. I even invested 3 years ago in to having the original engine completely rebuilt. It rides better than a new Caravan, averages on highway close 25.8, combined driving 22, and city 19.7 on 87 octane. That is with the AC running and my wife along for the ride. No rust and only painted twice. My wife prefers driving this over her Ford Escape and the mileage is better on this than the fully loaded XLT V6
This van was the replacement for our 1993 Voyager. We now have 152,000 miles with just routine maintenance. The 3.3 V6 provides a good balance of power with fuel use. Avg highway MPG 23. The interior is comfortable and great for long trips but seems a little bumpy when sitting all the way in the rear. Heating and AC work well but wish we would have had rear air.
Air filter replacement is difficult, best left to your mechanic.
Several electrical problems over time. Powe rwindow switch replacement, AC damper motors go bad, 12 volt socket reqiures the ignition to be on .

Motor andf drive train everlasting and perorms as new after 98000 miles, and with regular services.

It's a keeper !
The best car I had ever used.
Great gas milage, good looks and dependability are three key factors we all assess when driving older vehicles. 80,000 miles and still running very well, no oil comsumption, trans issues or drivtrain concerns. Minor negative attributed to exterior paint. Some flaking starting to occur on roof and hood. Will require paint job. 15 years old, it's probably due some new paint anyway.
if you do the preventive maintenance it will last a long time. change oil every 3,000 miles.