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Subaru Forester (26 Reviews)
Extremely practical, very roomy. Good at everything, bad at nothing. A/C could blow colder, and ride is a bit harsh, but I love this vehicle. The AWD is excellent. Superb gas milage. 30000 miles with NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER. Added roof rack for hauling long items. Added hitch for small trailer and bike rack. All day comfort, good handling, and descent acceleration even without the turbo. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone!!!
2007 Subaru never gave me problems until the check engine light came on and cruise control light was flashing. I have 120,000 miles and now was told to replace timing belt, head gasket and fuel tank and straps which cost me over $4,000. I don't understand why everything is failing and I don't think I am done yet. Always brought into dealership for maintenance and none of this was identified prior to this mileage.
This is our 2nd Subaru that we bought new, (1995+2005). I think an above average car. Still, I think all of us would like to think that our cars would be exceptional (In the car reviews we only see a few that stand out with low maintenance.) Leather seats... Low quality leather seats, and driver seat didn't wear well. Not the best support either.
This is my wife's car, (I wouldn't buy a Subaru). Still, it is exceptional in the snow, as we run with 4 snow tires in the winter. Regular fuel...20 around town, and 28 on the turnpike. When the car was new the automatic transmission would shift a bit rough, the dealer put an "additive" in it and so far at 107,000 it still works ok.
The engine runs strong, but with limited power. Fuel system is good, but the car has a gas oder where you add fuel, this started around 70K, (the 95 Subaru had the same problem). At around 80K we had to replace the whole exhaust system, (except for the catalytic converter). Replaced the rear struts around 70K, not the best handling car, lots of body roll going into turns. The car has been well maintained.
I bought my forester at 108,000 miles and 6 yrs old, it now has over 210,000 miles, it has taken my family across country twice. Replaced the radiator, all my fault for not keeping it filled or noticing the leak. New cv boots, one battery, i have to get it smogged again now that I'm in California again, makes a rattle when accelerating, the catalytic converter is the issue. Maybe it will pass? I know it will. I love my Subaru, i will never buy anything else. I want to see 400,000 on the odometer with my son behind the wheel. It's our little Spaceship that knows no bound. Pass smog baby, by some miracle so we can rage the west coast together a while longer.
Stiff Ride, watch out for pot holes it's very stiff suspension. Great on flat road and handles well on smooth roads.

Slightly under-powered, though the only option is to get thier Turbo which comes with it's own problems.

Paint is very, very thinly applied and chips and peals very easily. POOR PAINT JOB.

Have done all the services on it at specified times and even the 3-4,000 mile oil changes. The car only has 54,000 miles and Subaru just told us at an oil change appointment that it needs an engine head gasket, steering rack replacement(no problem with steering but leaks) so recommends replacement not repair, and thermostat replacement. That's A LOT for a well cared for SUV.

ALSO, since the car is always in 4-wheel drive...if you need to replace one tire you need to replace all four to keep even rotational travel on all axles.

It, at this point, will cost more than the car is worth! Subaru may be a safe car but it is cheaply made. Seats rip, plastic paint wares off, etc. Handles well but not worth it!

Other cars handle well too but don't have as many problems so soon at low mileage! Stay away from SUBARUS!
2000 cc(near)90000KM.Ihavent replaced ANYTHING yet!Only oil gasoline and filters.Runs like a dream.So no real story to tell...EXCELENT vehicle
Love my 2004 Forester XT. It's at 115,000 miles on it with most of those miles on trips to Ski resorts in Vermont and New England. Love its reliability, handling, comfort, practicality, and BIG MIRRORS AND WINDOWS!! However, I did have to replace both my front window motors recently. Now, its a little noisy on the highway over 70 mph. The glass was not aligned well because the doors do not have a window frame. But thats a minor problem for a fabulous vehicle.
I have a 2006 Subaru Forester with 78K miles on it. It drives great and is a pretty good car overall. However, it is now starting to have expensive problems. The blower motor for the A/C and heat works on and off...even with a new blower motor installed @ $400.00! The Subaru-certified mechanic is puzzled and thinks it might be the car's electrical system. This will be a very costly repair if it turns out to be electrical. On top of this, both rear wheel bearings need to be replaced now (my previous cars have had their wheel bearings replaced at 150K or later). Replacement at 78K makes it seem like Subaru has lowered the quality of their parts. This is a shame, as I have always liked Subarus (this is my second one). My next car is NOT going to be a Subaru.
I have two foresters an 01 and an 02 129,000 on the 01 and 138,000 on the 02 great car for the weather in Northeast Pa ride nice and solid just keep up on oil pludgs and sparkplug wires and tires an only on the second set of breaks on both sure beats the ass off of my ford explorer in the winter never again will i buy a ford these cars are fun to have why can't americans compete with this low maintanance well built car it kills me i want to know
I don't know why everyone out here in SD doesn't have a Subaru. It's perfect for the extreme conditions and has decent gas milage. It's on the small side, but holds four people well. The rear seat goes down and handles a fair amount of junk. I love my 2001 Forester. I bought it new and it has been great.
Great car for the money. Nothing fancy, but very dependable, which is what I need.
Repair service mechanic sugesting that the side engine covers might be leaking oil into the portale drip into spark plugs. Is this a come on to fix a problem that might be a problem Cost would be 300.00 dollars.
left subaru years ago for a chevy.... so glad to be back..... 180,000 and it runs
like well enough to keep us happy.... will never own anything but...had problems
with thermostat only to learn it was owner neglect....
I have a 2003 forester and I have never owned a better car
This is a fantastic well rounded car - it comes with enough storage space for almost any situation and the all wheel drive gives it greatly improved handling compared with anything else in it's class.

My car has been well-maintained and, perhaps as a result, has had no mechanical issues and only one electrical issue: the auto-dimming rear view mirror does not seem to dim.

Overall the handling and ride are much better than an SUV's and my only complaint would be that the legroom in the backseat is not stellar.
We brought this car new and it has served us well. The only real issue we have with it is that there is probably too much road noise. Since we only drive it around town that it not a concern for us. Good value for the money.
I bought my "98" forster 2 years ago with almost 100,000 miles on it. It has been a really good car. now I have 180.000 miles on it and I have to change the head gaskets, that will cost about 1200.oo. But I really think it's worth it
New review for an old car... I bought this Forester in late 2006 when it was five years old. Went from a GOOD Dodge Caravan to this, worried that I'd feel cramped in a CAR. This feels less like a car than the Outback, so I'm happy with that. KEEP UP ON MAINTENANCE... just had the 100k mile makeover... VERY expensive, done by a Subaru specialist... but now it runs better than it ever has since I've owned it. Back up lights haven't work.. no one can figure out why... Otherwise nice car for day to day, hauling dogs and garden stuff, and also nice for road trips. I love my 'Ru!
Overall is a good vehicle. The main problems are the weak A/C system that takes a long time to cool the cabin and the cheap looking interior finishes.
Reliable dependable car with nice extras. Went from a cadillac deville to a Xs forester. great little car with great all wheel drive.
this is a great car I put 280,000 miles on it..worth the $$$$
I HATE this reliable little work horse! My wife LOVES it though so I guess it'll stick around! This tiny little rig is NOT for the larger / taller guy! CRAMPED barely says it. Back seat room ......... room? Well it doesn't exist. I've told my wife that she's lucky it's in her name too otherwise I'd get rid of it. This thing is built like a tank though. Very solid and well built. It is not a vehicle for Spokane, WA hole plagued streets! This thing doesn't glide over them like my Explorer but crawls down into each and every one then out the other side. Very bumpy ride. We get about 20 MPG in town and about 25 MPG on the road. My wife is a tiny petite gal and it fits her and her gardening stuff well. There you have it!
Great car! Very smooth ride. A pleasure to drive in both city and country. Handles really well on mountain roads and in the snow. My only complaint is that the towing capacity is only 2400 lbs. and I need a car with a much higher towing capacity.
At 5 years old and 30k miles no problems yet. Gets door dings easily, and some bits in the interior have been easily damaged, but overall been extremely reliable.
I bought my Forester new in 2000. I have 84,000 miles and have had a few issues. I had to replace 3 CV boots , and I have a heating coil leak. So far the head gaskets are holding. Overall its been a great car. I love the AWD. I would recomend this car to anyone.
We bought our 1999 Subaru Forester new and it's been a great car. We've been good about changing the coolant every 30K and adding Subaru's "coolant conditioner" so the head gasket's been a-ok so far. In 90K miles all we've done are basic services, and did the front brakes at 60K. Recently had to change the inner CV boot because it's right above the hot exhaust. This car has taken us everywhere and is an absolute blast on gravel roads!