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I just had to register to comment on our 2007 signature series van.110,000 miles..I am amazed that anyone has a 2007 Chrysler van that is good..We had one of the first Dodge vans and was satisfied but these are the problems we have had with this one !.. Replaced radiator,Front Rotors( warped) , all brake pads,Rt sliding door lock motor, repaired Lt sliding door wiring harness 3 times for breaks in wires, replaced both front wheel speed sensors,(Drivers side sliding door lock motor failed today) Road noise is bad, Uses 1qt per 1000 miles,Trans slaps into low gear jerking everyone, Engine knocks when cold, Loud whining noise in engine area now( Maybe power steering pump) ,Front left side pops loudly when first backing out, underpowered compared to Toyota and Honda vans.(a lot of these problems happened before 50,000 miles. Chrysler has lost me as a customer in the future and according to a lot of the post /they have lost quite a few more.They have given American cars a bad name. As a mechanic I know that Vans are machines that will have some problems but come on ,this is over the top! I feel sorry for the people that cant repair their own and have dumped their money into these pieces of junk. I would love to see a class action law suit against this company for their lack of responsibility towards their customers ! FOOL ME ONCE, NEVER AGAIN!
My dash light is out it is not just the bulb or a fuse issue this is inside of the dash and this is a common issue with Chrysler sebrings if you look up at the other people's opinions and reviews of the vehicle this is a common issue and it is also a safety hazard for driving at night when you cannot see your speedometer this should be recalled immediately but it hasn't been Chrysler doesn't care about their customers safety. Also my heater does not come on it doesn't matter what the temperature gauge says on my car engine the heater will not pump out warm air. The door that switches is not working which is another issue with the dash. I'm not a mechanic but I've had a few things explained to me by one which would give me enough of initiative to look up a few things about Chrysler sebrings and I will never ever buy another Chrysler again. I loved the Chrysler Pacifica that I had but this is ruined me to Chrysler.
my van always saking
We bought this 2003 PT Cruiser from a Dealership in another state. I'm surprise we made it home and was able to drive it for almost a month before we started having all the problems we've had. One day it just wouldn't started. Took it to our mechanic and they check it and said it was the starter. So we put a new starter in and then about a week later it wouldn't start again, so back it went to the garage and again they said it was the starter and the ignition and our mechanic who happen to own his own garage told us he was going to not charge us for the new starter again or the labor. And he call the parts warehouse where he got the starter and told them he needed a new starter and that he felt like they should have to help with the cost on labor on my car because the starter that they put in the first time was bad. Which the parts warehouse did so with no problem. Then again about 4 days later it stop running again and our mechanic finally said he wasn't sure what was wrong and that it had to be a short or something like that coming from the computer brain. So they rig up a wire where my husband had to open the hood every time we had to go some where. He had to open up the hood and take this wire and touch it to the battery to start the car. Until we could get it into Chrysler and have them test it on there machine that will tell you just exactly what the problem is. Then after that the car started over heating and we had to replace the radiator it was totally clog up. And then we had to replace the heater core and then the water pump and timing belt and believe it or not the car is still over heating if you drive over 50 miles an hour. So now our next item from what we have been told is to replace the computer on the engine cause that is what probably is the main issue now we have and then the car should be fixed. All I can say is my husband and I are both Senior Citizens and we are on a fixed income and I thing that Dealership in Oklahoma did us dirty and thought well now here are a couple suckers. When we are honest and try our best to help anyone who is in need of help. We had a 2005 PT Cruiser and we love it but my ex son in law wreck it and totaled it out. Now we have to wait and try to get the computer for the 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo when we get our next retirement checks if we can swing it if not we will just have to save the money up until we get enough. Why do people and Car Dealerships have to be so crooked. I need help in finding out if we replace the computer on the PT if anyone knows from what all I said was wrong with it that, that will really fix it right.
I bought my Concorde used and it was with 77,000 miles, about three years ago. I is by far the best most luxurious car I have ever owned. It is a marvelous car when it works and a dragon when its not. Current book I think, about 3500. At that, its worth more to me to play the odds and hope for the best.
In the time I have owned it the brakes leaked once and needed to re hosed. 390 dollars
The cam sensor when sour- 359 dollars and there was a vacuum leak repaired 400 dollars
Now, the transmission solenoid pack is shot and that is costing 800 dollars.
Understand its a complex ECM car, but what else is going to go wrong needing an expensive for me (I am retired) repairs.
So its a love and hate relationship. I know I could not replace it with the money I have spent in repairs, so I love it and its power and luxury. I hate all the repairs.
I bought a 2005 Crossfire Limited last fall with 68K miles. White/convertible. I get more compliments on this unusual car than any vehicle I have ever owned. To get one in good shape at a reasonable price I had to buy it in Florida where the cars are more common. Car is fun to drive, comfortable and opening/closing the top is fully automatic and takes about 30 seconds. If you buy one, find a good European service center. Chrysler dealers don't know how to work on them and when they do they charge about 3 times what they should. Crossfire Forum is a great source of all kinds of help with the car.
I bought the car from an individual 6 months ago.
I feel I got a great car for the price (eleven hund) It runs great and looks decent.
Yesterday my first problem....found out alternator needs to be replaced after147,000 miles.

Ike's !!! for this year and type, it's expensive
Good looks,ride and room I like it its almost like a truck
I have a 2003 Cruiser Limited. I like it pretty well, but am going on my 3rd starter since November and the last replacement was just a week ago. So I'm w/o transportation again. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this to happen?

Don't want to be stranded,
Bought my cirrus for 500 dollars drove for 1 1\2 years with only having to put tires on it now I think the fuel pump has went out of it haven't decided whether to fix it or just get rid of it. But has been a very dependable car.
I bought car new, have had it 7 years and 86,700 miles. Replaced
Brakes and Rotors at 56,000 miles, had trans flushed at 60,000 miles
Only problem I've had is my leather seats have vinyl on bolsters ,
driver seat bolster cracked after this last really cold winter. Car
had 80,000 miles on it.I got rid of the original garbage YOKOHAMA tires at 35,000 miles, put on Cooper 's and there still perfect. I do
maintain it well, and it has taken my wife and I all over the country, and 26-28 mpg on highway. Everything still works perfect on it. I am
going to trade it in on a new Dodge journey AWD , after the last few
I bought car new, it has 86,500 miles and has been best car I have owned. Put brakes and rotors on at 55,000 miles , I had a problem at 84,000 miles where gauge said I was overheating, it wasn't , it was a bad sending unit. It has taken us all over the country , and we made it into Chaco Canyon New Mexico with it. The ranger couldn't believe
it got through. I service it regularly, changed trans fluid at 60,000
miles. Only complaint is front seat is split, I just found out bolsters were not leather but vinyl. This just happened as it turned 7 years old and 86,000 miles
I like this car - Only shortcomings are dealing with be brakes and slippage tranny into 1st gear. Other than love gas mileage the comfortable seats a very spacious cabin with import options in its class. Would recommend but before getting unless got the average model check under Consumer reports or Bulletin about a issue car has otherwise like this car not too many things that seem be a problem just replaced 4 set of brakes not normal for being 8 months old don't drive hard or abuse my car liked said must got averaged car.
Bought car from original couple. When I first bought it started off being a lemon out of Detroit the car has approx. 110,000mi so that is low for a 14 year old car but guess it hates me or I was scammed by crooks. Early one morning had gone to start the PT Cruiser nothing all lights came on dash and made a beep as every car before or after starting up. I took to a shop one of the coils misfired #3 - I got the 02 Sensors, 2 gaskets and bad alternator changed. The doors seems liked this car belonged to the late Herman Munster they just unlock or lock themselves for no reason. Cruise control switched quit working the indicator light starts flashing had checked believed its a malfunction clicking noises from dashboard someone else I've seen on thread had this problem. Engine burns 1qt of oil at every 2,000 miles and lots of sludge buildup blew a heavy white cloud of smoke one day after starting/sputtering. I've taken in too several mechanics no one can't figured out be the problem all tells me just have deal with the problem. Gone to some discounts even called a AutoZone in Las Vegas see could ship parts. This piece of junk had to be towed back to my house was in Buffalo the thing stopped right on freeway. Dash lights not working and speedometer rpms are going crazy kind of freaking me out because the accelerator seems get stuck and engine revs as km goes up/down. Stereo sound full of static - radio doesn't work well all stations would switch themselves there is a problem. I bought the car from couple in their 60s so why in the world is all these problems are happening after bought it or maybe this was a 1st hand the previous owner just has a cursed of me driving vehicle or sold as death car. Well I loss so much just finally left the junk along bought another car this time its all brand new maybe whoever will be buy that thing probably applaud after taking to a junkyard letting the crane crushed as a pancake because that was is going to happen nobody will not put up the PT Cruiser - Junior Problem Child 4 (2015) no longer like with me.
As of August 17, 2015, I have $145,000 miles on it. Great on long or short trips. No engine or transmission issues. I have had normal issues with replacing brakes, tires, tie rods, water pump, AC clutch (replaced after $140k miles it ceased up), EGR valves and rear wiper motor. Rides true. Interior is still great. Very happy.
Reading through other comments here and I only saw one from several years ago on this issue...
We took our 2004 Pacifica into Firestone today for an alignment to fix the shaking we noticed while driving on the highway before we set off on a scheduled trip coming up next week. We were told that an alignment would be a waste of money due to the amount of rust and corrosion in the frame under the engine. (At first I asked my husband who talked to the mechanic on the phone if he had the right car!) Come to find out that this is a VERY common issue with these cars and expensive to repair. Now what needs to happen here? Does someone need to actually drive these cars until something happens at 60-70 miles an hour before a recall is done and all Pacifica drivers are aware of this issue? Looking online, I can't find a story about someone actually losing their engine while driving, but it just seems like a matter of time.
Still own this car though reviewing as the '91 model its a 1988 the car is reliable. Was several things that had to be replaced but my Chrysler was flawless all the years both had together. I would buy another believe these cars are rare am going to drive mines until ready retiring. Never had a vehicle that was best liked my New Yorker purchased from grandma's boyfriend in 1997 with 10K miles showroom new at now almost 200K miles. Loving this car all my children grew up in it and got married twice ever since had this car. Comfortable recliner seats, tech features as digital dash and smooth ride the car very reliable in running condition. My teenager sons used this car even had girlfriends in my car plus it even came their rescues when one of my sons girlfriend new Impala broke down on her my Chrysler pulled that new car - LOL). Well enjoyed my car over lots of years owned without putting a note in it still got all of us from point A to B did go to Arkansas in this thing surprise how strong car went all those miles without letting the engine get exhausted. Just love this car although I was much younger than still not as old like my grandma and her late boyfriend still driving around in much old school vehicle can afford a newer car just hard parting with something have had for so many years that is still treating you well as my New Yorker took good care of this car...It took wonderful care of me and my family especially outside people as one of my sons girlfriend when her newer car broke down on the side of freeway in Pennsylvania came to her rescue it was the family tradition ride as I called it when all of us would ride to church and traveling on summer nights with the little Chrysler loaded up taking us on the long journeys.
My son bought this car for me in 2008 w/36000 miles. It now has 58,000 miles. Ever since I've owned it the headlights have had to be replaced every 6months or so. Now when I'm driving at night the headlight have gone on and if I have the low beams go out the brights come on and visa versa. I live in the country and its just black and very scarry when they go out. What could be causing this. I really hate this car. It used to never stsrt. I got very friendly with the AAA people. I owned two Buicks, one for 10 years one for 11yrs. Never had to replace anything and they were both two yr old when I bought them. Did I mention how much I hate this car? My husband died and I cant afford another car.
Nothing to complain about on it. I am the original owner and current driver that purchased my 2010 Sebring Touring no other words expressing. The car is excellent on gas & never had one problem with anything. I've religiously taken very great cared of everything on my car still comfortable and its unique than ever I buy another Chrysler for sure but 5 years sent off last payment don't want to start if have too but absolutely thankful this car runs like the day drove off the lot at now has 86,000 miles.
I bought my 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible with just 14,700 miles on the odometer. I'd owned the 99 Sebring Convertible, with a 2.5L engine before and enjoyed it very much. This one is heavier, and has a 3.5L engine. The interior of the 99 was nicer, as were the rims. The 2008 handles very well, and I like the "heavier" feeling on the road.

The 99 had limited trunk space (only one bag of golf clubs filled the available space) because a sizable portion had been carved out to store the convertible top when it was down. The 2008 design corrected this by storing the top in the trunk lid when it's down. It does have a very large trunk - even for a hard top car. The first time I put the top down and observed the "transformer" like, convoluted engineering they came up with to stash the top in the lid to the trunk - I knew that would be the first thing to break - and it was. The second thing to break was the plastic "ears"(which contain sensors) on the convertible top "carriage" that must be in place on the trunk sidewalls for the convertible top to operate.

Mechanically it has performed very nicely. It has solid acceleration which I appreciate when passing or merging onto the Interstate or turnpike. It lost it's solid "holding" the road at around 75000 miles and required new struts to correct the sloppiness and poor tire wear. Once the struts were replaced the solid, road hugging characteristic thankfully returned. It is timing belt driven, and I had that replaced at 86000. All in all I've enjoyed the car very much.
i got one of these for free from my mother everything about this car impressed me i jumped it on a daily basis and it n ever broke one time
I bought this car used. I was told that the car was a good deal. I had the car about 2 1/2 months when a popping started when I turned or went over a speed bump. Then I was trying to make it up a hill when the car suddenly began to roll down the hill. I stopped just short of colliding with a bus. I had the car in drive but it only went in reverse. I had it towed to my house and then I couldn't get it to go in reverse or forward. This car does not have a smooth ride and it is not dependable. I regret buying this care tremendously.
We purchased our 2006 Sebring Convertible (V6) with 9,000 miles on it at 1 year old for my wife. It was a ex-rental car. I have to say that until this past year we did not owe the car anything. Other than a hinge on the driver's door, it needed no repairs other than brakes, and regular services. The troubles all started at about 80,000 miles (right after the extended warranty ended). The horn was first with that crazy on-off whenever it felt like it problem, so I disconnected the horn. Odd to not have a horn but it has not been a concern (we do not have safety inspections here).The coolant system was next with the housing breaking causing an overheated condition. The hinge problem has come back also. Alternator went once. Brakes have been done again (regular pad/rotor change out). We noticed this past week that one of the radiator fans is running very rough causing a vibration noise. That will need to be changed when it dies. We are now about ready to have the 100,000 mile work done with engine tuneup, transmission service, inside engine cleaning, etc. Oil changes have been done at 3,000-5,000 intervals. Overall a good car as far as cost of ownership. Cars will last if you take care of them.
Bought it new in 2005. 170,000 miles at this point. Had to replace brakes a few times. Rusting worse than expected even in Nebraska with all the salt. Recently it started to not take gas which is frustrating. Had issues with the passenger electric door but managed to fix that myself. There has been a "growling" noise in the engine compartment for a few years now. No engine light to indicate a problem though. We'll keep driving it until something major comes up. Probably won't buy another Chrysler. Have to give the others a chance!
I bought my mom's '01 T&C from her in 2005 when she bought the newer model that had the stow and go seats. It only had about 20,000 miles on it when I got it, it's now ten years later, it's early 2015 & the van has about 88,000 miles on it.
Specifically "Intermittent Electrical Problems".
It seems to go through periods where it will not start & there's a long stretch where it will start. No problem.
We've replaced so many things, I wouldn't know where to start!
My mom is having some of the same problems with her van which is 3-4 years newer than mine.
From what I can see on the Internet, there are A LOT of people with T&C minivans with the same problems. I haven't read thru every post, so Idk if it's already been mentioned, but I would think that there's been enough verifiable problems & complaints, that we could & prob should - bring some sort of class action lawsuit against Chrysler.
Purchased a new 2014 with 1 mile three months ago. Drove it home and have had it parked in garage. Total of 5 miles on the vehicle. No problems. It has been perfect. I have not driven it because I am so busy fixing my other 3 Town and Countries. Every usual problem...brakes, transmission, electrical gremlins..etc. I figure the new one will have less problems if I do not drive it.
Ive had the cruiser for a year and have had to re
place the lower radiator hose and cluch. I think the previous owner didn't know how to drive a standard transmission car. The car handles well, good gas mileage 20 MPG city handles well on the hiighway and pretty quiet.
Wish it had a little more HP but with the stick its not too bad. I'd buy another.

2009 Town & Country Touring 4.0. Purchased new in 2009, currently has 72000 miles. Power doors have always had a mind of their own and dealership can't fix it. VES DVD went out in 2012, no after market parts and dealership wants $100 just to look at it and $500 to $1200 to fix it. Heater hose recently went out. Dealership states "it happens a lot" and charges $600 to fix it. Home repair cost $150 and about 4 hours of labor. There is a recall on the key but no plan on went a repair will take place. Overall we like the van but not sure how long it will last.
driving in winter the snow cakes up into the bumper and rips the wiring harness to the sensors out. design flaw? anyone else experience this?
My wife and I bought the 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Touring NEW. What a big mistake! Listed below are some of the problems and fixes that had to be down to this P.O.S. I will never buy another Chrysler vehicle again.
1.After just 30000 miles, the front brake pads were worn down also the brake rotors are so cheap they had to be replace, unable to turn them not even once.
2.Around the 50000 mile mark the Driver side electric slider door would not operate. I had to replace the wire harness and also the locking module.
3.About 65000 miles the Alternator went bad and took out the battery, had that replaced and then the PCM module was the cause for a major squealing noise.
4.At 95000 miles the Passenger side window control motor stopped working. Again, like always, I replaced it.
5.At 110000 miles the headlights would flicker and stay off for about 2-3 minutes, sometimes while driving. Also numerous times the lights would be on while the vehicle was off and sitting in the driveway. Replaced the headlight switch module and that took care of the problem.
6.At 114000 miles, there is a loud noise coming from the engine bay, when the steering wheel is turned, the steering pump sounds horrible. I found that the Power Steering Reservoir has a filter on the bottom inside the container. If it is dirty it doesn't allow the fluid to pass through especially during the colder months. What a royal pain to get to the #10 nut on the back side of the bottom of the reservoir. Once replaced that horrible noise disappeared.
7.At this same 114000 miles, the driver front low beam light wont come on. The high beams work fine, so replaced that bulb and still the same problem. Researching the possible problems, I read it might be the Front Control Module, not too sure since this has just happened and unable to figure it out yet. Most of these problems I have fixed myself, I know if I took it to the dealership, I've would have spent thousands.
Like I stated in the beginning. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHRYLER OR DODGE AGAIN!!!!!