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I have a 2012 Sedona EX has 25000 miles 3 years old. Excellent Vehicle It is a fully loaded vehicle Because of the Rear DVD console the Radio has no Navigation, Blue tooth. I have used many GM mini vans all had more advanced features like Air leveler suspensions. Could't find a vehicle with 8 passenger seating. The odometer reads 2 miles over the actual speed. When I brought this to the dealer I was told 2 miles is allowable difference.Out of approximately 50 or more vehicles I used in my life this is the only vehicle with this difference.I have a feeling the wheels are undersized.
Other than these few negatives Vehicle is Excellent and very reliable.
I'm fairly happy with my 2006 Kia Sedona. My biggest complaint is with the Kia dealership. They charge outrageous prices for their replacement parts. They claim they put superior(to other dealers), genuine parts in the vehicle. Two new catalytic converters with labor cost $2500.

They also charged me $440 restocking fee when I changed my mind, after they supposedly had ordered the parts. I still saved a few hundred my going elsewhere.
this van is a go single with no male help.had it a yr put 30,000 miles on repairs also demolished a txter that ran into me at 50 miles an hr.only damage was cosmetic.demolished his van;)
bought the 2006 newly designed 2nd generation sedona in 2008. it's had some issues, mostly electrical eg. air bag light on (was a bumper sensor)... front brakes need replacing a bit more often and i had to change the throttle position sensor. but other than that it's been a solid reliable van. i know ppl will criticize kia harsher than other makes, but we also have a 2008 chrysler minivan and it's been a migrane. the kia has had minor issues, but the chrysler has also had minor issues - plus a blown transmission! the chrysler had 78k miles when it blew up. the kia so far has 130k miles and runs smooth as the day we got it. i take it florida without worry. point is kia is no more problem ridden than the domestics.... kia is perhaps less problem ridden than domestics.

the one thing we saw with the new style sedona is the power sliding doors are prone to problems. we don't have that option so all is well for us, but our kia salesman says those were improved on in 09 or 10. but if power doors are a big issue just turn the power off and manually use the sliding doors instead... sometimes it's not worth spending $ on power doors. power sliding doors are the sedonas achiles heel. other than that it's a great van.
Piece of junk. I have been paying on this vehicle for two years and I have put too many replacement parts on it. The harmonic balancer came off while I was driving. These parts are heat synced on and are not suppose to just fly off while driving. The drive window motor has quit working. I am constantly replacing brakes and changing the transmission fluid. Every time I try to run the AC the belt brakes and I have to replace it. I did not buy the car new but it has been nothing but trouble and I really wished I had never purchased it. I would not recommend anyone buying a Kia.
Nothing but problems with our 2005 kia Sedona, that we just paid off this past April ,new tramsmittion in October of last year, always putting new brakes on,continuous squeaking brakes now the cooling/heating pipes are rusted, van overheated anti-freeze leaked all over the place, car was smoking, just this past Monday we got stuck in New Hampshire had to have it towed all the way back to Holyoke, Mass cost us $437.00 piece of "JUNK" never buying another kia ever...never got the milliage they said either, 25 on highway 18 in city bunch of liars.....
Bought used in 2005 with only 11K. No real problems till now (replaced rotors, axle and motor mount and it has check engine light on - scan says main problem is Catalytic - but not critical yet). Have had good AC/Heat till last summer when AC went out (pump broken - $950+- if I have it fixed). Haven't taken good care of this car either so I'm amazed it lasted this long. Door handles and other features are kind of cheaply made and break too easily.
At 208,000 miles, 2nd engine, replace 3 catalytic converters, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt 2nd engine, numerous body repairs, gear select cable mechanically froze, 3 alternators, 2 starters, 3 radiators, 4 a/c pumps, many new tires, many new CV joints, new front axles 2x, new front wheel bearing 2x, many brake pad and shoe replacements, new struts and strut mounts, replace headlight plastic 2x, replace interior blower fan and resistor 2x, replace front and rear windshield wiper motors, and today rear door stuck shut neither key nor auto unlock will unlock or activate door manual latch.

Nicest thing about this vehicle is it sits well and all the rear seats totally remove for substantial hauling, easily move a 1-2 person apt contents.

Clearly Kia for this model year had a quality control problem for component durability and a design issue keeping engine compartment tolerances so tight that substantial disassembly is required to change spark plugs or an alternator and best hope you don't have to pay labor to replace A/C compressor. An extra few inches of clear space around the engine would sure cut repair labor costs dramatically. Local Kia dealer parts are priced excessively, if you can afford time to shop online, most genuine Kia parts available mostly at half dealer price. All Kia dealers charge about $106 just to diagnose a repair problem, and then not always correctly. I went through 3x alternators, 3x starters and 2x batteries before I self identified the problem - - inadequate engine grounding. Once I put an $8 engine to negative battery cable on all the electrical issues were immediately resolved. If your Kia Sedona won't start, before replacing any parts, charge the battery and use a jumper cable between battery negative and engine block and see if it fixes problem. If so, install a permanent cable between engine and negative battery terminal.

To Kia's credit in more recent editions the engine displacement has increased, alternator capacity has increased, and starter power increased. Most of the changes are backward compatible even if not specifically stated as so.

To Kia detriment, durability in terms of how many engine hours between repairs is dismal. They simply need to buy or make more durably manufactured components. Much better reliability in Toyota and Honda and Nissan minivans.

There is no reason why Kia or any auto manufacturer could not offer a 300,000 mile warranty if durability was designed in and built in and suppliers held to task to deliver parts that don't break in ordinary usage.

bought van new in 2005, nothing but junk. air is weak,windows
wont go up and down, valve cover gaskets gone. replaced brakes
3 times. whats next. Dave in the Villages fla.
Kia will not stand behind their product. My sister bought a new one and the
check engine light came on. They told her it had the wrong oil filter on it. I am
an ASE master mechanic so I went to the dealership with her. They stood behind
this bogus story.
A friend has a Kia with the brake warning light on. I have read dozens of stories
of people with the same problem. Kia doesn't wire this system like everyone else.
Problems galore with my 2006 Kia Sedona. Started with sliding door problems not closing correctly, tightly. Then problem moved to my back hatch door just falling and not staying open. Both had to be repaired. Then my automatic locks stopped working (that was very expensive to fix). Headlights constantly going out and having to be replaced. Horn stopped working. But the worst part of all is it will not start up on me on a regular basis at random times. I've had to have my car towed about 8 times in the last year. After about the 7th time and a lot of money later Kia replaced my junction box because my key was no longer sending the signal to the box (part of the anti-theft system). Well here I am 10 months later and it is happening again and Kia won't replace the junction box even though it would be covered under warranty since since same problem happened less then a year ago. Although the Kia looks nice don't judge a book by it's cover. It's a piece of junk, very unreliable and has caused nothing but stress in my life.
I have a 2004 kia sedona. Bought in 2008. Has almost 240,000 miles and no problems. Normal maintenance and I still drive it. Its great in the snow so I cant complain. We do have to completely go through the front end due to going through wheel bearings every year but not surprising since we have driven alot in this van. Had a 1997 windstar before this and it was junk. Would buy another Sedona. Great van!
I bought this minivan a year and a half ago. every 3-4 months it's in the shop for something. now for the 3rd time it's in for a loud vibration in the front right side when I start it up. I've replacwd the front brakes / rotors replaced a cracked manifold. the noise is getting louder and m mechanic says he can't find the problem. it's very annoying every time I start it up. I told him this time if he doesn't find/fix the problem I am getting rid of it! this van is costing me a lot of money that I don't want to spend on it. I am looking forward to dumping it in the spring or sooner!!
Not sure what is worse...vehicle or service no service not knowing how to repair and not standing behind their own product. Only thing I see Kia Service and Dealers at is blaming others for their garbage. I will never buy another and will and have passed the word out. The only thing I could see this vehicle good for is ?????? well let me get back to you on that because I couldn't think of one thing.
bought new in 04. over 92ooo miles, 50000 did brakes & struts
still running strong. disappointment would be gas mileage. not as good as caravan
Code P2106 - Throttle Actuator Control System and P2135,P1295 for APS sensor A/B voltage correlation.There is a bulletin in these codes covered at the dealer.Heres the bulletin number TSB 09-FL003-2. The TPS needs replacing and reprogramming the ECM.This should all be fixed at no charge at the dealer.Hoped this helped.Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.
Brought van a few months ago. After driving 2,000-3,000 miles started having electrical issues. The ability to accelerate while driving occurs. Definately would not recommend this van to anyone!
Don't recommend this Van. Driver's side sun visor won't stay up, had to replace rotors and shocks like within 2 1/2 years, intake tube was replaced Dec. 2011, and been having problems with a/c. Needs major work $800-1,200 to repair check engine light code to pass smog for registration renewal. What a headache! Great on gas, though and fits my whole family comfortably. Besides that... really don't recommend 2006
A/C, Heater, electrical & brakes are not good on this vehicle. Bought this van new. Right away the door locks were buzzing. Had to replce the actuator and now again in 2012. No problems for three years, then oxygen sensor went out & my van completely died on the freeway on ramp. At the time was still under warranty. Rattling sounds in the dash area lead to the motor mounts being replaced, after that continual A/C & heater problems. Have had the following replaced trying to correct the problems of it not being cold enough, blowing hot but not cold, then blowing cold but not hot:
A/C Idler pulley, Thermostat, sensor duct, A/C drive belt, Freon, Sensors, A/C actuator, blend door actuator, mix actuator, have all had to be replaced over the last 3 years. Now the air just went out again and I am being told it is the clutch. As for the brakes, they have squeeled since the day I drove it off the lot. No matter what type of brakes I put on, I can't get the problem to go away. Brakes have to be depressed hard to get decent braking power, and then it still isn't that great. in 2010 the ignition sensor went out which caused the rpm guage to go to 0 and the engine to misfire. I wrote this in August of 2012. I doubt I'll buy another Kia.
We bought a new 2008 Kia Sedona and the first issue was the running boards. The sales person said 'absolutely no problem getting them on, just pop back and we will install them." Well, we found out after the purchase that they won't put them on the regular length van! I am disabled and need them to help me get into the van- they told me to get a step stool to get in and out!! That issue finally got fixed by having special ones installed. Next we had the transmission act like it was on its last breath- got that fixed. Had the passenger rear door lock and difficulty opening it. It was looked at and we were told ' you just have a tight fitting door' and they couldn't do anything to help it. The radio would play for 15 minutes or so and would go to static or silence- as did the CD player. Took it in and they said 'faulty radio' and replaced it. Guess what, they must have replaced it with another faulty radio as it is doing the same thing. When I originally took it in I mentioned that I noticed a 'hot' smell and asked if there could be a wiring issue- well, I guess as a woman I was not to question their judgement!! I have taken the problem to the BBB and would you believe they offered to put in the 3rd radio if I paid the labor!! I accepted if they paid the labor and if it didn't resolve the issue they would look at what the real cause was-- I have not heard from them yet!! This has been going on for almost a year!! This all happened under warantee, but they drug it out to the point they say warantee is void-- KIA will never see me buy or recommend them ever! Now it is making a strange noise- I am hoping it is as simple as the muffler.
Overall I LOVE my van!! I bought it used in June 2009 from a dealer who had leased it. I traded in my 2002 Kia Sedona for this one with over 175,000 miles on it. I am finding at approximately the same mileage (80,000 miles) I am having the same problem with the air conditioning system not working. It is starting to make me worry about the other problems now that may be around the corner. My first Sedona was great!! However, as it aged, I wound up spending more and more money on it. I know that is to be expected, but the repairs that were needed were very costly. My husband is VERY OCD about vehicle maintenance, so maintaining our cars has never been an issue. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.
Bought EX new in 2002. Has been great, no unusual repairs (brakes need to be replaced more often though - it is heavy). Has 125K miles, and just bought a new 2012 Sedona.
purchased used '06 in '08. We've had several no-starts since then, at least one a year; this year ('11) twice, spending $1200. I saw the sermon about "doing your homework" which provoked me to tell my story -- I DID MINE and was pleased with the price / reviews, until I bought it. Currently we have problems with the sliding doors and power mirrors. Wife almost side-swiped another vehicle due to mirror problems. After 80,000 miles Warranty has expired. It didn't cover previous problems which is reason I haven't purchased an extended. Will sale as soon as I get current problems fixed. Next van: Honda Odyssey!
My van makes a noise when i put it into gear and when I stop,but not while I am driving. What can this be?
I own a 2005 Kia Sedona. Bought it new. Had it parked for a few years while I drove my 2007 Toyota Sienna. Bought a Toyota instead of a Kia because Kia customer service can't do much of anything to alliviate a problem with a dealership. The dealerships lie and cheat and customer service pretty much says, "OH Well". I now own a Kia piece of junk. A dealership ruined the engine or caused the already junky engeine to fall apart and of course it became my fault. I was lied to and cheated and kicked to the side. The Sedna has less than 75,00 miles on it. They said warranty want pay because oil changes need to be done every 3 months or so many miles. It was serviced when the dealership told me to come back. It was never said to bring it back in 3 months even if you have not driven it the number of miles listed. I am being help resposible for knowing the manual right down to the fine print. Way to go Kia. Well you saved on the engine but you lost repeat business. I will never buy another Kia. By the way, I had a 2000 Hyundai Sonata before this and done the same way. They eventually did put an engine in it but after a lot of blood sweat and tears. I was so stressed out. They are worth nothing on trade and I only got $$1800 for it in a private sale. Toyota is doing fine but intend to trade it for a new one soon.
I also bought a 2005 Kia Sedona brand new and at 72000 the engine started knocking. Oil was changed regularly. They want 200 to put it on the machine. My own experience with cars tells me that not enough iol is getting to the engine and it should be totally. Depending on how they treat me, this could be my first and last Kia.
@ the end of it all you get what you pay for.
Kia dealers give you a hard time about warranty items.
They try to blame it you.
Been having check enginge light come on for years, they never fix the problem, always charge crazy fee for some B.S. service, and light comes back on.
Service sucks.
I will never buy or recomend a Kia .
We bought our 2004 Sedona new and have driven the devil out of it. The only concern I've had is that it chews up front wheel bearings. Other than that there has not been any major issues. Would consider Kia for next purchase.