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I am the 2nd owner of this 95 Plymouth acclaim. My mom and dad bought it brand new.paid 14,225 for it
It has been a very sound
Running dependable car.I just had to replace the
Head and water pump and housing.Hopeing it lasts a few more years.
I hope it lasts a few more years
This car is junk, really wish I new that before I got it!! We have only had it for 3 weeks and we have put $1200 in reparse in it. now there is more going and we don't have the money for it:( the seat belt are to short so have to have my seat back all the way and have to use my toes for the gas and break. It revs up when going around a corner with your foot on the break, Keeps dinging and trying to lock the doors when foot is on the gas... Piece of shit car!!!
plymouth breeze is junk. replaced motor then tranny goes out.still something going wrong every time i turn around.starter alternator radiator cam and crank sensors and the list keeps going. dealing with a clunk that hopefully is a strut and went to get the tool and now its making a rattle noise in the tranny area. plymouth just foldup tent and quit you obviously cant make a reliable car anymore and your giving mopar a bad rap !
I love my Breeze! If I could buy it all over again, I would. This car has never left me stranded anywhere and it is 18 years old now. I have not put much money into it either, considering how long I've had it. I've replaced a tie rod and a strut. I had a coil-pack go bad and a timing chain replaced. The A/C died a few years ago and the radio and clock followed the A/C. But all in all, this car is the most reliable car I have owned. It always starts and gets me where I need to go. I will keep it until it just can't be driven anymore. :)
front end popping noise don't know if it ball joint are sturt
Doris --- My 95 Plymouth Grand Voyager AWD All Wheel Drive now has 105K miles.

Required a new transfer case and rear drive just recently.
Transfer case to drive the rear wheels new from dealer is 2800 bucks
Found one in Maine, shipped to New Orleans. Rear drive shaft found in Ohio and shipped to New Orleans. While waiting for parts, drove around for 2 weeks just using the front wheels.

After repair was able to drive back home to colorado.

Apparently the AWD 95 Grand Voyager is a rare bird and the parts are hard to find.

Doris has been a good van.
Have used it for lots of pulling large evergreen bushes out of the ground using rope rigging connected to two points on the rear beams.
Never has been stuck in the snow. Drives like an Abrams m1a1 tank.

I'll always want to drive an AWD minivan.

Hope i can fix these loose accelerator cables to the throttle.
Happy 2014 to you all.
When this vehicle was purchased used in 2001, the Check Engine light kept coming on and the side door alarm would sound when door was fully closed and locked. The dealership we purchased it from replaced the side door sensor, and said the Check Engine light was just part of the deal - there was nothing wrong with the engine.

After about a year and a half the paint started to bubble and peel. My van is currently rusting out on the roof, and the hood and side panels are starting to show signs of rust. The paint is almost gone on the hood and completely gone on the roof. During the years of driving this vehicle, I have seen many vans with the same paint color (a navy blue) that showed the same condition my van showed.

Now I am experiencing a major leak in my power steering system - having to refill the reservoir every other day because the fluid has leaked out. My air conditioning started leaking super cold fluid at the end of last summer, and now I have NO air conditioner which is not good in Louisiana.

"Big Blue" as I like to call her has approximately 169,000 miles on her. I have replaced the fuel pump (a major pain in the butt) twice, and it is looking like I am getting the same kind of hesitation indicating my fuel pump is not working properly.

All in all she has been a good van, but I am really unhappy with the major problems I am having. Oh, by the way - the Check Engine light still comes on. I've had a Transmission Expert look at it and my engine showed no signs of shavings or excessive wear in the transmission.
car was running start it shaking from the front and cut off going 70 speed and almost cause an accident,the car belong to a ladie i stop to help her me been a mecahic for 13 years and i did full inspection the transmission had fluids in good condition and engine it had great amount of fuel flow and spark coil was in goo condition come to find out transmission lock it self going70 crazy but it happen to that ladie she was crying scare to hell because of that but really this vechiles are the worst they ever made everything on them goes bad and constanly need more maintance than other cars ,this compay has a few cars that are good butthera ara mora bad than good sorry but is true insted of just sale a car please make sure to make some car that is not as complicated and dangerous and broken down plymouth /chrysler /ect. remember there are familys use this vechiles look for safety and economy not just another sale thank you god bless all ....
I bought this car with 30,000 miles on it. Ran fine until the Head gasket blew. Replaced and ran fine until the timing belt broke at 135,000. Replaced and ran fine until 244,000 and the water pump locked up and broke the belt. It never used a quart of oil between changes and always got 20+ mpg. Well, my problems started when I had a well rate shop replace the pump and belt. The mechanic showed me a little oil from the head gasket, and some minor drips from the cam shaft gaskets. I resisted his efforts to add $1500 to the repairs, as $700 was all I wanted to put in it. He told me it would use oil, but the engine never did. I got it back, and went about 25 miles, and got an oil light. I thought he might have not put enoigh in the engine. Adding 4 quarts brought the dipstick up, and I started home. Before I got there, the oil light again, so I added a couple of quarts, and went back to the shop. I was told the he informed me "that it would use oil." I looked under the car, and could see a 1/8" stream of oil coming out. I would like to know which bolt he put in the wrong place, or which one he left out! I had to junk the car for $200, and buy a 1995 Acclaim. I had to put a new water pump in it, and changed the belt, too. It still has the first quart of oil used. Yes I am ticked, but it won't do me any good. Caveat Emptor! He won't get any more work from me or anyone who will listen.
Have my voyager le since it had 18 miles on it noow it has 240000 miles replaced motor 10mil probly give it away to charity .All power still works windows steering never replaced.

my 1999 plymouth breeze 2.0 needs a new tempature control sensor, how do I find its location?
I have had this van for about 5 years now. I drove it quite a bit when I first got it for $500.00. Then I drove a little saturn for a while. As the Van sat some of the oil seals degraded I believe. I tried to drive the van every little bit but I don't think it was enogh. Recently replaced oil seals rebuilt transmission a couple years ago, fixed a/c, plan on a paint job and maybe even fixing cruise control. I love this vehicle. Handles well I think. For its age it does a supper job.
1991 grand voyager se, bucking and kicking and speedometer flops back and forth.... Just replaced the feul pump but did not fix the problem, anyone else have this problem, or does anyone know what is wrong with it??

If You know whats wrong with it email me please at
One day this week I drove my van everything was okay. A couple days later I went to drive the van again, but the electric locks wouldn't work, the gas gauge was not working, and no turn signal working and the air bag light stayed on. I know I had 3/4 tank of gas, so I know I was not low on fuel. Can any one suggest what the problem might be??

The Oregon driver with the 1999 Grand Voyager Espresso 3.3L, now with 268,000 miles. Starting to show some age:

1. Transmission shifts even when I back off the accelerator and "bumps" from 2nd into 3rd. Wish there was a software/firmware upgrade for older transmissions. Original still on van.
2. Rear wing motors out.
3. Ventilation blower works intermittently. Very odd.

But what can I expect? Has far surpassed my expectations and shows no signs to giving out. Amazing.
Engine light comes on when van is idling. I have to add oil everyday. There is a small amount of oil on the pavement when I check the ground after work. Can someone tell me where the oil is going. There is no smoke coming out of exhaust pipe.
The rear wiper kept blowing a fuse. I took the rear wiper motor apart, found nothing wrong. I then took the gear box apart. To do this I had to grind off the rivets to get the gear box apart. I found it was sticking for lack of grease. Repacked the gear box, drilled holes where the rivets were and put screws in. The rear wiper now works, and does not keep blowing the fuse.
The brake light wiring system/switch in my car needs to be replaced in order to get the brake lights and back flashers working again. I cannot find an online diagram for this system overhaul. Please help.
Every time i come to a stop sign and hold my breaks my oil light keep coming on and flashing and then the beeping indicator... I know it not low and i just changed the oil with a new filter. can anuone tell me why?
I have a 1999 plymoth voyager expresso. My van won't start, it worked fine yesterday but yet would not start to day i have not had any trouble with it and im not sure why it wont start... it still turns over like it is going to start but then doesn't. what is the problem?
For the lady who purchased a '92 Voyager....your doors need reset by a bodyman who will adjust the doors and the front fenders. If the keys won't turn in the doors then you either have the wrong door key or all the interior mechanisms are damaged in some way. The leaking in the back could be caused by many things, something else for a bodyman to review. Your fusebox is under the dashboard. Otherwise...

Our van has 86k on it. Problem areas to keep an eye on are the rocker panels (both sides)and the sliding door bottom, both areas of heavy rust due to poor drainage. Rear beam axle is another place that rusts from the inside out and could kill you if it breaks under load at highway speeds.

I'd suggest this van to anyone capable of keeping up with the maintenance an older vehicle requires which is above and beyond what a newer one needs. This is true though for any older vehicle. If you can't do that, or if you can't afford to have someone else do it, then be prepared for seeing the inside of a flatbed's cab and your vehicle hanging on for dear life in the back as it rolls away to the scrapyard.
I just bought a used 1992 Plymouth Voyager and both front doors won't shut properly and the passenger side front door will not close at all. Also today it rained and the car leaked water from the inside roof at the back by the tailgate. The key will not unlock any of the doors. The rear defrost doesn't work and I am not sure how to check the fuse or how to make it work. I have no owners manual because it did not have one when I bought the car. Is there anything or any kind of advice that you can give me to help to correct these problems. I would appreciate any help I could get on these matters. Thank you Christina McVea
It's just been a great car...this one is edging up on 200K, so probably nearing its end, but I said that at 140K, and since then it has reliably shipped me from the East Coast to Kansas and back no less than 8 times, to Florida and back twice, transported members of Congress in Washington, DC traffic with the "best A/C on the Hill," and now gets me to either work or school and back 50+ mi. round trip with not much problem.

The thing will never pass NJ emissions, but I manage to get around now, the struts are mostly shot, she goes through brake pads like gramma goes through diapers, and the headlights are so oxidized that they aren't bright enough to go over about 60mph because you just can't see that far!
I have driven this van hard and it has never broken down on me. However it has some quirks. Like the ac quit working and iv had it recharged. Also the speedometer no longer works. But Ive never been stuck (in the snow or on the side of the road)
leak the coolant in front and center of the driver area
van is runing but will not shift into last gear .while the gears not changing the car stay ildeed up
It takes forever to to warm up in and Iowa winter. Cooling is fine.
I have 355,265 miles on this van. I tried to sell it a few years ago but had no serious offers. since then I have used this old van to haul cars around the country and to haul my boat to the local lakes. The only engine work (besides tune ups) has been a couple water pumps. the transmission has been replaced twice with factory rebuilds. Everything on the van still works as designed. This has been the best van I have owned. The other vans i have are a 1996 town and country (I rank this second because it only has 249,000 miles) and a 2002 Grand Caravan (a puppy at 161,000 miles).
I bought my plymouth acclaim second hand from a friend of my dads, for an older car, it runs pretty great. My only complaint is it's electrics. I find myself replacing fuses every couple of months, while they arent expensive or hard to replace, it is annoying when your wipers stop working, or when your radio stops, break lights, headlights, etc. For an old car, its a great one. It's not much to look at, but its easy on your pocket in terms of gas and oil. Maybe it's just my car, but i always find myself needing new fuses. So just keep a few in your glove box and just fix them when they go and toss the old ones. Cheers!