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I'm the first owner of a 2003 Saturn Vue with 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD, 2.2L. I can't say enough great things about this car. I simply love it! I also own a 2004 Land Cruiser which is obviously the other end of the spectrum in terms of luxury. I enjoy driving the Vue more. Its great on gas, very peppy with the manual transmission, and has a disproportionately large amount of cargo space given the size of the vehicle. I have consistently done regular maintenance which includes things like new brake pads at appropriate mileage levels. The car looks brand new. A real gem!
Got 230,000 with the v6 front wheel, nothing major exept having to replace those darn wheel barring TWICE on ever side. Had to patch exhaust, thats getting ptryy rusted out
I love my 2004 2WD 6 Cylinder Saturn Vue! I bought it used in Fairbanks Alaska in 2009 with 60,000 miles with all engine, transmission and battery heaters already installed. I have since put an additional 90,000 miles on it with the only major issue being replacement of the CVT Transmission, $$$! I have no history of the car other than it came to Alaska from Virginia and had a trailer hitch and U-Haul wiring harness. So most likely a military move pulling a trailer that was overloaded for the vehicle coupled with the 20-40 below winter temperatures decreased the transmission life a little. But the AC has always sucked on it, more noticeable now that I live in Utah.
Very happy with my 2007 Vue. I bought it brand new, no real problems with it. Did the regular maintenance. I have nearly 150,000 miles on it and need to do some front end work on it, thunking and pops when I turn. Overall, I'd buy it again...
I have a 2005 Saturn Vue 4 cylinder 5 speed love it. No problems I have over 150,000 miles, great gas mileage on hwy & city awesome SUV.
We have two 2006s, one gray with the chrome, and the other bright red with the blackout. They are both the Honda 3.5, and both FWD, not AWD, which is the is the only ones we would buy. I did not want the AWD because it costs 2 mpg, the rear units have problems, and the technology used has proven to be not ver effective. That may have had some impact on how well satisfied we are with them. In fact, it was difficult to come up with something not to like, so I will have to get picky.

One problem is the factory tires soon become noisy. The tires had lots of tread and I got all kinds of stories about suspension, balance, and rotation. However, I also know a guy who eats, breathes, and sleeps tires. He founded a tire chain, and our kids played to together through school. He said, there isn't anything wrong with your vehicles. The ONLY problem is the tires. He replaced them with Nokian eNTYRE 215/70R16 100H and said to run them at 40 PSI. Man was he right. They give great gas mileage, great in the ice and snow, and EXTREMELY quiet. These tires don't even have the normal undulations on the sidewalls. Watch for sales as they are expensive otherwise. When we had one Vue with the original tires and one with the Nokians, I would get tricked into thinking it must have a bad wheel bearing noise and it made the car sound cheap. Once the new tires went on, they were quiet as luxury cars.

Another problem is the brakes. They stop the vehicle fine, and last as long as any other car. The problem is the factory rotors warp right from the get-go and you end up with a pulsating stops. The second thing is when the vehicle almost stops, you get a brake groan that comes from all 4 wheels, even though the rears are drums. It's the only thing that bugs me about these vehicles, and the problem is front and rear both. The groaning might just be a resonance that it sets up with the springs due to a design issue.

We change the oil in the transmissions every 24,000 miles, and use the Honda transmission oil, in fact we have the Honda dealer do the service on the power train. It's just a plug on the Honda, and as easy as draining and refilling engine oil. ($70) That prevents converter problems, which Hondas are prone to if you don't keep the transmission oil clean. You can't drop a pan on these and clean the filter.

Another problem is rust around the emblem on the lift gate. This is a problem on ALL GM Theta body vehicles, no matter which emblem you have, chrome or otherwise. The emblem works its way through the paint. It happened to our red one. GM paid for most of the repaint even though it was out of warranty. However, before it went into the body shop, I got some sheet soft vinyl at Hobby Lobby, and cut it to fit under the emblem so it wouldn't happen again. I decided to pull the emblem on the gray one, and found we caught it in the nick of time. We could use touch-up paint an clear because the problem was still underneath the emblem. Also, make sure the top of your license plate isn't doing in your tailgate also. I put vinyl under our license plates too.

Like most Hondas, it has a timing belt and solid lifters. The owners manual states that it needs to be replaced every 100,000 miles, along with the hydraulic tensioner, and to set the valve lash at the same time. Of course you'd be plum crazy not to do the water pump while you're in there. There are YouTube videos on how to do it all if you're so inclined, and it isn't that difficult, just time consuming.

We LOVE our Vues. They always stay looking nice of course due to the polymer body panels. They are so quiet, so smooth, and give us no trouble at all. They have spoiled us. They have as good a power to weight ratio as some of our Mustang GTs, and they get great gas mileage as well. Their towing capacity is rated at 3500 lbs, as is the Honda MDX. These are the only vehicles in our family that we look for an excuse to go drive. Oddly, I like driving these more than the Mustang GTs or the Buick. How your think about your vehicle has a lot to do with how well you take care of it. We baby our VUEs. We follow the maintenance schedule in the owners manual to a T except we use 0W-20 Mobile 1 Synthetic. Since we never have to fix anything on them, we actually look for something to do on them. We've never thought like that before owning our Vues.
just purchased used 08,so far so good
This is my 2nd Saturn Vue. First one was 2003 model and now have the 2006 model.
I have owned 16 cars in my lifetime and the Saturn Vue is one of the best, second only to my 94 Toyota Camry.
A previous writer was going off about the timing belt. This is part of your normal 80,000 mile maintenance!
My mechanic told me about mine when I was close to it. He said he could go ahead and replace it (80,500 miles) or I could wait. He said if he replaced it, I was looking at about $450.00. If I waiting and it broke, it could mean a new engine. Of course I had him go ahead and do it! He also replaced the water pump at the same time because he was right at it and it wouldn't cost me additional labor.
I have had some brake issues. The original set was great and lasted me about 3 years. Once they were replaced, I've had isues with squealing and grinding. Someone apparently turned my rotors too and now I've been told, you don't turn rotors on a Saturn Vue!
Finally think I have a good set of pads since it's been about 6 months this time with no problems.
If more people would service their vehicles regularly, I think you would hear less complaints on some vehicles.
To the writer who said she needed extended warranty, beware of those!! Stay away!! Most of them won't pay out when something goes wrong. Biggest reason they use is "corrosion". It's not covered! Just save your money and pay for your repairs.
I bought my Saturn 2 yrs ago from a CarMax dealership @ around 25 - 30,000 miles. 4 cylinder manual trans. i drive 50 mi. round trip to work on the highway, plus other places after work and weekends. car has not given me any problems. basic oil changes, tire rotations. 4 days ago i went to my independent certified corner mechanic and one of his employees flushed my engine, rotated my tires and changed the spark plugs, checked the brakes (they were good). yesterday morning on my way to work i heard what i thought was somebody else's loud muffler/engine. i had my radio on and after some time went by, just before i got on the interstate, i noticed the traffic/cars had changed but i was still hearing the noise. it sounded like i needed to go into another gear too, but it didn't. i turned the radio down and noticed it was my car. i couldn't determine if it was the transmission or what. the car runs quiet. sometimes i have tried to start the car when it is already running. i'm taking it back to the mechanic on tomorrow afternoon. i'll let u know the outcome. but other than that no issues and i now have 120,000 on it.
Love my 2003 Saturn Vue. 150,000 + miles and original clutch.
When I first purchased my vehicle it had a oil leak they had to replace the valve cover. Later my front lights went out and had to be replaced. Now at 140,000 miles the front end of my vehicle is making a loud rubbing noise i think its the tie rod because it didnt start happening until Firestone replaced my front tires now i can't drive my car. I love it. Its stylish, dependable . I recommend if you have the money purchase it brand new that way your not taking on previous owners problems
car stopprd running, started back once and stopped wouldnt start back.
Got car slightly used in '04. Love the shape, size, milage (average 30mpg), and handling. Had minor issues and basic maintenance. Rear wiper is sluggish to work. I somehow pushed the Hazard light button all the way into the dashboard, can't even reach it to turn on. Cruise control light went out. Steering wheel creeks especially in cold weather. At 100,000 miles, am now addressing the sway bar and timing belt. All basic oil changes take at least an hour due to the difficult placement of filter and special tool needed. Aside from a few minor "quirks", I love my car.
still holding up after 125,000 miles,
I bought this car brand new. It has a 5 speed manual transmission. After putting on 369,000 miles, the major problems have been with the A/C, which I had to replace 3 times. Outside of that, I have only had routine problems. The best car overall that I have ever owned.
This has been a great car, But I have 55,000 miles on it and at an idle it has a miss where the motor shakes. I took it to the dealer and they said there was nothing wrong. Because there are no error codes they could not do anything. Does anybody have any ideas.
I've had my 2004 6 Cyl saturn now for 7 years. Had the throttle body ass'y replaced three times under standard and extended warranty. The transmission still shifts bad. I'll
milk it till it dies. Now the A/C is going. You try going with
out A/C in the hot South Forida sun in the summer time, high
humidity and 90s. Nice looks but mechanically it sucks. Worst
vehicle GM ever built. They knew this vehicle had problems but sold it anyway. I think I'll buy a Ford for my next vehicle.
P.S. it has less than 60k miles
Our 2004 Vue 2.2L has 123,000 miles on it and we haven't repaired anything as of yet except the rear view mirror. Good vehicle, great on gas, easy to maneuver. Some componenets are cheaply made, but expected that. Good vehicle.
This is my secone Vue, had a 2003 with no problems. This is a great car, just now had issues with the water pump and because of where it is located, neeed to spend a great deal in labor costs to repair. Not a pleasant experience and did this through time will find a local mechanic. But besides this a great little SUV, easy to drive and feel very safe in it.
2004 to 2009 all was fine, great car. New transmission in oct 2009 (~1K), another in NOV 2009, and a third in Aug 2010 (4200), then AC died, now the computer module died and it will not start. GM parts now self-distruct and they no longer cover them.
GM all my life, planning now on going toyota or mazda.
We are experiencing Throttle Body Sensor problems. they want to clean and reset our throttle body sensor and charge us, we have 40,000 on this 08 Vue v6. and the extended warranty she said will not cover it... can anyone give us some help here.
I LOVE my Vue. My only issue is finding someone to repair it and the labor costs are absolutely CRAZY. 182K miles and other than my valve cover gasket issues and funny noises, it's good!
I have a 2006 Saturn Vue, overall a good vechicle. It has 98,000 and the timing chain just went out. Looked up reviews and this typically only happens in older models. Be aware. New engine 3,500, replace parts 1,500-2,000, used motor out of junkyard 700 plus somebody to install. The issue I have, Saturn(Chevy) they know this is an issue, but they don't recall the problem to fix it....That's the negative side.
I love my Vue. 179K Miles I cannot believe they discontinued it.
I love my Vue I wish Saturn wouldn't have went under
Have a 2004 6cy AWD that just turned 200,000 miles and has been running great. Put first "repair" money into car last week, drivers side wheel bearing. Am concerned with loose steering, and starting to get a ping in engine.
This is a very well put together car. It never has any major problems which makes it very reliable.
2007 Vue. Not impressed. A lot of other issues but main one being a new transmission at 65,000miles. I hate these plastic cars.
Transmission has been replaced 3 times only 90K miles, other than that it was a pretty good car, will never buy an AWD again